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Found 14 results

  1. So I have wanted a Comanche for years now and I after getting married, getting a house, etc we finally got to a point that we had some money to buy one. However since my dream of getting a Comanche I got a wife and two dogs so that doesnt really work for a single cab truck as a camping/light wheeling rig. So I found this beaut. 500 Bucks guy bought it parked it in the back yard and went to replace the heater core and it wouldnt crank and no spark. So we drove through a snow storm to go look at it get there it isnt in awful shape for 500 bucks. I had assumed the NSS was the problem but wasnt su
  2. So to cut a long story short I have a old buddy that is a hard core jeep nut who owns some really old and rare jeeps, and it seems like every time I talk to him he has something rarer yet just hiding in one of his many storage lots (he's got a lot of stuff). So after buying my 87 comanche he mentions a diesel Cherokee that he was meaning to pull the drivetrain out of and put in his own comanche at some point, but since he got older he realized he won't get to all of his projects so he has been slowly selling his jeeps and he sold the comanche a year ago, yet still has the diesel Cherokee and w
  3. Hey so its been a while since Ive posted on here but I got rid of my TJ about 2 months ago to free up some funds and a month later got an XJ. Its a '95 Country with the 4.0 Auto and the girlfriend has named him Eugene. Well here's the day I picked it up. and this is the interior It had but this isn't my picture. Since I got it I have had a good bit of work on my hands. I went to OBX beginning of the month and knew I wanted to bring it so I had to beat the clock. With that in mind I had the Jeep Shop throw a 3" Skyjacker lift on for me to save time, not to mention I couldn't really do it
  4. So first, lemme preface this by saying that i have always wanted to build a 97+ converted MJ, in fact i have spent a few years researching the swap and i finally had things lined up to do the swap, including 2001 XJ and an 89 MJ... But life happened and i had to relocated from Florida to Kansas. I had spent several months using a website the searches all of craigslist looking for something interesting to pick up when i came across this. It was 1,000 miles away in New Mexico, made the 26 hour drive in 30. A built Comanche that had been converted to the 99 XJ drivetrain with a 2001 XJ
  5. Hi! I am trying to find a short box roll bar for my 89. I am also looking for a sliding rear window for my truck, as it is a feature that my family has had in other trucks and I would like one for my truck. I do not need but I would like a tailgate for my truck as mine has a lot of dents and a bit of rust. I am also looking for an AX-15 as my truck is an early 89 with the Puke-goat. I would consider traveling 1.5 hours to get parts. I am parting out a 97 Cherokee. I would be interested in trading parts for parts. I may also consider buying a who
  6. Photobucket ruined all versions of this build on the internet, and people have asked on other forums if I had the old pictures. I do, but it's a lot to sort though, so I've basically decided to post the build over from the beginning, just much more condensed than it was originally. I am going to upload everything to Imgur, so hopefully they don't pull a Photobucket at some point, but we could cross that bridge when the time comes. Since I was doing that anyways I figured I'd throw it in here, as it really takes no added effort and some of it is applicable to the MJ platform. The
  7. Hi guys! I'm from over in Buffalo NY in the rust belt. Out there Comanches seem hard to find, especially without rust. Those without rust seem to sell for a fortune. Right now I have a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport (4.0L w/ Auto, 4wd), Forest Green. It's in good shape, no rust out and still has the factory undercoating! I've only had it a year and drove it around last winter. Took it on a ski trip to Lake Placid and man is it fun to drive in the snow. Has around 140,000 miles. I'm out in the Bay Area in California for an internship until December and I'm thinking about buying a Comanche
  8. Would a Xj rocker fit a Mj? i know some alterations will have to be done but will they look the same? I will probably go to the pick a part or a JY and cut one out of a Xj. Any suggestions ideas on how to make this easier? Its rusted out along the full length on one of my Mjs and i have a rust hole on the other as well!! :fs1: I don't wanna take a pic my DD Mjs rust spot. I'm still in denial even though its now a fifty cent piece sized hole!!! :wall:
  9. So for about 3 months now Ive had a ford 8.8 ready to swap in including a new 5.5 inch lift. :doh:I have everything to do the lift and swap and i know how to do it, but i haven't yet because its different gearing then my dana 30 upfront right now and i need a drivable car and 4wd here in the upcoming colder months. But now that i have this 1995 4wd cherokee with a non CAD dana 30, I'm going to pull it out and have it re geared and put that in my comanche. I'm not going to build it up yet because i don't have the money because i started school and can't work as much, but i just want to replace
  10. I'm know sometime, somewhere, that this has been discussed. But, in a quick search on here did not find much of anything. Anyways, I know lots have said that Bosch is not what it used to be, and can have it's issues. Many say NTK is good, especially for Renix. That said, I found a couple of options on amazon. I will also check and see what I can get at work. I found an AC Delco and an NTK. price difference about $10. IF the NTK is the best bet I have no issue sending that extra $. Hoping that there will be some educated responses and feedback. Thank you for looking. ACD 213-12
  11. okay so I'm doing the famous 97+ swap.. and the little less famous full interior swap. here's my problem. If i choose to use the center console from the 97 that means I'm going to have to relocate the ebrake setup. i understand i could still keep it in its orignial spot but id like to keep the center console emergency cable functional for more of an authentic feel. now. How would i go about doing this; would i need the orginal cable from my mj, or the cable off the cherokee? either way ill have to buy one new so your guys help would be greatly appreciated as to which one to buy and where. than
  12. Usafmikejr

    Wtb Comanche

    I'm located in FL and I'm looking for a MJ but can't find one. Any helped would be awesome. I checked the classifieds and nothing I'm willing to buy but I'd rather trade my xj. If anyone has anything you can text me at 352 817 6963 or email me at usafmikejr@live.com
  13. 1989 Jeep Comanche Long Bed Vancouver, Wa 4.0L / Mannual / 4x4 / 4.5" Lift / 33" Dick Cepek Mud Terrains / 97-01 Fenders, Grill, Doors Custom Quarter Armor and Led Tail Lights Color: Dark Copper / Brown Future upgrades: 97-01 Interior Four link Rear Dana 44s front and back Ax-15 Swap 99-04 WJ knuckels 4.7 Stroker Front Bumper from or fab - http://www.offroadoutpost.com/jeep-cherokee-xj-front-hd-bumper-with-hoop-83240/
  14. Hey guys quick question, If i buy a 2001 Cherokee grill will it fit in place of my current Comanche grill? Thanks, Peter
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