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  1. Finally decided it’s time to swap the crappy ba10/5 out of my mj. Looking for a 2wd ax15. Doesn’t matter if it’s external or internal willing to drive to California or Arizona if you have one nearby
  2. Super happy to see this one got cotm, I always enjoying seeing updates on this build. Very very much deserved. I love how you’re building your mj.
  3. I Literally Just got done doing this today on my wj. Took me around 5 hours but because the previous person that did this used way to much rtv on everything and clean up took a long time. I’d recommend using the blue fepro gasket. It includes these snap ups that hold up your gasket while you put your oil pan on. It made installation much much easier.
  4. Most likely dealer installed a/c. The switch on my 88 is like that
  5. I work with my hands everyday. I work as a technician at Honda , and when I’m not at work I’m At home working on one of my jeeps. I love doing what I do. Although it can be the incredibly frustrating sometimes , And warranty work sucks , But at the end of even the worst day’s , there’s nothing else I’d want to do. I love learning and getting better at what I do. I love and enjoy my job.
  6. Had the same Thing happen getting out of work a few months ago , turns out the main power cable For the harness that goes to the battery had worked itself loose
  7. Got some fresh rubber on her , I got super lucky yesterday. It was my first time driving her long distance. I had loaded the new tires and planned on installing them at work. The drive there went fantastic but after work I came out and found both front tires had gone flat. Thankfully I had already planned on replacing those tires that same day.
  8. Would anyone that lives in that area mind pulling that tailgate ? I will compensate you for your time. I’ve been needing a tailgate for my 87 really bad. Mine is in pretty bad shape.
  9. Think it might be this one https://comancheclub.com/topic/50644-1jtwd669xgt000831/
  10. I paid 100$ for mines , they came with caps on all 4. Finish isn’t perfect but pretty happy with them.
  11. got the passenger side engine mount in , while I was at it I replaced the oil filter adapter o rings . next up is replacing the fluid in the ol ba 10/5 , it’s pretty much done at this point but I want to change the fluid and try to get it to last me a little bit longer the oil filter adapter was actually a regular hex head , I was expecting a torx. old o rings were rock hard. new orings on
  12. Doesn’t sound any worse than the Honda’s I work on all day I really those wk2s !
  13. How do those wk2s hold up ? I really really think they’re a phenomenal looking Jeep
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