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  1. Currently we're still planning on september. If the corona virus is still around by then we're gonna have bigger problems then a delayed mj takeover haha
  2. Hey man it looks like it's really coming together! There's a group of mj people that meet up in moab once a year in september. It's called the moab mj takeover. Theres more info on the all things jeep comanche facebook page if you're interested.
  3. I installed your swb sliders on my mj and the center post doesnt reach the frame. Only the 2 outside posts meet the frame. Ive tried to get in contact with you via phone calls, voicemail, and email with no response. Id really like to resolve this issue because as far as I'm concerned theyre just low hanging side steps now.
  4. Roverguy93


    North of dayton if anyones still around
  5. Update: no longer at fort drum yay! Also not in the army anymore YAAAAY! I stripped all the plastidip off so its a multicolored monster right now. The dana 44 is in the rear and the trutrac works good. New alcan leafs in the rear. Sits nice now and no more spring wrap. I'm currently in ohio for hobarts welding school. Will update
  6. Roverguy93


    Still have it for sale? I'm on the western side of ohio. 2 hours away.
  7. Time for an update. I spent an hour writing this and the page reloaded and deleted everything so here's the short story. The Fox shocks I bought were stupid long. Only had an inch of up^travel. don't trust large companies warranties. Found an ARB bumper 350$ and a D44 with a Detroit trutrac 390$. Picked em both up in my buddies gen 1 4runner. Bumper looks awesome but axle still needs perches and shorter driveshaft Picked up some RC shackles to level out the back and it looks niiiiice Always more to do -tranny swap -strip and paint -rock sliders -bolt up the t case skid -set up the 44 to install Pics to follow
  8. Mine fell off and i can't for the life of me figure out what size threads this is. It looks like 1/2 fine thread. Anyone know?
  9. Still gotta find a way to lift the rear but did a little flex test anyway Disregard the impatient passenger
  10. This is North4x4s old truck. I saved his build thread. Quite the transformation. http://comancheclub.com/topic/30052-91-comanche-97-swapped-thinking-about-selling-it/?fromsearch=1
  11. This is how it currently sits still getting used to this photobucket stuff haha
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