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  1. Well I took it out for the real maiden voyage. Highway and all. Shifts like butter all the way to fifth. Maybe some slight notchiness but they said that'll go away after break in. Either way its miles better than the ax15. Clutch feels great and pedal isnt super heavy. I actually stalled it twice today because of how vastly different it is lol. Rpms at 65 are 1800, so that means I can definitely run 3.90 rear gears...
  2. Well she's running and driving! I've never been so nervous to drive it before lol Ive tripled checked everything but still that feeling I forgot something is there. Oh well. Time to break it all in for 500 miles. Original Speedo line fit right in with an adapter and was the perfect length as well. I also flipped the trans crossmember so I was able to get rid of all the spacers on the actual mount. Engine and trans sit around 3 degrees tilt back so that's good. Driveline seems like it should be fine after all angles were measured. And I finally got my reverse lights working. Also h
  3. Anyone have a schematic for the reverse light wiring? Or atleast knows how they run? It's an 1988. The new tremec I have has the same 2 wire switch but I've removed so much wiring I can't remember if I cut it or tucked the harness somewhere. Body harness and fuse box is stock. All engine management wiring is gone. Thanks.
  4. I feel much better about this crossmember over my hack job of one. Only thing left is to get a block spacer instead of those puck style ones. They'd probably be okay but I'd feel better with a solid block
  5. Progress has been pretty slow. I tried to gather everything I needed before hand but as it usually goes I'm waiting on parts. So I got the trans in and mounted. Took about 4 hours. The plastic clutch line up tool had alot of slop and I think they attributed to the hard install. I redid the clutch twice. Eventually got it in and spent an entire day making the new trans mount to ultimately decide I don't trust my welding and purchase a $350 adjustable crossmember and $100 mount. So that should be here hopefully this week. In the meantime I tried to get the hydraulics bled and clutch
  6. Just like the title says, does anyone know the stock stroke for the clutch master? I know the bores are .688 to .699 but I cannot find anywhere the stroke length.
  7. So this is what I came up with. It's not pretty but it didn't bend or move at all with the transmission loaded on it. Eventually id love to do a bent tube up to the trans kinda like what frankthedog said. But this will do for now.
  8. Here's a better picture.
  9. Need ideas for a transmission mount for my LS swap and new tremec trans. I'd like to keep the stock cross member if possible. In my head I'm just gonna stack square tube and weld it up. I'm worried itll be too high of a tower if that matters. Ideas???
  10. Ultimately I want to make more power and really romp on it. The ax15 is limited at 300 and that's being generous. The new TKX is rated at 600ftlbs so plenty for what I plan to make. And yeah both of those 2 things as well. Tkx can shift up to 7500rpm and also has a lower overdrive
  11. getting closer. It's actually scary how similar the transmissions are. The TKX weighs 95lbs dry. Measured for the the throw out bearing and got it all mocked up. Probably gonna recheck everything as this was a $400 throw out bearing and I ain't messing around. Following instructions to the letter.
  12. Just about ready for the new trans to go in. Then it's all the fun of setting up the hydraulics. Tremec has you make sure the bell housing runout is within their spec so the geometry of the input shaft and all is good. Kinda a pain in the @$$ but is needed for warranty. Luckily mine was good and I didn't have to mess with offset dowel pins. Rest of the clutch went on easy and now I can bolt it all up with the bell housing and then trans to bell so install is soooo much easier.
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