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  1. I'm glad I swapped the 93 XJ harness into my 89. Factory power lock relays.
  2. What??? I love this truck. Congrats to the new owner.
  3. I would be all over this if I was any closer.
  4. Thanks to@eaglescout526 , I learned my Comanche, which I know has been in South Carolina at least the last 20 years, came from.... Tacoma, Washington Eagle Jeep. Complete opposite end of the country. That's crazy to think about. I had figured no further away than maybe Tennessee.
  5. One answer: Noco Genius packs. That's what I use at the shop. They're fantastic with a good warranty.
  6. https://www.bbqpartscanada.com/brands/masterbuilt/models/sqpgd Sorry, no parts available, but here's a pic and diagram.
  7. I haven't commented on this thread yet, I don't think, but I really like your MJ. Such a great DD build/look.
  8. Leaves? Burn, but since I'm in town, mulch. Shrimp or lobster?
  9. scguy

    2 door XJ owners

    I like the look of the 2 doors, but if I'm going for another XJ, it would be a 4 door. One thing to keep in mind, I personally hate how 2 door length doors swing back at you when you're parking uphill. I've driven some cars that will straight knock me over, and I'm a pretty big dude.
  10. Just a few thoughts. I work with quite a few rural mail carriers. Their vehicle is quite literally their money maker. Fix it right, fix it quick, and they are your most loyal customers. However, that being said, they need their car fixed ASAP most times. As far as liability, maybe do it for a "suggested cash donation". Most of the rural carriers I work with aren't compensated repair order by repair order, but given a yearly stipend.
  11. scguy

    I'm a Dad again!

    Happy to welcome this little guy to the family today. Everybody is healthy and happy. Two boys now.
  12. Looks like a very reasonable price
  13. Do you have a multimeter? Get a helper and when it's not cranking, check voltage at the big wire and the small wire at the starter solenoid while your helper turns the key. You should have over 10V at both. If you have lower voltage on the big wire, check your battery terminals.
  14. From what I've seen, 3800 superchargers are either mounted on top of the intake with an adaptor (which can require you to cut the hood), or side mounted, with a custom intake. https://www.boostedtech.com/superchargers/jeep-cherokee/cherokee-4-0-liter-6-cylinder-side-mount-supercharger/ You need to rig a new belt setup, fuel management, etc The other option is an M90 from a Ford 3.8 SC, but it mounts in place of the AC compressor, which I'm not willing to part with.
  15. As a mechanic, Milwaukee has by far the best assortment of automotive power tools. I use most all Milwaukee M12 Fuel stuff, 3/8" stubby impact, 3/8 ratchet, 1/2" Fuel drill, etc everyday. I have all Milwaukee at the house, multitool, Sawzall, 1/4" impact, drill, etc. I do want to get a mid or high torque 1/2" M18 impact one of these days, but since my work is primarily driveability, electrical and HVAC, I don't have much need for it.
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