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Found 15 results

  1. What Minuit Knows About Stock Jeep Radios Got a question? Need one of these radios repaired, or want to buy one? Check out my website! A few tips before you start poking around. First of all, most of these radios are made in Japan. The many "Philips" screws on them are in many cases Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) fasteners. These screws are usually marked by a circular divot in the head of the screw. A typical Philips screwdriver will ruin these screws very easily. A screwdriver that specifically states it works with JIS screws is highly recommended if you
  2. Driveway Ornament To Daily Driver A really quite long build thread by Minuit The Beginning: March-November 2012 Why hello there, viewer! If you're reading this for the first time, I think I should probably explain some things first. This build is now entering its fifth sixth year. It started shortly before I turned 16 years old, and I had absolutely no prior mechanical experience, so keep this in mind when reading the first few pages. I can say with absolute certainty that some of the things you see early on in this build were not properly done and sho
  3. Reproduced body moldings for our short bed Comanches. Casted out of high durability UV resistant elastomer. They have the same workability/ surface/ finish. they are castings of 9/10 grade molding kindly leant to me by @fiatslug87 . Comanche club members get a sticker, and priority! feel free to PM ANY QUESTIONS $150 + shipping - will want to do long bed and Laredo in the future!
  4. Hello Club Members, I'm probably doing the build sheet a bit backwards since I just finished my initial restore, but I took lots of pics to walk you through my journey. I will start at the beginning and walk you through each area of focus and then continue to post as I make updates. I have wanted a Comanche since high school so this was a fun restore for me. Let me know if you have any questions I can help you out with.
  5. Anybody know any good paints that match the navy blue interior? I’m trying to paint some of the dash and trim pieces like the vents for the windshield but I’m trying to keep it looking OEM as possible. Please help me! Thanks a lot :)
  6. This is my first attempt at completely rebuilding/restoring a vehicle. I have no previous mechanic experience. I was curious if anyone would give me some advice on the process. What needs to be done first? I have drained most of the fluids. Removing the gas tank is next. But after that, do I just clear everything out underneath the hood? How do I check to see if I need to replace my engine (supposedly it has a cracked head gasket; and if its not terrible I should be able to replace it, correct?). I am open to any suggestions. I am flying blind on this one. I have checked YouTube for help, and
  7. 2:00am here, working on getting my Comanche to almost new quality. Decided I wanted to share with you my excellent results Materials required are photographed!
  8. For my friends that want to restore to OEM. Get ideas of what you want out of your Comanche. I really enjoy the 80s stock looks and packages.
  9. So I finally have an update on the Comanche! It's been interesting because I've had issues with a ton of things that I kept trying to do but I finally got it all straightened out. One of the things I ordered for the Comanche was four brand new tires since the old tires didn't hold air for more then a few days. Well when I was trying to take the old tires off, four of the lug nuts stripped and so two of the tires were stuck on the Comanche. While I was trying to get those off the truck sat for a bit since I've had to split my time between working full time and going to school full time. This to
  10. Finally got the jeep to the point to be my daily driver and camping workhorse. 1. New engine 2. New transmission 3. new suspension 3' lift new heavy duty spring with 1500 added helpers 4. New redesigned aftermarket High performance carbs. 5. New .......lots of other stuff :thumbsup: Before and after pics below, sorry about the size difference in the pics. Before: After:
  11. Hey guys, New to the forums here - Glad to find a club specifically dedicated to these diamonds. For my 22nd birthday my dad bought me a 1988 Comanche 4x4 4.0 5 speed for $140 and some old rock sliders off of my XJ (Pavement Princess doesn't need them.) THE FUN STARTS HERE. Let's break down first impressions. She's missing the whole header panel and passenger side fender. The windshield is cracked. The seat is out of a Grand Caravan, and is secured to the floor with... nothing. It's resting on a piece of wood thats deck screwed into the pan. There is some god-awful form of make
  12. So I bought this Comanche about a year ago, after a long day of wheeling maybe 6 months ago the rusty unibody cracked. I have begun restoring the jeep and have plans for a whole frame build.
  13. It has been a long time coming friends. Here is a little background on this project... I drove to Alabama from Georgia to tow this beast home after looking for a long time. Got it for $900 in working condition with some "minor" fixes necessary. I guess "minor" is somewhat subjective, but here is a list of what I got, what was wrong with it, what I've done to fix it so far and what I'm planning on doing. Keep in mind that this is still in progress. I will keep you guys updated as it comes together with tons of pictures and probably some videos. I'm big on videos... Anyway, here's the beast
  14. Hi All, I installed a clutch kit, new master cylinder and new hydraulic lines a few weeks ago in my 1990 Jeep Comanche 2.5L. The clutch had frozen on me (all fluid drained out of a busted slave) while highway driving. I had to force it into a couple gears to get home (drove in third a lot of the way). That was before I knew what the problem was. With help from this forum and elsewhere, I figured out it was the slave and made the installs listed above. All fixed. Mostly. So now the transition between first and second, and to a lesser degree second to third, are a little rough. Alrea
  15. We are three highschool students with a yearlong project of fixing our school's autoshop truck. We have made a fair bit of progress and we joined this forum to find answers to Comanche specific questions and to keep track of our progress.
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