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  1. Is there any proof of what you are claiming or is this just a educated guess that you are making?
  2. My I ask why you are skipping out on the shot?
  3. kook911

    Factory skids?

    Here are better pics of the tank skid.
  4. Just in case anyone was wondering they priced it at $30k
  5. Dallas or the DFW area has plenty of body’s shops that tailor to Jeep’s. It all depends on how deep your pockets are. Look up LMK customs if you want this done right.
  6. kook911


    1JTML6319HT039310 1987 Jeep Comanche 92 HO/ Ax-15/231/Dana 30/44 Build date: (its on the driverside door sticker, in the form of month and year) DFW Texas Weekend warrior and still running. Color is Red, Truck has a original Lund visor, black interior, black cloth captain seats, transfer and gas tank skid, front winch bumper and dirtbound rear bumper. Current owner: It is I
  7. Well according to the ad poster he had built the motor and it still put a hole in the block. Something doesn’t add up.
  8. It’s Collin Bros I’m thinking higher. Wouldn’t surprise me to see it in the high 20’s maybe even 30’s.
  9. What’s the price that this guy is accepting? I don’t need the letter but if he take $10 then why not.
  10. Personal plow can be included. Wonder how much floor board is left.
  11. Ok I got to ask, so how much did you pay?
  12. Right here is where money is at. I’m guessing that this pic was taken at the shop that built this rig. He was yeah just get it done and once done he started to add up what he spent.
  13. kook911

    Home Security

    I’ll give you my two cents on this. My first system was a nite hawk. Simple 4 channel 720 system. It did its job to scared people away but other then that it was a no frill system. Had to run the wires but simple enough to do. When I moved I left the system with the house. On my next house the blink just happened to come out. I though hmm wireless and can view by my phone. The system is ok but not great. It doesn’t pick up everything I want it to and there is a delay. If your home WiFi is junk just stay away as the system will not work. I used the outdoor cams and I don’t have any indoor cams. So I got rid of of the blink bc I was tired of not seeing what was going on at my house. I went with reolink 4K POE system. Hands down better then the blink. You will have 24/7 recording and crystal clear picture. Has all the bells and whistles you could ask for. Yeah you have to run cat5/6 wire but once you run it you can always swap out the cameras. You will be about 400-500 out of pocket but your getting a quality system.
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