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  1. Here’s a good diy writeup on the turn signal socket replacement . id also recommend a supplement headlamp harness while you’re at it , due to the poor design and old wiring the headlamp circuit may cause your headlight switch to overheat . A supplemental harness will help take the load off your headlight switch
  2. I would start by checking your turn signal sockets. They can have corrosion inside and will cause a lot of issues like the turn signal light being solid . Since your Comanche is stick shift too , I would check to see if there’s any evidence of any clutch fluid leaking on top of the fuse box. Your clutch master cylinder is on too of the fuse box and when it starts leaking it will leak into the fuse block and cause a lot of issues. Also There should be a fuse on the fuse block labeled as TRANS, that will be the fuse for your backup lights . Check if it’s good.
  3. Have you checked the o2 sensor heater circuit ? iirc it Should be the orange wire going to your o2 sensor connector on the harness side. You should be getting 12-13 volts. Check what you’re getting with a multimeter. I had that same problem and I realized that I was only getting 8volts. Here’s the thread on this issue edit: missed the part where you said , you checked relay power already . Will stay tuned as curious to what it might be
  4. Yes my horn works . You just need to grab all the little pieces from the vehicle that you’re getting the wheel from since the horn mechanisms are different with the 2 spoke and the 3 spoke wheels. Here’s a diagram and a thread on this subject which will help you out.
  5. Yea I know it’s not much compared to some of you guys , it’s just such a rare occurrence here in Vegas that I just had to share
  6. Nope schools have shut down. Just made it to work and the dealership cars are covered in snow. It hasn’t snowed like this in Vegas since 2008 I think.
  7. Nope. The highways are still open . Just need to drive safe since people aren’t used to snow........or rain
  8. I know it doesn’t seem like a big thing to others here, but it’s such rare occurrence here in the vegas that I just had to post about it
  9. Yes the 97 hoses have been used before. I plan on doing the same once I swap to the open cooling system. Check this thread out , it has some good info
  10. Do it ! I’ve been wanting turbines for mines as-well for a long time
  11. Rip don , my heart dropped when I saw that he had passed away . I had hope to see him post again. Your Comanche was a great inspiration for mines. My Condolences to your family .
  12. What do you think about the ntk cps ? Do you think it’ll be as reliable as a mopar cps ? I have a nos mopar cps as a spare but was wondering about the ntk since mopar has discontinued making the cps.
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