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  1. Lol, rough ride is not good. Does it have those spring ride seats? Every time I look at this tractor I want it. I like the obscure
  2. Oooh . . . You have some sweet toys! I will be looking for a build thread on that TJ. That 40’s Ford is very nice too.
  3. Nice score! Now, I have heard of John Deere. At first I thought this was the 1972 Bolens Husky tractor that 89 MJ has posted here. I like learning what other things you guys are tinkering with.
  4. I know it has been a year since you posted this, but you gotta love the MJ towing that big ford! I am amazed at the diameter of some of the wood you are hauling.
  5. Drahcir495

    epic recovery

    😮 that is cool. I would have stopped and watched the whole thing if it was going on around me.
  6. I agree with the optima batteries. Had crappy luck with them. Only reason I have it in my Jeep is because I paid $26 for a used one and then they gave me a brand new one! They just thought it would be easier to swap it out?? I feel a score there. I will have to look into the Northstar batteries for the other Jeep. Thanks ! keep posting your progress.
  7. Any updates on the tdi swap? What did you end up doing for the front bumper? Interesting build
  8. Nice! I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.
  9. 4.0 with a 5 speed . I love the Grand Cherokee builds. can't believe how amazing the scenery is!
  10. I wish there were more of these builds. Is there a NAXJA like site for the Grand Cherokee ? I have only seen two lifted GC’s rolling around my area. I wish there were more. I am really happy that your sharing your project.
  11. Lol, I was just going to say that. That sounds fantastic. Keep posting
  12. Holy cow is that incredible! Before I read it I thought for sure you had it painted. Never heard of a comet wash before. Very nice 👍🏻
  13. Some real talent there. Should be able to get a job as a lego designer in my opinion. Yeah, post up the LJ when it is done
  14. That tractor looks so nice after the bath. I am not familiar with that brand, but you’re talking to a guy who only knows Craftsman push mowers. I would be excited to mow if I had that
  15. Oh man. This is a gift that keeps on giving. I have my fingers crossed for you.
  16. I am running out of space and somebody is not happy Thank you. I do too.
  17. Busy day for me -> Picking up the CJ’s. Can no longer store them at work , so they are coming home. Good timing since my Cherokee is getting closer to being where I want it to be. I always have to be working on something. You can’t imagine all the Jeep stuff I have. Extra Comanche stuff too.
  18. When looking for a front sway bar, try to find an up-country packaged XJ. They have a significantly larger diameter. You will need the larger sway bar bushings (I think my were the 27s, but it’s been to long to remember) unless you take the ones with the setup. I found two in the pick n pull and grabbed them both. Very hard to come by though.
  19. Never even heard of that. That is really cool! Does it bolt down? I would loved one of those. 👍🏻
  20. I have never seen that! Anymore pictures of it? Like to see it from the side. Always thought I wanted to do that. Wonder if he used a two XJ and just grafted it to the Comanche or stretched the MJ to fit the doors?? Thank you for posting. Sorry for the hi jacking of the thread Doanbuilt.
  21. How cool is this going to be! I like the color scheme of the XJ. I will be following your progress.
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