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  1. 1988 Jeep Comanche base 2wd 4.0 5 speed ba/10-5 dana 35 3.07 gears open diff gauge package dealer installed a/c originally had bucket seats but I put those in my 87 and has a bench now. Its daily driven 50-60 miles a day. 144,xxx as of now.
  2. Nice , you think you can tell me when my 88 was built? We have similar paint jobs as well
  3. How did you get the build date ? Just curious , I had always wondered when it was built since it has parts from earlier Comanches like the hood prop rod being on top of the radiator instead of the passenger fender and the blue face gauges with tach.
  4. Thanks! Thing is I haven’t pulled my dash or anything. I’m just curious about the evaporators. I have a suspicion that my 88 comanche has a different evaporator since it has dealer installed ac than my 87 that has factory a/c. The lines coming out of the evaporator onis completely different than the one on my 87. Here’s a pic of the lines
  5. I'm in. I’m also curious on learning more about the evaporators used in these trucks. From what I’ve seem here is that the factory a/c used a different evaporator than the dealer installed. My 88 comanche has dealer installed a/c and my 87 has factory. But someone broke the pipe going into the evaporator on my 88 so i need to replace the evaporator but what holds me back is knowing if i can even still find the evaporator for my 88.
  6. Well got the drive shaft u joints done today. Still haven’t take it on a test drive. I need to get a grease gun to grease up the the new u joints. Old u joints were done for. The grease was rock hard and some of them were rusted inside. Hopefully this cure my vibration problem.
  7. Next up is for me to replace all fluids. I need to order the special fluid for the quadradrive And diff fluid plus friction modifier. Engine oil , brake fluid and power steering fluid will also be replaced.
  8. I also went ahead and replaced the spark plugs today. Old plugs were autolights. New are ntk
  9. Replaced a few things today. First I replaced the idler pulley , nothing was wrong but decided it was some cheap insurance. I also replaced the drive belt tensioner and the drive belt itself as it had some cracks in it. I was slightly disappointed to find out the old gatorback design that I had ordered has been discontinued so I got a normal looking continental belt from rock auto. This one doesn’t have the rib design that the gator back belts have which is what I was expecting but didn’t get.
  10. Been daily driving to work and it’s much better than before. Next up is replacing the driveshaft u joints and re doing the cooling system.
  11. The rear brake hardware has also been replaced. I had a suspicion that some of the hardware in there was going to be broken and yup , I was right. I even got lucky and had the passenger side wheel cylinder start leaking. So I also had to replace the wheel cylinders. I left the brake shoes because they still had a lot of material left on them.
  12. I was recently dealing with a problem with the radio and turn signal and accessories not working intermittently. The accessories would go out for a few seconds and then come back on and it was getting worse sometimes leading to the whole truck stalling. From the research I gathered it seemed like a potential ignition switch going bad. So I ordered a new ignition switch and and new ignition starter relay just for good measure. The relay was super easy and while I was at it I cleaned up the wires going to it. The ignition switch was a learning process with getting it adjusted just right. All is good now and the voltage gauge seems to read better now too there didn’t seem to be any burnt connectors. The only thing wrong that I found with it was that the return spring seemed weak.
  13. Thanks I’ll keep that in mind if I ever plan on upgrading the exhaust
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