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  1. That truck looks like it is beautiful but we need more pictures to really be certain
  2. I always liked that color blue from the newer style XJ’s. What a great foundation for your build. How hard was it to get the new style door to work?
  3. I wave at at all the new jeeps without getting 2% to wave back. But I am in a Cherokee? Hate the angry eyes, but I still wave. I feel bad, but I only wave at the lifted Grand Cherokee’s.
  4. Dang, that ruined it for me 😄. I did not see that until you mentioned it. Even so, looks like a lot of good parts on it. Great find though.
  5. Yikes $300!. Thanks for TeamCherokee idea and personal experience with their pad
  6. Nice progress. I did the heat gun trick on my fenders to bring them back to black, but they seem to be fading again. I love the SEM products. I will have to check out their trim black paint Where did you get the under hood pad?! I want one of those to replace my raggedy one.
  7. I thought the same thing? Got me thinking again 🤔
  8. How does it drive/handle? We have an old white CJ5 driving around here and it has patches of surface rust in several areas. I think it is just the coolest. Thats why I love the primer patches on yours. Don’t change it lol
  9. Yeah, nice read and amazingly long time to own a vehicle
  10. Very glad to hear she is doing fine. Thanks for reminding me of the dangers.
  11. It will be the best thing you’ve ever done. Congratulations
  12. You the man! I may be pm’ing you. It’s just the outer tips that are bent if that matters? What about putting it in the lathe to spin it to look for any wobble? Would that work?
  13. Drahcir495


    Wow! I learned how to drive a manual with a 3 on the tree too. So much fun. MANUAL
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