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  1. Nice work Buck! The sway bar was off an Upcountry XJ
  2. DO YOU STILL HAVE THE FULL MJ INTERIOR IN TAN? Thanks, Stan  ( spc238@aol.com)

  3. I am hoping that someone knows where the air conditioning hose that connects to the air vent under the steering column, goes to? I should never have removed this from under the dash. This is almost the last thing I need to do so I can put the dash back together. I know this is probably going to be difficult to explain without pictures, but not sure if pictures are possible??
  4. Thank you! Got rid of my EGR and no emissions testing here.
  5. It would have to be the Car from the movie The Car -
  6. Recently pulled out the clock you made to show my son the MJ. It’s in his room now 👍🏻
  7. Great to see you back on . I was off for a while too but I always manage to come back
  8. What I thought would take an hour ended up taking a few more. I decided to get the full soft top on the Scrambler. I knew there would be a learning curve putting it on since I haven’t touch it in 8 years. I found the top and frame work pretty quickly. I took an inventory of the parts and realized that I was missing a few important pieces 🤬. I wen through boxes of Jeep parts and and found all but one piece; a section of support rod. Good for me that that was the only thing missing because I went to Lowes and grab a matching diameter rod . I forgot how good the top looks on -> I was
  9. I finally finished the last of my headliner parts. I have had doing this on my “to do” list for a while now; the sun visors. Friday I made myself tackle the job. They came out nice. I stripped the old material off the visors and laid them on the headliner fabric after spraying it with the 3M Super 77. Folded the sides over and closed them up. The drivers side had a broken wire so I had to solder that back on-> The don’t look gray in the pictures, but they are. I installed them back in the Jeep obviously-> Put in some LE
  10. Insanely nice use of lumber. So impressive.
  11. I believe you could eat off that 2nd to last picture
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