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  1. If it's not making more pressure than the regulator set pressure, there's nothing to return. It "could" be the fuel hose in the tank. It technically could be a bad regulator also. Can you carefully crimp the return line somewhere it's rubber? If you still don't have proper fuel pressure, that rules out the regulator. With the pressure dropping off, there's only 4 things that could cause that symptom, in order of likelihood, with #1 being the most likely 1. Bad check valve in fuel pump 2. Leak in fuel hose between pump and sending unit 3. Bad Fuel pressure regulator 4. Hung open injector or external fuel leak (not likely, would run horrible/possibly hydrolock if leaking off that much pressure/volume)
  2. RWD or 4WD? I've got to the point where I can do a rear main seal on these in about 4 hours start to finish, just did one Monday. Nothing difficult, just have some really long extensions for the top bellhousing bolts. A lift makes it much easier though.
  3. Barber is incredible. My head hurt after leaving, there was so much amazing stuff to see.
  4. Thanks, @88mjsallyis helping me out with that.
  5. scguy

    AMC Mudflaps

    If someone's interested in reproducing them, I'll loan them my brackets.
  6. I feel you, but I wrench for a living and could count the number of 225/75R15s of any brand/tread that we've installed in the last 4 years on one hand. As long as they keep making 32x11.50 AT3 XLTs.
  7. Yeah, R1234yf evacuate/vacuum/charge can take a good part of the day. Gotta be precise with that $100/lb refrigerant.
  8. I agree with your points, however, the EPA has seen fit to make the new standard refrigerant, R1234yf flammable, albeit not nearly as flammable as say butane.
  9. Had a discouraging bit of work last evening, my illumination fuse is intermittent blowing, I found oil and trans fluid leaks, opened up my cluster to clean the dust out and managed to shatter my tach needle by barely brushing along side it with a cloth. All after a bad day at work.
  10. I'm all for DIY, but AC work is done best with proper equipment. It's definitely worth the money to pay a shop to vacuum/charge.
  11. And gears are set finally, wheel bearings in. Now to clean up the brake hardware, paint, then get her under the truck. Can't wait to be rid of the 35 with bad bearings.
  12. I did the swap with 93 XJ parts into an 89 MJ, but I took the time to swap the engine, harness, dash, etc for the full HO setup. Very glad I did. Little things like door locks having relays, basically everything being plug and play. One thing to keep in mind is that the 92 XJ drives the cluster electrically, no speedo cable. Not sure how/if they swap. According to this article, the TV cable is different as well. https://www.naxja.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1053970
  13. scguy

    College Vehicle

    Something to keep in mind, often, cars that tend to be driven by older people can have cheaper insurance rates. An Avalon vs a Corolla for example. Roomier, probably better maintained, still respectable MPGs.
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