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  1. https://nashville.craigslist.org/cto/d/1988-jeep-comanche/6664517634.html Chatted with the seller by txt and left him with a standing offer of $600 if it ever comes down to death at a Junk yard.
  2. Minuit, on 06 Apr 2017 - 9:26 PM, said: Could this be the same truck?? relyt120, on 23 May 2014 - 4:53 PM, said:
  3. The parasitic draw causing my battery to continually drain is still an issue. It made my battery go bad eventually, but I was able to get a free replacement from Advance auto. I took some days off to coincide with Memorial Day, so I am going to take some time to figure out which circuit is the issue. I expect its either the interior lights or the headlights, time will tell. Also the truck needs a good wash and vacuum! Pics to follow.
  4. Hey everyone, I recently acquired a nice little cache of R12 and was wondering what the going rate was for them. Thinking of selling a few off to finance an upgrade on my truck :yes: Never had any to sell before so just wondering how much to post them up for. Thanks!
  5. I mounted the toolbox in the bed using this kit. That kit is awesome! Wish I had known about that, would have definitely got a couple sets. You are really working out a lot of the bugs in that truck, glad you took it off my hands!
  6. I've seen a 95 or 96 with a column shifter before, never a 97+ though
  7. :oops: didn't even realize the brake lights had an issue. Glad you can give it the time and effort it deserves! :thumbsup:
  8. Looking good with the bedliner in. Got to ride in the '91 when he came to pick up the '89 and the pictures really don't do it justice!
  9. Bad news for this project, or potentially good depending on the outcome. I have been forced to purchase a new DD so there is a need to get rid of one of my 4 vehicles, this one has drawn the short straw. I am not worried about getting a lot of money out of this, or even what I have put into it. Really I would just like to get my initial $600 out of it and see it go to a good home. I'm going to sell it as is with: Complete Grey interior(partially installed to reveal floors) Currently installed MJ buckets Original bench seat Original Vinyl flooring (removed to reveal floors) Maroon interior with dash (only bad part is PO cut B pillar parts to fit speakers) Set of Eliminator 10 holes(2 of which are installed) Set of non-rivet ring 10 holes Spare Tailgate Bed Tool box Drop in bedliner (currently Installed) Non-OE 3 piece Roll bar, was installed on an MJ by PO, though never on this one. Includes new battery and cables installed Fuel rail has been cleaned Volvo upgrade injectors installed with all fresh o-rings Grounds upgraded Comes with Patch panel for driver side floor Here are the things it needs: Windshield replacement (priced $125 locally) Floor replaced (Patch panel included) Interior reinstalled(have either grey or maroon to choose from) Needs paint job for all panels to match (I was planning to pull red doors and hood from JY then either just rattle can the cab or get it painted to "match") Needs remaining 2 Eliminator 10 hole rims installed (new tires wouldn't hurt either) The truck runs and drives, starts every time. It has the 4.0l l6 with 5 speed manual transmission, 2wd. After listing all the stuff I am willing to include with this truck I don't even want to think about all the money I've spent gathering these parts etc but I just don't have the time and in some cases the skills to get this to where it deserves to be. I am hoping someone on here can take the baton and get this thing respectable again. Let me know if any interest. I will be posting in 'For sale' once I get it cleaned up and take some current pictures.
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