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  1. Finally got the headers and installed them this weekend. May I say these things are beautiful. I got the ceramic coated ones, which are NOT cheap, but the quality and fit is amazing. The eBay S10 ones I had worked but they were tight on all areas and required a couple dings to fit. Novak ones dropped right in and not a single issue. Only wish I was able to get them on the initial build but that was peak pandemic and Sanderson was closed for a while. Off to the exhaust shop hopefully for the final time and probably one month left a good weather before winter storage.
  2. I had my lifted xj at school with me. Was about a 4 hour drive from NJ to upstate NY. I had a lot of fun with my friends but I definitely got me into some trouble. My friends with "normal cars" never got asked to go take them off roading. Lost an alternator from mudding and well as a broke college kid that really sucked. Had to put it in the back lot while I waited to fix it. But I did have a lot of fun. I was the only one who could make it in the snow storms though. And was always the one who got asked for help with their car or to pull them out. So good stuff as well. A good shape stock XJ or an older Toyota would definitely be my pick. I have an old Camry I gave to my sister. Has about 200k on it and she drives that everywhere and just took it to school. I made her promise to give it back when she's done. I love that car, it just plain works. They are dead simple to work on, parts are cheap, and just really reliable. Late 90s/early 2000 Camry' are tanks. But for real, I'd rock the hell outta the eagle.
  3. I decided to mount it on the back cab wall behind my center console. Really well hidden. But I didn't want to drill holes in my near perfect back board so I used L brackets to mount it.
  4. Been a while since an update. Got the rear axle in 2 days before my road trip. Truck did great for the 1500 miles, but I did have some issues. My AFR's we're all over the place the whole way out. Thought the wideband went bad, swapped it at the car show but still showed crazy readings. Tried to make adjustments as best I could but didn't have a laptop to plug into the Holley. Drove it home and by the time I got home it was stinking rich. Like black soot out the tailpipe rich. Swapped injectors, cleared my fuel tables, and re-adjusted a couple sensors but nothing. Turns out my exhaust manifold cracked right before the O2....so waiting on actual Novak headers this time. Unfortunately backordered 4 weeks so for now just waiting. Don't want to drive it anymore than I already did. The roadkill show was great. Couldn't even step away from the truck because so many people were asking about it. But I think I was upstaged a bit by the Cherokee with a hemi. Took some cool pictures outside the jeep plant too. Just a quick stop off the highway. The other main issue was the exhaust and engine drown out the radio to the point where it barely sounds like its on. Now I love the sound of the truck but I want my tunes as well. So audio is also getting a small upgrade. I love the radio i have but 15 watts ain't gonna cut it anymore.
  5. Doing a little upgrade to the sound system. The 90's style radio fits the interior perfectly but the 15watts it pushes gets drowned out by the V8 very easily. I have a 2 channel amp and some better door speakers going in. Best place for the amp? I want to try and hide it as much as possible so That really only leaves under the seat or behind them. Just curious what others have done.
  6. Just last week I was at work reading an electric meter with my supervisor and all of sudden he yells bees! And I guess my legs were the scariest looking objects because I got about 20 stings in each leg. Not. Fun. I'm from NJ and I say kill them all!
  7. I successfully have both of mine there
  8. Man driving this thing like a grandma was tough. Jersey driving is bad enough as it is, but not trying to really load it out of toll plazas and merging was rough. I took it insanely easy the for the 60 mile drive.
  9. Yup I got a/c in the Cherokee does really well.
  10. So just got my rear axle back. Full rebuild, new gears, and new limited slip. Currently breaking it all in. Bunch of different but similar ways to do it. So far I've done 3 short 15 minute drives keeping it under 40 but mainly 25 to 30. Tomorrow I'm going to my buddies which is about 60 miles away, all highway. Is it safe to take it on that drive? It'll have a full day to cool down and ill keep it at 65. I have my big road trip next weekend and I need to do the 500 mile break in before that and this drive will definitely help. Thanks.
  11. The Novak radiator is similar to the original in size right? If so I have the dirt bound triple fan set up on my Cherokee with the 4.0 and 3 spal fans and it works really well. To me the 4.0 seems to run hotter than my LS but that just could be me. To cool the Comanche I used a 22x19 generic sbc rad with a single 16 inch. Never ever gets above 205f even sitting in traffic for over an hour. But like you said with the winch it probably won't work. I had to cut my lower support and it hangs almost to the bottom of the stock bumper.
  12. If I had more than just the weekend I definitely would. Just started a new job so absolutely no time off available. I'm leaving Friday afternoon for Detroit, show is Saturday, then back home on Sunday. Once I get some time I'd love to make a real trip out west.
  13. Yeah the walboro 255 is probably what I am going with. I would like to keep the stock tank for now. I got a new MTS sender and it seems like the 255 should fit fine. I priced out a holley external with filters and your $800 estimate is definitely on point. Problem is most externals don't like siphon style fuel systems, so the tank would need to be modified and at that point fuel cell it is. So for now I will do the stock stuff with a walboro and see how it goes
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