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  1. They did. That's the second one I've seen in the wild. I wanted to buy the first one for a Cherokee I had at the time but it didn't work out.
  2. There's basically zero chance the house would have 3 phase power. That's something you usually only find in industrial areas.
  3. derf

    Is it just me.......

    With some of those, clicking the unsubscribe link only confirms you email address and you just end up getting more spam.
  4. I don't know that I've ever had an accurate fuel gauge on any single vehicle I've ever owned.
  5. derf

    Is it just me.......

    I forgot how bad people are with emails. After the first realtor asked for my email during house searches earlier this year, I was reminded. I now give out the address of an email that I lost the password to and never use any more. It's a version of my name so it's a legit address. But for all intents and purposes it's a dead end for email.
  6. derf

    Is it just me.......

    Getting rid of my home phone (not always an option for some people) 10 years ago was the biggest relief. But I would still get a few calls now and again on my cell. Though I haven't had any telemarketers call me in many months at least.
  7. derf

    Is it just me.......

    I haven't gotten a telemarketing call for a long time.
  8. derf

    What books to read

    I agree that they did a good job with LotR. One thing that made their job easier is that Tolkien goes on for pages describing the scene in intricate detail. It's easy to capture that with a 15-30 second camera pan at the start of the scene. I have the extended editions and I watched the extra material. They talked about the decision making process when writing the screen play. Their #1 rule was "if it's not directly tied to the story of the ring, it's something we can take out." That's why whole sections, like Tom Bombadil, are entirely missing. While it's interesting stuff, it's not directly related to the story of the ring. And with only a few hours per movie, they couldn't fit everything in and they ended up making some changes to fit more of the story in to less screen time. But that is why so many movies are so different than the books. They just don't have time to fit everything in. So they make changes. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. With LotR, they put a screenplay together that flowed well and kept the essence of the story going. That doesn't always happen when they go from the book to the movie, unfortunately. But it's great when it does. I ended up liking the movie adaptation of Ready Player One. The book was great. The movie, I think, told the story reasonably well. It helped that the original author was involved, as was Stephen Spielberg. The book was able to get deep into the nostalgia and really tell a great story. The movie only had 2 hours to tell the same story. While they made some fundamental changes, what they changed it to made sense in the context of the environment. Sections were entirely different, but it worked. The car chase at the beginning was able to communicate a lot more than just the fact that the contest was in process. In just a few lines at the start of the race, you find out just how poor the main character is in a way that flows well. They were able to fit so many other pieces in that way without it seeming like they were just doing scenes to check a box on the plot sequence list. It all flowed well. The Martian was another good adaptation from book to movie. Mat Damon captured the essence of the character. They cut stuff out to fit in 2 hours but what was left seemed to flow pretty well. I was able to enjoy both the book and the movie in this case as well.
  9. I would actually shy away from companies like Rough Country in favor of the smaller shops. Rough Country has a reputation as being a company that sells cheap junk. Some people don't mind their (lack of) quality. They don't mind having to piece together the parts that aren't included but are necessary for a lift. They don't mind the Chinese made springs getting rusty in less than a year. They don't mind the really stiff ride (at least in some platforms). They don't mind the $10 shocks that don't work well for very long. The smaller dedicated shops cost more but they give you much more for your dollar. Also, there are other big name companies that sell better kits than companies like Rough Country. Just because they have a big name doesn't mean that they sell quality parts.
  10. I have only heard of it happening 3rd hand. The AMC20 that was used in the CJ and full size Wagoneer was only pressed in with no plug welds. I never saw one myself but heard of it happening more often in that axle.
  11. Rear, unbolt at axle and pull. It may have some stiction (sticky friction) making it feel stuck. Pull a little harder. Front takes multiple steps. Break loose the 2 bolts that you can get to at the transfer case side. The head of the bolt is at the yoke coming out of the case and it faces the case. Once those 2 are out, unbolt the axle side and pull it loose. Spin the shaft halfway around and reinstall at the axle loosely. Break the other two bolts loose at the transfer case yoke. Then just finish removing at both ends and pull the shaft.
  12. The threshold is if they are within 1% you're good to run th together. A 4.09 Dana 44 works fine with a 4.11 Dana 30. A 4.27 Dana 44 works with a 4.30 Ford 9". 3.55 and 3.54 gears work fine together.
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