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  1. A friend gave me an old trailer and I’ve been prepping it to hold my RTT.
  2. After spending all the time on my Manche in prep for our PA trip, I’ve been too burnt out to spend time fixing it. Finally started working on it at the beginning of Nov and have everything reassembled.
  3. Thank you! I’m tearing it apart now but its at the final height. Debating on building an rtt trailer now lol.
  4. Thank you! I don’t have anything on the hood. Have a punisher Jeep symbol, that’s it. I’m using self tapping screws to make the flares removeable. Due to the body protection panels, I can use self tapping screw and a cordless drill on the trail to quickly remove the flares for travel. If you plans on traveling through many states, get flares of some type. I bought mine with a lift installed previously. My first purchases after the vehicle were bumpers, winch, sliders and protection panels before axles, lockers and lights. Another item is to go through cruisers tips, this doesn’t cost much but freshenes alot of possible issues.
  5. Inside, most 80’s GM fuse boxes will work. You will have to figure out the wiring because the fuses aren’t in the exact same locations on the painless box but it’s the same shape and fits the outer portion of the fusebox perfect.
  6. Thank you! I have $12k into a $1,500 vehicle lol
  7. Took the Comanche to Rauch Creek with some friends. Ended up breaking the cross member so it’s in the garage again 😂
  8. I didn’t have to change, just plugged the hose running to it back in. It was shooting black spot out the tailpipe. fortunately, painless wiring makes the same fuse box
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