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  1. derf

    New Jeep Teaser?

    There is some speculation it is tied to the CAFE fuel economy numbers that are coming up soon. With all of the 4xe Jeeps and the hybrid additions to the other engines, they might hit that number.
  2. Yeah, it's not even worth $10K, much less $100k.
  3. Bleed the clutch. Make sure it's full. Or replace the master cylinder.
  4. The Subaru was just reliable basic transportation. And there are a few things I don't love about the XJ. Besides, I can always buy another one.
  5. So yeah, I did a thing yesterday. New 2021 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon diesel. I had the dealer install some 35x12.5/17 Duratracs. I'm going to keep it close to stock otherwise. Probably add some armor and radios (CB, ham, and GMRS). It's going to do light duty tails and be my daily driver. I traded in my Subaru and I'll be selling the XJ soon. I already pulled the end caps off the front bumper.
  6. I have been looking into this as well. The biggest thing is getting the extra shift detent for the 4L60. You need PRND321 but the stock column is PRND21 or PRND3L (the 1-2 is L for the AW4). From what I gathered, you can cannibalize another GM column shift and swap over the parts you need. I believe the column from a later 80s Chevy G20 van should work. You do have to take the detent plate off the donor and put it in place of the one in the Jeep column. That should get you all the shift positions. Then from there you can use a Lokar universal shift cable to go from
  7. Moab was $3.37. Grand Junction was $3.17. I didn't pay attention to what it is when I got home.
  8. The most expensive and frustrating swaps I've done have been trying to make free parts work.
  9. Don't waste your time on a WJ 4.7. It's not a good swap candidate for many reasons. It's too big to fit, it doesn't make much power, and the heads like to drop valve seats. Also, there is zero aftermarket for them. A stroker 6 cylinder will come out to about 4.6/4.7 and give you more power and reliability.
  10. No idea. But since you're modifying, you should get the axle and transfer case installed first. Then measure from the end of the slip yoke on the transfer case to the yoke on the axle. Then you can have it exactly right with no chance of it being too short or too long. A shop can shorten a shaft in about an hour or two and they know how to work with the measurements to make it right. They can also swap in new ujoints quick and easy which is entirely worth it.
  11. Your 2wd rear driveshaft won't even come close to fitting behind a transfer case. And if you don't have a slip yoke eliminator you can't run without a rear shaft. Measuring for the rear shaft modification is a known thing and easy to do. Then take the shaft to the shop in a different vehicle, have them shorten it, take it home, and install it. If you find a 4wd rear shaft from a Comanche with the same bed size, it would probably work. But the 2wd shaft is a hard no.
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