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  1. Bump with different pics and pricing, gonna go through the shed today and find any other parts I have to let go.
  2. I assumed it would be something like this. I'm comfortable doing wiring repair and the like, I don't feel like I have enough experience with more delicate stuff to risk messing up a rare radio. Whenever you start taking orders again I'd love for you to give this the work it deserves.
  3. Hey @Minuit, I have a RX-135 that I'm having some issues with. It only powers on occasionally, and when it does it hunts for a station on seek but I can't tune it with the knob. The tape portion seems to work well. All functions of the tape player work, except it only produces a faint hissing. I can barely hear the music playing if I get really close to the speaker and the volume is all the way up. Any advice on what I could do to alleviate those issues?
  4. Ripped out the broken vacuum heater control valve and got my heat working. Also hooked up the four note GM horns I grabbed at a junk yard the other week.
  5. So they are not a matched pair? The balancing is not matched to the crank?
  6. So I've recently acquired another 86 with the 2.8 in it. This one however, has an AX5 that I believe to be the source of the horrible growling noise when driving down the road. I have a presumably good 904 trans in my old truck that I'm thinking of swapping in. My question is, is the flywheel/flex plate balanced to a matched crankshaft, or can I swap the flex plate over and not have any vibration issues on the other motor?
  7. coheed

    Rare parts sale

    I'd be interested in a Sentinel relay.
  8. Found one guys, thanks for looking out.
  9. coheed


    It's AB paint code, so it may be the original paint, not sure. There's a build sheet under the seat but I was afraid to try and get at it because it looked so torn up already.
  10. coheed


    Gotta love AMC stuff right?
  11. coheed


    1986, Comanche Custom. 2.8 / AX5 / NP207 / D30 / D35 / LWB Build date: Unsure, sticker is illegible Location: Maiden, NC Status: Going to be a project truck/ weekend thrasher. Needs floors and some electrical work. Plan to swap to auto, swap axles for the non-cad D30 and D35 with 4.10's I have, 2-3" lift with metric ton springs, probably swap in a 3.4 with a Weber car or Edelbrock at some point. Notes: Beige paint, bench with mini console, tan? interior, towing mirrors.
  12. Bike got sold so I've got a larger budget. That one in Baltimore is a good price, but I'm wanting as close to stock as I can get. I've talked to a few guys, the one with the hidden winch bumper seems reluctant to send interior or engine bay pictures which is odd. I'm not really wanting to do a 12 hour road trip if I came at least get a shot of the interior and engine. Most other guys have just ignored my messages, so I guess they sold their trucks or don't want to sell em.
  13. Beautiful country. Hope to get up that way one of these days.
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