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  1. First one. The Cherokee specific one seemed like it could work but that bracket on the retractor worried me so I went for universal. There are a lot of different styles but that's the one that worked for me. And just enlarging the one hole. No b pillar trimming required at all.
  2. So the universal 3 point style from seatbelt plus is a pretty much a drop in replacement. Only thing I had to do was enlarge the hole on the retractor. Everything else bolted right in and it fit behind the b pillar perfectly. They also look exactly like the OEM belts. Buckles and all.
  3. Got some new adjustable mirrors because the 86 I got had the trim piece. Also got my new seat belts. Other than the color being off they seem super nice. Looks like it should work. I'll find out tomorrow when I'm swapping everything in. Also got my new red head steering box. Got one in my Cherokee and it's super nice. I might put that in tomorrow too with the tan column.
  4. Nice. I have a new posi carrier and thought about 3.73 but that would be a little high in the rpm on the highways after seeing what 3.55 does
  5. Yeah it's definitely better than my Cherokee for sure. And that's average is 13mpg based on the overhead unit. And it's a 3.55 rear. 3000 rpm at 75.
  6. I can't be the only L33 Comanche that runs, get er done!
  7. On my trip I was seeing around 16 to 20. But I hammer the gas any chance I get still lol. I image once I calm down I'll be seeing low 20s
  8. Found my old cable from the original dash. Wrapped it in the 2000 degree exhaust header wrap and then a 1000 degree aluminum fiberglass tape. Hopefully that takes care of the melting issue.
  9. I wasnt able to complete an order either. Got to the last part and it just wouldn't go through. Tried a bunch of times and never let me finish the payment.
  10. 2 hour drive down the shore and I only melted the speedo cable. I call that a success.
  11. https://www.seatbeltsplus.com/product/WSCH256P.html These look almost like a dead similar set up as the OEM style.
  12. I used a small 5/16 plastic hose. Was the only one I had that fit. Took a bit of wiggling but I got it and it drained the tank almost till empty. Took a while though.
  13. Just after some good seat belts. I figured they wouldn't be perfect OEM matchable. 30 year old seat belts just don't seem like a great idea to use especially since I might race this thing. Biggest concern was fitment because they are for an xj. As long as I don't have to cut up trim and they work I'm good.
  14. Quite amazing how fast all that came out. The hardest part was the a pillars because at some point the windshield was replaced and they used so much glue it stuck the glass to the trim. Other than that everything came out easy. I got a new heater core for mine as I might as well change it when I go to swap the dash.
  15. Wow lots of options here. That sunroof style hood would actually be pretty legit... After searching many and many website I think I found some I'm gonna get. https://www.verus-engineering.com/shop/product/hood-louver-kit-large-vents-brz-frs-gt86-332?page=2&category=17 They are angled the exact way I wanted. Help force the air out and not only cool but help with some downforce as well. Plus they make drip rails for them too.
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