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  1. Body looks solid but needs a lot of work: https://charlotte.craigslist.org/pts/d/york-1989-jeep-xj-comanche-eliminator/7058982040.html
  2. ZJ pumps through '95 are a direct interchange for my MJ, which is why I picked it up. No advantages other than the fact that it works and the Mexico reman unit I got at the parts store didn't. It sounded like marbles in a coffee grinder.
  3. If the lines are OEM they're both 18MM. I've encountered aftermarket lines that are 18MM feed and 3/4" return.
  4. I just finished replacing the pump & box and have it bled out. The junkyard pump sounds normal and the fluid in both donors was clean. Now to drive her around for a while and see if my dead spot is gone:
  5. The reman pump was junk (sounded like marbles in a coffee grinder), so I hit the LKQ sale and harvested a '94 ZJ P/S pump and another steering box from a '97ZJ. When I replaced the steering box a few years ago I had to put the old pump back in as I needed her on the road. Unfortunately the fines from whatever was eating itself in the box/pump eventually ate up the box. Here's what was in the oil:
  6. I just pulled another ZJ box for my MJ. The AutoZone 27022 puller works well to remove the drag link from the Pitman arm. Drag link nut is 3/4", Box to frame bolts are 5/8", fluid inlet & return lines are 18MM, and the steering shaft pinch bolt is 13mm. The AutoZone HD pitman arm puller works to pull the Pitman arm from the box but you need to replace the bolts that hold the puller arms together with grade 5 or grade 8. The bolts with the tool stretch & bend easily. I took a tubing cutter so I could cut the pressure line and connect pressure & return lines in the junkyard. Keeps the ports clean and keeps the mess to a minimum.
  7. Thanks & Merry Christmas! Work + the move has been all-consuming but yes, I'm happy she has an indoor home now. She's now sharing garage space with the '69 Cutlass convertible . Got the pump changed out earlier this week. Looks like the bearing was going out. New pump is fairly loud at the moment but I'll drive it for a bit and see if it calms down.
  8. Looks like my P/S pump is starting to go out. When it's cold outside (less than 40 degrees) I have a dead spot (no steering assist) for the first 45 degrees of steering wheel travel. After 3 or 4 turns it's back to normal. She is loving life in the garage though
  9. Yes. I'll have to dig around the basement a bit to find it. We've moved since I posted this.
  10. Been a while since I posted an update on Georgia. New job & moving to TN so I've been working her hard. She's not a fan of climbing the mountains between NC and TN but she takes it all in stride (55-60mph pulling a long grade in 4th). Trans is doing well & I should have garage space for her at the new house
  11. The roof rack turned out nicely! Did you build it from scratch or did you modify an existing rack to fit? The new emblems reminds me that I need to add the 4X4 emblems to my MJ one of these days.
  12. Cleaning out the basement and found this. It's the piece that fits under the rear window on the higher trim level MJs. I picked it up for spare a few years back as it was in really nice shape. Retaining tabs are all in good shape and the particle board/cardboard isn't wet or warped. I'd prefer local pickup as it's a pretty big piece to ship.
  13. Working on cleaning up the basement & garage. I pulled this motor from a '94 XJ that a friend bought with no title and was keeping it as a spare for my MJ. It ran good but I'd call it a core for a rebuild as I have no video of it running. I'll also include a link to the Craigslist ad: https://asheville.craigslist.org/pts/d/dana-jeep-40-engine-high-output-4-litre/6793566112.html As noted in the ad I'm going to keep the distributor, coil, manifolds, and injectors/rail.
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