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  1. What are we looking at for a turn around time on getting these to production. I've been waiting for these before putting my project back together. Not trying to seem like an a** but I just feels like my project has been on hold while I wait for these.
  2. I'm in a similar situation, but have no access locally to any matching pre-94 buckets. Does anyone know if the 96+ seats with adjustable headrests will accommodate the older seat covers?
  3. Still nothing? Might have to just suck it up and fight my way through the T&M ones
  4. Spent some of my hectic day drilling and drilling spotwelds to gain some more clearance in the fenders. TNT customs high clearance inner fenders for XJ & MJ. Gonna clean up the surrounding area before welding and painting the engine bay. The project got pushed outside for the time being while some quicker projects are inhabiting the garage.
  5. I am swapping in carpet but the vinyl flooring was butchered by a previous owner on the driver's side.
  6. Picked up the sheet when I was at the shop over the weekend. Just spent some time today with some scotch tape repairing some damage to it.
  7. Next time I'm at the shop I'll get some pictures of it.
  8. Finally, Progress! First time pulling a dash, after owning 2 XJs and a ZJ. Was a learning experience that saw my windshield crack, good thing I was already planning on replacing it. Found the build sheet in the passenger door.
  9. Just saw this on Facebook as well. Sign me up.
  10. I assume this is the test batch? I'll have to wait for a production batch?
  11. I'm glad I saw this before I impulse bought the T&M ones. Once these become available put me on the list to buy a set.
  12. It's been a while since the last update, and not much progress has been made with the obstacles of the weather, the holidays, and my personal schedule. However, I did have a chance to get my hands on Frankspeed420's reproduction lund visor when he had a deal going on for black Friday. I've only test fitted with tape as I don't want to just self tap this to the Jeep and I'm looking for a more clean approach. You can find his sale post here. Happy Holidays!
  13. I somehow went an entire month without seeing this, looks sweet man! I've got some big plans for mine, but am hitting a wall with winter coming (New England winters suck) and we need to store my friend's vehicles (s14 and foxbody) in the shared garage space.
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