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  1. It is the rear axle. I don't wheel it. I have towed with it but nothing any whhere near what it will handle. The worst it sees is a utility trailer full of firewood and thats not very often these days. This dana 44 and the 30 both came from a junkyard truck of unknown condition roughly 10yrs ago. Other than a fluid change the only thing I have done was change wheel bearings recently and brakes.
  2. 3.55. Contemplated a gear change but then I'm into the front diff too.
  3. The oil was full of metal(stripper glitter). I havent really looked at it too hard yet. Found the loose carrier and stopped. I am planning to rebuild it. Possibly throw in a limited slip. I will look it all over very closely when I tear into it, and report back.
  4. One of the blend doors in the heater box could use some lube I would say.
  5. See original post. Only oil on motor is shown on the pan. Pan gasket and rms were both original the way it looked. Old rms was hard as porcelain. Either way the both needed and got done. Hopefully no more leaks.
  6. It is in your profile and is referred to as your signature.
  7. 3 p's. Thats way more efficient than the 6 I was taught. Prior planning prevents piss poor performance.
  8. The oil was full of stripper glitter. It was beautiful. As do the pinion I don't believe so but havent pulled the driveshaft yet. I changed the oil in it probably 4-5yrs ago. I plan to inspect well. I am pretty sure I lost a carrier bearing or 2. Planning to do some parts collecting and plan a rebuild weekend. I have helped (stood around and tried to absorb as much as possible) 2 times rebuilding differentials. I am still a bit nervous about doing one solo, but if I don't try I'll never learn.
  9. 20210920_163734.mp4 Sorry about the background noise. I guess I'm not as green as I implied. Lol I understand what backlash is. This isnt backlash.
  10. don't worry its just another comanche adventure.
  11. Today was a fairly productive day. I got the rms changed and a new pan gasket installed. Old one was leaking. May have been pan gasket but judging by the condition of the old they both needed changed. The pan was pretty sledged up. Took a while to clean that up. New rms. Sorry didnt get a pic of the upper half installed. Gave the oil pan a coat of paint. After all that I dug into a mysterious growl from the rear d44. Pulled the rear shafts expecting to see a trashed wheel bearing since I recently changed them. Fortunately they are fine. Unfortunately it seems the carrier bearings are shot. Time for a rebuild. Maybe a limited slip?
  12. I guess there is no time like the present to learn....
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