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  1. olddude

    Home Security

    I like Smith & Wesson they appear to be the best in home security. I installed a system my brother-in -law supplied. I first have to say I am definitely not a IT guy but I was able to get it none,. Running the cat 6 was the worst part. I used a HIKVISION system plug 'n play NVR, that's what he recommended. Six cameras and I monitor it with a small flat screen. You can monitor it with a iphone but I do not want it on the internet. Works really well. I suppose you could buy this or a comparable system from a dealer.
  2. Welcome, Nice truck!
  3. Picture of 99xj windshield installed on 89 mj note; studs were not removed.
  4. https://www.quadratec.com/products/51107_0015.htm
  5. I took this picture standing next to the pier in St Simons, GA. at the end of Feb. This is the huge Korean Cargo ship that rolled over in the sound leaving Brunswick,GA. last Sep. The ballast system went haywire as it was turning and it rolled over on it's side. It was on the return trip of it's maiden voyage carrying 4000 Korean auto's. They are setting up to cut it up in sections so they can remove it.
  6. Love it! Not going to tell my age but----- I use to drive one just like that (only a different color) delivering groceries when I was in school. Brings back memories.
  7. What is a door check? Is this for the Comanche?
  8. That's not snow, that's grits! It don't snow in the sunny south.
  9. Yeah, I like the classic look of the Comanche. I would never that to mine. But, hey to each his own. I can't fault a guy for doing something he enjoys.
  10. olddude


    Does it have 6 spark plugs? If it does then it is a 4.0.
  11. Well, I completed this project today. Piece of cake, even for a old fart. I ordered all the parts from the shopping list from Mouser Elec. except the seals. Ordered seals from eBay. Had to get 50 of each, so if anyone needs seals I have plenty. Works great!
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