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  1. jdog

    Parts in Denver

    Glad to hear ups got it there. Enjoy as they worked well while In my truck. Stock 1988 swb 4.0 ax15 np 231.
  2. jdog


    Good catch Stock 1988 swb 4.0 ax15 np 231.
  3. jdog


    Build date 02/20/87 *A6 Vinyl Trimmed Bucket Seats -H9 DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE ADA Light Group AGJ Driver Assistance Group AHL Heavy Duty Insulation Group APA Monotone Paint AWJ Visibility / Protection Group BCQ 750 Amp Maintenance Free Battery CAC Low Back Bucket Seats CGW Next Generation Front Air Bags** CGY Drvr Inflatable Knee-Bolster Air Bag CKA Carpets - Floor and Cargo Area CLE Front Rear Floor Mats CSA Spare Tire Cover CUF Full Length Floor Console DDQ 5-Speed Manual Transmission ERB 3.6L V6 24V VVT Engine GAC Tinted Glass Windows GFA Rear Window Defroster GTZ Power Mirrors, Fold-Away HAA Air Conditioning HCC Do Not Use - See HCA JAY DO NOT USE - See JP, KA classes JGB Digital Clock JHA Var Intermittent Windshield Wipers JHB Rear Window Wiper/Washer LAP Shift Indicator Warning Lamp LBB Courtesy Lamps LDA Underhood Lamp LMA Halogen Headlamps MDA Front License Plate Bracket MWA Roof Rack NAA Federal Emissions NHM Speed Control PXJ Diamond Black Crystal P/C QXJ Diamond Black Crystal P/C RAF AM/FM Cassette Radio SBA Power Steering SCE Alcantara Wrapped Steering Wheel SUA Tilt Steering Column TBG Compact Spare Tire TBL Inside Mounted Spare Tire WJM 15X7.0 Chrome Wheels Stock 1988 swb 4.0 ax15 np 231.
  4. jdog


    In service date 12/27/85 Stock 1988 swb 4.0 ax15 np 231.
  5. jdog


    Vin comes up as 08/07/87 88 model year, unfortunately it doesn't give me a engine. Looks like it's a bare bones, no options truck. X3 DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE -H9 DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE AGC Black Ram 1500 Sport Group APA Monotone Paint CBA Straight Back Bench Seat CGX RR Head Restraints Outboard Seating DCB Open EPD DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE JJA Cigar Lighter LAP Shift Indicator Warning Lamp LMA Halogen Headlamps MBJ Black Powder Coated Front Bumper MDA Front License Plate Bracket NAA Federal Emissions PWB DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE QWB DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE RAC AM MTR Radio TBG Compact Spare Tire WMC Open Maybe@eaglescout526 will be able to see which engine. Stock 1988 swb 4.0 ax15 np 231.
  6. There Mopar cop wheels Stock 1988 swb 4.0 ax15 np 231.
  7. Greased the front end today, also swapped wheels with the xj Stock 1988 swb 4.0 ax15 np 231.
  8. jdog

    Parts in Denver

    I got some parts off my truck after the power window swap Door panels obo Window regulator - sold Door handles - sold Mini arm rests 2$ dash bezels - 10$ seats - obo All prices a piece Stock 1988 swb 4.0 ax15 np 231.
  9. I think he meant to put it in the wanted section
  10. jdog

    Rare parts sale

    I'm looking for a blue gauge cluster out of a 87 if you have one
  11. Procrastinated the lca still, I did however remove and redo the headliner. While it was out the bedlight went in. I also removed the rocker bases and installed the old bases, some might enjoy ducking to get into the truck, not me I tried to give it time but just couldn't get used to it. Stock 1988 swb 4.0 ax15 np 231.
  12. jdog

    Whats in my garage

    It is really a sight to see, surprising enough the vehicle actually ran decent Stock 1988 swb 4.0 ax15 np 231.
  13. jdog

    Identify wheels please

    I'm not sure eagle, I'll try and get them measured to see. Stock 1988 swb 4.0 ax15 np 231.
  14. jdog

    Whats in my garage

    While Pete was out here he suggested this, This is randomness in my garage. Yes that is square tubing, no i did not make them. They were made for a mercedes bus, Previous owner made them and installed a chrysler 440 into this bus. He mated it up to the mercedes diesel transmission and was going to use it to haul his racecar.
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