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  1. So I can camp in your yard? 4hrs may be a bit for mine but I’ll be driving it to work this week. Gives me something to push for.
  2. The newer clip is just looks. I also changed the radiator to an open system. Changing to an open system does away with the pressure tank on older Comanches. Mulch weighed 800-1,000lbs 😂
  3. As I’ve been driving/working on this truck I realize how unmolested it is. The body isn’t perfect but everything is stock or at least replaced with stock parts. It’s the first 80’s or below vehicle that the wiring wasn’t hacked at the radio. Still had factory plug. I had to completely rewrite The CJ8 in my previous photos dash and all.
  4. A waterfall of diesel wouldn’t feed that thing 😳
  5. Sounds like your batter is dead or you need to clean the positive and negative terminals first.
  6. Could the speakers be wired backwards or one of the speaker wire backwards? This wld cause distortion
  7. Installed dirtbound off-roads front fender protection
  8. Luckily it cleared up after the valve cover 😳
  9. Valve cover gasket seams to have fixed the leak. Gonna drive it a bit and see what happens.
  10. Had an oil leak that became worse when the temps were around 80-90 degrees. I replaced the valve cover gasket and will be working on the RMS and oil pan as well. A lot of RTV was used previously 😳😳 was tough to remove. The oil pan looks exactly like it. Also replaced the missing oil plug seal. Hopefully this will remedy my leaks. Drops around a basketball sized area of oil on a hot day.
  11. I'm debating the drive up there, may speak with you about camping?
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