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  1. One of the first thing I did on both my Comanches was swap a chrome front end on it. Easy and cheap from the jy. Others might not be fond of chrome nowadays but I sure love how it looks.
  2. Do you think it could’ve been dealer installed options ? Because when we bought her she also came with the 5 spoke Jeep wheels with the Jeep stamp on it.
  3. I sure am enjoying reading through all the stories guys. Keep it up !
  4. Nice to hear the backstory of little red. I thoroughly enjoy reading the build on Lr !
  5. One of the things I enjoyed the most about Comanche of The month was your best mj story. I really enjoy this forum mainly because it’s full of people who share the same passion for their Comanche as I do. I want to hear your stories about your Comanche. I’ll start off by sharing my red Comanche. I was still in high school and one day I had gone to the local autozone in my beige Comanche. Out of nowhere comes in this older woman asking for the owner of the Comanche outside. I then say it was mines. The nice lady then proceeds to ask me if I’d like to buy another Comanche. It belonged to her father who was the original owner but was too old and was senile and couldn’t drive anymore. I was in high school and couldn’t afford another so later that day I asked my father if he wanted to go look at it. Then He agrees and well 750 $ we got her home. She had been sitting in that backyard for years due to the o rings on the fuel injectors going bad. Since then my dad sold it but I bought it back and I enjoy it so much to the point that I won’t ever sell it. here's some pics of when we first brought her home So now your turn , you share your best Comanche story
  6. You’re right , it’s such a shame seeing a such a nice Comanche head to the jy , wish it could’ve been fixed
  7. Man that’s devastating, she was a really beauty , how bad was the damage ?
  8. Really ? Like what ? Working at Honda as a tech I also get to see all the issues that the new cars tend to have. I know
  9. My 87 has it , unfortunately my 88 wasn’t ordered with a rear bumper and now has a few so not sure about that one. maybe it was Chrysler cutting costs after they acquired amc ? It seems like the older renix era jeeps had cooler interiors with more chrome etc
  10. Got my parts on Tuesday , beyond happy with them really cool and honest to work with ! If only you weren’t so far away I’d get more things
  11. Made sure to clean the fuse block connector to avoid any future problems. put it all back together, everything is working as it should
  12. Well I knew my fuse block wasn’t In the best shape. I’ve been putting this off since I bought the truck 2 years ago so I finally ordered some fuse pins. Taking apart the fuse block wasn’t to bad. This fuse connector was done for. This one is for the brake lights. I’m currently working little by little. It gets really hot here in Vegas pretty quickly and I work on it during dawn and sunset. ill keep updating this. I need to replace the other pins on the fuse block and I will update with the finished product
  13. Did you replace the battery ? Or just Charge it ? I went through this last week , I though my wife’s wj had a parasitic draw but it was just the battery that was bad. I took it to work , hooked it up to the fancy Honda battery charging tool and the battery only charged up to 11.9v. Let the battery sit all day at work unplugged and by the end of the day it was at 4.3 volts
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