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  1. I’m in search for a fuel rail and fuel pump sending unit (bracket with potentiometer ) also condenser and fan shroud for a/c . And all the parts for a 2wdrive to 4wdrive swap transmition with all linkages and front end transaxle ! With accessories attached ! I’m in Tampa fla
  2. I’m in need of the fuel pump sending unit assembly (the bracket that holds fuel pump. ) also fan shroud and condenser if it’s interchangeable to an 1989 Jeep pioneer 2wd. 4.0 6cyl Call me. At 813-447-2763 ask for john ! I'm in Tampa fla 33613 thank you !
  3. I’m looking for the fuel tank sending unit /bracket with or without pump also fan shroud and a/c condenser if still available call me at 813-447-2763 Tampa ,fla 33613. Ask for john
  4. Wanted 1989 Jeep Comanche pioneer fuel sending unit assembly (bracket ) also front fan shroud and condenser and elect fan ! Call Me at 813-447-2763 ask for john ! Tampa fla,33613
  5. hey pete the coil is new and the plug wires replaced and new plugs gapped
  6. I do know the day I came in it was Hombrod and cruiser who came to my calling !! they are the first on my list and couple others too !
  7. <-------( 56) been with club since I can't remember too much Mudd on the brain ! or is it My Tps needing adjustment ??
  8. Thanks paradise that was a $130.00 question I went to O-Rileys and asked for a manual T.P.S they quoted me that price !! YIKES was my Thoughts ! Now its all about Re-adjusting the T.P.S heading over to cruisers Renix on that thanks !! can't wait to get the mechanics right so I can start on cosmetics !! Ill be posting before and after pics and keep it all well documented !
  9. Looking for a 1989 jeep comanche fuel pump rack in good condition with float intact !
  10. Does a two wire (connector) automatic transmition T.P.S also work with a manual Transmition , Which originaly used a single wired connector for a 1989 jeep comanche pioneer ?
  11. Hi paradise thanks man for the reply forgive me for replying back late Ive been full bore on this truck !! at the moment i got the truck running what i did was take that rear intake vacume line and T'd it to the fuel regulater so far the truck is running but still drops out boggs down when i press on the gas ! Which tells me i need to adjust the T.P.S which is new But!! the one i purchased was a two wire T.P.S for an automatic which i have a manual transmition ! so I'm trying to find out if there is a discrepencey between the two ? I paid about $50.00 bucks for the automatic T.P.S went back to see what the manual one cost it was $130.00 bucks which in case i will try and locate one from U-pull it here in tampa ! eighther way I'm trying to see if it matters between the two ! ? also My a/c isnt online i have it disconnected and I don't have a condencer or the vacume canaster in the front [assenger side next to radiater ill be locating one in a couple days and have all that back online then ill replace that one vacume line back to its defaulted position in the canaster ! so thats where I'm at i will be posting pics of wiring that i do not know what or where they go to ? soon as i can figure out how to get the pics into this post ! Thanks again
  12. yes this is a 4.0 6 cyl bored 55 over so much larger cyl equivalent to boss 302 ! which changes everything ! the larger the bore everything must go up a knotch and as you said the defaulted sensors are designed for a smaller bore so this could cause a problem ! Engine machined at N.a.p.a ! with the understanding of the effects of boring it up they did the math and three other sources confirmed the upgrade its should run with the supplied equipment that was original to the vehicle ! but with more Horse power !
  13. yes true that and thanks for replying this is an 1989 jeep comanche pioneer rebuilt bored 55 over basicly equivalent to boss 302 ! it has no catalytic converter its been taken off running straight exhaust ! the canaster you described is missing also the a/c is not connected or online yet so its basicly just for serpenteen belt usage (a pully at best ) i have no condenser too ! but that vacume line you spoke of comming off the intake manifold is it the one in the rear of the manifold ? because its not routed anywhere and yes it is sucking a lot of air ! so if i don't have the canaster should i just plug it ? or reroute it to the fuel regulater with a (T) or just simply plug it ? i am certain this will have an affect to the problem I'm having !! Also you exsplained about the throttle position sensor (TPS) its all new But I don't believe i did anything to adjust it ! its at its default position But still should runn without lossing power ! but I will proceed to adjust this as well leaving no stone unturned ! I do need to Revise my pneumatics (vacume lines ) make sure i have them correct I struggle to find a more advanced schematic on this year vehicle ! youtube is great for many things But not all ! Thanks for your help !!
  14. Thanks ill scope this out and drop you a note if anything good developes
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