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  1. Alternator fried.

    Power steering pump bolts are not all loosened enough to swing the pump I think. This vid might help - looks like the same config as yours:
  2. '91 Comanche H.O. Build

    Looks like you have a good solid HO platform there to work with. Original paint?
  3. For sure - lot's of nice suspension features. and of course the 5.2. I'd be very interested if it were more "streetified".
  4. Ballast Resistor????

    That one has the crappy push-on terminals like the OEM resistor. They get loose over time and can fall off.
  5. Ballast Resistor????

    It's the fuel pump ballast resistor, ~1.3 ohms value. You can replace it with any similarly configured porcelain power resistor of the same value. The Standard RU-13 is a good choice and it has the more secure ring terminals.
  6. Rough idle

    Yes. At least 90% of fault codes never trigger the CEL. Do this before anything else.
  7. Rough idle

    Check for fault codes. https://comancheclub.com/topic/28111-reading-obdi-91-and-92-mj-fault-codes/
  8. NOS Mopar Renix 4.0 Distributor P/N 53007190

    The Motorcraft - shelled dizzys with the Mopar (89)53007190 p/n tag is PnP bolt-in with no problems for all Renix 1987-1990 4.0 engines. They use the same AMC/Mopar drive gear for cw rotation as the Mopar HO distributors, p/n 83504635.
  9. NOS Mopar Renix 4.0 Distributor P/N 53007190

    AMC used variants of Motorcraft distributors on all their I6 and V8 engines from 78-90 until Chryco too over.
  10. Coolwind57's

    The older (square body) S10 is the MJ's closest relative as far as bed size. Looks like it fits well.
  11. Why would you not want to do business with Team Cherokee? Never had a problem with them. They are about the only reliable source for the expendable and unique "bits" that all our MJs need sooner or later. I'm glad they are around and stock these pieces for reasonable prices.
  12. Hello

    Si. Try doing microwave link path studies from mountaintop HF towers that you have to be helo-ed into. Lots of fun.
  13. new fan is in...

    Can't argue with that.
  14. new fan is in...

    Yes, it works. It rotates, makes noise, and draws power. Might not provide much cooling for you come summer though..