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  1. Hurricane Creek fell through but we will be going to Windrock in Oct and maybe squeeze Uwharrie in before it closes.
  2. Hoping to make Moab late spring of next year. I’ll let you know quite some time before we go. I have air compressor in my cab and will run air to front and rear.
  3. Will be going to hurricane creek next weekend. Can’t tell you how excited I am, being able to drive the Manche again and that she’s almost complete. Will be working on small items like rock lights but other than that I’m ready to wheel.
  4. Took the Comanche to Cape Lookout for weekend camping. She did a 5hr drive each way with minor problems.
  5. Wow! This will be very nice. Could imagine it will be very fast! Light and high power 😳
  6. Worked on several small Projects over the weekend. Added an air tank , welded up my draglink, ran breather lines from the rear axles, hooked up the front driveshaft, Due to the Dana 44 front and ford 8.8 rear axles having disk brakes, I swapped the master cylinder and booster for a dodge 2500 unit . The only mod required is a 1/4” spacer, drill the rods hole larger and grind a flat spot in the rod. The original and 95/96 master and boosters didn’t push enough fluid. Hoping it’s road worthy in a few weeks.
  7. Thank you, the exhaust to protected by my sliders. I bought a set of Rusty's taillights, they don't fit very well but my rig will be a trail rig with a little road driving.
  8. I've installed a Ford 8.8. Previously. I'm working on the brakes and ebrake. I'm having issues with the ebrake cables. I bought the Ford clevis's previously and Dorman 94370 ebrake lines. The ebrake adjuster is bottoming out before the ebrake has any resistance. See the attached. You can see the part that pushes through the bracket and clips in still has a 1/4" before it bottoms out. Any suggestions?
  9. Thank you! It’s been a work in progress. Honestly, spent a lot of time by myself working on it. Helped me heal quite a bit from the loss of my wife.
  10. Almost road ready. Just have to bleed the brakes.
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