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  1. That's why I said over stock, not over what it was before the shackles.
  2. I have the Belltech's on my truck. They fit fine. Got 1.5" over stock but my leafs are very worn out.
  3. Wish I could still find the picture I took, but when I was in Japan I was walking around some city streets and stumbled upon a PT Cruiser. It was already weird enough cause I didn't expect it, but to add on to that it was... oddly modified. It was originally the plum color and it was a convertible. They had lowered it on a set of CHROME 20's, and it had a sex spec ghost flame paint job over top of the plum factory paint. Was the weirdest vehicle I saw in Japan.
  4. Diesels been steady and $3/gal around me for a while now. Filled the Comanche and the mower for $2.65/gal last weekend.
  5. Here's what I bought. Trailer connector It says it's a custom fit, but let's be real. I also ordered a new FEY bumper cause my stock one will be going on the trailer. I plan on cutting out a hole and mounting this next to the plate instead of hanging down.
  6. The receptacle I bought has a 4 pin on one side and the 7 on the other, let me see if I can find it.
  7. I've bought a 7 pin for my truck and the Comanche bed trailer I'm building as I want brakes on it. You'll need a stand alone brake controller to utilize the trailer brakes. As far as wiring find what wires do what on the trailer and match them to the corresponding wires when you put the connector on the truck. I plan on making a jumper kinda like @88mjsally does out of a spare tail light harness I have.
  8. Sounds like a plan to me
  9. Here's mine in use on my camping trip to Colorado and on it's new temporary home.
  10. @Pete Msorry I missed this. I work in Charlotte if that would work any better. Idk if you're going to be around tomorrow or not as I'm full up the rest of the day
  11. I have a Pendarailer branded liner for a LWB that I'm not going to use. Rough shape with quite a few holes and scrapes. I do not have a tailgate piece. Free to anyone who will meet within 30 minutes of Maiden NC.
  12. coheed


    Check with the FSJ for sale groups. They were much more common in them than the smaller Jeeps.
  13. Yeah I have a factory brush guard and a factory harness on my truck and it reaches the lights fine.
  14. I'll also be in for an 86 style harness when they're available.
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