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  1. I’ll take a pic of the book when I get home.
  2. I grab some pics for you tomorrow in the daylight.
  3. I would advise against using one realtor as the old saying “You can only serve one master”. Since your landlord hired the realtor she will look out for her best interest and yours will mostly not matter. Also on the saving money you might want to check and see what percent the realtor is taking from the sale of the house. I’ll bet she is getting more then 3%, but then I could be wrong. I would get your own inspection as other said and don’t be afraid to make the landlord fix the stuff that is wrong with the house. This is a business deal at the end of the day. As for the appraisal the bank will order one. They have to make sure the house is worth what they are loaning you.
  4. Did the trade go through? If not let me know. I can do cash or tail lights.
  5. I have always just went down to the auto parts store and picked one up from there and they have life time warranty.
  6. Are you against going to to junk yard and pulling them on your own? If you want to rebuild them it is very easy to do. Just a thought if you want to save some coin.
  7. Ok I got to ask, what are the white square things attached to the front of the Jeep?
  8. I have not. I had business that had to be taken care of. Somto to answer your question yes that is what I ran into. I just pushed the brake light switch further in the get the lights to stay off. Maybe I need to fab something onto the brake pedal so the brake light switch isn’t pushed so far in?
  9. First picture is the old setup I had. The brake switch was built into the lever. The second picture is what what I have current.
  10. Yes I swapped the brake pedal out when I did the AX-15 swapped. So now my brakes light work off the plunger and the other thing. I can take pics if I need to clear it up. Well I think it is where it is supposed to be. There is a spacer between the booster and the firewall. The thing is this is a new problem to me. The jeep drove fine for years.
  11. So plug #1 and then remove that line from the vehicle?
  12. I have read and reread the how to on this. My problem is every time I trace the line from the valve it comes up to #2 in the picture. But the how to states that you are to remove #1 and plug that hole. What am I missing?
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