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    The seal comes attached to the windshield from the mfg. They installed to windshield with the seal attached. They laid down a good size bead of sealant around the frame then laid the windshield in place. The sealant drys very quickly. Does not leak and water doesn't get behind the seal. The mirror mount comes with the windshield and does not fit the 89 mirror. My old metal trim was starting to rust and water was getting behind it. This solved that problem. I had a 99 XJ at that time and I was looking at it's windshield and thought why not, same size.
  2. olddude


    This is what it looks like installed. This is a 99 XJ windshield w/rubber seal attached. I had it installed several years ago and it was less than $200.
  3. olddude

    Xj Cluster Swap

    I have a 89 MJ automatic w/floor shifter no PRNDL display in the cluster.
  4. olddude

    98 Cherokee

    I wasn't aware Jeep offered the Cherokee with a V6 in 1998. We had a 1999 Cherokee Sport, great car, had about 130,000 miles, perfect shape. Then a young man rear ended us while we were stopped for a left turner in front of us. I don't think he ever touched the brakes. I miss that car!
  5. olddude

    Atlanta Georgia Comanche

    Greensboro, Lake Oconee.
  6. olddude

    Replacing idler pulley

    Time to invest into a inspection mirror. Every good mechanic should have one, not expensive, very handy.
  7. Beautiful country out there, off roading must be a blast. Believe it or not I have been to Gillette, spent the night there. It has been several year back, flew into Rapid City and picked up a rental car and drove across country to Walla Walla, Washington. Great trip! beautiful country!
  8. olddude

    Member of My Family

    Thanks Pete, I love it too.
  9. olddude

    Member of My Family

    From 1989 until 1994 I drove the truck daily. We bought a retirement home on the lake in Greensboro in 2011. After hauling stuff to the lake I retired the Comanche to the lake house. We moved down to the lake house in 2015 and I drive the Comanche everywhere I go down here. Probably only average about 3000 miles a year on the truck for the last 7-8 years. It's a great truck I still enjoy driving it. I think the 4.0 is one of the best designed engines along with the small block Chev. engine. It is a simple design that just keeps on keeping on even when choked with that stupid emissions system.
  10. olddude

    Member of My Family

    I put in a windshield for a 99 XJ and got rid of the metal trim that allows water to get behind and rust. This windshield comes with a wrap around seal and fits great. More later.
  11. olddude

    Member of My Family

    This is what the truck looks like today.