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  1. lets update this: remove the push bar, roll bar and side steps- side steps removed 8/6 lift it 2-3 inches have pucks needs shakles 96 swap (puts flak jacket on) 97+ center console ( i miss cup holders that will hold a cup) installed 8/6 over head console - found one out of a durango/ dakota gotta wire seats that match the rest of the interior- soon to be installed Cruisers tips ( I've done 2,3,4,13,19,23,33,34,37) hitch factory radio - gotta contact minuit still. rear bumper - installed a after market - 01/2019 fog lights - after bumper bed light have needs installed after roll bar is out 3rd brake light - not gonna happen unless i can get a dakota one to fit, more to ponder rear slider - have needs installed at some point. AC - def. needs power locks and windows - not something i thought of but have and needs installed lca - have wj to install bedliner - probably get a roll on kit chrome trim around grill - soon chrome front bumper - soon Turbine wheels - have wheels needs restored and tires carpet / sound deadening headliner - have material just need to pull blue cluster - gotta find one that fits Laredo trim - have door panels, cluster surround, column/ leather wrapped wheel.
  2. thank you, its a slow process but will get there eventually.
  3. funny how we do that for our folks, I've got one that's country for my dad, one that's instrumental for background music at work and rock/metal for intense jobs for either home or work. Kinda why I asked to see what else was out there and add more to the playlists.
  4. popped up in my feed, interesting watch.
  5. thats cool your in a band, I listened to the songs and they are not bad are you guys just playing local or just in the church? looked up BLS, didn't realize I've heard them before and enjoyed them, there usually in a Spotify mix which would explain why i wasn't sure who they were.
  6. both really good albums, I always find my stereo has been turned up when listening to the wall, seems like every song it goes up a notch.
  7. thats a lot of albums, also you do realize you can turn shuffle off on spotify right? "most of the Beatles" early or later years?
  8. It's always nice to find those hidden gems, enjoyed this and will have to look into more by them.
  9. you were in my neighbor hood with these yards, surprised you didn't hit the LKQ @ 33rd and Peoria, they've got a comanche in the yard there. hoping you also told u pull and pay you were at the other yard as you only have to pay once
  10. Drivers seat done. Stock 1988 swb 4.0 ax15 np 231.
  11. http://teamcherokee.com/front-sway-bar-skid-plate-oem-jeep-cherokee-1984-2001/ $37
  12. could you remove the dove tail? rent a second truck for someone you trust?
  13. so I picked up 2 door power window and lock switches on the junkyard haul. then a couple days ago i picked up power window regulators, locks and the cross body harness from a 92 4 door. tonight I spent some time in the cross body harness converting it from a 4 door to a 2 door. donor also had remote locks, so that was removed as well. planning to do a write up on the install. didn't take any pictures of the wire harness de-clutter. also picked up the seat covers for the 2 door seats and door cards to match. found some country door cards as well for the stash. tomorrow will be testing and cleaning seats, and removing the mounts from the rocker seats. I think I'm either aiming for a laredo or a pioneer clone.
  14. poor design on jeep on that one. I would clean it and the bulk head just to see if it helps.
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