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  1. jdog

    wood stoves

    Glad I wasn't the only one seeing it
  2. They are making fun of the guy who created this eye sore
  3. jdog


    I see it all the time as well, wasn't sure if you knew or not.
  4. jdog

    wood stoves

    Why does this look like a re purposed portajohn (maybe it's just me)
  5. jdog


    Welcome your grille is upside down BUILD:2/14/89(Valentines day build) BODY:TM62 *X8 Cloth Low-Back Bucket Seats -SA Charcoal CACP Low Back Bucket Seats CDBP Reclining Front Seats CUMP Mini Floor Console DGB All 4-Speed Automatic Transmissions DHSP Floor Mount Automatic Shift Lever EAAC All Engines EAFC ERB 4.0L I6 MPI ENGINE
  6. jdog


    BUILD:8/12/87 BODY: TL61 *B1 DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE -YY DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE AGC APA Monotone Paint BCQ 750 Amp Maintenance Free Battery CBA Straight Back Bench Seat CGX RR Head Restraints Outboard Seating DDJ MANUAL TRANS EPD 2.5L I4 ENGINE GAC Tinted Glass Windows HAA Air Conditioning
  7. 1st dunno 2nd wiper delay 3&4 emissions timer 5&6 aftermarket cruise
  8. Welcome, A little more info would be helpful, is it 4.0 or 2.5 auto or manual, And the most useful, does it have ac?
  9. Build: 5/29/87 BODY:TL61 *A6 Vinyl Trimmed Bucket Seats -H9 DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE APA Monotone Paint CBA Straight Back Bench Seat CGX RR Head Restraints Outboard Seating DCB MANUAL TRANSMISSION EPD 2.5L I4 ENGINE HCC Do Not Use - See HCA JJA Cigar Lighter KD8 STRIPE/BADGE/MOLDING/DELETE LAP Shift Indica
  10. jdog

    Tool Talk

    https://www.amazon.com/Mountain-MTNRM6-Universal-Reversible-Ratcheting/dp/B00DDO1DPG/ref=pd_sbs_469_4/146-7796111-1155843?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00DDO1DPG&pd_rd_r=29150aa9-6cc4-473e-82c4-796dc6c720f0&pd_rd_w=qYgY6&pd_rd_wg=8JD1w&pf_rd_p=ed1e2146-ecfe-435e-b3b5-d79fa072fd58&pf_rd_r=0BPMH9ASYATS7PZX4DRW&psc=1&refRID=0BPMH9ASYATS7PZX4DRW absolutely love these, I bought them when E-Z red had the patent, they have since sold the patent so you can find a few variations of these.
  11. Either called butt connectors or crimp connectors. Next time you get some get em with the solder in it
  12. Butt connectors? Or crimp tool? Or heat shrink? The speakers look good
  13. Quick question probably not relevant but what plugs are you using?
  14. jdog


    VIN:1J7FT36L0LL161713 BUILD:10/20/89 BODY:TL62 *E1 Cloth Bench Seat -YY DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE ALN ARL BAYP 105 Amp Alternator BCYP 95 Amp Battery CBAP Straight Back Bench Seat CKAP Carpets - Floor and Cargo Area DGB All 4-Speed Automatic Transmissions DHTP Shift-on-the-Fly,P/Time T/Case EAAC Al
  15. does it have a year on it, i miss that version of plates, the new ones are ok, the one between where they switched the colors was a huge mistake.
  16. worth more now then new with all those comanche badges and stickers
  17. jdog

    CC cookbook

    looks like it could make a mean grilled cheese
  18. its a auto, you can eliminate it if you wanted to
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