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  1. I really don’t think I can juggle any more build up threads right now, so I am gong to toss in here a little bit of my other project. Besides, it doesn’t need much done to it to warrant its own thread. I am down to 4 jeeps from my previous 6 . I have a 84 CJ8 and an a 1982 Jamboree CJ7 in the garage and one has to go. So the scrambler won out as staying. Here is what I woke up to when I opened the garage-> Got the Scrambler pushed out and everything blocking the front of the Jamboree out of the way. Then I got a little side tracked and decided to quickly put the new fender flares on the Scrambler. It took more time to get these on then it did getting the motor out of the CJ7. They are a fantastic fit, so it was well worth it. The new Scrambler specific replacement flares-> Came with hardware-> The originals are toast-> Tada -> I really had a late start on the motor switch after getting these on. Only thing I need to get the 8 running is a sbc motor. Just going to use the one out of the CJ7. The self explanatory progress-> Get the engine hoist ready to go and the hydraulic ram is dead . Had to go to Harbor Freight to pick up a new one. Not happy about that, but got it up and running-> Probably would have been a better idea to have help, but I can’t get less than 6 feet from someone else 😷. Yeah pretty much on lock down here. Now it is 11pm and I got what I wanted to get accomplished for the day. I will be out there early in the morning to get the Scrambler put back together and work on organizing the garage
  2. I have been collecting MJ specific parts and XJ parts to put into one of my Comanche’s , but it’s been sold 🥺. I have about everything to do the interior of a Comanche, except for one seatbelt. The dash is in amazing condition with no cracks. See pictures below and I can get anything else you would like to see more of. Selling all as one big lot - I would like to get $300 for all of it.
  3. Definitely less calls. Only had one today vs 10. I love messing with them to waste their time!
  4. Tell us more about your Jeep and a lot more pictures
  5. This looks like a spider to me . Yes, another one saved! It is going to be a sweet ride when you’re done restoring it
  6. Thanks Pete. I keep kicking myself for not getting a picture of that lifted Libby for you. It was pretty sweet. Yes! You need one.
  7. Now this is a company that stands behind their led lights - Nilight. Some how water was getting behind the lens in one of the lights mounted on front of the Jeep. I learned that if I took a side off the housing the condensation would evaporate. I waited to long to figure this out and the lens got discolored -> I know that I shouldn’t have had to deal with this to begin with. It’s really not as bad as it looks, and that’s why I waited. I thought I should at least ask if this is something that is warrantied. I found their contact info and sent them out an email with a picture of the light and a snapshot of the Amazon purchase page. No problem, they are sending out a replacement. Not sure yet if that’s a pair or not? So, I decided to see how they would look somewhere on the roof rack. The looked really good zip tied against the back of the rack here -> Now that I know they stand behind their products, I ordered some light mounts that clamp over the bars on almost any diameter tubes -> I was able to get them very close to the back where I would have liked them to be -> Perfect fit and angle without being hit with the hatch when it’s opened -> I swear that I had these two water containers for at least 12 years in the garage. I almost gave them away a few months back. I strapped and zip tied them into the roof rack -> I think the whole set up looks very nice and especially since I wasn’t going to get the rack from LKQ in the first place - glad I did. I don’t think I am adding any 4” light to the sides . It may be too much. I did put a CJ tire on the roof rack to impress my son and immediately took it off when he wasn’t looking. It was actually hard to get it down lol -> TBC
  8. I could get in a lot of trouble with that 😄
  9. Just an awesome idea! I just remembered that I know someone with a welder
  10. I had to get towed in to my mechanic again . Just doesn’t want to start at bizarre times. The guys at Gear Works were kind enough to take an embarrassing photo of the Jeep on the flat bed -> It started right up when it was dropped off - of course. It turns out that the two bolts that hold the stater switch thing on top of the steering column are missing. Need to fix that ASAP obviously. The mechanic found out that my distributor was 180 degrees out, there we’re plugs on the wrong cylinders and bad plugs etc. He said I was running on two cylinders and has no idea how it even ran?? Probably, he said, it was the reason my transmission only has two gears now. Complete tune up and I have the power I never had before and probably will get MPG’s above 8 to 10 around town Yeah, I picked up a used AW4 with 130k less miles on it that I will be posting about when I swap it out ->
  11. What should I do to prevent rust from developing in screw holes? The idiot that had the Jeep before me liked the lower trim so much he drywall screwed the pieces in place . I am going to be covering the parts of the Jeep that has the holes with armor, so it does not need to be pretty. What can I fill the holes in with to prevent the rust from forming behind the armor plates? Probably should fill them in while I am at it. What should I do?
  12. Thanks Buck. Yeah, that’s a good idea. It wouldn’t be that bad of an idea to look up a how to video on car washing too. I have no idea if I am doing it right . 89 MJ - not sure what to say about that! Such a good looking MJ. Having a Comanche that nice before even graduating Your dad did a lot right I see.
  13. This is the best -> He saw me waxing the glass on the XJ and asked if he could do it . You know what; he is actually good at it
  14. The faux wood upper door arm rests may be spoken for. I also working with a member on the vent window and lower seat plastic. Once I get what I have to have, I will post all pricing on stuff not I was not able to trade for. It will be in another new for sale thread. Thanks
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