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  1. How about a GM 3800 Series II or Series III wrapped in whatever (H body, W body, etc)? Tough motors, parts are cheap, and you can find a nicely maintained Buick, Olds, or Pontiac pretty cheap.
  2. You're right...keeping it is my insurance policy... I'd converted to external slave when I went to 4WD so I went external slave to external slave. I used a LUK kit but reused the previously installed throwout bearing (one in the kit was plastic, older one was cast iron). I also replaced the dowels in the bell housing and the flywheel. So far, so good. I put a fair amount of pics in my build thread. I think late 2017.
  3. As you may recall from my build thread I rebuilt an AX-15 for Georgia and put it around Dec 2017. The external slave 4WD AX-15 I pulled out has been bagged up and sitting in the basement as a spare since that time. I was cleaning some stuff out and debated whether I should hang on to it or put it up for sale. This trans was in my MJ for about 25K miles after the 4WD conversion and it drove/shifted fine and had clean oil. The reason I pulled it was the truck would not shift from neutral into 1st from a dead stop with the engine running. I suspect it was more of a clutch/flywheel/hydraulics problem than anything else but I figured I'd refresh everything and be done with it. I haven't seen many of these around, which is why I've been hanging on to it. Thoughts?
  4. If you're bending the line off the truck you can use a socket with the correct radius locked in a bench vise. It's not the easiest thing but with mechanic's gloves on, it's doable.
  5. Sure. I'll get another pic. Found a pic of Maura and zoomed in on the tailgate:
  6. Meg the 87 came from Cross-Country AMC in Indy Marua the 90 came from EGolf in Hendersonville, NC Galeana looks like it's still alive and thriving today.
  7. Buckets for me. The 87 had a bench and it was ok but not comfortable for more than an hour. The 90 came with a bench and I swapped for a set of 2 door Grand Am GT leather buckets. I loved those seats. The 92 came with a bench that was in desperate need of new foam. This time around I put in 2dr XJ buckets on MJ brackets. I built the driver's seat out 3 or 4 different XJ buckets and it's pretty comfortable. My all time favorite truck seat was in my old Isuzu pickup. I found a set of burgandy, tufted leather Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz in an 83 diesel. They were mint and sublime.
  8. Tonight's stop at the bank took longer than I thought. Going through the parking lot I heard something odd as I was waiting on drive thru. Pulled into a spot and found large object in my LF tire. Any idea what this is? Got the spare on and, while I check the air pressure every time I change the oil I hadn't looked at it closely in quite some time. Date coded 2007 but it got me home. Hopefully I can get the tire fixed. In total I drove about 200' with that in the tire.
  9. I'm very curious about the carbon paper too. I had one 4.0 RMS that was so coked in I destroyed the brass punch. I had to use a regular punch to get it moving. That was a high pucker experience as the crank wouldn't have been happy if it had slipped.
  10. Was looking at Copart and came across this: https://www.copart.com/lot/36141061/clean-title-1987-jeep-comanche-chief-tn-knoxville Not exactly sure why it's there but could be a good find for someone.
  11. Great build! Love the fact that you've brought her back from the dead and reincarnated as a 4.0
  12. She was a great ride, powerful and comfortable, neat as a pin inside and out. Finished negotiating with the insurance company and it looks like Copart is picking her up tomorrow or Wednesday. I'd like to find another one.
  13. Been driving the MJ exclusively as the wife's car was totaled by an uninsured driver (long story, quite a saga, & not yet resolved). I took her on a trip to Rod Run in Pigeon Forge and the center link and tie rod helped a lot. She was a bit unsettled on the largest interstate bumps but didn't go into DW. Here's the totaled Olds. 85K miles:
  14. Sweet, sweet MJ! The quality of the build is excellent.
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