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  1. I'm debating the drive up there, may speak with you about camping?
  2. Thank y’all for the recommendation! I live 45 miles from work. I’ll drive local a few days then take it to work for a week or so.
  3. First day driving it again. Have a few leaks. Will be pulling the valve cover and oil pan this week. It drives nice!! Seam to have enough power so I’ll be wheeling it soon.
  4. Two of my previous attempts at Moab when I was younger. I built the Scrambler when I was in my early twenty then moved to Charlotte. Sold it not long after moving. In my early thirties I bought a 77 landcruiser. I was about 70% done on the land cruiser when my son was born so I lost interest and sold it. I regret selling the landcruiser due to all the work I completed. Lost my tail on it!
  5. May have been discussed but I was having issues with my drivers side turn and parking lights in the front. My rear turn signals and parking lights worked. This weekend I pulled the C101 connector and the connector that attaches to the fuse box. This fixed both issues.
  6. Worked on the dirtbound off-road sliders this weekend. Also pulled the C101 and fuse box connectors. I'm almost ready to drive it again. My final pieces will be installing the axles and decide if I should rebuild the engine, possibly an exo cage at the cab 🤔. Hopefully the axles will be installed by winter. On track for Moab 2020 🤞
  7. UV doesn't damage POR15 other that fading it gray. That stuff it tough!!
  8. Fairly easy to complete. I did mine with a plasma cutter and followed up with a grinder. You've already clearance d them by the looks of it.
  9. Having issues with my front parking lights and turn signal on driver side. Rear lights work 🤔. Checked the fuse and it has me stumped. I switched to the newer front end and replaced the light sockets on headlights. Haven’t changed anything on the park/turn indicators yet. I added wire to the marker lights on each side. One bulb is missing on drivers marker light. Could it be that 😳
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