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  1. Just a heads up, on Facebook, there have been several comments about the seller being a bit shady.
  2. Took advantage of an open box deal at ExtremeTerrain and ordered new wheels. I was planning on going with some form of bullet holes, but I came across these and loved them. They look very similar to AEV Pintlers, but at least in my opinion, better. They're 15x8, 3.7" BS Mammoth Boulder wheels.
  3. The dash is together now and looking nice. I used the trim pieces from the 89. I think they look better than just plain black. Had to cannibalize the blue glovebox latch to fix the grey one, the one lever was broken inside. Waiting on fuel line connectors.
  4. I've got the Zone 4.5" kit. Seems pretty solid, but if I'd do it over, I'd piece together a kit with adjustable control arms
  5. I've made very little progress since last week, had some family health issues, but I did manage to get the radiator, condenser, hood and bumper installed. Looks like a truck again. I'm worrying about cosmetic issues later, just trying to get her running for now. Managed to snap a bolt off in the front pinion yoke so that should be fun.
  6. More progress. Spent the day wrenching, and mostly trying to find the right bolts to reassemble things taken apart almost 4 years ago. You know, fun. I got the dash and interior harness in the truck. Not totally together with the harness inside, I was mostly working under the hood today. I ended up having to rotate the interior fuse box 90 degrees, made it a bit tight to get the steering column brace bolt in, but it's manageable. The wiring adapters I made seemed to work out well. The transmission linkage is hooked up now. I ordered wheel cylinders and shoes for the rear to remedy the currently leaking rear wheel cylinders. I got most of the accessories installed, verified the belt size, got the starter on, installed the rocker arms and pushrods, added the cruise control servo, and EVAP canister. The WJ booster and master cylinder are installed. I used the brake pedal assembly from the 93 XJ, so I didn't have to modify the booster rod or brake light switch at all. I'll have to run new lines, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Had my little guy supervising the work today, getting a little shop time in.
  7. Wired up the XJ HO dash to MJ rear harness jumpers tonight. Really simple thanks to the guide on here.
  8. I'd love to come. That's right in my in-laws area, but if I'm up there over that time, likely wouldn't be in the Comanche, seeing as it's still in pieces and doesn't fit a wife and car seat very well.
  9. If you ever get to the point of wanting a good meter, check eBay for a used Fluke 115. It's the standard tech school meter, so there's a ton available from pawn shops etc. I use mine all day, every day at work.
  10. Just a quick look, that should do fine for simple checks. Some reviews say the test leads aren't very durable.
  11. Got the 97+ XJ washer tank installed. It frees up so much space under the hood. Manifolds are now installed. Gonna see about getting it running first, but new injectors are on the shopping list.
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