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  1. kook911

    3in suspension lift questions

    Do you know what gears you have?
  2. kook911

    Random Parts and Pieces Texas

    If the sale for the gas tank skid falls through I will take it.
  3. kook911

    97+ swap to a 92 MJ

    Your 92 is already a HO motor. So why the swap?
  4. kook911

    Bucket Sliders & 746 Injectors

    I got them out of a dodge neon.
  5. kook911

    Bucket Sliders & 746 Injectors

    Got the 746 injectors. Pm me if you want them
  6. kook911

    MJ specific center console cup holders

    Yours is different from the one listed on eBay. See how yours has a slot for the e-brake. Look at the other one there is no slot for the e-brake.
  7. kook911

    Krustyballer Fabrications

    Any more info on the gas tank skids being built?
  8. kook911

    Belt chirp

    Just updated this. It was in fact the water pump bearing going out. The water pump was not leaking but it as squealing.
  9. Saw this and thought the price was a tad bit high. https://www.larryroeschchryslerjeepdodge.com/inventory/used-1988-jeep-comanche-base-4wd-2d-standard-cab-1jtml6517jt082529
  10. kook911

    Belt chirp

    True. I took off the old water pump and put a new one on there. When I just spray water on just the water pump it quite down and came roaring back. So I was thinking the water pump bearing went out on me. Started the Jeep tonight and sound has gone. Will tell once I drive it to work.
  11. kook911

    Belt chirp

    Thanks for all the advice. I am picking up a new belt. I also got a new idler pulley but it still had the squeal. I took the belt off and started the jeep and the squeal is not there. I am pretty confident that the water pump bearings are going out. So I am going to swap that out this weekend and will update once I get that complete. As for the the balancer I looked at it and there is no rubbing that I can see or rubber coming out. How do you take them apart?
  12. This is driving me crazy as it just started recently. The problem. When I first start the Jeep it will chirp till warmed up. Once warmed up and at idle the chirp goes away. If you push on the gas the chirp will increase with acceleration. I have done the water test and once water is sprayed the chirp goes away. Things that I have done. I removed the belt and cleaned it with soap and water. I also checked all the pulleys by hand and all turned freely and spin. I have tightened the belt and no changed of noise. I have checked the alignment of the power steering pulley and it lines up with the water pump pulley. Everything that I read is saying that I have a pulley misaligned. The only pulley that has ever been off the Jeep is the power steering pulley. I don’t have a laser to check it but I did use my straight edge. Harmonic balancer looks good also. So do you have any tips or other suggestions that I can look at to try to fix this problem.
  13. kook911

    ‘94 tcase overhaul

    Doing this yourself is not very had at all. I did mine not to long ago and it was easier then I thought. Just followed the write ups and you will be fine. As in the cost depends on what needs to be overhaul. They sell a kit on kit on ebay that comes with the chain and most of the seals and bearings give or take $110-$140. If your needing the other parts then it might be cheaper to get a good used one. You really won't know till you get it off the rig and take it apart. But either way the old tc will have to come off.
  14. kook911

    Dana 44 drum brakes

    I am guessing that the two write ups that you link will work on the dana 44?
  15. kook911

    Dana 44 drum brakes

    can we get a link on how easy this is?