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  1. I'll dig through my stuff. I'm sure I have something. I'll message back with pictures.
  2. So I did a little research and I see the OPPOSITE. Cable drive speedo to electronic speed signal. Let me know if you see different.
  3. Put me down for a set please.
  4. I am planning on grabbing this roll bar for my longbed. Firming up a day/time with seller as we speak.
  5. Looking for the really small one for automatic column shift?
  6. Where you located? Hardware is HEAVY.
  7. Is this actually factory BLACK or was it painted?
  8. Complete set up here if Rusty doesn't work out.
  9. I probably have some black bench buckles. You need full set of just female ends?
  10. Guess I was wrong. Looks like I just have the back carpet piece, but no plastic.
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