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  1. Found one. Thanks!
  2. Just in case anyone wonders where she's at now... New 30x9.50 tires and painted the wheels. Also she has a new heart (96 grand cherokee)
  3. Boiling over hot...and usually when I've got a lot of strain on it. Also i don't think i have the 4.2 water pump. Also i saw that the heater cntrol valve was unhooked and i hooked that back up and its doing a lot better but i haven't put a whole lot of stress on her and it was kind of cooler when i took a drive....around 88 instead of 98 O
  4. Okay so I said f the factory swith and wired in two 10" fans and put a new radiator and a new thermostat.....why is this thing still rinning hot??
  5. hmmm alright. ill keep digging. Ill be sure to stick around this time, too!
  6. so if the AC isnt charged the fan won't kick on period...even if it is getting hot?
  7. The fan is still good, I checked it with a 12v source. It won't come on with the temp. switch or the A/C. Also I just put a new relay for for the fan in. Any guesses...or hopefully knows lol? Thanks! -Cody Oh yeah 91 2wd 4.0 automatic....has a 96 Grand cherokee 4.0 if that makes any difference
  8. Wow. Sorry I haven't replied in so long...new job, house, other projects long story...anyways I hope you guys that had questions got them figured out....again I'm sorry gents!
  9. sounds exactly like my problem ill check it out. Thanks again guys! -Cody
  10. I havent been on in awhile. BUT my mj is done and running great with her new heart ( 97 ZJ Engine ) But Ive still got an odd problem. My harmonic balancer arcs, in rhythm with the rpm, from the metal part of the balancer, across the little rubber piece to the other metal piece of the balancer. Ive checked my grounds and what nots but I can't figure it out Any ideas? Thanks! -Cody
  11. I need an engine wiring diagram quickly! I'm almost done with my truck and I can't get shopkey to work for me. Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! -Cody
  12. I just picked a 97 ZJ for the engine to go in my MJ. Can I just swap out the engines and use my MJ's brains and electronics or do I need to swap all the ZJ stuff into my MJ? It's a 1997 4WD, Auto, 4.0. Thanks! -Cody
  13. the bumper is a hillbilly contraption i know lol. but I'm going to take the good engine out of this and put in in my MJ and build my original MJ engine, might sell this for parts or find another cheap engine and use this as a toy.
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