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  1. Interesting. Which shackles did you use? I'm on stock leafs (non-MT) and Belltech shackles and mine is 10.5 from top of axle to frame.
  2. I should say I reused the stock hardware. Looks like you have new and it might not have enough threading to bring it in all the way.
  3. I think I'd third a Leatherman. Mine has come in handy way more times than I thought it would.
  4. I'll bite. When I installed my Belltech shackles (for a Chevy 1500) they had that much gap. I just torqued to spec, have yet to see any warpage in the metal.
  5. Command-Trac and Selec-Trac emblems, but neither had locating pins.
  6. I have heard the S10 2.8 Y pipe works, not sure you can get those new either. Probably your best bet for new is a local exhaust shop, or grab one off a S10 at a junkyard for something used.
  7. From reading about the NP228/229, Jeeps reasoning was the selec-trac transfer cases had more slack in them. Some people speculated that the less consistent load of a manual and the higher shock load of a clutch could cause an issue with that slack. Though as you've said people have put both the 242, and the 228/229, behind manuals.
  8. @eaglescout526 I'm gonna Pm you in a moment.
  9. Long bed Comanche specific camper top for sale in Bluefield on Facebook. $275 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2633167083582233/
  10. Learn something everyday. Thanks for sharing. I was just under the impression they were only behind the 2.8's wasn't thinking about other Jeep models.
  11. Mines a '10 Honda Fit. Though since the middle of March I've only driven it 4 times
  12. coheed


    Another vote for chrome 10 slots.
  13. I just wasn't aware you could get a 4.0 bell housing on one.
  14. Bench seat sold, courtesy light pending.
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