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  1. I'll save you the trouble cause I have one already pulled. Manufactured August of 85, part number is 8955-002-240.
  2. For anyone who uses old threads or old forums I highly recommend downloading an extension called "photobucket embed fix". It makes it so any photo still hosted on their site actually shows up on forums or where ever. It's saved me a couple times. But also, if anyone is still using them they're insane. I jumped ship when they first started this. $500 a year so my pictures can show up on other sites? No thanks.
  3. Not a single thing spared? Maybe not a single thing done. I think I can see daylight through the rust on the bed haha.
  4. Because I'm a masochist haha. No, my ultimate goal is to build the "best" version of my grandfather's old truck. Long bed, 4wd, with the good trans and transfer case I already have. I want to run a carbureted motor, and an 86 with a 3.4 and an Edelbrock is the simplest option in that case. That one in Ohio doesn't look awful, but almost 8 hours one way is a haul.
  5. Second one is unavailable and the first guy won't respond to me, already tried.
  6. I am really want an 86 Comanche. Specifically an 86. As close to Mid-West North Carolina as possible, but willing to do a small road trip. Prefer a 2.8 with an auto, but open to any drivetrain configuration. Also prefer as close to stock as possible. My cash budget is low at the moment, like $1000. I would however trade my 92 DR350s for one (value $2500ish). Could even do bike plus boot for one I like. Picture of said bike. Bike has 5200 on the odometer. Within the last 1500 miles the clutch, cam chain and guides, and sprockets and chain have been changed. Valves adjusted 500 miles ago. Carb rebuilt 500 miles ago. Headlight swapped to a DR650 with a homemade windscreen. LED tail-light with flasher relay. Acerbis 4.2 gal tank nets me 200 miles before switching to reserve. Has homemade rack on the back, and I'll include the bag. Will include a heap of parts including the stock tank and fender. Has a rebuilt title, it was stolen from the owner before me. The people that stole it put bed liner on all the body work, so the cost of replacing all the body work totaled the vehicle. I have done multiple 2-3 hundred mile days on it since I got it, and never had any issues.
  7. Fuel filter changed recently? Intermittent power is often fueling issue.
  8. coheed

    Dear AMC...

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Skewdriver-Angled-Screwdriver-Spec-Tools-/131816366843 I've had one of these skewdrivers for probably a decade now and it's never let me down. Makes stuff like this so simple.
  9. Added more pics and pricing to first post.
  10. https://m.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2141548669476880/?ref=browse_tab&search_query=Jeep Comanche
  11. Pretty rough. Maybe too rough for your project.
  12. Rusty, but I don't think any holes. Can grab pictures tomorrow.
  13. This has been my feeling towards basically any car style gathering the last couple years. Most of them have become parodies of whatever scene it is. The only ones that seem to be half way decent are home town run swap meets and the Autofair they hold in Charlotte. Even the Autofair sucks unless you stay out of the speedway where people don't have to pay as much to sell stuff.
  14. If you look closely though, it's welded around the bolted brackets and all the welds on the bumper seem to be the same 6010 or 6013. Now I just need a compressor for a diy blaster.
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