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  1. olddude

    Sheesh (#3,247)

    I think this is all part of getting old. Getting a pain here and there for no reason.
  2. I don't care how old you are, I am 78 and I learn something new every day, especially on this site.
  3. I type about as well as I work the computer
  4. @ barrel carburetor I understand the rest is Greek to me
  5. Welcome! Looks like you have a nice truck there, something to keep you busy. I really like Cheyenne, spent a couple of days there several years ago. Bought a nice pair of boots at a store next to the old train station.
  6. Not a lot of resent photo's, about all I could dig up...............
  7. Our 1999 XJ had the same dent in the down pipe. At the first oil change I noticed it and took it back to the dealer. They said it had the dent for a reason. I can't remember what the reason was but it restricted flow for some purpose.
  8. I would like to get one if my after market bumper would not interfere with it. You can see the bumper in the pictures of my mj in MJOTM jan21.
  9. Excellent build job, Beautiful truck! Just out of curiosity, any idea how much $$$ you have invested?
  10. Thanks, I appreciate the nice comments. I feel honored to have my truck chosen along with the previous recipients. Nothing special about it just a plain jane. As I have said before this old truck has done me proud. A couple of months ago I probably would not have bragged on it when I was replacing the a/c evaporator and heater core. But you have to expect having thing wear out in 31 years. I plan to keep on driving it as long as I can or they plant me in the ground.
  11. I have one you can have if you pay the shipping.
  12. I was just kidding, Were they is a will there is a way. I remember pulling a bed off my old 54 GMC and mashing a finger pretty good
  13. olddude

    Mac7's Build

    Yea, I know where Mabank is. My first wife's aunt lived there. You live on the lake?
  14. olddude

    Mac7's Build

    Welcome Mac, Looks like a nice truck from what we can see. What part of the country are you located.
  15. I replaced mine about 15 years ago. If a old man can do it surely you can. The worst part was the preparation, getting the truck jacked up and on good jack stands, removing wheels & etc. I removed one arm at a time replaced the bushing and reinstalled. I do remember pressing out the old bushings wasn't easy. I went back with polyurethane bushings because I don't plan on doing it again.
  16. I bought the truck new in 1989 and for the first 15 years it was my daily transportation to and from work. During hunting season it was my hunting truck. After I retired I used it for about everything you can think of. It has hauled everything from rock and sand to furniture to lumber. I pull my boat and jet-ski with it, also a trailer for my four wheeler. I drive it almost everyday hauling something if it's just me. That it next to my wife's 4 by 4.
  17. How about the top radiator hose is it hot or cold?
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