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  1. HOrnbrod

    NFL kneeling

    I missed what Dirty said because he's on my "Ignore User" list.
  2. HOrnbrod

    NFL kneeling

    I've used it - works well. It blocks posts from the ignored user and gives you a choice if you want to read them or not.
  3. HOrnbrod

    88 Sportruck

    Up where?
  4. Every time you disconnect the fan switch on the thermostat housing it triggers the aux fan 22 code. For me the only way I could get rid of it was to run through the ECU residual memory dump procedure. And it not the manual switch causing it either. I've had an inline manual emergency override switch on my aux fan for years.
  5. Oh well, it was the thought that counted.
  6. Try a restrictor like I did HERE, especially since you are using a Hesco hi-flow pump now. Easy to do and it really helped. I think I still have a couple laying around I can send you. Worth a shot.
  7. HOrnbrod

    NFL kneeling

    Yep, it was a "look at me" childish stunt by Kaepernick that blew up in his face. He had a history of this kind of crap and no team wanted him with all the baggage he carried. Then all the others who joined in, innocently perhaps for what they thought were valid reasons, and everything got blown out of proportion.
  8. HOrnbrod

    NFL kneeling

    This is true. All-in-all, it's been a decent discussion IMO. Let's keep it that way.
  9. HOrnbrod

    NFL kneeling

    Does anyone know who, when, where, and why NFL players started to take a knee during the national anthem? It was started by Colin Kaepernick, a washed-up black NFL quarterback that no team wanted because because he's, well, a crappy QB. In September 2016 he was the first to sit down, then later take a knee as the Star Spangled Banner was sung at a preseason NFL game because he refused to “show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” This, in his mind, was to highlight and protest recent events (at the time) of perceived police brutality in Tulsa and Charlotte against black men committing crimes. The longer he did it the more predominantly black NFL players joined in, and it spiraled from there. It had nothing to do with most of the opinionated stuff that's been posted in this thread.
  10. She's crying for chrome mirrors and a chrome bumper.
  11. HOrnbrod

    Passenger Side Axle Bearing

    Don't feel bad because you perhaps buggered up a job on your MJ. Everyone here has done the same, it's p/o the learning process. I strongly suggest you invest in a set of Factory Service Manuals (FSM's) for your 1991. It's the best tool you will ever own. I've had my 91 for many years and I always learn something from every job. Used FSM sets can be found used on Ebay for not much money.
  12. mmmmm - chromed Ravines. Looks great with the rest of the shiny stuff.
  13. HOrnbrod

    Passenger Side Axle Bearing

    As-is, with the bearing it's okay. Seems the OP got a lot of unintentional bum dope in this post....
  14. HOrnbrod

    Passenger Side Axle Bearing

    Can you get the c-clip back on as-is? If so, then yes.
  15. HOrnbrod

    Passenger Side Axle Bearing

    Supposed to be flush with the axle tube end. http://gojeep.willyshotrod.com/HowtoAxleSeal.htm