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  1. We lost another one friends Nevada pic a part. Las Vegas
  2. You got more pics of that gauge cluster ? Really like the look !
  3. Well 3 days later and I found this crack on my new to me glove box lid
  4. https://m.delcity.net/ i just used a modified paper clip and pushed on the little wings on the terminal with the paper clip to get it out.
  5. My center console is broken but I got lucky and found a pristine one off a 87 xj , Just haven’t swapped it in yet
  6. Then last thing I’ve also done is I replaced the airbox that had a nasty hole in it with a not broken airbox from the jy
  7. I also got to finally replacing my cracked glove box door. I also found a pristine silver dash trim that hadn’t been cut or modified at the jy and installed it. cleaned up the interior today since work was so slow
  8. I also ordered and installed new 5.25 kicker speakers and I went to Lowe’s and found a suitable plastic material so I could try and duplicate the factory door plastic seal here's the new door panels installed. I had a problem with the window crank slightly touching the door panel but after some searching at the jy I found some window cranks off a 70s Buick that fit. loving all the chrome !
  9. With my dads awesome help I was able to clean up and restore these beautiful door panels that I had bought from a member here a while back.
  10. Man time goes by fast , merry Christmas to all! Ive done some work to the old girl. I finally got my vibration on the highway sorted sort of. I roadforce balanced my tires. I although it seems like I might have a bad rim on one of them due to the fact That I struggled to get it balanced. The hunter tire balancing machine works wonders and told me the the wheel is marginal after measuring the wheel run out. . After balancing all 4 wheels my vibration is much gone. Although there is a bit left from that one rim that is probably bad.
  11. Unplug the cps for a few seconds and plug it back in and see if it starts
  12. Glad to see you back and well ! I always really enjoyed reading about your project !!!!!
  13. Awesome , I’ve been watching his thread for updates. Glad to see that beauty back together !!! Well deserved
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