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  1. 1986 "Custom" V6, 5 Speed 4x4 w/ Dana 35. Factory no Radio, factory skid plates. Curious about brush gaurd, looks like it could be factory, but not sure. Was located in central Illinois. I believe I am 3rd owner. PO said he bought off a farmer. 186,000 on the clock. Rusted pretty bad, will probably be parting out and selling rolling power & drivetrain.
  2. So not honey, but still a darker tan...is your Jeep an '88? I don't think I have one but will keep my eyes open. I'm in Joliet, IL.and have a ton of parts if you are ever up this way.
  3. Where in Illinois? Also, which "tan" you looking for?
  4. I got a light I can sell. PM me
  5. I'll check my stash. I think I got one.
  6. Tan seat covers pulled from 2 door XJ (MJ). Yes they are dirty but there are no rips or tears. I also have the matching headrests if you need. PM me if you are interested and I'm sure we can work something out.
  7. I owed that Comanche at one point. 2.5L 4 speed 2wd I believe. Swapped full grey interior, with a cracked black dashboard. No headliner. Don't see too much worth grabbing.
  8. I think I have a matching cloth set in TAN. I will check tomorrow morning.
  9. I got you. I can take pictures tomorrow.
  10. I've got one, possibly 2. PM me if interested.
  11. Bought from crown. Look like export to me!
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