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  1. 1987Comanche

    OE Transfer case shift linkage for AX-15 trans. NC $75. Sold!

    Sale pending
  2. OEM Transfer case shift linkage for use with AX-15 manual transmission. It's in great shape with no rust but does have some mud on it as shown in the pics. Adjuster moves freely. $75 + the ride.
  3. When you said the P code didn't exist in the KJ FSM I was curious and checked Alldata. Same result P codes for the '06 diesel KJ. Goes from P1169 to P1250.
  4. 1987Comanche

    Georgia: '92 4.0 Ho, Ax-15, 2Wd

    Haven't had much time to keep the build thread updated with my current job (55-60 hrs/week doesn't leave time for much else) but I did roll 290K this week!!
  5. Very nice!! The paint job is great & the OE decals make it pop.
  6. Looks like it needs some TLC but has good bones. https://greenville.craigslist.org/cto/d/1991-jeep-comanche-pickup/6704996895.html
  7. 1987Comanche

    Random Purchase Offers

    I had a guy knock on my front door one Saturday morning, asking me if I'd ever considered selling Georgia my '92. I live on a dead end street and the truck is typically parked at the end of the driveway between 2 houses so she's not that easy to see unless you're really looking. It really took me by surprise. I told him everything has a price and showed him the truck. His offer was way low but he enjoyed seeing her. During this time the wife came home and asked me why I was inviting random people over. I told her I was glad she came home as she'd have never believed the story had she not seen it. Random chats happen quite often but this one was a full court press.
  8. 1987Comanche

    97+ XJ Manual Shift Boot Plate

    As it will have a good home in an MJ I'd let it go. I'll send you a PM shortly. Out of curiosity I dug the 97+ AX-15 shift lever out of the basement and the P/N is 52079226. It's stamped on the side of the lever.
  9. 1987Comanche

    97+ XJ Manual Shift Boot Plate

    I knew someone would need one of these things! Last fall I picked up a 4WD AX-15 from a '97 or '98 XJ that I rebuilt and put in my MJ over Xmas. When I found the XJ I opted to grab the shift boot & retaining bezel with the trans because, well, when was the last time you saw one? It doesn't have that curved piece on the side but I have a P/N on the bezel: 52079309ab rev b 1-5-98 I can send a few pics if you'd like. I also discovered the 97+ AX-15 shift lever is different and had to reuse my old one, albeit with a new plastic bushing. Maybe the shift lever differences caused your bezel to break? I think I have the lever in the basement too.
  10. Looks decent. Might help someone out who needs a bed. https://charlotte.craigslist.org/pts/d/jeep-comanche-parts/6535499507.html
  11. 1987Comanche

    Georgia: '92 4.0 Ho, Ax-15, 2Wd

    Pulling the old AX-15. Flywheel and all the clutch components looked ok: Wasn't happy with the LUK plastic throw out bearing at all. Poor fit and the spring didn't engage the entire front of it: Ended up reusing the old cast iron unit. It only had 25K miles on it and was nice and smooth:
  12. 1987Comanche

    Georgia: '92 4.0 Ho, Ax-15, 2Wd

    Case Cleaned, reassembling transmission:
  13. 1987Comanche

    Georgia: '92 4.0 Ho, Ax-15, 2Wd

    Cleaned it up, ordered the rebuild kit, and cracked it open. I checked all the clearances, replaced bearings, synchros, shift keys & springs It was a good donor as the gear train was in pretty good shape. The 1st gear bearing was starting to go so it wouldn't have lasted too long without some TLC:
  14. 1987Comanche

    Georgia: '92 4.0 Ho, Ax-15, 2Wd

    It's been quite a while since I've updated the build thread. In late winter/early spring Georgia started having shifting problems that got progressively worse. She reached the point where I couldn't shift into 1st from neutral when hot so I drove her minimally throughout the year. I got a quote of $1800 to rebuild the AX-15 so I decided to keep an eye out for a donor I could try to rebuild myself. I found a suitable candidate at LKQ over Labor Day Weekend: