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  1. Build: April 26, 1988 Body: ts61 Selling Dealer: FISHEL CHRYSLER JEEP Red Lion, PA *Q7 Cloth Low-Back Bucket Seats -SA Charcoal AGD SXT Plus Group APA Monotone Paint AWH Power Equipment Group CAC Low Back Bucket Seats CGW CKA Carpets - Floor and Cargo Area CUF Full Length Floor Console DDJ 5 Speed Manual Transmission ERB 4.0L I6 MPI Engine GAC Tinted Glass Windows GEC Front Left Side Sliding Window GFD Rear Sliding Window GSC Right Black Mirror JFH Tachometer JGB Digital Clock JHA Var Intermittent Windshield Wipers JJA Cigar Lighter K60 STRIPE/BADGE/MOLDING LAP Shift Indicator Warning Lamp LMA Halogen Headlamps LNJ Front Fog Lamps MBJ Black Powder Coated Front Bumper MCA Rear Body Color Applique MCB Bronze Fascia Applique NAA Federal Emissions PE4 Colorado Red QE4 Colorado Red RAF AM/FM Cassette Radio SBA Power Steering SCE Alcantara Wrapped Steering Wheel SUA Tilt Steering Column TBG Compact Spare Tire WJH 15X7 Aluminum Wheels 3LY DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE
  2. Its not to bad to do, just make sure to put some rags to catch the brake fluid from going onto the paint when removing the lines and follow exactly how it says to bench bleed.
  3. Reman is someone replaced the most common worn out parts, rebuild kits can be tricky but cheap and can be done in a day.
  4. The door hinges are the same as the four door cherokee which should open up the options
  5. ^really working fast on the 87 awaiting to see what he does with the 86
  6. ^finally has his Comanche home in its own house
  7. We always say, take the build sheets with a grain of salt. When you convert to 134 you will need to find all the leaks of the r12 system You will also need to completly flush the system and replace the orings
  8. jdog


    Why not look into the registry spreadsheet, @fiatslug87 has it broken down into colors and trims
  9. Does the rotor lock onto the distributor? Not loose Is possible the plugs are fouled out, clean them up with a wire brush
  10. What do the plugs look like? And how does the rotor look, pictures?
  11. possible that you pinched a line going back together?
  12. jdog


    Body: tm61 build: 7/20/87 (happy build day) selling dealer: JAMISON MOTOR SALES Wash c h, OH *X1 DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE -SA Charcoal AGJ Driver Assistance Group APA Monotone Paint CBA Straight Back Bench Seat CGX RR Head Restraints Outboard Seating CKA Carpets - Floor and Cargo Area DGS 4-Speed Automatic AW4 Transmission EPD 2.5l I4 GAC Tinted Glass Windows GFD Rear Sliding Window GSC Right Black Mirror JHA Var Intermittent Windshield Wipers JJA Cigar Lighter K60 STRIPE/BADGE/MOLDING LMA Halogen Headlamps MBJ Black Bumper NAA Federal Emissions PX6 DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE QX6 DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE RAB AM/FM Radio SBA Power Steering SCE Steering Wheel TBG Compact Spare Tire WJD 15X7.0 Styled Steel Wheels 3LX DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE
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