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  1. Interior was all grey and pretty trashed when I got it. Only thing left is some sun visors and it's done (on the inside)
  2. Have a 429 computer for sale, just pulled it last month. Was going to use but realized it won't work for me. As far as I know it works, have not tried it out. Looks to be in good condition. Will upload a photo. Not sure what they are worth. Price is $120+ shipping, obo
  3. Does anyone know if the 89 to 90 2.5 ecu offers the same benefits as the 4.0? Or is it strictly a 4.0 upgrade? And I'll be putting up the one I got for sale soon too
  4. Got it! Took me a bit to figure it out tho.. And ah that sucks. For some reason I thought the computers could interchange. Maybe I was thinking manual vs auto. Well now i guess I gotta swap to a 4.0 lol
  5. Just picked up a 429 computer from the junkyard and was wondering if it will work for the 2.5. I could have sworn I saw it somewhere but can't seem to find the info again. Anyone know if it'll swap?
  6. Whoops, I shall get right on that after work. Thanks.
  7. I got a lot of interior stuff for sale and some stock engine parts for sale off a 2.5 Engine : Emissions equipment, fan shroud, valve cover, air box, engine fan Interior: grey door panels with arm rests, grey b pillar panels, side panels, grey mini console, and some other odds and ends. Basically a full grey interior minus the dash and back window trim piece. I can price it out or shoot some offers. Located in central Jersey.
  8. The gap looks way bigger in the pictures
  9. my bad https://www.ebay.com/itm/ICI-Innovative-Creations-BR18TB-Truck-Bed-Rail-Cap/282708858059?epid=216135657&hash=item41d2c2d4cb:g:~wkAAOSwLJ9aLpxU Price has gone up a bit but theres another seller for 83 too, just search the part number br18tb no gaps at all, they are a little thick and i think the shadow makes it looks off. But they sit all the way flush. Ill get more pics up soon
  10. they no longer make those actually. I had ordered them probably a month ago and within 2 days i got a refund and email saying they are disconntinued.
  11. Just to let everyone know first gen s10 pickup bed side caps fit really well on our trucks. I had a hard time finding info and eventually came to a thread that said bed toppers from the S10 fit so on a whim I bought some rail caps on eBay. Fitment is great in my opinion and they were only 80 bucks. I'll post a link too.
  12. Does a diecast count?? But for real no :/. It's my dream car, I will have one some day!
  13. 70barracuda

    Ax4 2wd trans

    Looking for a 2wd ax4 preferably with lower miles. In the NJ/PA/NY area.
  14. Yup the little metal tabs. Just clean them up and I also bent then a tad inward so they grab the bulb better too. Worked like a charm
  15. I had some crazy stuff going on with my turn signal and marker lights. Replaced the turn signal sockets with 1996 xj metal ones and cleaned the side marker lights with a small file and everything works great now. Plus the turn signals are brighter too
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