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  1. Love it! Not going to tell my age but----- I use to drive one just like that (only a different color) delivering groceries when I was in school. Brings back memories.
  2. What is a door check? Is this for the Comanche?
  3. That's not snow, that's grits! It don't snow in the sunny south.
  4. Yeah, I like the classic look of the Comanche. I would never that to mine. But, hey to each his own. I can't fault a guy for doing something he enjoys.
  5. olddude


    Does it have 6 spark plugs? If it does then it is a 4.0.
  6. Well, I completed this project today. Piece of cake, even for a old fart. I ordered all the parts from the shopping list from Mouser Elec. except the seals. Ordered seals from eBay. Had to get 50 of each, so if anyone needs seals I have plenty. Works great!
  7. That is exactly why I bought the Comanche. I bought mine from a dealer who had a Jeep Dealership and a Chev Dealership side by side. I drove the S10 with a V6 and throttle body injection and mushy suspension. Then I drove the Comanche 6cyl with straight fuel injection and firm suspension. The Comanche just corners better, holds the road and is a lot peppier. There was really no comparison and they were both priced about the same.
  8. I think that I may have seen 2 in the last five years. I also live in a small town. Actually, I think one of the two was seen in Athens, about 45 min. north of here. Very rare to see one here.
  9. Thanks, good write-up I plan to do this soon.
  10. I have several of these and am very happy with them. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Muscle-Rack-72-in-H-x-48-in-W-x-24-in-D-5-Shelf-Z-Beam-Boltless-Steel-Shelving-Unit-in-SilverVein-UR482472PB5P-SV/300097686
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