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  1. If the fuel is not getting to the rails its a fuel line or pump issue. The vacuum system doesn't have any say as to the pump running or not. I'm assuming it is a 4.0 l
  2. Mine plugged in the existing fuse block
  3. Stick with the old one if you're not having issues with it
  4. I think all you need to run that speedo is a speed sensor out of the trans. And run new wiring, but I could be wrong As far as the other gauges will need the correct senders
  5. Do any tests yet or just throwing a sensor at it because it smells rich? Iirc you want heated
  6. jdog


    Makes me wonder why there isn't overspray on the wind screen and why the mirrors aren't red
  7. Check the gauge fuse, and also the rest of the fuse box
  8. Do you have a/c? I think ac uses 5 and non uses 4
  9. jdog


    Link states it has a clean title, probably a donated vehicle
  10. jdog


    Is back up FCA US LLC ORION TWP. Mi
  11. jdog


    Nope, same thing
  12. Either that or how are the plug wires? Cap?
  13. jdog

    Happy New Year

    We got much needed snow, and a wildfire a day before, kinda glad for the snow. What's the saying white snow fresh start
  14. jdog

    Happy New Year

    Happy 2022 yall
  15. I'm still leaning towards a bad sensor
  16. No worries just trying to get the basics out of the way
  17. How's the cts read? Compression numbers? How do the plugs look that came out and what was installed?
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