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  1. It also depends on if the po had a bunch of Keys on their ring or just the ones for the truck. Ps door keys should be separate key then the ignition
  2. I'm questioning why it looks like it's in 4lo
  3. No worries about the coolant, it gets filled at the radiator
  4. Looks like they went to a open cooling system, but just don't have a overflow bottle. As for the battery my guess is they tried cleaning up the wiring and engine bay. I'd be a bit suspicious on the wiring, the wiring wasn't great to begin with and now who knows where stuff was put.
  5. What plugs? Also what is the fuel pressure, you say pump is working correctly but you don't say the numbers. Are there any numbers on the injectors and where did you get them?
  6. https://youtu.be/DCTPc2iRtr8?list=PLABB56F4F645F1786
  7. What all was done? Last night did it run on its own or require starting fluid?
  8. Have you done cruiser54.com tips 1-5 only other thing I have to add to check is your map sensor
  9. jdog


    Build: 12/5/86 Body: TL61 Selling Dealer: CARRIAGE BUICK-GMC-JEEP-EAGLE Oxnard, CA *X8 Cloth Low-Back Bucket Seats -Y1 DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE APA Monotone Paint CAC Low Back Bucket Seats CGW Next Generation Front Air Bags** CKA Carpets - Floor and Cargo Area CUF Full Length Floor Console DDJ DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE ERB 4.0L I6 MPI Engine
  10. jdog


    Build: 7/21/88 Body: jm62 Selling Dealer: SMITH CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH JEEP EAGLE Richmond, CA *X1 DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE -SA Charcoal ADL Skid Plate Group AGJ Driver Assistance Group APA Monotone Paint BCQ Maintenance Free Battery CBA Straight Back Bench Seat CGX RR Head Restraints Outboard Seating CKA Carpets - Floor and Cargo Area
  11. jdog


    Build Date: 1/18/89 Body: TL61 Selling Dealer: FREMONT JEEP Fremont, CA *B1 DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE -SA Charcoal CBAP Straight Back Bench Seat DBBC All Manual Transmissions DCK DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE EAAC All Engines EAFC 2.5L I4 MPI Engine EPD DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE GRVP Left Manual Mirror MDAP Front License Pla
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