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  1. coheed

    Overland MJs

    Nate aka Dirt Lifestyle did a really good video about these recently.
  2. Those are some snazzy looking wheels!
  3. Both my 86's have honey interiors. My low optioned 86 has a non-tilt black column. My high optioned 86 has a honey tilt column. I assume both are original but I don't know for sure.
  4. I assume it's for column shift trucks. I would be interested in a redesigned full console cup-holder if you end up making one OP.
  5. I have two 86's, an early and a late, at the house and can say for certain the standard handle, #4, doesn't fit in either of the spare winches.
  6. Well I called pretty much every local shop in a 25 mile radius and none of them have stock priced under $1500, and I'm not dropping that on something I might not be crazy about. I've been looking at FB and CL and everything that would work for me is either way too pricey even used or it's sold within the hour. So the hunt will continue.
  7. I did something sort of similar a few years ago on my old Honda CB500. I needed to make a u turn and forgot to check the ground I was turning on. I leaned into the turn going left and halfway through my front hit a patch of dirt/sand on the middle lines. The whole bike came out from under me and then bounced and threw me over the right side. A 500lbs bike does not feel good when it slams solely on your thigh. Had a baseball sized hematoma on my leg for about 4 months.
  8. Looking at bikes you are correct about the weight limits. I'm seeing a lot of "300 combined #'s rider, bike and gear" and I'd be awful close with that. We have a hipster part in the closest city that has a few bike shop/beer joint places and one particular shop I'm gonna call this morning that does Marin/Specialized/Ibis/Santa Cruz that a few people have recommended me go to. Luckily I still have 90% of my dirt bike gear, so I can cross over that gear until I have the money for gear that doesn't need to be as heavy. So that'll save me money up front. What was the bad habit?
  9. Well, I can not get in contact with the person that has the Felt for sale. So the hunt shall continue. I might just go to a local shop and tell them how much I'm willing to spend and see what they offer me.
  10. I'm telling you there all over the place up here. A couple years back I even posted about seeing one with a hidden winch at the grocery store.
  11. It probably could. It has a stupid simple spring to keep it closed, and pivots on a roll pin. You could probably get it modeled and scale it down enough to where you don't have to trim it. But it was only $12 so unless you already had all the tools idk how cost effective it would be.
  12. I needed a latch for the rear slider I'm going to install in my truck. Decided to take a shot at an available Ford latch F65Z-1527158-AA. It's a little large, and I had to modify it a tad, but it will work for the OE slider window. Here you can see where I filed down the corners. The latch measured 1.5" and the opening it needs to slot into measures 1.25" There was also a small post that kept the latch from swinging all the way down that I cut off so it can engage well with the rail. And here's what it looks like on the window.
  13. Is this vehicle going to be just a commuter for you? Or will you haul people/parts/gear?
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