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  1. Good job! I couldn't help but notice the old 5 window chev pickup in the last pix, Brings back memories , I had one just like it. Put a small block V-8 in it and it would fly. I wish I still had it.
  2. Welcome. Be prepared to spend your spare time and money. Describe the shaking, In the steering wheel?
  3. Yeah, thank god for kill switches. Fortunately I didn't have an audience, I was alone. After I finally got the thing loaded up, I pulled up to the parking lot to make sure everything was secure and noticed a Sheriff's Deputy parked across the lot, in the shade probably talking to his girl friend. I don't know if he saw the circus. Anyway I'm ready to try again today with different results .....I Hope.
  4. Several months ago I decided to clean up the Seadoo handlebar controls, mostly out of boredom. I had already cleaned up and serviced my lawn equipment. This self quarantine stuff is driving me crazy. So, today, I thought would be a good time to put it in the water and try it out. Since it hasn't been wet in 2 years. I basically got the Seadoo for my grand daughters. But, since they are in Tacoma. WA in college the Seadoo hasn't seen much action. So I took the Seadoo over to the local ramp and put her in the lake. Since I was by myself I tied a rope to the Seadoo to the truck to launch it
  5. This was several years ago. I replaced the compressor, works fine now.
  6. I had a similar experience. It would be cooling just fine ,then if I stopped for any reason it would quit cooling. It was like I had shut it off. If I put it in neutral and raced the engine it would start cooling again. Found out the compressor was worn out. With the engine running, a/c on you could tap on the compressor with a hammer and it would shut off.
  7. olddude

    Home Security

    I like Smith & Wesson they appear to be the best in home security. I installed a system my brother-in -law supplied. I first have to say I am definitely not a IT guy but I was able to get it none,. Running the cat 6 was the worst part. I used a HIKVISION system plug 'n play NVR, that's what he recommended. Six cameras and I monitor it with a small flat screen. You can monitor it with a iphone but I do not want it on the internet. Works really well. I suppose you could buy this or a comparable system from a dealer.
  8. Welcome, Nice truck!
  9. Picture of 99xj windshield installed on 89 mj note; studs were not removed.
  10. https://www.quadratec.com/products/51107_0015.htm
  11. I took this picture standing next to the pier in St Simons, GA. at the end of Feb. This is the huge Korean Cargo ship that rolled over in the sound leaving Brunswick,GA. last Sep. The ballast system went haywire as it was turning and it rolled over on it's side. It was on the return trip of it's maiden voyage carrying 4000 Korean auto's. They are setting up to cut it up in sections so they can remove it.
  12. Love it! Not going to tell my age but----- I use to drive one just like that (only a different color) delivering groceries when I was in school. Brings back memories.
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