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  1. I have several of these and am very happy with them. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Muscle-Rack-72-in-H-x-48-in-W-x-24-in-D-5-Shelf-Z-Beam-Boltless-Steel-Shelving-Unit-in-SilverVein-UR482472PB5P-SV/300097686
  2. How about the original Warranty Book and Owners Manual. On the back of the warranty book is when and were I bought the truck. CCF01112020.pdf
  3. I wave at anyone who waves at me. I'm nor sure that I know what the "Jeep Wave" is.
  4. olddude


    The Pioneer package was a option and their must have been several. Here's one..............
  5. olddude

    wake up call

    Sorry about the scare man. It take me all day now, to do what I use to do all day. We have to drop down to a lower gear and go slow now that we are older. There are some things that I just don't try to do now. It hurts my pride but I have to get someone else to do some of the things I can no longer do. Take care of yourself because no one else will do that for you! We need you around for another 50 years or so.
  6. 1 time about 15 years ago. The clear coat was pealing and my wife thought maybe it was time to trade up. So I stripped the hockey stick off, removed all the trim and etc. and took it to the shop. She thinks it looks much better now. I drive it almost every day it failed me once (CPS sensor).
  7. What rust? I could never let it go it's like a member of my family
  8. Sure it does --- 89 MJ with 99 XJ windshield w/wrap around rubber seal.
  9. I bought my truck new in August( I think)1989, 30 years and counting. Drive it every day.
  10. olddude

    JK Death Wobble

    This was a 2019 Jeep, a rental, I think it had about 4000 miles on it...but it will not happen again because I am going to keep on driving my 1989 Comanche that has never experienced the Death Wobble The last time I remember experiencing this was in a 31 Chev coupe, we called it a shimmy and it would happen every time we crossed a set of railroad tracks
  11. olddude

    JK Death Wobble

    The wife and I flew out to Tacoma to visit Granddaughters. Every time we make the trip we try to see different parts of the country. This time we decided to fly into Reno and drive over to Lake Tahoe. So, I rented, you guessed it, a Jeep JK. Beautiful county, we really enjoyed the drive but leaving Reno going down the freeway at about 65 mph all at once we got the dreaded Death Wobble. My wife was driving and it scared the crap out of her. She slowed down and it stopped. Finally we got to a place that we could pull over. I checked the front tires, everything looked good. Then she said the adjustment handle for the steering wheel was not locked down tight. That must have been it because it never happened again. She was ready to take the Jeep back to the rental facility but I talked her out of that. I don't know why the steering wheel adjustment handle not being tight would cause that but I can think of no other reason.
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