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  1. Codename Bumblebee: Continued A currently quite short build thread by Minuit I've been looking for a second project for some time. My silver '91 has been my daily driver for years and is at the point where it's getting hard to call it a project truck. If you've been keeping track of this truck's previous build thread, you'll know that this truck's previous owner, relyt120, never got a chance to do much with it and recently needed to sell it. Coincidentally he put it up for sale at the exact time I happened to have both the means to buy it and the time to work on it! Not o
  2. Looking to buy an AX15 transmission, bell housing and np231 transfer case with proper spline. The more I can get to do this swap, the better. I have an AW4 I pulled out of my truck that was working okay if you might be looking for one. Thanks for looking.
  3. I've just purchased my MJ a few days ago. I'm trying to figure out what transmission I have. My Comanche is an 88 and I've read that 88 was the year they started phasing out the ba10/5. I would check for the band that the ax15 is supposed to have but the MJ in question is several states away from me at the moment (long story). I know that the transmission in question has an internal slave cylinder (and it is broken). Is any transmission behind an inline 6, with an internal slave cylinder, ipso facto, a ba10/5? or could it be an early version of the ax15? how can I know for sure?
  4. Hey guys I’m new to the forum and I’m not sure I understand how to use it I tried looking this up but the first like 10 pages don’t show what I’m looking for and I got too lazy to keep scrolling so apologize for that. i picked up a 89 Comanche about a month ago it’s got the 4.0 with the ax15 it’s 2 wheel drive and so far I’ve picked up a Dana 30 at a local junk yard I’m wanting to know what else I will need I’m having trouble finding an AX15 that’s 4x4 or will my transmission work? I’ve found a 231 transfer case and I know I’ll need the linkage and drive shaft? Am I missing anything or is t
  5. Hi! I am trying to find a short box roll bar for my 89. I am also looking for a sliding rear window for my truck, as it is a feature that my family has had in other trucks and I would like one for my truck. I do not need but I would like a tailgate for my truck as mine has a lot of dents and a bit of rust. I am also looking for an AX-15 as my truck is an early 89 with the Puke-goat. I would consider traveling 1.5 hours to get parts. I am parting out a 97 Cherokee. I would be interested in trading parts for parts. I may also consider buying a who
  6. Interested if anyone has a spare or leftover internal slave AX-15 bellhousing lying around they'd like to part ways with, loan out, or donate. Looking into making my own engine adapter and want to avoid removing my trans just for dimensions... worth a shot!
  7. Is this a good kit? <AX15 Master Rebuild Kit - Power Torque> Does it include everything I need? Also, any good how-to's or DIY tutorials that y'all know about for a first time rebuilder?
  8. I have an ax15 out of a 94 cherokee in my 89 4.0 Comanche I am replacing the trans mount but can't find one that fits the trans mount that's in it now from the previous owner (I think it's from a ba10 or something like that) is all cut up so it would fit. Does someone make a mount for an ax15 in a Comanche? Is it something custom I would have to make? What can I do. Thank you. I would post a pic of the old mount but I don't know how.
  9. i am new hear. just checkn to see if anyone knows if i need to change the inspection plate when goin from ba10 to ax15 transmission? also would a bellhousing from a 87 to 93 wrangler ax15 4.0 work with my 89 comanche 4.0.. the current bellhousing i have is from a 94+ ax15 external slave. but it doesnt line up 100% to the bolt holes on my motor. any help is apreciated
  10. https://muncie.craigslist.org/wan/5395928811.html
  11. Hey all ive got a 91 comanche that used to be automatic but now its got an ax15 from a 98 xj. i need to hook up the reverse lights to the transmission. However before i do that i have to find the 2 reverse light wires in the engine bay and connect them to the reverse light switch on the side of the tranny. ive found the 2 large plugs (1 gray 1 black) in the pass side of the motor near the firewall and i need to know which wires are the reverse lights. any assistance would greatly be appreciated.
  12. So for about 3 months now Ive had a ford 8.8 ready to swap in including a new 5.5 inch lift. :doh:I have everything to do the lift and swap and i know how to do it, but i haven't yet because its different gearing then my dana 30 upfront right now and i need a drivable car and 4wd here in the upcoming colder months. But now that i have this 1995 4wd cherokee with a non CAD dana 30, I'm going to pull it out and have it re geared and put that in my comanche. I'm not going to build it up yet because i don't have the money because i started school and can't work as much, but i just want to replace
  13. So last weekend I did the ax15 swap, but never actually tried turning it over until today because I was busy with school and my sister was gone so I just drove her Jetta. Everything a on except for the 4wd linkage and front drive shaft. The thing won't start. Battery's good, starters on, it has gas but it was empty when I parked it so I just put 1/4 tank in it. I used the ax15 starter; should I have used the ba10 starter? I don't know much about getting a vehicle started so any help would be great!
  14. i got my pats vehicle. I got a ax15. I'm taking that out today. I'm going to put all new seals in it and clean it up and then I'm going to swap it in. I need to know all the stuff thats needed for this swap. I got the cross member, shifter, case, and linkage. I have no idea what needs to be changed or bought for this. Thanks all!
  15. Hello friends. Jess here from Placerville, CA. I've been lurking around here for several years and have been so grateful to have such a fantastic resource. You guys rock! I can only hope to one day return the favor and give useful advice to someone in need. I don't have the technical knowledge many of you have and this certainly won't be the end-all AX15 swap thread but I figured I share my experience and if it helped someone out, awesome! First of all, there is a lot of posts about the AX15 - If you can't find what you need here on CC there is a lot of other AX15 swap threads out there, I
  16. Alright so I just got a 89 Comanche 4.0 5spd 2wd. been working on getting everything going so I can get it on the road and on to being my DD. Wasn't running when I got it and Cruiser54s tips helped tremendously in getting it going, so thank you for that. I'm now on to getting all the lights to work. The person that had it before did an AX15 swap but did not bother to wire up the reverse switch. so i'm needing a little help with the wire colors and locations to get it going. I've tried searching around to find the right diagram but seem to be getting conflicting answers. when I probe the connec
  17. Just purchased my second Comanche, 91 Eliminator shortbed 4x4 4.0 I6 HO, Ax15, and the metric ton package (dana 44!). Bought it for $1000 runs great only 168k on it and all stock. Problem is floorboards and rockers are gone. (Literally holes you can stick your leg through) I have replacements for both those but came across a rotten frame. Leaf spring and shackles are fine just drivers side is rotted up to the brake lines and a pretty decent size hole. Has anyone repaired a unibody? I know you can strengthen them with unibody supports but anyone do something different?
  18. How the heck do i remove the top two torx bolts on the top of the transmission?! I want to leave the engine in. i have read on a couple different post that they are E12? I don't think a socket wrench will fit between the firewall and back of the engine. I already have the cross member out and the trans and TC on a tranny jack.
  19. :dunno:Hi, I've had a few MJs over the year, but never knew differences between trims: Sport, Eliminator, Base. And what differences will metric ton version over the standard vehicle(yes, I know about carrying capacity). AX15 is good/bad trans?? Different than RENIX? Slainte :cheers:
  20. Went to the junkyard today with my sights on getting a Durango steering box and brake master cylinder for my XJ. There were a ton of Durangos and Dakotas out there. When I'm there, I always check the Dakotas for the infamous AMC 2.5L and 5-speed. Sure enough, the last one I checked, a '98, had the engine removed but the 5-speed was still there and still intact. I jumped into the engine bay and snatched her up. Can't believe I found one after all this time of searching... With that said, I have no use for it at the moment since I did the 4.0 swap... If I could've found this last year, I w
  21. Need within 30-45 minutes of three rivers,mi txt 224 656 3114 I don't need expense but I don't want garbage send me pic an price
  22. Just like the title says, I'm looking for a front drive shaft. Needs to come from an MJ/XJ that has/had an AX15. I'm not looking to spend an arm and a leg. I have one for an AW4 equipped MJ/XJ that I'd be willing to trade if you're in need of that. Thanks... Shawn
  23. My transmission (BA10/5) is going out. I have a 87 Chief 4x4 5spd I6 4.0L I am restoring. If you could help me find a new used transmission to replace it with that would be the $#!&amp;! Preferably the Ax-15 but Ill take anything that works right now.
  24. As many of you know the peugot tranny(AX-5) that came in the renix style MJs is pretty embarassing. I was wondering if anyone knows how big of a deal swapping an AX-15 would be. I have one laying around with low miles mated to a np231. My jeep is an 88 MJ with the 4.0.
  25. Alright, here's my situation: I have an '87 4.0 comanche that I bought, and it had a jammed up pukegoat in it. Fortunately, it had an ax-15 lying in the back of the bed. All I know about that one is that it's a pre-94 model. When I went to trade out the trannies (I've already modified the crossmember), I found that I only had 1 bolt holding the tranny onto the engine after I originally took the crossmember off. So, what I need are the dimensions of each of the bell-to-engine bolts (including bell to dust cover bolts), ie length, head sizes, and thread types so I can have my local Bolts and Fa
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