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  1. trying to get the interior on this thing buttoned up so brakes will have to hold for a bit. I did get knuckles and a booster off a WJ this past weekend so it will happen. Also ordered a s10 front air dam and will try to make it work. The entire cab is filled with parts and I got more on the way, but no time to work on it sucks.
  2. Hmm I'll have to keep that in mind if I do the shackles. Scored some wj knuckles and booster this weekend along with a full gauge dash, dash clock, and other interior bits. I'm gonna be working on the brakes in the near future so I'll post up about it
  3. Wow a lot of information here. So it looks like I have options for the brakes. Either way I'm getting new knuckles because I have the 2wd spindles. I'm hitting up a couple of yards this weekend and they do have older stuff so I guess my first plan would be get some 88 to 89 knuckles for that GC/gt500 set up just ease of using the stock steering, if I can find any. I work at a parts store part time so I can get the rotors and calipers pretty cheap either way. The GC/gt500 stuff isn't that much more expensive than WJ Also looking into shocks too. Found an old article about a lowered Comanche and it said he ran f150 shocks. No year given though. Guess I'll have to check lengths and stuff.
  4. Is that for a Jeep specifically? I'm pretty sure the spacer is just for the u joint ball joint alignment so I wouldn't need it. My next question is steering. I'd like to not have to mess with it just yet. I know the wj knuckles have the high mount. Could I just use the lower tie rod mount with the stock steering?
  5. I'm gonna be running 16 or 17 inch wheels so I'm good in that department. Also, for the conversion. Part of it is running 00 to 01 hubs so the pattern stays the same. I'll have to check out a wj when I go to the yard this weekend. The coils on Rock Auto are only like 50 bucks for the zj so I'll give them a shot relatively soon and report how they work. Before I do the rear conversion I want to swap axles so that's gonna be a bit down the line. I gotta decided what axle I want unless I come across a sweet deal for something in the near future and just wing it.
  6. I kinda figured it would be the same but my main concern with the wj swap is the bearings. Don't they use the axle shaft to hold preload on the bearing? And did not know they even made 2wd wj I'll have to see what bearings they used. As for lowering yeah I gathered that before I even had this Comanche as I research a bit before finding one. I was planning on using the rear coils out of a zj for front lowering. Rockauto has heavy duty ones listed which I hope means spring rate not height. Rear is gonna be blocks and xj shackles for now. As for shocks what did you use? I don't want just cheap gabriels. Maybe kyb or even belltech has some nice ones. Just gotta know what vehicle to get them from. And I'll check out your write up. Thanks.
  7. Yeah that's the goal haha. I have the xj for my off-road fix so now it's time for some street. I did the disk brake on my xj with the 8.25 which was not bad at all and helped greatly stopping my 33s. Having a 35 now I want to swap in either an 8.25 or 8.8. so for the front though, is the wj knuckle swap the same as a 4x4 axle? I have no issue swapped knuckles if it all fits. I found some 2wd stuff where people started but it kinda fizzled out on information with specifics. I'm heading to the junkyard this weekend so along with the booster/mc I wanna grab what I can as it's not exactly close by. I'm also working out the lowering thing as well. Way more used to going up lol not down
  8. Hi guys, new to this forum but not to Jeeps. Just picked up an 88 2.5 ax4 2wd. My plan for this thing is get it good for DD duties as I want to work on my xj a bit more. But at the same time I want this to turn into a possible autocross vehicle/fun street driver. Engine and trans will be swapped eventually but right now I want to set up the suspension and brakes. As most of the stuff needs replacing I want to upgrade from the get go. My main focus right now is the brakes. I would like to do the wj booster and also knuckle swap, but pretty much all info I found is for 4x4. Is the 2wd much different? Mainly the whole spacer system that 4x4 use for the hub. Any info would be great as other recommendations if there are other brake options. Thanks!
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