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  1. Drahcir495

    4 Clocks and a headlight delay relay

    I have an 1990 so that would be the one I would be interested in. Could you tell me what you mean by running fast. I really don’t care about that, just that the display Is it in working order. Can you get a picture of it on? Thanks, Rich
  2. Drahcir495

    HI-CNTRD - 1990 XJ Project

    Getting my exhaust put on! New converter, muffler and tailpipe. It’s all welded exhaust. I am not sure if I am going to need anything from the converter forward yet. Going to the beach with the family so I don’t have to wait. Pic ->
  3. Drahcir495

    HI-CNTRD - 1990 XJ Project

    That is fantastic Pete. I am will wait for you to get back in town in a few weeks.
  4. Drahcir495

    HI-CNTRD - 1990 XJ Project

    The white Comanche club.com windshield banner to put on the rear window.
  5. Drahcir495

    HI-CNTRD - 1990 XJ Project

    Good cause I think it would look great! Let me know if you have some available
  6. Drahcir495

    Zero top end power

    I REALLY need a new exhaust and it is loud. So I am sure I can wait a few days and find out either way. Thank you for the idea.
  7. Drahcir495

    Zero top end power

    Yes, it is sucking gas bad. I can watch the gauge move. I am sorry to ohm but yes I had to replace the hose to the MAP sensor when I broke it lol. Not sure if it running rich or not. Forgot how to check? I will be changing all the sensors hopefully soon. Thanks
  8. Drahcir495

    Zero top end power

    Thank you all for the feed back I have not checked the tps yet but will. I hope it is a clogged catalytic converter because I am getting a complete new exhaust system this week. The muffler and catalytic converter are rusted, so could definitely be that! i will check the O2 sensor, but I thought I changed it?? It has been sitting for three years and I can’t remember? Ye, it is down shifting. I love your renix write up! I just started reading it and I am starting with the grounds. Even bought a an upgrade kit to help out. Thank ahain everyone. I will keep you updated - Rich
  9. Alright here is my issue. I have no power in the Jeep. I mean I punch it and nothing happens? No stuttering, rpm changes. Has a little bit of acceleration when going from first to second gear but not enough to pull out in traffic. I have changed the MAP sensor and the leaking gas cap but no change. It is an 1990 XJ with 200k, auto with np242, 33 inch tires, 4:56 gears. I know a lot of that would effect the performance but nothing happens at wot?? Oh yeah - Eats gas and in power mode. Could it be exhaust? TPS? I am at a loss.
  10. Drahcir495

    Jeeps Best Friend

    What a view! Love to get out there with my dog.
  11. Drahcir495

    HI-CNTRD - 1990 XJ Project

    I just got in my XJ/MJ Ultimate +\- power cable kit from K Suspension Fab. It is made out of 2 gauge welding wire. It cost me $105 but it looks really good. I can’t wait to get it installed! Pics->
  12. Drahcir495

    1990 Comanche Clocks

    How are the mounting tabs on the good one? Could you post a picture of the face of the working one? And of the connector so I can compare it to mine. Thanks, Rich
  13. Drahcir495

    HI-CNTRD - 1990 XJ Project

    My fiancé got me some Jeep decals to put on the XJ . They are dad and son Jeeps. Only thing that could be better is if they were the MJ/XJ front ends. I want to put a Comanche Club banner on back too, but not sure if it good idea because it’s not an MJ? Then I do have CJ’s decals on there . Thoughts - TBC
  14. Pete, when you get back. Do you think we could get decals like this made, but MJ/XJ front end? If there is enough demand.