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  1. Finishing up the steering today. -installed NEW upper Control arm yesterday and currently waiting for another to arrive for the drivers side upper. installed tie rod ends and zj draglink with a new damper , and new shocks up front.
  2. Really happy for you bud !!!
  3. Okay , I might call and ask , I really like how yours came out , thank you g!
  4. If you don’t mind me Asking , how much did he charge you ? I need to get the one on my zj redone
  5. Hmm interesting. Might have to order some mopar parts from you eventually for my Zj and other mj
  6. Yeah same here, mines fought me a bunch too on the first Round. sucks That they made the brackets So flimsy especially on 2wds. At least on 4wd you only get the flimsy bracket on one side. By the way , what’s the difference Between the newer year xj upper control arm and the older years?? Rock auto has a very limited selection for 87-90 but has more selection on 91+ MY.
  7. Based on the research I’ve been doing , this might be the best option.. I really need to learn how to weld if I want to keep building old cars rest of the suspension and steering is going back on Saturday hopefully!
  8. Well that makes me feel better lol , i just really care about doing this right. My Jeeps arent the prettiest but i do want them built right mechanically and I have a tendency of being a perfectionist on certain things
  9. Not sure what would the next approach would be Pete , I really Want this baby built right
  10. Thing is i can tap it with a hammer and it’s start to pop out slightly
  11. New upper control arm bushing is in and fits tighter but I’m not 100% happy With the fit. I’m guessing it’s slightly wallowed out. Sigh... old jeeps man.
  12. Got the upper bushing out. Having all the steering linkage out really Helps steering linkage is all painted up and assembled ready for installation! v8 zj tie tod Is a big boy compared to the flimsy stock one !
  13. Sigh.. was under it yesterday and saw that the passenger upper control arm bushing on the axle side worked Itself out. Totally not a job I ever want to redo. Thankfully the steering linkage is out of the way right now which might make it easier. On better news I got the new tie rods painted.
  14. Installed actual Ax15 crossmember but forgot to take pictures . Everything lined up beautifully except for the last hole which was a pia but finally got it through. All my new steering parts arrived alongside new front shocks and steering damper. Made a little bit of progress yesterday and got all the old steering linkages knocked out. Thankfully nothing fought back to bad. Took a couple of hits and everything came out nicely. I'm going to be upgrading to the v8 zj tie rod while I’m at it. will update when everything is installed
  15. When is that meet and great scheduled for ?
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