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  1. Fernando87mj

    Active Police XJ?

    Wonder how many miles it might have
  2. Fernando87mj

    Project buyback

    Here is how it sits now as of today
  3. Fernando87mj

    Project buyback

  4. Fernando87mj

    Project buyback

    All the work that has been done has made a tremendous difference in the way the truck runs and drives. Cruisers tips have helped tremendously. The first vid is of the jeep starting when I first accumulated it. The second is how it starts now after all the work that has been to it . Quite a big difference. E120659D-5EDD-49F4-8D8F-95FC39436FF3.mov
  5. Fernando87mj

    Project buyback

    I also replaced the front brakes and rotors and installed brand new timken wheel bearings . I also replaced the old alternator with a new ac Delco unit. I also added the battery hold down and have since done many little things here and there to imrove the jeep , from repairing old wires and Improving grounds to adding a supplemental headlamp harness and adding Missing interior pieces like the rear cab panel.
  6. Fernando87mj

    Project buyback

    It’s Been a while since an update , but since the last update I have done a few things to improve the old jeep . I have since done cruisers tips 11, 14, 18, 28,30. i have added an extra ground from the battery to the fender. Then another ground has been added to the dash ground and another for the blower motor. There was also a mess of wires behind the dash and was blowing my radio fuse but I have since corrected the problem. There was also a vacuum leak at the climate Control panel but has been fixed , the issue was that one of a the rubber hoses had popped off, no more hissing noise behind the dash anymore
  7. Fernando87mj

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone !!
  8. Fernando87mj

    New stereo problems (won't turn off)

    Did you run a wire to the fuse block for the radio memory ?
  9. Fernando87mj

    ebay code: 10% off tech and 15% off "everything else"

    I had just ordered a mopar Cts and cps yesterday
  10. Fernando87mj

    Ratricha the 88 Pioneer

    I had a similar thing happen with rockauto , I ordered a tps that was supposed to be standard motor brand but I ended up getting a mopar brand tps in the mail
  11. Fernando87mj

    It sure has been a good year...

    Same here , wish you guys the best 😉
  12. Fernando87mj

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    Installed headlight harness , before and after
  13. Fernando87mj

    Project buyback

    Thanks , I appreciate it , I still want to add more , I want to change the door handles to chrome and swap the tow mirrors for the chrome ones that come on xjs.
  14. Fernando87mj

    Project buyback

    Finally got my chrome bumper on , I love how it looks . Also picked up some center caps from the jy.