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  1. Everywhere I look shows the upper one but I also need the one below the compressor. It almost looks built into the ac bracket.
  2. End of day one: Well actually only a couple hours into it. And that includes a break to stop and chat with a friend. The new water pump is in and I am ready to pull the valve cover then head in the morning. I need to replace the 2 idler pulleys on the ac bracket. Any suggestions on where to source them?
  3. I'm a makita fan boy. I have a 36v makita that is as powerful as a big gas model.
  4. Check your strimmer. Using larger than called for line can have a huge effect on performance. I found the hard way that the wrong size line is almost as useless as a poorly running engine. It can suck alot of power. There is a reason smaller machines don't call for big line. Edit: I have heard of the soak technique but never tried. Strimmer line isnt one of the major expenses in my life. If I wanted to save money, hassles, and wasted time in my life I wouldnt have jeeps. Lol
  5. Well it looks like this week is finally gonna be time to dive in. The wife will be gone for a bit so I can ignore her honey do list for a day or two and fix my truck.
  6. Thats definitely a riviera front end. I think that thing is bad@ss. However I am an eternal fan of those rivieras also.
  7. Thats a good idea. Maybe we should organize a caravan to meet up with pete and help him out.
  8. I have some interest in a swb. And would be willing to help with fuel cost if it means a southern bed.
  9. Change the floor plate. I had to do the same. Did you change crossmembers and get the ax15 mount bracket? Edit: I went back and read a little bit.... floor plate is in order.
  10. I would say plan your basic route and usual stops, food, fuel, and such. The farther you need to deviate from that route to connect with someone the greater the surcharge. If they are willing to come to you along the route and possibly meet at an already scheduled stop the surcharge could be adjusted accordingly. And I wouldn't expect anyone to take such a trip without at least 50% down. Thats just to much work to risk a flaky buyer.
  11. I kinda did both for a while but one seemed alot more enjoyable at the time. And then there were the the cars, boats, trucks, snowmobiles, 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers, lawn mowers, gokarts, the list goes on. All this while my parents tried to not become grandparents at an early age and prevent their home from looking like a salvage yard.......
  12. I didnt make eagle scout. Unfortunately my libido took over about the same age. My interest in knot tying and first aid wasnt as strong in my interest in the opposite sex. I am so very grateful for the knowledge and principles the scouts instilled in me, however I still love the ladies. Lol
  13. I belive that was part of the 90-91 update. I'm pretty sure my original 88 visors are the cardboard and piping while the later 91xj visors I swapped in are the plastic clamshell style.
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