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  1. Cool truck! I like the color with the graphics.
  2. Well after a long hiatus I’m back working on the Jeep. Added a few things the last few weeks. New fuel hoses and a spin on filter in place of the stock one. Fox steering dampener. And the one I’m most excited for, Rockjock antirock bar!
  3. Set is good but in used condition. Kept them lubed when they were on the Jeep. These are for the taller lifts. Also including the straps I hung them from the Jeep when disconnected. $100 shipped from Georgia
  4. Jeep Got put on the back burner for a bit this year. Took it wheeling once but that was about it. Went to move it last week end and the battery was a gonner. Basically it imploded on its self. Was gonna get the same one again but read some review and other had the same issue, so I decided to get an odyssey. Now that the battery has been taken care of I was able to move the Comanche into its new home! Took all summer but I finally finished.
  5. Just some extra strength to prevent the tube from flexing since the D30 isn’t know for being the strongest out there.
  6. Added some lights. Had to keep it period looking.
  7. So what pump are they including in this kit? I'm guessing one for an LS motor?
  8. Ok now the plot thickens. I stopped by pull-a-part yesterday and got a bracket off a 94 cherokee. When I got home and got both brackets next to each other I realized they are both different and exactly the same. The rear mounting post is different but all other dimensions on the bracket are the same. So now I'm thinking the pump PSC is including in their PK-1851 kit is not correct for any jeep they have listed. I just think the snout on the pump I have is just too long. I took a pic of the pump on the Jeep and the other is the pump I think I actually need, SP1210.
  9. Very interesting. So I guess that's what I need to get. It's funny how they went to the trouble to change it so little.
  10. Ok I took it all apart again to check out the bracket and do some measurements. The psc pump is infact about 4mm thicker than the rockauto pump that came off of it. Second is if this pump really is for 91+ what's the difference with the brackets. After doing some research I can't find any difference between the Renix and early HO brackets 🤔
  11. Yeah that's what I was afraid of. Guess that's what I'm gonna have to do. I was just looking for the easy way out lol. Has anyone made this work before? I can't believe I'm the only person to put this pump on a Renix???
  12. Been having issue with the belt being pushed forward on my water pump pulley about an 1/8 of an inch. Its definitely because of the new psc pump. I thought it might be because of the offset of the new pulley the pump came with so I swapped the Oem pulley on but no luck. Alignment still off. The belt is being dragged cross the water pump pulley ever slightly and causing a terrible squeek. I guess my question is should there be any difference between a 1990 pump and my original 89 pump? The psc kit was advertised for 90 and up.
  13. No prob. I was shocked I ordered everything all together lol
  14. Thanks! I put a lot of thought into my mods before I pull the trigger on buying parts. It's hard to keep the balance of drivability and off road capability.
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