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  1. jdog

    CC cookbook

    good to hear its away from the house, you gonna use a cherrypicker?
  2. jdog

    CC cookbook

    not yet, i have all the stuff to make it just been lazy
  3. jdog

    CC cookbook

    mostly dinner choices, but could be both
  4. jdog

    CC cookbook

    anybody got any fish recipes? also holidays are upon us, anybody got any plans for dinners?
  5. jdog


    1JTHS6416HT144874 correct vin @Pete M please fix title
  6. jdog

    Parts in Denver

    only thing i have is the passenger door handle if your interested, no blue parts or door striker
  7. jdog

    Parts in Denver

    color for clips? and drs or pass?
  8. jdog


    Build: jm61 Body: 6/6/89 *X1 DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE -YY DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE ADA Light Group ADLA Skid Plate Group ALN Body Color Bumper Group BAYP 105 Amp Alternator BCYP 595 Amp Battery CBAP Straight Back Bench Seat DBBC All Manual Transmissions DDQ 5-Speed Manual Transmission EAAC All Engines
  9. jdog

    Parts in Denver

    btt will be adding more soon
  10. body: jl61 Build: 9/21/90 *C1 DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE -SA Charcoal ADA Light Group ADLA Skid Plate Group ALN ARLA BAFP 130 Amp Alternator BCYP 495 Amp Battery CBAP Straight Back Bench Seat CKAP Carpets - Floor and Cargo Area DBBC All Manual Transmissions DDQ 5-Speed Manual Tran
  11. type of plugs are you using? have you checked the intake manifold bolts? what all was swapped besides the head? what fuel pump did you use?
  12. jdog


    body: jl61 Build: 3/4/88 *B1 DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE -SA Charcoal AGC APA Monotone Paint CBA Straight Back Bench Seat CGX RR Head Restraints Outboard Seating DGW 4-Spd. Automatic Transmission ERB 4.0L I6 MPI Engine GAC Tinted Glass Windows GFD Rear Sliding Window JJA Cigar Lighter LMA
  13. jdog


    picture doesn't work missing a digit in the vin correct vin: 1JTMR65T7JT140204 build date: 2/18/88 Body: jp62 *W7 Cloth Lo-Back Bckt/Red Accent Seats -SA Charcoal ADA Light Group ADL Skid Plate Group AGL APA Monotone Paint BCQ 750 Amp Maintenance Free Battery CAC Low Back Bucket Seats CGW CKA Carpets - Floor and
  14. jdog

    What are the ranks?

    -Can spell Comanche 25 -Comanche fan 50 -Comanche aficionado 150 -Comanche Addict 500 -Obsessive Comanche Disorder 5000 as of 2009, I'm sure Pete has added a few others, and then there is a few others that are special like "cannot spell commanche"
  15. jdog

    What are the ranks?

    Cannot spell commanche Obsessive Comanche disorder
  16. jdog

    Home Security

    any update on this?
  17. Welcome, Body:tl62 Build:6/21/91 APAS Monotone Paint BAPS 75 Amp Alternator BCCS Maint. Free Battery BGAS Power Front Disc/Rear Drum Brakes CUMS Mini Floor Console DMMS 3.07 Rear Axle Ratio DRJS Dana 35 Rear Axle GACS Tinted Glass Windows GBBS Tinted Windshield Glass GCBS Front Door Tinted Glass GEHS F
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