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  1. Yeah, there's people who are good at drywall. Then there's guys like me who are good at sanding.
  2. Getting a solid dusting of snow today.
  3. derf

    CC cookbook

    I do the same with Italian dressing.
  4. derf

    CC cookbook

    I'm too scared to post one.
  5. I'm having a "get off my lawn" moment. I have socks older than some of you guys. Tires, in an of themselves, do not cause death wobble. Being out of balance or out of round will cause a shimmy or vibration. But if the rest of your suspension is in good shape, you won't get death wobble. Just a noticeable vibration. If your suspension is marginal, the worn out tires can contribute to death wobble. They can cause it to onset faster or at a lower speed. But the suspension has to be worn or loose for death wobble to happen regardless of the state of the tires.
  6. Almost anything is better than Krappy Frickin Chicken. Camaro or Firebird/Trans Am?
  7. Not major progress but I did button up enough for it to move under it's own power. I shuffled it to the back to make room for the work I need to do on the XJ. That will go for a couple months and then I can get back to this project.
  8. The 4.0 in this rig has a rod knocking. So I'm starting the rebuild of a donor engine. Both my XJ and the donor engine have the 0331 head that tends to crack. I found an 0331 TUPY head and it showed up today. Time to start the teardown and evaluation of the donor. I haven't decided if I'm going to stroke it while it's apart but I will soon.
  9. derf


    Yeah, Karens in HOAs are in more places than CA. And not every neighborhood in CA is filled with Karens. You can find a good neighborhood with good neighbors almost anywhere. You just have to look, and at the same time know what to look for.
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