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  1. Put the marker on the Comanche, looks like there is another MJ in Oxnard. I'm digging the map.
  2. I've had these turbines for over 10 years and always wanted them black. It was only that I know a guy that did me a solid and sandblasted and powder coated them black for me. I'll be wrapping them with 31's and they look way better then anything I could have ever done. I went the easy route.
  3. I'm wondering if this looks like the metric ton. Its an 88 lwb 4.0 2wd. Not trying to hijack.
  4. What did that two door do to become a donor?
  5. Got back from the jy and there was not a corgo light or switch.
  6. I did not notice if it had a cargo light. It had a shell on it. I'm going back to the JY this weekend and I will double check. I'll grab it if it does.
  7. Found this 2.5 2wd at the local jy. Someone had already harvested the tranny and the interior, badges. i took the rear lenses, tailgate and rear flares and I think i'm going to get the spare tire lowering assembly. Haven't seen one at the jy for a while. it's in Santa Paula, Ca.
  8. 88 Laredo with a long bed straight six 2wd with dana 44 AX15 I think I've had the truck for about 5 years and it was DD for the first 2. It still drives like a bat out of hell even at 349 and change not sure if the engine or trans are untouched. Crazy plan is to make it 4wd its just begging for it I've learned alot from the forum and thought i'd check in and say good job all.
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