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  1. olddude

    Roll Call!

    Joe Tanner 89 Pioneer Greensboro, GA. Lake Oconee Retired aircraft mechanic
  2. I agree, fuel pressure in the lines (leaking), not getting to the injectors, blockage? Pressure regulator?
  3. 89 MJ with 99 XJ windshield, note rubber seal replaces metal trim,
  4. Welcome! You are correct the comanche's are very rare., even in the USA. I rarely see one on the road where I live. But, I have owned mine for 30 years and drive it almost every day. You will enjoy your too. You bought yours in the USA, what state in the USA?
  5. 25 year old auto in Georgia qualifies for an antique tag.
  6. 218K 89 Pioneer, bought it new in 89, change oil and filter every 3K miles. Never use anything but Castrol.
  7. Wow, those seats look great, it costs me $700 to get mine looking that good. You have really found a jewel.
  8. I like it. What part of the country is the truck from?
  9. I have the same problem, occasionally I turn the switch and nothing. I figure the switch has a worn spot on it after thousands of cycles. So, I put at remote starter button under the hood thinking I would replace the switch when I had a chance. That was a couple of years ago. I'm procrastinating because it is not easy to get to and at 76 years old , I don't enjoy standing on my head.
  10. My MJ does the exact thing. Started a couple of years ago. I just put a remote start button under the hood wired directly to the starter solenoid. I think either the switch or the mech. at the bottom of the column is worn out. After thousands of off/on uses there has to be a lot of wear. I just keep putting off fixing it.
  11. The seal comes attached to the windshield from the mfg. They installed to windshield with the seal attached. They laid down a good size bead of sealant around the frame then laid the windshield in place. The sealant drys very quickly. Does not leak and water doesn't get behind the seal. The mirror mount comes with the windshield and does not fit the 89 mirror. My old metal trim was starting to rust and water was getting behind it. This solved that problem. I had a 99 XJ at that time and I was looking at it's windshield and thought why not, same size.
  12. This is what it looks like installed. This is a 99 XJ windshield w/rubber seal attached. I had it installed several years ago and it was less than $200.
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