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  1. Listen, I cried once and every time I get in the truck I am so happy I got it haha
  2. Nothing major that really stood out. My build thread is in the hardcore section if you wanna check it out. I will say going with the holley standalone system was the best decision ever. Ah that's right! That Novak radiator looked beast, just a tad expensive for me lol
  3. 22x19 radiator works good. Need to trim the front cross bar a bit but mine fit great after a small amount of work and it cools it great. I got a summit brand 3 inch core
  4. Been 95+ here in NJ for pretty much the past 2 weeks. Truck is doing great. Coolant temp never gets above 205. Air intake temps are a different story. Does perfectly fine when moving but if I get stuck in traffic they climb very fast. 140+ is a no go. So I made a shield for the filter and wrapped the pipe. We'll see how it works. I really wish I went with A/C...
  5. This is my other hobby when jeeping isn't taking all my money... 55 gallon. Just got it all set up and stocked. Just waiting for the plants to grow in.
  6. Swapped out my wj arms for some Rubicon express arms. A little too much flex in the rubber bushings so these now have a poly like material. Much stiffer and greaseable. About the only arms that are straight and not bent for lifting.
  7. I think so. 300 bucks for custom made and fits perfectly. Also super nice quality
  8. They are super quick for being custom made. I called them Friday, shipped Tuesday, got it today. None are in stock so they make it on demand.
  9. Dropped the front end down maybe an inch? I cut half a coil out of the springs. Definitely way better. Now I just gotta trim the bump stops...
  10. So much better. Breaks the back end up nicely of all the red
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