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  1. Do you need to know anything to operate or is this a plug and play and your good to go? Guess what I am asking all I would need to do is go to thing a verse, get the plans and port the code into the machine?
  2. https://www.thingiverse.com this place has tons upon tons of pretty much anything you want to make. It’s a open source and free to use.
  3. kook911

    Safe in river

    Not me personally just passing the story on. Over in Dallas we haven’t had much rain so the rivers are a little low. Some guy sees a safe in the water and started freaking out bc hey why not. He get some buddies round up and starts to see if there’s anything in it. Low and behold there is. Stacks on stack on stacks. They were thinking how to spend the money until one guy looked at the bills a little closer. Turns out they were all fake, every last one. The bills had Chinese writing on the back of them. So you had your high and low of the day.
  4. kook911

    LJ Thoughts

    ummm they are call a LJ bc they are a LJ and not a TJ. The frame on the LJ is longer then the frame on the TJ.
  5. I have never seen another Jeep luggage and I used to travel every other week before Ms. Rona decided to come out and play.
  6. This is a sunset orange. Next time I am home I will snap a picture to show.
  7. Hey now, I got one just like it but mine is orange. Had it for about 13 years and been quite a few places. Still holding up pretty good.
  8. kook911


    Look into the yamaha v-star 1100 or 650. Great bikes and you can shut the fuel off and just burn the rest till the bikes dies. No clogged carb to worry about. Also the bikes are in the 1500-2000 range
  9. Never heard of the Beam. But if you get a chance check out Snow runner. It’s the second game and the first one is Mud runner. Great game
  10. Wonder if they took it on trade or found it in a barn?
  11. Reading the comments in the reddit thread someone from Phoenix is making the drive to go get it. The person also stated that they have a 87 already and will be trying to make one MJ out of the two. Maybe that person is on here.
  12. I'm guessing that the hood is different then our American MJ hood? The lines on the hood match up the grill.
  13. I contacted a junk yard that also had a topper and they wanted $500. So I politely said they could keep it at that price.
  14. Is that price for just the front two covers? That is all I would need.
  15. I’m still working. Construction doesn’t stop and the people want their stuff built and built on time. But it would be nice to get some wrench time in, but there are far more pressing matters to attend to.
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