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  1. Always up for a few beers with other addicts. I grew up doing road trips with the folks and I love driving all over the place when I can. I learned how to navigate long before GPS even existed and I love finding my own way and enjoying the drive. I'm thinking that when my silver truck is on tons and 40s, I'll be building up my red one with a diesel on like 31's or 33's and turn it into a road trip truck, maybe dragging a popup or small camper, doing a tour of the US.
  2. Also, Denver west on I-70 to US-191 up to I-15 to Salt Lake City is a far more interesting drive than up I-25 to I-80. Besides, that takes you right next to Moab, which is interesting to see even if you don't stop to go Jeeping.
  3. Stop and say hi as you swing through Denver.
  4. derf


    When I'm driving for pleasure, a manual makes it all so much better. I prefer to drive my car instead of riding in it. I really miss rowing through the gears in my old GTO winding through back country roads. However, when it comes to daily commuting in traffic, I prefer the automatic. All the stop and go, speed up and slow down, that you get driving in traffic makes a manual less fun. And while I have had a manual transmission with a 4 speed atlas in a rock crawling Jeep I used to own and I had fun with the 238:1 final drive ratio, I am building my silver MJ with an automatic because I like rock crawling with an automatic better.
  5. It's certainly spendy but it does look like it's worth it.
  6. Probably Yakima too. Any pictures of it open?
  7. derf

    RIP Neil Peart

    Rest in peace Neil.
  8. I think Rusty's has discontinued their brackets. I picked up a pair during their closeout sale and they appear to no longer be on the website.
  9. Might just be someone looking to buy back a Comanche they sold a while back. Or yeah, it may be stolen. Hard to say.
  10. I have the tools to make new AC hoses and crimp them properly if you're ever interested in rebuilding your AC.
  11. You won't find "repop" in a regular dictionary. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Repop
  12. derf

    Buying a house!

    There's actually a few houses that have been on the market for several months. It's as much of a buyer's market as it's going to get I suspect.
  13. derf

    Buying a house!

    I'm getting started on my house hunt as well. I'm looking south, in and around Littleton since I work at the south end of Wadsworth. The prices seem to have leveled off the last year or two so it seems like the time to commit. Gotta get the loan approval and what not so I can jump in as soon as I find a house I want. It's also good that I only have a basic criteria for a house and if one seller becomes a pain I can move on to the next house. Good luck on your hunt.
  14. In the grand scheme of things I don't really care what kind of Jeep you're driving. If you're friendly and wave, I'll wave back. Even if you're in one of the Jeep "cars" like the new Cherokee or Renegade. It's about being friendly to other people who love Jeeps. If I wave first and they wave back, great. If they don't, it's no big deal. I don't pay attention to the "rules" about who should wave first. If you want to wave, wave. If you don't, don't. Who cares who goes first? The new Gladiator is as much a Jeep as any CJ, Wrangler, MJ, XJ, ZJ, WJ, FC, SJ, etc. It's solid axle front and rear and built by Jeep. It's as much a Jeep as my old J10. They're all different in their own way but they all share the Jeep lineage in one way or another. As far as the other Jeeps, you're much less likely to get a wave and I usually don't even notice them to wave first. But a friendly wave deserves a friendly response.
  15. derf

    Winch Mount

    That Warn part number is just for a hidden hitch in the front. The grill guard/winch mount is no longer available new.
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