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  1. Where in Illinois are you?
  2. I probably have a tailgate I'd sell and might have some miscellaneous red interior parts. I'm down in Joliet, IL. Not terribly far from you. We also vacation in Ludington, MI every August if you wanted to wait. Hit me up!
  3. Probably buying this beaut by the end of the week. Will update with pics.
  4. I might have one. Whereabouts are you located?
  5. I've found several companys online that will produce manual window regulators to spec. Mopar part # 55235207 (LH) and 55235206 (RH). If I get enough interest perhaps I can do a bulk buy to get pricing more reasonable. Who would be interested and how much would you be willing to pay? FYI FREE is not an acceptable answer 😂
  6. About an hour and a half North of me. I've got a friend that's very close. I think he's on the forum too. I'll tag him.
  7. I got them in black in Chicago. Shipping cost is going to be pricey though.
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