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  1. HOrnbrod

    Anything worth pulling off a Renix XJ?

    Why not you? I did mine by scratch, piece by piece and homemade wiring harness. If I could have found a deal like this i would have been all over it.
  2. HOrnbrod

    California Fires

    Nonsense Charlie. You're still a youngster, plenty of time for another MJ. You'll be busy as hell for awhile, maybe quite awhile, but when you have everything straight, it'll be MJ time again. No hurry. Check in from time to time, we'll be waiting for you mate.
  3. HOrnbrod

    Going to pick up Comanche this week

    Understand - do what you gotta do.
  4. HOrnbrod

    Going to pick up Comanche this week

    Imagine. It can and usually is if you take your time and are not in a hurry. Plus you can ship it for $500 sometimes using Uship and are willing to wait using the Space A option. Or tow it back yourself. Buying a local rust-free vehicle is nearly impossibly up there and you've got at least $1K of rust repair with a ton of labor and you'll never get it or stop it all. And no way would I buy someone else' s 4.5" lifted rig with a Krusty's or worse lift either. I'm originally from New England and when I left I swore I'd never buy a northern used vehicle again.
  5. Now if we could only get everyone to do this....
  6. This Mopar factory kit will enable you to relocate your ignition coil that is stupidly mounted on your hot HO engine block to a cooler place. I was frying coils annually until I installed this kit a few years ago, detailed here. It comes with a new Mopar coil, relocation harness, and instructions. It does not include a ZJ coil bracket as I used; if you want to use one you can find them easily at the yard or on Ebay. Or your can simply remount the coil w/o one using the original bolts/nuts. This kit is for HO MJs only. $55 shipped - Paypal Preferred
  7. HOrnbrod

    Post A New Picture You Took Thread!

    How long is it this time of year from dawn to dusk? Maybe 4-5 hours?
  8. How about creating a signature so we know what you are driving....
  9. HOrnbrod

    Going to pick up Comanche this week

    Exactly. To answer your question: "is that a good price for it?", hell no. You can get a clean similarly equipped southern rust-free MJ shipped to WI for equal or less $$. Take your time and do some searching.
  10. HOrnbrod

    Parking brake assembly $update

    The wire attaches to the NO brake light switch using a female spade connector.
  11. HOrnbrod

    NOS Mopar MJ / XJ Front Air Dam Deflector

  12. Nice work guys, and it looks like y'all had a lot of fun building this rig.
  13. HOrnbrod

    New member fuel issues

    Contact forum members here like krustyballer16 or saveevryjp1998 via PM. They usually have some...
  14. HOrnbrod

    Sending unit plug

    Only comes off by removing the push-on speed nut from the backside.