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  1. First picture is the old setup I had. The brake switch was built into the lever. The second picture is what what I have current.
  2. Yes I swapped the brake pedal out when I did the AX-15 swapped. So now my brakes light work off the plunger and the other thing. I can take pics if I need to clear it up. Well I think it is where it is supposed to be. There is a spacer between the booster and the firewall. The thing is this is a new problem to me. The jeep drove fine for years.
  3. So plug #1 and then remove that line from the vehicle?
  4. I have read and reread the how to on this. My problem is every time I trace the line from the valve it comes up to #2 in the picture. But the how to states that you are to remove #1 and plug that hole. What am I missing?
  5. This could be the problem. When I swapped in the 91 HO motor I used the 87 renix master and booster. I just removed the clip at the end of the rod and called it a day. Might be my problem. How do you adjust the rod?
  6. Brake pedal feels the same as my XJ. I can’t lift up on the pedal and it returns back to normal without any problems.
  7. Both sides are hot to the touch. I could have a plugged up line but I don’t know how to check for that. The drum hardware is pretty much brand new as I just replaced it. No mods to the brake system. I do have a 3 inch lift and I need to delete the prop valve. How do you make sure the booster is disengaging? I take a look at it tomorrow and see if that is the problem or not.
  8. Ok guys kinda stumped at this point. My brake calipers are sticking on the front axle. I have replaced them with new ones from advanced auto thinking that was my problem. When the Jeep is cold or just starting up the brakes do not stick. The brakes stick after I have been running for a little bit. I can tell or at least I think that’s my problem because if I’m on a hill and set the Jeep in neutral the Jeep will not roll back. Also I can feel the Jeep slowing down on its own without me hitting the breaks. Last thing is I can smell the brakes burning. The fluid is clean. Any ideals on what else could be causing this?
  9. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223475963646
  10. Seems to me your buying someone else’s problem.
  11. Got it all bolted up and painted. I don’t know if anyone else will have this problem but I had to trim my rear mud flaps to get the rear armor to fit on flush.
  12. So a while back dirtbound had 20 percent off on the DIY bumpers. So I picked the bumper up and also grabbed the rear lower armor. I got the bumper welded up and in place. Just want to show what it looks like. Still need to paint and by paint I mean rattle can it. Hopefully today I will get everything bolted up and get some more pics. Over all I am happy with it.
  13. Is there anyway to get the missing pics brought back up? I would like to get this done.
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