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  1. Any auto parts store will sell the key and tumbler set up
  2. With the bend I would say center console light for the gear position.
  3. So they can use the female end that gets lost in the tool box and you have to then get a new one. Or so that you can put different wrenches on it depending which job you are working on.
  4. its for a distributor wrench or a offset wench
  5. Stovepipe is the name of it, it goes between the exhaust manifold and the air box, it is designed to bring warm air to the air box when it is cold. It can be removed as most of them are torn because of the age, or you can buy a new one.
  6. I've got a colorado one if you want
  7. I read somewhere that if you power your amp with the power antenna feed off the radio that it would do the same thing.
  8. Only thing I see is that the rca is on a input not a output but that's about the only thing obvious to me. But I've never installed one before. Maybe switch it to rear output on the radio?
  9. So did I it idled great but as soon as you took off it ran like crap.
  10. How are you indexing the dist? When mine did this I put it all at tdc and it did the same thing, the only way I got it to run right was indexing the dist. per cruisers tips and cutting a window into an old cap.
  11. Looked at it, was going to drive it but it's drizzling and has a possibility of snow, so it sits. Maybe tomorrow will be better.
  12. The other end is blocked, I don't see that happening. Could it be that the key was just so worn the ridges worn down. The other possibility is that when you pulled the old one out they came out and are on the floor. I would like to see the old key, can you send me a picture of it?
  13. Sounds like the throw out bearing if it goes away with the clutch in.
  14. Not a problem, I've seen it a few times
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