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  1. Depends.. is your Ax15 External or internal slave cylinder ?
  2. After 4 years of putting this off , She’s finally on all 4 again. As of now... - I still need to install my new trans mount and figure out the crossmember -bleed the clutch more , it feels to soft for my liking and grinds going into reverse if I’m not gentle. -put the interior back together -figure out how I’m going to support the exhaust -replace inner shift boot -wash the multiple layers of dirt off this thing but.......man does this Ax15 feel amazing , the shifts and the clutch feel so soft and smooth that it justifies all the little hurdles that I h
  3. Finally had some time to wrench on this beauty , replaced the carpet finally and got the interior back together mostly. Still have some little things to install like my b pillar lights. Here’s a few pics of the progress. floors look amazing still. overall pretty satisfied with the carpet. Only downside is that it’s not perfect in the pedal area which bothers me slightly but I think it’s more my fault. I think I could do this better the next time around
  4. -My Comanches -my zj -j10 honcho with 401 and 4 speed -grand Cherokee wk2 hemi - 1987 xj chief with turbines and black interior -cj7 golden eagle with 4.0 Ax15 - Nissan skyline gtr r34 - Nissan Silvia s15 - Toyota Supra mk4
  5. Ran the truck for a few Minutes and it sounded great.
  6. Trans is in. Not to bad getting it lined up. Glad I had spent the extra for a trans jack. It really made a difference. As of now, - Trans is in - holes are tapped with the correct thread on body - old clutch line is out - new mopar cps is in (thanks to eaglescout526) - drive shaft is bolted in , had to swap yokes ( will need a drive shaft made eventually as this one is a little short) Still need too.. -get new clutch line and connect the master to the slave - buy a new trans mount for the Ax15 - get custom drive shaft made - buy
  7. I know I should but it’s going to have to wait
  8. Plenty of progress today, Sort of.... removal of clutch , flywheel , and pilot bushing were pretty smooth. Tapped fresh threads into the “frame” went really smooth too. Went to install pilot bushing #1 ( Timkin pb77hd). and ruined it. Was the biggest pia to remove. Spent a good 2 hours trying to get it out. Went and got bushing number 2 (dorman 690-042) installed with more caution and with heat and it Stuck out a tiny bit. Hopefully won’t cause issues. Tomorrow hoping to install flywheel , clutch , and maybe trans depending how i feel boss was nice enough to
  9. Thanks Pete , just want to make sure it’s done right. Appreciate all the input from everyone !
  10. This time I was more careful and heated the end of the crank and bushing and Used the end of a wooden hammer to drive it in , same result again that it sticks out a tiny bit. Not sure if I should worry or not. Thankfully this time I didn’t ruin it and my clutch alignment tool fits in beautifully. here it is installed. It appears like it bottomed out in the lip inside the crank as far as I could see. here you can see how much it sticks out.
  11. Went and picked up another one , I did the same thing and it sticks out a tiny bit , do you think it’ll be okay ?
  12. Got it out , i knew i had ruined it when the clutch alignment tool wouldn’t fit in. Removing this really humbled me , man what a pain in the @$$. Lessons like this that you never forget. .
  13. It’s one of the moments where I gotta walk away , plans was to put trans In this weekend , not going to happen anymore
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