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  1. What I thought would take an hour ended up taking a few more. I decided to get the full soft top on the Scrambler. I knew there would be a learning curve putting it on since I haven’t touch it in 8 years. I found the top and frame work pretty quickly. I took an inventory of the parts and realized that I was missing a few important pieces 🤬. I wen through boxes of Jeep parts and and found all but one piece; a section of support rod. Good for me that that was the only thing missing because I went to Lowes and grab a matching diameter rod . I forgot how good the top looks on -> I was told by the company that make the cover that it would not fit the Jeep with a full hard top which sucks because the rain collects in the back and pulls the front back. I am very happy they are wrong ->
  2. I finally finished the last of my headliner parts. I have had doing this on my “to do” list for a while now; the sun visors. Friday I made myself tackle the job. They came out nice. I stripped the old material off the visors and laid them on the headliner fabric after spraying it with the 3M Super 77. Folded the sides over and closed them up. The drivers side had a broken wire so I had to solder that back on-> The don’t look gray in the pictures, but they are. I installed them back in the Jeep obviously-> Put in some LED lights for the vanity sun visors, but only the drivers side comes on? I will have to figure that out at another time.
  3. Insanely nice use of lumber. So impressive.
  4. I believe you could eat off that 2nd to last picture
  5. Drahcir495

    CC cookbook

    I got the LGBT 🏳️‍🌈, but can someone fill me in on the SJW?
  6. Drahcir495

    CC cookbook

    I forgot the tomatoes lol. Love guacamole. How to have the household chef make it that way
  7. Drahcir495

    CC cookbook

    I have a wicked BLT recipe. It uses mayonnaise, lettuce and bacon on toasted bread. Nah, I can only make Dintymoore stew.
  8. Drahcir495

    CC cookbook

    How did I miss this topic? I am so hungry now . . .
  9. I must have moved the vacuum ball at some point, but of course I cannot remember when? It’s now under the coolant turtle. Looks all good there.
  10. Hot as heck in the Jeep with the air just slowly blowing out the vent at bottom of windshield . I was told it was probably a vacuum line. I followed all the lines to check them and located an unattached line - yes! That did not do anything. It seemed like the air-conditioning relay switch was bad because the fan did not get up to speed. Got a new BWD switch relay from advanced and replaced the old one -> That did not fix the problem 🙄. I checked the vacuum lines again and with my fingers located a crack in one line. As soon as I cut and reconnected it I had my air blowing out of the dash vents. So if the air is just blowing out of the defrost vents it’s probably a cracked or broken vacuum line.
  11. Yeah, because I was going to say that was the most impressive conversation I’ve ever seen. I really like that truck Pete
  12. Drahcir495

    Happy Easter

    ⬆️ LOL. Happy Easter to you
  13. It was presented as a Cherokee conversion on the two door Cherokee forum. And something does not look right behind the pillar vents? Too cut off, but could be the picture.
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