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  1. Wonder if they took it on trade or found it in a barn?
  2. Reading the comments in the reddit thread someone from Phoenix is making the drive to go get it. The person also stated that they have a 87 already and will be trying to make one MJ out of the two. Maybe that person is on here.
  3. I'm guessing that the hood is different then our American MJ hood? The lines on the hood match up the grill.
  4. I contacted a junk yard that also had a topper and they wanted $500. So I politely said they could keep it at that price.
  5. Is that price for just the front two covers? That is all I would need.
  6. I’m still working. Construction doesn’t stop and the people want their stuff built and built on time. But it would be nice to get some wrench time in, but there are far more pressing matters to attend to.
  7. I have two different kind. The one in the wife’s car is a garmin unit. About $200 when I bought it and it is very nice. Has all the features you want date, time, speed etc. Then the one I put in my Jeep was a cheap China made. Picture is ok at best. It a lot of options and it took some time to figure out as the instructions were a little lacking. I would spend the money on a nicer unit vs some cheap $25 dollar one. I have heard great things about YI camera on amazon. They are priced about the $50-$60 range and worth the look. Be when the cheap one goes out, Yi will be the next one I buy.
  8. kook911

    Comanche article

    Just found this and thought I would share. https://jalopnik.com/i-just-bought-this-500-jeep-comanche-for-no-reason-oth-1841992508
  9. Yeah found the original post. Happen back in 2006. Still crazy though
  10. Where did you end up finding this at.
  11. But at 6k for a 2wd truck, seems a little high Bc it is just a street Comanche.
  12. Found on Facebook local to me. This is what he said about it. 87 Street Comanche #25, 4.0, 5 speed, short bed. Rare Comanche truck that will only go up in value. Fun truck to drive and jerks heads everywhere I go. Great project truck for someone to take it to the next level. Share with friends, but please don't post to other sites. $6000 firm. Pottsboro, TX.
  13. If the bumb stops are not spoken for I’ll take them. Just let me know your PayPal.
  14. Just learned about this stuff. Is it worth putting on the doors and front fenders for protecting or is this stuff mostly for looks?
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