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  1. Found myself a high rise top and don't need to keep this one. Has a new seal on the bottom. Windows leak a little. Bug screens in windows are intact. Gas struts work well. Lock works. Has wire ran through for an interior light. I took the original one out cause it didn't have a cover and I kept getting caught on it. No cracks in the body. Will include 2 different style of clamps if you want them. $250 obo Can meet within 150 miles of Maiden NC. Also interested in trading for parts. Stuff I'm looking for: AX15/NP231 FEY rear bumper Honey headliner Honey door panels w
  2. Bump. All this is obo so don't be afraid to make an offer
  3. Bump, still have these. Would also consider trades for: AX15/NP231 FEY rear bumper Honey headliner Honey door panels with speaker grills Manual tilt column prefer honey or black Metric ton springs/ AMC 20 rear end
  4. No worries. I just didn't want someone to make a trip for a AMC 20 and find a 35
  5. Here's another one. Looks like the one on the last page claimed to be an ARE.
  6. As far as I'm aware there's no differences with the windows fit between years.
  7. Yes it's the whole window, but it is missing a piece of trim that seals the slider. I live near Hickory, but I work in South Charlotte if that's closer to you
  8. It's also listed in San Francisco https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/for/d/san-francisco-jeep-wrangler/7192283094.html
  9. Of course a deal like this shows up on a thin wallet month...
  10. coheed


    If you're taking orders I would love those seat covers if they aren't too torn up, and eagle doesn't want them first. Mine are the same color and ripped to shreds.
  11. I don't believe I do. I'll check here in a bit.
  12. I've got 235/75 Wildpeak AT3W's on my 5speed 2.8 and it's not horrible. It's also 1.5" in the front and 1" in the rear. The total lift cost was like $80 I think.
  13. One of my co-workers had all her free tows with AAA that she let me use one of, which was awesome. Glad it didn't let go at 55-60.
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