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  1. Thanks for all the replies guys , I wasn’t able to pick up the trailer due to work that day but I got brave and took the zj on the trip and loaded the engine in the back. I used a bunch of cardboard to protect the floor from oil and used a bunch of ratchet straps to keep it still. I had taken an un mounted tire but didn’t end up using it due to the tight fit of the engine in the back. It has all the accessories installed still and exhaust and Intake manifolds are also on. I’ll snap a pic tomorrow. All in all it’s do able just make sure you protect your floor and strap it down real good. Plus having a zj is a plus . amazing road trip vehicle. Very very comfy and I got 20 mpg with a very good range on a tank of gas. After the 300 miles back to the Vegas I had half a tank of gas left. Very impressive.
  2. guess youre right pete , didnt think uhaul would be so cheap , just reserved one
  3. What’s up guys , haven’t been on here for a while. Hope everyone is doing good. A little backstory , a while back I pulled a roadkill and bought a 82 Toyota celica supra to build as my little brothers first car. It was his dream car and price was really good. He just turned 14 and goal is to get it running and driving by the time he turns 16 and along the way teach him how to wrench and the reality that if you want something in life you must work for it. So now to the point , car has rod knock and found a good complete engine to rebuild and swap in , but it’s a few hours away in phoenix Arizona so I’m contemplating taking my zj since the gas mileage is good and has a/c unlike my Comanches haha. So Have you guys carried engines in the back of an xj or zj and how did you secure it in ? The engine is around the same size as a 4.0 if it makes a difference
  4. I’d be down for a set
  5. Well I picked up another project since I really needed another one It’s a 1983 Datsun 280zx , had been wanting one for a while and when I saw this one I knew I had to have it. it’s sat for 11 years but the body is really clean and mostly rust free. Here’s some pics of when I picked it up. so far only things I’ve done do it is.. -drained old gas from tank - re installed valve rocker that fell off due to I’m guessing sticking valves. -Painted valve cover and installed new valve cover gasket -found why I was running on 4 cylinders (bad spark plug wires) -found why I had no turn signals (bad hazard switch ) - found why I don’t have brake lights (broken brake pedal switch stopper) - replaced fuel filter - replaced fuel pump -replaced fuel line from tank and deleted fuel damper valve Rocker/retained that had fallen off old gas wasn’t helping with the sticking valves Gold = horsepower
  6. Had a great time meeting EagleScout today. I must say , chunk sure is a thing of beauty
  7. How’s the quality of the fuel ? I know it’s only been a month but I don’t have much faith In the stuff they put in fuel and remember even though you got some fuel by depressing the Schrader valve on the fuel rail doesn’t eliminate the fact that your fuel pump might not be supplying sufficient pressure.
  8. Replaced the old worn out Monroe’s on the rear. threw it on the alignment rack at work , got the toe dialed in but the caster is still off by a degree despite the new arms and bushings. Maybe I need to add a shim behind the lower arm ? still , this thing drives like it never has before. Really happy with it.
  9. A few weeks ago I took the zj on a fairly long trip. At least for an old zj that is I took it to Utah on a trail leading to torqerville Falls. Man I sure underestimated it. I’m sure that trail isn’t much for most of you folks but I still lack the trail experience and man was it a little Rough in some sections. ran the zj in 4low for the most of it , and I gotta say man this Jeep impressed the heck outta me. Torque for days when in 4low. Only thing holding me back was the ground clearance and the open diff. But picking the right line made all the difference. I really am impressed with this thing. Totally gets the job done off-road and provides a super comfy cabin for the drive back home. here’s some pics. I gotta do something about that rear spring sag. Picked the wrong line on the way down and totally hit a nasty rock on the undercarriage. Thankfully only the crossmember and rear trailer hitch suffered a few scratches.
  10. Added some bling to it , painted it gold for maximum elegance
  11. Magnaflow glasspack , I love it , it’s not too loud nor too quiet , just the right amount to be noticeable
  12. Performed a diy alignment at Home to try and get it roadworthy. I Plan on driving it too work and then do a computer alignment.
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