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  1. Sweet, sweet MJ! The quality of the build is excellent.
  2. A correctly performed tire balance job calmed the death wobble significantly but it still isn't gone. I checked all of the steering components for the umpteenth time but tried something different. I used Vise Grips to clamp each ball stud and see if there was any movement between stud and knuckle or other mating component. I found play in 2 of the 4 joints and replaced the center link and tie rod. Also did a garage alignment by taping a ruler to the center of each tire and one to the center of the body. It's close enough to get me to the alignment shop.
  3. Had all 4 wheels rebalanced tonight with a combination of hammer on and adhesive wheel weights. I watched the tech spin all 4 wheels up as they were removed and the balancer started spitting out errors: excessive runout/replace wheels. It seems all 4 were way out of balance. Of note none of the wheels had any adhesive weights prior to balance but all required adhesive weights when rebalanced. I made it about 1/2 mile down the highway and the LF hammer on wheel weight came off with a loud bang. I turned right around and went back. They pulled the LF wheel and balanced it again. Interes
  4. I wonder if there's a 1 day "Show & Shine" spot? Looks like they have a 3 day for $80 but I'd only be able to attend 1 day.
  5. The oscillation at 65-70 mph on level ground seemed to start after the rotate/balance. The alignment and R&B happened almost back to back so hard to say what percentage can be assigned to each. I'd thought about going back to Sam's Club to have the tire balance checked. It wouldn't be the first time I'd had tires balanced incorrectly. I can certainly give it a try. I've centered the steering wheel myself a few times by trial & error and, as you've noted, 1/4 turn on the drag link makes a big difference. Haven't done this since replacing the tr
  6. Prior to the last tire balance & alignment she'd only start to shimmy/oscillate when excited by a bump when traveling above 60mph, usually on the RF wheel, and more so when in a right handed turn. The oscillations were longer duration and somewhat violent. Now the shimmy/oscillation can start when driving on a fairly level surface between 65-70mph. It doesn't seem to need an external excitation but is of a much lower amplitude. A bump on the RF wheel and the right handed turn at 55mph still exist but the violence of the event it perhaps 1/3-1/2 of what it was. The truck
  7. The steering damper replacement kicked the steering wheel off center so I had another alignment tonight. She's still fairly bouncy. I'll drive her a bit and see what happens.
  8. I should also mention the tires were replaced 5/2016 (2) and 11/2016 (2). All 4 have about 6/32" left.
  9. Loaded up Olds engine #2 and drove it over the mountain to a different machine shop this week. The trip back with an empty bed was challenging. The interstate has a large downhill section with 50-60mph switch backs and she had moderate death wobble on each right hand sweeper with a bump. Yesterday I did an alignment, had the tires rebalanced, and replaced the steering damper. The reason toe was out by an even amount is due to the steering box swap. I'll find out how she drives now but I'm running out of stuff to check.
  10. It's only about 2 hours away for me. Hadn't really given it much thought but it might be fun. How many MJs are usually at the show?
  11. I found a 4WD Renix XJ at Rusty's in Marion, NC a few weeks back. I snapped a quick pic as I walked by as I was on a mission to find an engine block for my Olds. Their inventory list isn't very accurate. I did find an engine but the donor wasn't listed in inventory. https://www.rustyspicapart.com/inventory
  12. Nice! Where were the R&Ps made? Any issues setting them up? I've heard the major manufacturers have sent R&P mfg to India/China and the gear sets have issues. The last one I set up was a used GM 3.42 gear set so I have no firsthand experience on the newer aftermarket sets.
  13. Last Saturday I took Georgia across the mountains to look for a replacement block for the Cutlass. Regardless of the the seller said this one was not rebuildable. Locked up tight and looked like it had been sitting in a pond: Hit a Pull-a-Part on the way back and found a free spinning donor with the right block. I went back across the mountain yesterday to pull the engine. Long day and it was quite cold out but got it done. It was snowing on the way back but the Jeep brought it home, albeit at 45 mph in some spots. With all that weight in the back of the bed no way I was ta
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