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  1. Needed to move the cherry picker around. A few years back I built an easy to assemble overhead beam for the chain fall. It's somewhat time consuming but works great on things that are too heavy for one person to pick up.
  2. Such a clean truck! I love the fact you've had her since day 1!
  3. At this point somewhere around 6K miles/yr. She gets driven to work 1-2 days each week, junkyard runs, and whenever I need to haul things around. There have been a few periods where she wasn't driven much due to needed repairs. The longest period was prior to the trans rebuild. Not being able to shift into gear when warmed up and running made it very difficult to drive in any kind of appreciable traffic.
  4. Yes, the clutch master is the same for internal and external slave. I found a plastic clutch master that's lasted pretty well. The aluminum ones lasted about 3 months each. I think it was either Bendix or Lucas.
  5. Very nice truck! Looks almost identical to an old member's truck, except his was a '90. He lived in Asheville and sold it a few years back: https://comancheclub.com/topic/38813-1990-comanche-daily-driven-autocross-build/#comments
  6. Thanks! She's the first one in the fleet that's made it to 300K.
  7. I stand corrected. Sorry about that. That's what I get for having less than 5 min to spend assessing this MJ for parts.
  8. No problem. I'm glad people enjoy keeping up with her
  9. Nice haul! Out of curiosity did you verify the 88 had a BA10/5 instead of an AX-15? If it is an AX-15 it would be worth grabbing.
  10. After the steering box/shock/thermostat housing battle it was gratifying to take Georgia on a nice road trip. I put 350 miles on her, she ran great and earned her keep. I picked up a GN 200-R4 for my Olds and found some other goodies for the fleet. Perfect junkyard weather: overcast and low 70s in Charlotte. Also saw a sweet old Vette on I-40.
  11. I found this poor '86 at LKQ yesterday. Not too much left to give but still had the AMC20, a slider, and bucket seats. The seats are in poor shape but the brackets can be removed with a Dremel and some time (I had neither). Not sure if the nuts are seized to the studs, rounded off, etc. I only had a few minutes to look at this one. Could probably add her to the registry too: 1JTHS6619GT037698
  12. Traced down the coolant leak to the thermostat housing. Should have been a straightforward project but the top bolt seized to the housing. Had to cut the housing at the bolt with a Dremel, beat it off the stud with a hammer/chisel, then use some Freeze & Release to work the stud out. She fought me on new shocks too. Upper mount on the passenger's side decided to peel the threads off with the nut. 7/16"-14 die was a decent fit and I had some Top-Lock nuts so I used that.
  13. They are used units. At one point I picked up a reman one for my Suburban but it had more slop than what I'd intended to replace. Also I found a lot of paint on the fluid inlet side. Cardone boxes didn't inspire my confidence
  14. She's the perfect base for a 4WD conversion! You can always do a stock/best of 4WD conversion like I did. Mine appears factory and, interestingly, the JT folks (been having a lot of conversations with them at gas stations, etc.) just assume all MJs were 4WD.
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