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  1. How many you make? I can get them installed asap with the covid-19 $#!& going on rn.
  2. Of course when I give up on looking for a cleaner truck and just start buying parts for mine this pops up.
  3. Did you get any info on how others could order a tonneau from TruckcoversUSA?
  4. I'd definitely be interested in seeing how you managed this. I'm looking at a similar unit and am interested in the behind the scenes work
  5. I see. Well lets us know how prototype v2 goes!
  6. If it works out would there be any interest in selling the plans? Could probably save myself some time etc cutting them on the laser at my work etc.
  7. I dream of a time when every MJ needs these. Currently it's me though.
  8. Figured someone could use this, I know it's not for an HO but still. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-86-Jeep-Comanche-Fuel-Tank-sending-unit-assy-18-23-5-gallon-tank-52003652/232057535509?epid=140229977&hash=item3607b4fc15:g:cLEAAOxyu4dRtkbK Edit: looks like there's a few up: https://www.ebay.com/itm/86-87-Jeep-MJ-Comanche-18-23-5-gal-gas-tank-sending-unit-2-1L-2-8L-NOS-AMC/184012150126?hash=item2ad7fa956e:g:jHkAAOSw3ehdtwDB
  9. damianriel

    Chevy Adapter

    Ah, makes sense. I used the AA kit on my build. Went together pretty nice.
  10. I really hope this pulls through because I want one for my truck.
  11. damianriel

    Chevy Adapter

    There was a guy selling the Advance Adapters bellhousing on Facebook for $200. Sure wish I got it before I got mine :/
  12. I would have loved to put one in, it's just not in the budget. Maybe one day
  13. Ready to send 3rd gear to the moon in my AX15. The advance adapters bellhousing kit was pretty slick, as is the flywheel/clutch. Also decided to spend some coin on the Holley Terminator X Max system for DBW control. Jumped the starter to crank the motor over, but she's not quite ready to fire yet, hopefully soon though.
  14. It's got a rocker panel on it. Haven't really taken any pictures. I need to buy the rear half of the driver's floor before I can do the floor, but I've been pretty busy. I'll update with pictures when. I get some more pictures when I get the chance. 
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