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  1. I guess so! It’s 90 degrees out and I have been in bumper to bumper traffic for the past 20 minutes - pegged out here -> I am pleased, but it could be too cool now 😎
  2. I have been having some temperature swings in the Jeep. Runs super cool then just starts to really heat up at random times?? Checked the coolant and that was fine and then I accidentally bumped the electric fan and it stopped. The wires at the motor end seem to be bad. I decided to get a new replacement fan rather than trying to fix what could be the original fan. I decided on the Dorman electric fan -> There are some differences between the new and old fan as you can see -> So out with the old -> And in with the new -> Haven’t had a chance to see how well it works since I just now put it in. It does stay on lol and it is pulling some serious air in! TBC
  3. Thank you all for the help . The amp control wire was on the power antenna wire as you helped me figure out. No matter what I tried with the amp I couldn’t get it to work properly . I ended up getting a new Kenwood amp and it worked perfectly.
  4. Nicely done. I am going to have to do this here soon. Can I ask what gauge metal you used?
  5. Looks really good. Especially against that beautiful red paint.
  6. This made me laugh 😆. I never had luck with clear coating for what ever reason?? How is yours holding up?
  7. I would highly recommend this upgrade. I wanted to keep the factory side mirrors on the MJ to keep the stock look. After upgrading the XJ with the 97 and up side mirrors, I am never looking back . WhenI purchased the Cherokee it obviously came with the old style side view mirrors, but in chrome-> I knew I wanted to go with a black accents and this was a great time to try out the newer style option. Picked up a set of a 97 Cherokee at the pick n pull for around $25 for the set. They were electric mirrors, but so were mine. I hoped that they were compatible. First thing I did was cut out the switch hole in my cup holder. It already had the outline molded into the plastic. That made it a lot easier. I snapped the the factory switch in and hooked up the wiring harness -> I then removed the old mirrors and installed the new ones. To my surprise the connectors clipped together despite the 8 year difference. Got them in place and they look nice -> I hooked into the factory switch and it worked!! These are amazing.
  8. I would love to get out there! How is Rick?
  9. Amazon is becoming a problem for me . I keep finding stuff I would like to have. The work shop is being remodeled, so no air compressor for a while. I like to keep up on my tire pressure and this is going to fuel my obsession. Started look at portable air compressors online. Found one by Viair. I decided to try one out -> It came with a nice case, but unfortunately it will not fit in my cubby hole -> don't have an action shot yet, so this is what it looks like ->
  10. Wisdom from the most unexpected person! I pull into the DMV parking lot to renew my tags this morning. I get out of the Cherokee just as a woman is walking by the back of the Jeep. She stops, takes a double take, and then asks about the Comanche club sticker on the back of the XJ. “That wouldn’t be a banner for the Jeep pickup trucks would it?” Why yes it is! She begins to tell me that her dad got her brother one in 1989, but he wanted a Nova . He gave the truck to her instead!! It was her first vehicle. We got talking about how great they are and how she misses it. She commented on the Cherokee and I said that I love it but I get horrible MPG’s. Here comes the wisdom - she says “it’s not about the miles per gallon, it’s all about the Smiles per mile!”
  11. The new lineup at Gearworks -> We squeezed a long bed Comanche in between the XJ’s
  12. Guess what we are doing this weekend - > Definately more of a job for the MJ, but worked out anyway
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