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  1. Which trunnion kit did you use? I'm trying to decide between the captured roller bearing ones or the bushing style
  2. I have to update mine because of the sweetness that is the 21 slot grill
  3. https://www.thedrive.com/news/37632/the-last-amc-dealership-is-still-open-in-north-carolina Wonder what they still got for sale...
  4. Yup. It's a 3.73 lsd rear out of an explorer. And it's stupid fast for that little truck. I love scaring people who ride with me now lol
  5. It's still in really good shape but faded out enough it matches the rest of the truck. Definitely gonna hit it with some polish though
  6. I'm dying for a good road trip so I'll definitely be coming
  7. It just felt weird having the bottom ones and knowing the top existed and not having them so I had to fix that.
  8. Looking for 2 of the little trim pieces that go on the upper arm rest part. Thanks.
  9. I have some open ended wrenches that arent as fat as new ones. Like old original craftsman. I used that and was only able to turn like 1/16 at a time. It has to be the first bolt tightened but you can follow the others as it goes down
  10. Mine were off just a tad but I was able to get all the bolts in. Had to use a hammer for some though. The biggest thing is NONE of the bolts can be tight when installing. Every one has to be loose. Also that one under the ear must go in first. It's a total b**** to tighten up.
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