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  1. Still looking. As long as it's a long bed I'm open to it.
  2. https://lexington.craigslist.org/pts/d/comanche-factory-roll-bar/6729101664.html
  3. Thanks, gets attention riding it around too. It's fun, just not as into bikes as I used to be.
  4. Looking to trade my 1973 Honda CB500 for a long bed Comanche. Really only looking for a long bed at the moment. Engine and drivetrain don't matter as much, so long as it runs and drives. My bike is located in Maiden NC but I can transport the bike within 4-5 hours for the right trade. I've got the value of the bike in the $2500-2700 ball park, and I can't add cash to the deal at the moment. Onto the bike. I've replaced a few connectors, adjusted the timing, valves, timing chain, and clutch, changed the oil, put a new battery in it (Feb 2018), rebuilt the petcock and replaced the fuel hose with the proper 5.5mm line. I am in the midst of getting rid of the nasty dull silver a previous owner sprayed over the original Candy Bacchus Olive. The original paint is faded, but I think the OE paint looks better than the silver even with all the sun fading. The tank is dented on the left side in the center of the emblem. The side covers are not the originals, though they are Honda produced and not a repro, and the right cover has the bottom tab broken. They are not in the photos, but I do have the emblems for the side covers. The rear hoop had the OE turn signal mounts cut off when I got it, so I just mounted up some cheap signals. It currently has pod filters on it. The exhaust looks like a Mac header that someone welded a different muffler onto. I think it's a Cobra, sounds decent and not insanely loud like a straight pipe. I have pulled the clutch cover and the infamous clutch rod. I couldn't find any stress points on the rod, and it is not bent, so that shouldn't be any issue.Replaced a couple of the oil seals and the tappet bolt o-rings. Still seems to leak a little around cylinder #1 at the head gasket. The stock wiring harness is in fantastic condition and there are no issues electrically. Chain and sprockets are all in good condition. I also have a bunch of new oil seals, points set, condensers, and a new set of plugs to go with the bike (and whatever other parts I have for the bike).This is a running riding bike, with no functionality issues and a clean NC title in my name, so I expect trade offers in the same general condition. Don't have any money to throw into a project at the moment hence wanting a running driving Comanche.
  5. Alright for anyone remotely interested here's an update. It's pretty much a no go on this jeep. I ran into some issues getting a title from my grandfathers estate, the front of this truck is completely warped, and at some point some one very horribly welded a new roof onto the cab. All of these issues, as well as the engine presumably being toast made me abandon the project. Between abandoning this and now I bought a few real dumb vehicles, and sank more money than I care to think about into them. I also went back to college to start working towards welding engineering. I'm almost at the finish line for the first leg of that, and it's got me thinking about future vehicles and such. I've decided that I want a Comanche, just not this particular one. So where does that leave this Comanche? I'm thinking of loping off the cab and making the bed into a trailer. And whatever rare/usable parts I can get off can contribute towards whatever Comanche I end up with.That way in a sense I still have my grandfathers truck, but without all the work. It'll definitely be some time before I can get to work on making it a trailer, but I already have some crude blueprints drawn up for the project. Also if anyone knows someone in or around mid-west North Carolina that'd be interested in trading a long-bed for a 73 Honda CB500 let me know.
  6. Hey, it's not the CC's it's how you ride it. Though this little thing, even with proper gearing, will only get me up to about 50 haha.
  7. Little RD125? Those old 2 strokes are sweet. Too bad you don't have it anymore.
  8. http://athensga.craigslist.org/cto/5356123284.html Am I crazy for thinking this guy is insane for his asking price? I mean it's a really nice truck (assuming the 97+ conversion was done right), but I feel you could probably build the exact same truck for less than his price...
  9. What kind was it? I've always had an urge to buy an old DT or a XS, just never pulled the trigger on one.
  10. Usually not a fan of clear lights, but I'm very intrigued as to the outcome on these. As far as staying legal could you not run red LEDs? There are plenty of people around here running clear lights with corresponding color LEDs in their lights and don't seem to have legal issues.
  11. Oh, and exterior color was repainted blue, I think it was white from the factory though.
  12. Interior was blue I think, nothing left aside from the carpet and the main dash. No headliner, no seats, vent windows broken, bed seemed good condition, and both axles were still there a few weeks ago. One taillight was there, but not in good shape. Can't remember too much about it.
  13. I concur longbeds do rule. To me the short beds look unfinished. Even the family Silverado looks goofy with a short bed. I'm probably going to have a local vinyl shop recreate the side stripes cause I think they're what gives it the 80's cool factor (if that's even a thing lol)
  14. I'm a few hours from you. I'm over near Hickory. Thank you though.
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