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  1. I feel like it'll appreciate value better in the long run as is. I'm just down the road from you and what I've seen, a build like you're talking about is in the $8k range if the drivetrain has no issues, and the body is rust free. That's also what you could probably get for the exact same truck unmodified, IF it is truly pristine.
  2. Everyone made it out unscathed. The guy who hit me his girl was 9 months pregnant in the passenger seat and even she was only a little bruised up. The cars took the brunt of it.
  3. On this subject my daily got hit on Friday. I was doing 10-15 and the guy who hit me was doing 50-55. If I didn't have headrests specifically designed to reduce head injuries in this kind of crash I would at the very least have the worst whiplash. Headrests are very necessary for your safety.
  4. It has a CR Laurence sticker in the bottom left corner. Didn't think they made a 3 pane..
  5. Back on market, make me an offer.
  6. Slider sold, parts added.
  7. My Comanche with a TDI swap, 3" lift, 31's, built as a camper-mobile 68 Beetle in VW blue with a fuel injected 1800 for daily Forest Service crew cab J20 with a 401 for heavy duty stuff Mongoose Grandsport for go fast things R31 Skyline GTS for Initial D things Suzuki Jimny/Samurai with Toyota axles for wheelin An all stock 74 Celica GT A revolving door of some sort of motorcycle
  8. I'm jealous of your seats. I have the same in much worse condition. I love the 86 only honey interior bits. Excited to see this truck. It'll be a good one.
  9. I just meant my camper top, unsure on the brand but it has the same seal for the rear door. Specifically the seal that goes in the frame attached to the shell the door closes in. I suppose I'll have to do what you did and dig it out forcefully. The stuff I bought to replace mine is fairly pliable, don't see having an issue getting it in the track. I bought is from this seller on eBay for less than $10.
  10. Interested in how replacing the weather stripping for the door goes for you. I bought replacement for mine but the original is so age hardened I can't get it to even move in the track. Not sure what course of action I'm going to try to remove the old stuff.
  11. Right under 800# of scrap. The sag in the rear really shows how worn out the leafs are.
  12. Hope you're joking. Max that is actually worth here is 1500, maybe 2500 if it has NO rust.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/403903661042065/ Obvious rattle can paint job, no flares, Mexi-flush wheels and LEDs abound. Don't know what he's smoking thinking this is worth $7000..... Looking at older photos seems it was a Pioneer.
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