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  1. Thanks for the quick & easy sale, arrived safely today!
  2. Any seat brackets still available? Also when do you start production of the Sport Bars themselves? my Eliminator needs one badly
  3. Over the top build, and I enjoyed the above reference :)
  4. Those taillights are definitely NOT Comanche, probably Dodge, but the pic does show they could fit better with a bit more effort. Regardless OP doesn't seem to think his truck (pictured below - nice rig BTW) is worth the cost of Comanche replacements, I'd personally rather spend a few bucks for factory tails than try to fit something else into what appears to be recently repainted. Time & effort are the same as $$$ to most people, 8 screws and plug & play vs... who knows??? to mod for XJ tails.
  5. As for the TJ buckets, both of them fold forward & I'm pretty sure the bottom of the seat is the same as the 97+ XJ's. I've been wanting to swap out my buckets too, since they pretty much seem to have the life tapped out of them. I've collected quite a few different ideas off the forum & just posted 4 or 5 links in another similar thread. The last link shows how someone used the whole MJ bucket mounts & rails to swap in 2002 Grand Am Leather seats - which look quite decent and fairly simple.
  6. I'm pretty sure those armrests where as ubiquitous as the Saginaw steering columns, it looks like what was in my dad's '68 Plymouth Fury II.
  7. Here is one example using newer style Dakota seats (I like the look of these). https://comancheclub.com/topic/20681-installed-2005-dakota-bench-pics-inside/ Another using the older Dakota seats. https://comancheclub.com/topic/55237-how-i-installed-dakota-seats/ Dakota mounting example, although I don't think the mount ever got produced for anyone else. https://comancheclub.com/topic/54132-dakota-seats-to-stock-comanche-mounts/ Another option depending on age of passenger. https://comancheclub.com/topic/41652-seats-who-has-what-in-their-mj/?do=findComment&comment=430679 Doesn't really deal with center, posting as option for others - they look good in there too. https://comancheclub.com/topic/25441-02-grand-am-gt-2-dr-seats-in-a-comanche-with-pics/?tab=comments#comment-263358 My factory buckets are tapped out for life or everyone else lies about liking them :) I think they are brutal. Either way I'm looking to replace mine, so I've been searching the site quite a bit for seat options, all of the above links have pretty good clear pictures of how they were mounted too. Probably a couple of the above should be added to the DIY Master List https://comancheclub.com/topic/48710-diy-projects-writeups-master-search-index/
  8. I have taillights... but I'm in Canada & shipping may not be worth it. Post up what a set of clean taillights are worth to you, maybe someone has them closer...
  9. Burke


    Pictures of Eliminators.
  10. Thanks for the insight, I'll keep that in mind once I get at it.
  11. Did you ever figure this one out? I have the exact issue on my '90. From what the FSM shows, I'd say what A-man930 mentioned is the right path to be on, just too cold up here to be poking about right now.
  12. Sent a PM. Sent you a PM too. Good idea, for the record I don't consider my neighborhood as "questionable" or sketchy, but it is near one of the LRT (light rail transit) stations in town, as such people from "questionable" areas tend to pass through it. New MJ is garaged & while it wasn't, I had the battery & steering wheel pulled, haven't applied "all of the anti-theft ideas" just yet. I just replaced the drive on my PC so I have no pics to post right now, I kind of forgot I was going to do that, so I will post up some later (I won't forget this time). P.S. As far as I know, nobody was ever caught, they may have been but I've never been notified. But I am over being pissed off about it - too much wasted energy on anger.
  13. Thanks for all the feedback, sorry to not reply earlier however it's been hectic both dealing with this and work over the past week. To those suggesting a rebuild, not feasible for several reasons, if you look at the roof in the 1st picture it has been severely compromised, the back of the cab in the 4th picture shows warp-age from the heat too. Combine those with the questionable condition of the drive line, even a great priced donor doesn't make this an appealing task. I have found a VERY good replacement & will be completing a deal later today on a 90 Eliminator, although more than I would like to have spent, it's still much less than the seller wanted. Quite honestly it is in pretty remarkable condition when you get beyond the damage to the front end, which he also has all the replacement parts for. I'll try to post up pictures later this week. It will be kept in the garage & receive anti-theft devices up the ying-yang. As for the dick-head who stole the Pioneer, I still don't know if he has been caught, however when I last spoke to the investigating officer - he did indicate they do have a suspect in mind. The 89 is still in the police impound yard, however I am planning to try & sell it in it's complete current state, even though the replacement truck has a D35, I'm just not interested in the 89 coming back to my yard. I won't get into how much of a cluster it has been dealing with the employees at the impound lot, instead I'll cut them slack since I'm sure 99% of the people they deal treat them like $#1t. BTW - where the heck were all those anti-theft ideas before my truck was taken.... :thumbsup:
  14. So can any of you please help me evaluate the value $ I have left in parts here, 1989 Comanche Pioneer Metric Ton. I see surviving: 5 wheels & tires D44 (completely new brake hardware, drums, pads, springs, hoses, wheel cylinders) D30 w/vac disconnect NP231 (hopefully not destroyed) BA10 (I'll assume it's value is $0.00) Engine is toasted (literally so also $0.00) Both Tail lights Near perfect tailgate Front bumper Rear leafs (although they are pretty bagged) Bucket seat mounts (may be iffy however considering new aren't available...) 7' Box in salvageable condition In the garage: Inner rocker covers Good hood exhaust header 2nd set of taillights 2nd tailgate (needs work) Yeah I'm probably stretching it thinking I have much value, but MJ's are not easy to find around here. Thanks in advance, Burke
  15. My doors weren't locked because I recently lost the only key I had -- ironically when I took it with me to get a new one cut, so yeah shame on me for it not being locked and not getting replacements... however losing the key & the truck being stolen happened in the same month, and here in the great white north we can't just walk into a Napa and get "proper" replacements.
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