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  1. It looks really clean , I really like it , I wonder how it ended up there
  2. Saw this a while back , first amc I’ve seen in a yard
  3. I’m sorry to hear that friend , I’m really glad you put her 1st above anything. I really wish you and her the best, I hope everything goes smooth for your wife bud , make sure to update us
  4. Same here , sales department at the dealership is closed as of today , but the service and parts department will stay open , which worries me as a flat rate tech because I’m not sure if there will be plenty work to go around for everyone since many people are choosing to not leave their homes.
  5. Do you Think you might pass by Vegas ?
  6. That spot is where the mirror was placed on some models. My best bet is on models that only came with a drivers mirror. My 88 came with only a drivers mirror , The mirror looked like just this. seems like it also came on some yjs https://www.morris4x4center.com/mirror-set-left-and-right-55027207k.html?gclid=CjwKCAiA4Y7yBRB8EiwADV1hac8gBOkXtFuZyM90zkNvKwrkWDgpP1J9erH8_TigSxWVGptyBOyOwxoCCVMQAvD_BwE
  7. I bought them off rockauto , the material is a bit flimsy but all the holes lined up perfectly on the passenger side , I can’t say the same for the drivers side , there seems to Be a bit of evidence of a past fender bender in this truck. Regardless I don’t think you would have a problem with having it line up
  8. I got lucky and Found some turbines for my other Comanche. So this beauty got the leftover wheels. Really like the look. I also got to fixing the the temporary vacuum “connections” I had and actually ordered the whole vacuum harness. I also order the rear Pcv line and the grommet. The old grommet was plugged with 30 years worth of oil and wear. i wasn’t a fan of how high the pcv line was sitting at first but after a few miles it’s settled down and sits the same as the factory one did.
  9. I also replaced the front fender liners while I was at it
  10. Finally got to installing some new shocks on the old girl. The old shocks and steering stabilizer were far gone , to the point where I could compress the piston on the shocks with a finger. New shocks installed.
  11. We lost another one friends Nevada pic a part. Las Vegas
  12. You got more pics of that gauge cluster ? Really like the look !
  13. Well 3 days later and I found this crack on my new to me glove box lid
  14. https://m.delcity.net/ i just used a modified paper clip and pushed on the little wings on the terminal with the paper clip to get it out.
  15. My center console is broken but I got lucky and found a pristine one off a 87 xj , Just haven’t swapped it in yet
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