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  1. Is the cover still available ? If so call me @ 956 -246-7998 I’m n Tampa fla or pm me or text thanks
  2. I'm in need for a fuel rail new or used I'm in tampa fla also anyone who knows of an online parts supplier please suggest these places thank you ! My number is 956-236-7998 my name is john !
  3. Yeah I’m sure they need balancing also the entire front end probably needs replacing because nothing. Has been serviced e erything is stock from when it was first bought in 89 you know like bush8ngs top and lower ball joints steeering pit,an arm ect ! But to resolve the death wobble as quickly and efficiently without blowing money where it won’t resolve it as a quick fix isn’t helping me ! I’ll probably start with the most obvious like the track bar and then just start replacing bushings. and also the ball joints I’ll even check the bearings too for slagg basically anything that moves or shakes while I turn the shell from lock to lock is going to be replaced. It’s all I can do and hope to hell it isn’t a waist of money and time I won’t stupid my way.can't afford even stupid :)
  4. Yes I’ll be heading back to Tampa soon as I get this front end resolved and what you just said is great advice it’s what I assumed but being carfull to what I spend money on in my situation is a detriment to my situation I’m xtremly limited money wise and I’m far away from home where at least i know my way around ! I am homeless living In my comanche literally ! It’s kept me dry !
  5. I have a 1989jeep comanche that has that death wobble and I’m trying to find where it is comming from ? I’m certain that it’s comming from several components but my question is what would temporarily fix the death wobble mostly ? Should I buy the track bar or just replace the bushings in the one I have Which is stock Oem ,or replace other parts of my front end ? I. Stuck in spur Texas as and there isn’t much out here thanks for any reply !
  6. I’m in search for a fuel rail and fuel pump sending unit (bracket with potentiometer ) also condenser and fan shroud for a/c . And all the parts for a 2wdrive to 4wdrive swap transmition with all linkages and front end transaxle ! With accessories attached ! I’m in Tampa fla
  7. I’m in need of the fuel pump sending unit assembly (the bracket that holds fuel pump. ) also fan shroud and condenser if it’s interchangeable to an 1989 Jeep pioneer 2wd. 4.0 6cyl Call me. At 813-447-2763 ask for john ! I'm in Tampa fla 33613 thank you !
  8. I’m looking for the fuel tank sending unit /bracket with or without pump also fan shroud and a/c condenser if still available call me at 813-447-2763 Tampa ,fla 33613. Ask for john
  9. Wanted 1989 Jeep Comanche pioneer fuel sending unit assembly (bracket ) also front fan shroud and condenser and elect fan ! Call Me at 813-447-2763 ask for john ! Tampa fla,33613
  10. hey pete the coil is new and the plug wires replaced and new plugs gapped
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