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  1. and rounding out my list of replies @mark corbitt I wish I could find some anywhere. I can barely find XJs to scavenge from at my local yard. I am in dire need of sun visors. Mine are just about disintegrated from age. I didn't take MJ rarity into consideration when I decided to buy one. I love my truck but I have spent many hours looking for oddball parts. Can't find the shifter housing for around the boot inside. Last time I got it inspected the lady moved my seat all the way forward and crushed my plastic. Now it's a sad broken mess that I can't replace.
  2. @cruiser54 I see. I know how things generally get reposted and I try not to be that guy. I always search first and had some hours logged fruitlessly. I had hoped someone had miraculously come up with something. I refuse to pay $200 for sheet metal adapters from Rusty's. Then you have to hope the combo taillight/turn signal/backup LEDs you find on Amazon will work after you splice into your factory wiring. I wish they had just made the Gladiator more like the good ol Jeeps. Wishing gets you nowhere though.
  3. @amsuco@amsuco I hate this forum format. I'm having issues replying directly. Bear with me for any repetitive typo errors. Someone went to lengths to put what I believe are some sort of old Ford style mirrors on there. No bracing so it flexes the sheet metal if you have to fold them back. I was 3rd owner I believe. I rescued it from a parts truck turned into someone's backyard hack job farm truck. I have been painstakingly undoing the damage done by previous owners to some degree of success to get what you see there. However, everyone here knows the struggle of keeping these older Jeeps
  4. I don't find this forum easy to reply to certain people. Maybe I'm using it wrong. Anyway, I would love to modify it to accept XJ lights, but I don't have time right now. I can do slight modification easily enough. If a certain Dodge taillight was close enough to easily swap I would. Otherwise I'll wait and dab something up. I'm not spending $$$ on old plastic. You can see my Jeep on my profile. It's not perfect but I try to keep it lookin good. I don't hide it in the garage either. It stills gets into some mud :)
  5. So the problem many have run into is the shortage of tail light housings now, among other things and I have yet to see anyone make an aftermarket replacement or LED housing. Rusty's has a ridiculously expensive set of blanks that you have to buy lights for. I don't understand why they don't have a place for the reverse light. Anyone find anything? I have read multiple threads but have yet to find a solution.
  6. I lost my instrument gauge cluster lights. Still have all exterior lights, turn signal and high beam indicators. It's not the fuse. It flickers on and off sometimes. Mostly stays off. Leads me to believe it is a grounding or loose wire problem. Any suggestions? I'm not sure where to start. Can't find what wire should control those lights.
  7. Well my friend had a set of 99 XJ 3.55s with the C8.25 lying around. Gonna try those since the 3.73 is almost as rare as the 44 apparently. Can't find any out here.
  8. Alright well I am having trouble locating axles. Craigslist has been a bust. Maybe one of the local junkyards will have some. Any other suggestions where to look? Anyone sell parts on here?
  9. So a 2004 Liberty axle with 3.73 would be ideal since I want disc brakes anyway?
  10. Well it seems fine to me and I ain't removing that arm again. It was a gigantic pain. As for the spline difference, stock is 27 I believe, someone mentioned getting a 29 spline 96+ axle.
  11. $760 for Rusty's 4.5" kit, 60 for Rubicon Express extended sway bar end links and adapters, and another 80 for the pitman arm drop. About 900 so far and I would like different axles. Neverending project... As for S051, that's an obscure Halo reference only nerds who read the books would get.
  12. Alright, but what about the spline difference? Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't that matter for the driveshaft?
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