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  1. First three are charger, which 66 and 67 were the last years that used this system. Last picture is a 61/2 new yorker. All the needles are supposed to be lit.
  2. they're awesome grilles, some of the stuff they had back then is just amazing, its all motor and relays to control the headlights and the dash is just breathtaking (if you have some free time look up electroluminesence dashes some crazy stuff
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/383479464806 Dealer kit
  4. I don't think they would have put them up there, I've seen them at 3&9 on v8s
  5. Oh yea, Just found it a little comical. I'd use it if I needed a auto trans
  6. Motor installed, ordered more parts today.
  7. Which motor, I would say if they are not holding anything they should be fine to leave out
  8. Found in the back of a xj at the yard, guess the Torx was beating them
  9. I would test the ballast and hook it back up, you can bypass by just connecting the wires together, but if they have a power wire ran to it you might want to figure out why
  10. I know where ones at, not sure of the condition and it'll be a few days before i can go back to it
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