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  1. Nice , it’s always something lol , can’t wait to see more on the beauty
  2. Been lusting after one of these for soo long, so when the opportunity came up I couldn’t pass it up. Thanks to gJeep I have a nice new to me sports bar for this one. Still want one for my 88 one day. Super happy about it. Still need to repair the threads on the brackets and install them. Couldn’t help myself to at least mock it up to see how it looked. It looks glorious.
  3. It is , I have two stalls to work on cars but the garage itself is small and getting on the alignment rack is a pain Due to the small size of the garage
  4. Haha I'm a total Jeep nut but work at a Honda dealership
  5. Pretty small update. first I found the trans was getting hot , o/d light would turn on and disable o/d after driving for a while and sitting in traffic. Fsm states it will do that to protect itself when temps get above 260 . The moment i started moving again the light would go off after a while. Didn’t want to keep running it hot so I stayed late at work the other day and installed a much bigger Hayden external trans cooler and bypassed the built in radiator trans cooler system. Hopeful it helps keep the tranny cool. Filled tranny fluid level according to the fsm and the trans did feel muc
  6. , tried the tape deck but I could barely hear anything , ended up getting a fm transmitter!
  7. You pretty much hit the nail on the head with what you said , I really like the 93-95 look Much more than the 96-98 , and I agree this one has worn the complete opposite, the body and undercarriage is amazing due to living in California it’s whole life but the interior is another story. Don’t know what paint Chrysler used but some of it is peeling from the dash and the drivers seat is torn and the headliner will need to be replaced. But I really enjoy this zj. More than I though I would. This one will be staying in the collection.
  8. Yup , kinda why I wanted a 93-95 zj , still kinda has that old amc feel too it with a touch of classic Chrysler feel/ quality
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