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  1. I am swapping in carpet but the vinyl flooring was butchered by a previous owner on the driver's side.
  2. Picked up the sheet when I was at the shop over the weekend. Just spent some time today with some scotch tape repairing some damage to it.
  3. Next time I'm at the shop I'll get some pictures of it.
  4. Finally, Progress! First time pulling a dash, after owning 2 XJs and a ZJ. Was a learning experience that saw my windshield crack, good thing I was already planning on replacing it. Found the build sheet in the passenger door.
  5. Just saw this on Facebook as well. Sign me up.
  6. I assume this is the test batch? I'll have to wait for a production batch?
  7. I'm glad I saw this before I impulse bought the T&M ones. Once these become available put me on the list to buy a set.
  8. It's been a while since the last update, and not much progress has been made with the obstacles of the weather, the holidays, and my personal schedule. However, I did have a chance to get my hands on Frankspeed420's reproduction lund visor when he had a deal going on for black Friday. I've only test fitted with tape as I don't want to just self tap this to the Jeep and I'm looking for a more clean approach. You can find his sale post here. Happy Holidays!
  9. I somehow went an entire month without seeing this, looks sweet man! I've got some big plans for mine, but am hitting a wall with winter coming (New England winters suck) and we need to store my friend's vehicles (s14 and foxbody) in the shared garage space.
  10. This update is a bit late, as this work got done this past weekend, which is basically the only time of the week I can work on this project. Anyways, I got the LQ4 on our engine stand, and was able to extract the 4 broken exhaust bolts in the heads. And drill out a flywheel bolt that snapped. After this, my attention shifted to the Novak motor mounts and exhaust headers that arrived on Saturday. Sure this could have been done differently and cheaper, but the engineering was already done so I figured I'd go for the Novak stuff. They arrived within a week, however Novak only supplies a tracking number upon request. So by the time my 2 emails had been responded to I already had the items in hand. I coated the headers in a few layers of the high temp header enamel, but haven't done the baking process, so we'll see how they hold up. While painting these, my friends and I started pulling some items off the engine. Such as the clutch fan, alternator, and oil pan. We were also doing some work on a pals SR20 swapped 240sx.
  11. Basically that's the plan. The motor will be stock so hopefully it lasts a bit.
  12. Quite possibly the worst decision of this build. I plan on using my AX15 231 combo out of the crashed XJ. If (when) the AX15 goes i'll either get the AX15 HD, or hopefully it's in the budget to get the RSG 4x4 TR6060.
  13. After I tracked down this piece, the project got it's name. After I started tearing into the interior, I test fit my SMS headliners replacement and I would definitely recommend one. Then, I started weighing my engine swap options. The 4.0 out of my xj with some boost? A 4.7 stroker? An OM617 swap? TDI swap? LS? The answer came in the form of a 6.0 Vortec out of a 2004 Chevy 2500HD. For $357 for the fully dressed engine, I couldn't complain.
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