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  1. No, not black. Simply wanted to give an example of price as to what you could pay if you found those same seats at the JY. That would be a good find. Black Is Rare
  2. I think these are the rivets that need to be drilled out to make this happen. They seem to keep the wheel on the track from going past them. I bought a pair of '88 2 door seat with the brackets that tilt for $80 at the JY without either measuring my bracket or the XJ I was getting it from thinking its an '88 Loerdo like my MJ if it doesn't fit, how hard could it be? Starting with the passenger seat. Has anyone else tried this?
  3. I just bought a set of seats with the brackets from the JY and paid $80.00 for the pair. $150.00 ea. seems fair. They look to be in good condition. Good luck
  4. PM sent for the Vent Trim
  5. Good price. https://slo.craigslist.org/cto/d/atascadero-1986-jeep-cherokee-4x4/7153146409.html I thought someone would need some of these parts for yours or your friends Comanche.
  6. I am going to be doing the exact same thing. Thanks for the picture.
  7. Roblesland


    On my way to something else I came across this site which I thought might be of interest. https://leencustoms.com/pages/customs I think they would make great xmas gift or....
  8. Put the marker on the Comanche, looks like there is another MJ in Oxnard. I'm digging the map.
  9. I've had these turbines for over 10 years and always wanted them black. It was only that I know a guy that did me a solid and sandblasted and powder coated them black for me. I'll be wrapping them with 31's and they look way better then anything I could have ever done. I went the easy route.
  10. I'm wondering if this looks like the metric ton. Its an 88 lwb 4.0 2wd. Not trying to hijack.
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