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  1. where do i purchase a Zj box and is it the three bolt setup will it fit ??also Price how much you think it would cost me roughly ?
  2. Cruiser i have been away for long time but ive read every post youve put out and i feel as if i know you ! and I do but behind the lines i side with you !! But as far as the gear box i only have 2 wheel drive and as long as its cjeap enough and works as long as this original did I'm ok with it ! I do do 4 wheeling in a 2 wheel drive comanche because its a comanche its possible halol thanks cruiser
  3. great advice ! But I'm just keeping it as original as possible i realy do want to upgrade the truck to 4 wheel drive and thats been a dream and a passion to accomplish that but given my circumstances i can't afford to do that I'm having a hard enough time keeping the truck together but just want to keep it stock ! its 2wheel drive commanche pioneer i had it from factory ! thanks my friend !!
  4. I'm in st.pete not sure whats here or available I'm new to the area but i could make a run back to tampa and hit LKQ or zephryhills there a good salvage there !! but its a trip for me apreaciate your help
  5. where could i purchase the zj box ? and yeah I'm realy trying to keep as close to original as possible ! it always turned on a dime ! and it lasted since 1989 thats a long time ! but not wanting to go broke too at same time I'm for quality and ill pay for it ! thanks eaglescout for your reply ! P.s whats a good place to purchase thats reasonable on price Thanks
  6. just a good stock gear box not planning on off road but at times i do end up in tghe woods ive never been stuck and its 2 wheel drive ! but i do not want to replace this again ! the one i have has lasted way over than i expected ive replaced the engine twice and going on a third time so its done its job but needs replacing
  7. Cruiser your voice has never failed me ill say that !! no punn intended to the experience out there I'm sure they are all tried and true ! but who will i end up listening to well cruiser54
  8. I have a 1989 jeep comanche 2 wheel drive and I'm neeeding to replace my steering gear box anyone have an idea of the best place to purchase one ? my truck is a standard 5 speed 4.0 six
  9. Thanks for that info I’ll try and confirm that further so I can get the correct linkages and stock parts that came with this transmition like shifter ect ...
  10. I'm needing help on my 2wdrive swap to 4wdrive I'll add photos of the transmition I purchased from another jeep I'm bv trying to identify it because th e identifiable tags are missing and I believe the front and rear axles are from the same jeep cherokee the transmition is from but I'll post photos to see if any of you guys can identify it !?
  11. Is the cover still available ? If so call me @ 956 -246-7998 I’m n Tampa fla or pm me or text thanks
  12. I'm in need for a fuel rail new or used I'm in tampa fla also anyone who knows of an online parts supplier please suggest these places thank you ! My number is 956-236-7998 my name is john !
  13. Yeah I’m sure they need balancing also the entire front end probably needs replacing because nothing. Has been serviced e erything is stock from when it was first bought in 89 you know like bush8ngs top and lower ball joints steeering pit,an arm ect ! But to resolve the death wobble as quickly and efficiently without blowing money where it won’t resolve it as a quick fix isn’t helping me ! I’ll probably start with the most obvious like the track bar and then just start replacing bushings. and also the ball joints I’ll even check the bearings too for slagg basically anything that moves or
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