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  1. I would definitely agree with the installation of a block heater and winter grille cover to help with your temperature. Living out in northern Idaho I deal with the cold all the time and not having a decent block heater can be a major issue in itself. I know when my dads 7.3 powerstroke block heater went out a month ago it noticeable to say the least, the blasted thing wouldn't start no matter how many times you cycled the glow plugs, which were less than 6 months old. I would suggest that you get those glow plugs replaced asap though, even during summer months when you wouldn't think you are using them they are still important and can shorten your diesel's life if they aren't working properly.
  2. TD Conversions supply multiple different adapters, you can get one for a 4.0L, chevy small block, Toyota, and so on. To make a VW work on a Willys t98 you need a VW adapter from them to make it work with a chevy small block bellhousing. Then you get a adapter through advance adapters to adapt a chevy small block bell housing to a T98 and voila. No one has a specific adapter to make the VW work with a T98 directly, so you have to get creative.
  3. Oh yeah, and since somebody has pointed out the grille is upside down, everytime I look at picture of this wagon it has bugged the hell out of me, so trust me, that is going to be one of the first things I fix when I get some time off!!!
  4. Yeah, I know its a pretty crap motor, the only reason I bought it was due to the rarity of the options and how clean it was. I am also a heavy diesel mechanic by trade, and I have already ordered a timing belt for it from Europe just as a precautionary measure. Just a tip don't search for parts through a U.S. parts dealer you won't find anything as you guys have mentioned already. I actually searched on Ebay UK to find all of the parts I needed, even though ironically U.S. Ebay won't list the same search results; even though they are the same company. The nice thing is that you can still have these parts shipped to the US, it just takes about a month to get here if you don't want to pay full premium on shipping. So while its not the speediest solution, it is a solution, which if any of you have worked on really old vehicles, any solution is a good solution sometimes . I don't think It is the same jeep that was posted on craigslist years back, as I understand the guy I bought it from purchased it back in 08 in a private sale from the original owner who had been keeping it in the garage for the last couple of years due to health issues. Far as I know the original owner lived in east Washington most of his life and then moved to Idaho in his last years of ownership. I don't think this thing has seen the road since maybe 06-07 and even then it wasn't much from what I understand. I hope that the engine makes it for a while, but I am prepared to do either a Kubota or VW swap if it takes a crap on me. I don't have the vin with me as the jeep is still in Oregon being stored at my parents farm, I currently live in Idaho right now due to my job (field service diesel mechanic). I will post more info when I can get back home in a month or so. The funny thing about this Cherokee though is when we went to start the thing, other than some dirty battery cables, and a crap battery, this thing fired right up and idled smoother than all hell, which surprised me since I had read some not so nice things about the motor. So hopefully the engine doesn't sh*t the bed anytime soon. As of right now I am I putting together the last of the bits needed to VW TDI swap my Willys pickup, where I have learned a lot about how to mod something, while keeping it looking stock. I started out on the "keep it stock bandwagon", by restoring my 60 willys pickup back to stock and putting over 50k miles on it, but after the engine took a sh*t on me I realized I like to drive it rather than look at it sitting, so I am currently doing a engine swap, but leaving every other bit of the truck stock. This is why when people cry out and say keep it stock, I say "do you like looking at the rig sitting on jack stands in the garage, or driving it?" You would never know this truck has a swapped engine, but it does, which is what makes it fun to look at, and drive.
  5. Well that kind of reaffirms my suspicions. I think I'm going to end up giving it a metallic grey vinyl wrap over the wood, similar to the picture posted below, but with the 2019 rubicon rims which people are selling for dirt cheap ($1000 for 5 brand new never used wheels and tires) which you can't beat. I might also delete the yellow amber side markers and go to clear, which should clean up the front as well. I think other than that I'm probably just going to leave it the way it is and just make it into a daily driver from there.
  6. @Jeep Driver: It is a 1985, I misspoke when I said it was a later grille, I meant a early grille. Everybody is going to hate me when I say how much I paid; so all I'm going to say is I traded it for a 99 chevy Tahoe that had a dead motor along with a little cash. I'm not a big fan of the wood paneling, but I am willing to live with it if it is as rare as I believe it is. I originally bought it as a economical daily that I was going to moderately build, with all add on's being easily reversible if someone wanted to return to factory. (AKA no cutting wheels and rattle can paint jobs if that's what your concerned about). This is why I was thinking of just vinyl wrapping over the wood paneling which would (A) protect the original wood paneling from more sun fade, (B) help get rid of the 80s ugliness, which I know I will get much hate from some for thinking that . However since I started doing some research, during which I couldn't find another example existing, that's when I realized what I must have stumbled upon. At this rate with all the responses I'm thinking of leaning towards doing just a good cleaning and a light cosmetic restoration. It will then probably be posted at a major auction, as I really am not interested in something like this in its stock form, and I know there are others who want it more than me. I am a hard core jeep lover, but I like the earlier "real steel" jeeps like my Willys pickup, the Kaiser M715s and the FSJ Cherokee Chiefs of the late 70s. I also bought this Cherokee because since I am jeep nut I hated to see the thing to continue to sit and deteriorate in a back lot (also I can't resist anything that's diesel powered ). But if its to rare to make it look halfway decent in my opinion (aka no 97-01 grille swaps or bumper swaps) then I may just have to move it on to someone else who is willing to put their money where there mouth is. @eaglescout526 : The system sentry is one of the few options that this thing didn't come with, but I don't know if it was a available option to have it with a diesel, as the diesel's were entirely mechanical (a 1 wire motor technically if you don't count the glow plugs) and didn't have a computer/electrical system, like the gas motors to link up to the system sentry. @WahooSteeler: Yes it is the same diesel engine that was available to the MJ's and standard XJ's. Has anyone ever heard or seen of a diesel wagoneer though? As of right now the only parts that need replaced or added are: antennae (.99 cents at junkyard), a set 4x4 badges of which I already have from my comanche, and a tan drivers side door armrest of which I don't have and was the only part of the interior that wasn't perfect (looks like they took a chainsaw to it ) and may be tricky to find from the junkyard in mint condition.
  7. Also here is a video of a walkaround my dad took, I'm busy turning over the engine by hand just as a safety measure before starting it while he was videoing. The paint while it looks pretty bad in the video is in pristine condition just a few chips on the front of the hood that can be professionally touched up. Its just really dirty from sitting outside for the last 5-6 years, it was kept in a garage all of its life before that. The only downside to the exterior is the tailgate wood grain vinyl has faded, luckily I have found somebody that can match and replace it if I go that route. The interior is in perfect condition, you will notice that the headliner is out, but that is because the guy I bought it from pulled it out to have the sagging headliner fixed about a month before I bought it. It really just needs a good cleaning and it will come to life, it lived all its life in eastern Washington, so there is not a spec of rust on it to be found, (I looked in all of the usual places).
  8. So to cut a long story short I have a old buddy that is a hard core jeep nut who owns some really old and rare jeeps, and it seems like every time I talk to him he has something rarer yet just hiding in one of his many storage lots (he's got a lot of stuff). So after buying my 87 comanche he mentions a diesel Cherokee that he was meaning to pull the drivetrain out of and put in his own comanche at some point, but since he got older he realized he won't get to all of his projects so he has been slowly selling his jeeps and he sold the comanche a year ago, yet still has the diesel Cherokee and was wondering if I would buy it. However I wasn't super excited about it as I have heard that the Renault diesels that jeep sold from the factory weren't the most powerful and I really liked my 4.0. But he talked me into at least looking at it so the sucker I am went out to look at and boy am I glad I did!!! It turned out not only to be a diesel Cherokee, but a diesel Cherokee Woody Wagoneer, that had a factory turbo, and every single option known to man on it, select trac, roof console, A/C, factory AMC mudflaps, floor mats, the works. It even had the original owners manual specific for the diesel, and all the original maintenance records! Its white with the wood paneling, and the grille is the later wagoneer grill without the dual headlights, but rather the thin slats, I've attached a video of it running. So now for my questions, how rare is diesel Cherokee woody wagoneer? I know they didn't make many wagoneers, and I know that they didn't make many diesels, so if any one has any production numbers or someone I could get in contact with to get answers from I would appreciate it! And yes I bought it, I know I'm a sucker, but I've never heard of one or seen one this rarely optioned and this clean... And no I will not gut it for the drivetrain, but I'm stuck on whether I should just clean and polish it and throw it at an auction to make a quick buck. Or should I give it a 2 inch lift, throw on some wheels and tires from a 2019 rubicon wrangler, and maybe throw a nice dark metallic gray vinyl wrap over the wood grain and make it into a bearable two tone modern looking 4x4 mall queen. Give me your thoughts, I'm pretty open to ideas at the moment... It also depends on how rare this bird is and what it might bring at a auction all spiffed up and looking factory stock. And if your wondering, I'm most definitely not going to hack this and make it into a capable 4x4, I think a mall cruiser that looks like it might be capable, (but not really) is what I'm after if I do modify it.
  9. 1987 Jeep Comanche Long bed Pioneer (I'm almost positive of it based on interior and decals) 4.0 Liter, BA-10 5spd Trans, Transfer Case Paint: Factory Dark Grey Metallic, had red decal striping, has been painted over since so hard to tell what exact paint scheme it had originally, believe it was a pioneer scheme though. Current paint scheme is Tan on Black Build Date sticker is unreadable... November something is all that can be made out. No A/C, no power windows Does have factory bucket seats, roll bar (since been removed), black interior with chrome accents (pioneer edition), optional larger fuel tank. Dana 30, 35... nothing exciting... 31" x 15 x 10.5 tires 3 inch lift Currently Owned by Harris Lackey Daily Driver Pics to come.... A HO engine is in its future along with a AX15.... The renix electrical system will stay; for now at least...
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