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  1. Got mine today . Works great. Thank you
  2. I agree lol. The back up camera just stopped working, so I think that maybe going
  3. Well bollocks -> I can’t see out of my backup camera when I am toting my bike around . I have said before that none of the replacement rear view mirrors work on my mounting windshield tab. I just had a great idea 💡. JB Weld up the slots for the old style mount -> I pulled out the cardboard and dremeled off the excess. It worked ! Ta-dah - the complete set up -> I really did miss the mirror. Snugged it down with the set screw and now it’s hindsight 20 spare 20!
  4. I am getting winded walking to the mailbox, so it’s about time to find a hobby that incorporates exercise. A few of my friends have taken up riding bicycles. Specifically mountain bikes and they are really getting into shape. I don’t want to be the guy in the group that is know as the jolly one. So Bwatsoncj was upgrading his bike rack and offered his old 4 bike one to me . It is pretty stout -> and had already been extended to work on the Cherokee-> all I had to do is take 4” off the back and the last bike holder to clear the spare tire -> I tried out Fuji, Specialized, Trek, and Cannondale bikes. The $900 Cannondale was soo nice but dayeem expensive. Out of all of the others in my budget, the Trek was the best riding for me. So I picked up the Trek Marlin 5 today -> It is raining here now so I haven’t had a chance to take it out for a real test ride yet. Hopefully tomorrow the weather will cooperate.
  5. Deal! Thank you. I will pm you my address. Pete - some money coming your way. lol - vaping is the new Marlboro
  6. Just the plate. I have the cigarette socket
  7. I have a broken clip at the top of my cigarette lighter assembly - not just the plug it self, so I am looking for one of those. I have an 1990 XJ that I am trying to get one for.
  8. I fits exactly as the old one did. Perfect fit I undid the turtle tray to get more room. I had the Bendix 9 brake system in mine, so the tray is much bigger than on my 89 MJ . Very easy install with no interference.
  9. After just emptying every pocket into the air conditioning; I am having issues . It doesn’t come on every time I go to use it which is just killing me in this Florida heat. I don’t know how I did without air with the MJ? I could feel the cold air in the vents but the blower was not coming on. It was taking longer and longer for the blower to kick in until last week when it completely stopped. I hoped that it was just the motor that was bad. I picked up a new blower motor from Advanced Auto online and got 25% off by registering with email. Pretty happy about that. Here is the motor -> I removed the the old motor which is held in by only three bolts. I pressed off the the plastic fan cage and installed it on the new motor shaft. I then followed Cruiser54’s tip 28 - improving blower motors performance. I crossed my fingers and turned on the air. Ahh, sweet ice cold air again!
  10. Looks like it’s so short that you actually stick out into the sidewalk. The emergency brake cable is broken on mine (never needed to fix it) so I was really nervous about it rolling back into the street!
  11. Sounds like steep driveways are so common place that pictures are not necessary lol. Just the opposite here! She had a tiny Sol thing, so I have no idea how she managed not to bottom out. Her brother in law just got a MJ. Told her he needs to get on here. It is quite shocking how many people comment on the CC banner. I am really glad I placed it on there.
  12. It’s got to make it interesting DirtyComanche
  13. How do you all get up those driveways in the winter?? I love seeing these
  14. Had to use the lockers today to climb the biggest hill in Clearwater -> I was picking up a “therapy” dog for my fiancé. Here is the package I procured lol -> He seemed right at home in the Jeep. Xander is going to flip out when he smells that another dog had been sitting in his chair
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