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  1. I am planning on grabbing this roll bar for my longbed. Firming up a day/time with seller as we speak.
  2. Looking for the really small one for automatic column shift?
  3. Where you located? Hardware is HEAVY.
  4. I can dig though my stash and check
  5. Is this actually factory BLACK or was it painted?
  6. Complete set up here if Rusty doesn't work out.
  7. I probably have some black bench buckles. You need full set of just female ends?
  8. Guess I was wrong. Looks like I just have the back carpet piece, but no plastic.
  9. I have it. Located south of Chicago
  10. I will check on the passenger mirror with those specs, I should have it... Also have lots of radios, but not an expert. Can you take a pic of your plug(s)?
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