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  1. My truck was doing that and I thought it might be the tps, so I replaced and it was worse. Tried to adjust using cruisers method but had a hard time getting readings. So, I put the old tps back on using the old method of matching the markings from where it was set. It's better but still stumbles after idling for a while. I have since installed a REM and it registers 13 @ idle which is low. I need to adjust it up to 18.
  2. olddude


    I think it is probably time to consult a Doctor.
  3. Aluminum recovery tank from Mac's Radiator Shop and a new radiator from NAPA. There is nothing like the good old Georgia summer heat. I replaced thermostats' and those mickey mouse plastic recovery tanks almost every summer until I finally replaced the tank and radiator that was years ago.
  4. Man, where did you find such a rusty Comanche in Georgia?
  5. Hello and welcome from Greensboro, GA.
  6. Beautiful truck, crappy carpet
  7. Just disregard that guy Cruiser, I have, he's got a bug up his a$$ or something.
  8. Several months ago I decided to replace my A/C evaporator. I had a slow leak and It's 31 years old. So, I pulled the dash and replace the evaporator and the heater core, also 31 years old, and put it all back together. I had a new blower motor that I bought years ago so I replaced that while I was there. Everything was fine until a few weeks ago, with the warmer weather moving in, I took the truck to the local garage to get it evacuated and refilled with Freon. They serviced it but notice very little flow from the blower. I have been trying to figure out the reason since then. Finally, I pulled the blower and it ran fine with 12V so I decided to put the old blower back in and wal-la . The new blower must be wired backwards from the factory.
  9. It's been awhile and I can't remember the name but it was a radiator manufacture/shop in OR I think...
  10. I have BFG K02 ATs on my truck but they are 30X9.5. I like them and I like the way they look.
  11. Also in Georgia w/4.0. The absolute best thing I ever did was to replace the plastic recovery tank with an aluminum tank w/press cap. The stock pump works fine. Never had anymore over heating problems after I replaced that dumb plastic tank.
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