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  1. bought some procar elites today with the brackets. Guess ill see how this goes
  2. Oh wow that's good to know. I found a thread from a couple years ago saying they didn't fit that well at all.
  3. I can grab some later on.
  4. Yeah the plan was to use the factory brackets and the new seats come with sliders. But the aftermarkets all mount pretty wide on the seat compared to the comanches narrow track down the middle. I don't think I'd be able to fit the newer tracks with the trans tunnel. I'm thinking of going factory brackets and sliders and mounting the seat to that.
  5. Pulling the trigger on some nice aftermarket seats soon. I just need something with way more bolster. Trying to figure out how I will mount these in the jeep. I've found some pretty old threads saying how bad the seat companys brackets fit and will definitely have to make my own. Anyone done this and have some tips? I can weld and fab a bit, nothing crazy but enough to where I think I can make some angle iron brackets
  6. I have a pedal box from a 1986. Unsure if they are the same?
  7. Stock WJ grand cherokee control arms. Bushings trimmed already. Had them installed for maybe a summer. Upgraded to adjustables. $75 plus shipping obo
  8. I'm gonna call monday and see if I can get some swatches. Going off pictures across the internet the tan looks like itll match enough. They do offer a spice color but its pretty light from what i can tell. Yeah I will be selling these. Not for a while just a fyi. Depends on what it takes to get these mounted up. I won't sell until I get these bolted in. and the rip on the side is the only flaw. They are in really good shape.
  9. 70barracuda

    Seat color

    Going to be getting some new seats hopefully soon and plan on going with corbeau. I was set on black but then found they make a tan that looks like it would match my interior pretty good. Unsure with what I want cause if the tan is off a little it'll drive me crazy. Also emailed corbeau about getting black seats with white stitching to match my steering wheel so we'll see how much that is. What does everyone thinks. Black or tan?
  10. Any chance there was a william-clarke dealership in fredericksburg VA? Atleast that's what I can make out from the old dealer tag stain on my tailgate
  11. I got a red head steering box on my xj and mj. Pretty expensive when compared to autozone/rockauto prices but wayyyyyy better. My buddy went through 4 boxes from various retail stores before finding a decent one. Problem is I don't think they actually rebuild them. Just a reseal and paint dip. Redhead actually rebuilds with custom bearings matched to the case and fine tunes each box.
  12. I read an article a week or so ago that one of the actual family members of chrysler was super against it but basically got told to sit the f*** down
  13. If pete doesn't want the pass side fender id take it. Mine is way worse than that one.
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