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  1. Tacked all the brackets on the wagoneer axle the sent it to my local welder. When I was installing the long arm kit and the adjustable track bar I realized I hadn’t measured the track bar mount at the axle. The only mount I didn’t measure🤪. It was 3/16” too narrow. I cut the front plate off, cut a new one out of 1/4” steel I had laying around and rewelded to the face of the bracket. Fits nice and is mounted solid. The axle doesn’t have weight on it but I plan on installing the axle shafts and knuckles next weekend. Hope it’s on the road within a month. My final issues is an emergency break and rear brakes lines along with the break booster.
  2. @Swampy sounds like Moab 2021 is coming together. May have 3-4 Jeeps....I’m the only Comanche but they are all cool peeps. Planning May at this point. still working on your manche?
  3. Found a deal locally on a set of Mickey Thompson wheels with 35” Baja claws.
  4. I bought a set of Rustys 6.5” lift springs. I have a set of rough country 4.5” lift springs from my previous lift. They’re lengths are identical. The rustys spring looks thicker and has wider spacing between the coils. Maybe the compress less and give a harsher ride? I liked the rough country springs previously. I’m also installing the ACOS system but want a 6.5” lift without using the acos. Any suggestion? Send the rustys back and buy other springs?
  5. LOL, it fits but wouldn't if I put 35's or 36's on it. Still haven't decided what size tires but I'm leaning towards 36" or 37" due to the 4.88 gearing I've bought. I'll drive it locally for the most part so 35" tires wouldn't be too bad for the off-roading.
  6. I bought a Clayton 3link kit for the front and have removed the Dana 30 for the wagoners Dana 44. Set the pinion angle for the truss and will be adding additional pieces this week. I hope to have the axle under it by the first of Feb. https://www.claytonoffroad.com/product/jeep-cherokee-pro-series-3-link-front-long-arm-upgrade-kit-1984-2001-xj
  7. The only advice I have is if your going that far up on your 4x4 scale don’t make it a show truck! If local laws will allow don’t put the flares on them. I know it’s hard to build something and not make it perfect. I’ve built several but when you do that and mess something up.....you sell shortly after. I’ve always wanted an MJ and got lucky to find one with a salvage title. Only thing that happened was a dent in the bed. I cld make mine a show truck but I’m smiling and happy off-road, not worried. Same principal behind the rubicon your selling. I have a JK as well but it’s a sahara and a mall crawler.
  8. I loved that scrambler! It had an early 80’s bronco engine, tranny, transfer case and axles.
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