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  1. 70barracuda

    Turbo 4.0

    Oh I will once it I start. Right now it's getting atf in the cylinders and shoved in the storage unit until the manche is done.
  2. 70barracuda

    Turbo 4.0

    Talking to my buddy the other night and during our convo it came up that his friend had a turbo setup and 4.0 block that's fresh and he needs to get rid of it asap. I don't know the alot of the details but low and behold I'm getting everything for free. Picked the block up last night and while it's not perfect the cylinder walls look good and he says it's fresh. Getting the turbo, cam, custom manifold he made and computer soon too. Definitely gonna be a looooong time before I can get it in my Cherokee as I want to finish the LS manche first.
  3. My 2.5 did pretty much the same thing. I cleaned up a lot of vacuum lines and deleted alot of the emission stuff to eliminate leak points. But I definitely agree with eaglescout526, my idle adjuster motor actuator (whatever it's called) was simply not working right. It wouldn't adjust idle or do anything really. It actually is supposed to open the throttle up at shut off for easier starting. Rockauto has a replacement but it is only under a YJ Wrangler for some reason. Only place I was able to find it. Once I got mine in truck did everything correctly
  4. Brand new 2.5 4 banger radiator. Bought it couple months ago and missed the return date. I'd like $100 for it, paid a bit more online for it. Shipped on buyers dime.
  5. I just did a clutch and trans replacement on my 2.5. Bolts are easiest from the engine bay I found. Overall was not bad. Also, I did the bread trick for the pilot bearing and worked perfectly.
  6. I had restored a set of spoke wheels. Wish I had a picture of the before but they were painted spray paint black and still had the clear underneath. I stripped it off after like 12 cans of stripper. Then sanded starting at 100 grit all the way to 3000. Then polished with blue magic metal polish. Stuff is so awesome. It leaves like a protective coating on it. No need to clear just some clean up once a while. Made it two Winters and with some polish in the spring good as new. That's an old pic but the best once of them done after painted inside the spokes.
  7. Not much progress on the Jeep but definitely progress in spendy money. Got the Novak mounts, ls intake, some dress up parts for the engine. Complete gasket set. Chevy bellhousing I needed.
  8. Honestly had no idea that Edelbrock had there own ls efi system. After doing a tiny bit a of research I do like the fact it's Android friendly so I can just run a tablet for the vitals and moniter on my phone. Definitely gonna look more into it. Thanks!
  9. Yeah I did. It's only about 100 bucks cheaper. I think I'm gonna go with the holley system though.
  10. I did look into carb, but with the cost of a carb, intake manifold, and the msd box for the coils it actually costs more than the holley efi
  11. yeah I am really leaning towards the holley efi, just might bite the bullet and get it. Will be the most expensive part of this build for sure, but it will be awesome to have all new stuff and ability to learn tuning.
  12. Got the engine stripped down and cleaned today. Was this thing dirty. Its way better now but still far to go. I also got a bellhousing and ordered the Novak engine mounts. And got the whole wire harness stripped off. Still deciding if I wanna use the factory harness or just screw it and get the holley efi system.
  13. It's an L33 all aluminum 5.3. Kinda hopped up from the factory. I wanted to keep my weight down so i spent a tad more on this than the regular iron block. And I'm gonna try and find a Corvette intake manifold off an ls1. From what I've read It's the lowest intake possible. Well see if it fits. Or I may just get a super high rise holley and have it jumping out of the hood lol. Well see, but I'd rather have it as stock looking as possible
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