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  1. The other end is blocked, I don't see that happening. Could it be that the key was just so worn the ridges worn down. The other possibility is that when you pulled the old one out they came out and are on the floor. I would like to see the old key, can you send me a picture of it?
  2. Sounds like the throw out bearing if it goes away with the clutch in.
  3. Not a problem, I've seen it a few times
  4. Speaker wire grounding out to the window regulator. Bet if you pull the panel you'll see the wires facing the rear of the vehicle. Then when you move the window down the regulator cable moves and touches the speaker.
  5. https://denver.craigslist.org/pts/d/denver-truck-topper/6799576058.html
  6. Didn't even pay attention to the photo, my mistake figures google will give me the broken pictures.
  7. Just tow one of these behind you with cords running from it to the space heaters.
  8. Block heater with a generator on a stand off the trailer hitch?
  9. back to the back burner again, my xj was stolen the other day, police located and i have it back, but now i gotta work on it and fix the stuff that was broken. as well as a few "upgrades". Hopefully I can get back to the comanche, as for now it gets driven off and on. will update once its in the garage again. On a side note, i'm going to have to rotate the tires again, might have a slight wobble that showed up with the last tire rotation. and I picked up a overhead console, but also noticed a dakota with a short console, more research is needed to determine if it would be a option.
  10. If it's what I think it is its to keep the unit from freezing, it senses the temp and cuts the power to the clutch. But I could be wrong been a while since I studied a/c.
  11. Nope just been driving it around lately I picked up a 96 booster and master to install soon.
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