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  1. I didn’t have to change, just plugged the hose running to it back in. It was shooting black spot out the tailpipe. fortunately, painless wiring makes the same fuse box
  2. Finally figured out the miss. It was the map sensor. I would plug the tube in and it was pulled loose with out me knowing.
  3. I running through the wiring at the dash and working on the heater core. This was a very unpleasant project
  4. Anybody have an idea of what this wire is? Is it supposed to be plugged up?
  5. I’ve located those wires but the connects still look like bare copper. I’m going splice while I’m there. I ran back through my wiring, comparing the stub wires from the c101 connector and it looks correct. I replace motor mounts at the same time and jacked the engine up 2”. Looks like I may have cracked the Map sensor line. Could that cause a miss?
  6. So I've had random issues with my electrical system for some time. Mostly when I go through mud/deep water or if it rains. I decided to delete the C101 and made sure to clean the connector and complete one wire at a time. I cranked the truck yesterday and its missing now. I'm certain that the wires were installed correctly but nothing is 100%. Could the C101 cause a miss? I'm going to run back through the wires tonight to ensure they a matching.
  7. Thank you! The plate is just held on by dealer magnets. I move it around if the tent isn’t on it. 😜 always install bottle openers on my 4x4 projects.
  8. Went really slow and made sure the wires were installed correctly. I used the low temp soldering sleeves. They worked pretty good. I was impressed. Took a couple hours with breaks inbetween.
  9. Got it back on the road. It drives much better with 37s due to the gearing. Runs 60 easily. I’ll be highway testing it this weekend. Still have a small oil leak I haven’t found.
  10. Interested in a full renix cluster could you pm me the total cost with shipping to zipcode 27030?
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