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  1. I have so much to update on this Jeep, but I have to figure what I should update first. Well I have had my Quadratec Q9000 winch for a long time. I haven’t even used it. I had a cooling issue with the XJ, so I threw everything at it. I even took off the winch thinking it might be adding to the overheating problem. It was not the problem. Had a professional burb the system and now it runs way cool. I have the air conditioning thingy and transmission cooler in front of the radiator and still can’t stay at 210. I know, not at all typical. I just started putting the winch back on and I don’t expect any rise in the running temp. Here is the first part of reinstalling the winch ->
  2. It is so great to be able to use quotes like that . Blues Brothers - Curl Up and Dye. Far from the best part of the movie.
  3. That is a good one but I would hate to see what the OX would look like! Classic movie Pete. I wonder how many of the millennials would know about this?? 89 MJ - they are the Bushwhackers. I got three free from a member here and the fourth one I had to buy. Ended up costing me two hundred but beats the full price! Only thing is the new ones are textured and the old ones are smooth.
  4. I have reached the end of the break in period for the new gears and lockers, so it is time to change out the gear lube in the axles. I went with Eaton E-lockers and 4:56 gears like I have in the Comanche. I am very happy with the setup, so no need to change what works for me. Only thing I would change is, in a perfect world , it to be a stick shift rather than an automatic. Old diff cover coming off-> Look inside at the new E-locker and gears -> Now here’s the thing - I was playing cornhole with the local Jeep club and if you win you get a choice of raffle items. I was on 🔥; I won. So it was a Hi-lift jack, 4wd gift certificate, or a pair of Ox Locker differential covers! I know I have Eaton’s f/r, but these are nice and beefy. And they were for the D30 and D44! I really like them and you can’t beat the price . The rear cover was already on, so just a picture of the new front cover ->
  5. Oh boy, what you wouldn’t do for your kids . Unfortunately I probably will do some part time mall crawling. Here’s the deal. I had my son in the Jeep for the first time and he loved it! We were heading down to Clearwater beach when my son spotted a Jeep XJ 😬. It was a county vehicle and was pulled over on the side of the road. Here comes the mall crawling portion of the story. . . It had the flashing strobe lights 🙄. He was hypnotized by them. So Trey said we need to have them on “our” Jeep. Now I am going to have strobe lights on the Jeep. Should go great with the “baby on board” sticker.
  6. I am looking for a keyed powered wire to power the backup camera. I can’t find anything on the fuse box but I did find a plug under the drivers side dash. It has keyed power but I don’t know what it goes to?? Anyone know what this plug is for - -
  7. Oh yeah, water displacement! Why does everyone say soak everything down days before you go to work on it?? No wonder it doesn’t work. I am sold on the dot 3.
  8. Went to install my JCR Off-road battery tray and the bolts holding the old battery tray in were rusted in bad. So, I had learned a trick from an old timer mechanic. Before WD40 😆 they had an effective way to loosen rusted bolts without snapping them off. I wish I had known this years ago. I ran out of WD40 on this Jeep, so I gave it a try. It’s part technique and part rust penetrate. Put a little brake fluid on the rusted bolt. Carefully tighten the bolt just a tad, the loosen the bolt a tad. Keep doing this a tad more each time and it will come right out. You know what; it did! Started setting up the battery tray -> Got it it mounted in -> Going to put this battery in, basically got it free/long story. I would never buy another one of these FYI -> And it all locked down -> I am pleased with this product. Again, in my opinion they could do a better job on thier powder coating. TBC
  9. I have two delemias that I have been trying to resolve. The first one being my rear view mirror. Ever since having the windshield replaced I have not been able to use my rear view mirror. Also it have not been able to able to find a replacement for it. It has the mount already attched and is not the same as the newer more common version. I have ordered new mirrors from three different companies all claiming that they will fit the 1990 Cherokee . The company that put in the new glass said it is already on the windshield when they pick them up and the rear view mirror mounts are year correct. Well that sucks. He said I could take a torch and carefully heat up the mount and slowly wiggle it off ! The theory is the heat of the sun is what makes them fall off in the first place. Nah, I am not even going to entertain that idea. So for now, I’ve had the new mirror just hanging loosely up there, very redkneck chic. Now the second issue. Ever since installing the tire carrier, the spare and Hi-Lift jack are pretty much blocking my view -> Even if if I do get the correct mirror, I still won’t be able to see jack . It is not fun backing up now. I have been wanting to get a dash camera after watching all the YouTube road rage videos, but it’s really a useless thing to buy. Looking on Amazon I found a better idea than the impractical dash cam, a rear view camera! The Amazon choice was the Leekooluu back up camera -> It had a 4.5 stars and 1,273 reviews. Best of all it was 37 dollars shipped! I will be posting up the installation very soon. Update - I have gotten the backup camera installed and I like it! JCR included a bracket to hold the license plate inside of the mounted spare tire. My rim is 15 inches and the way the bracket is mounted it wouldn’t fit in the rim 🤨. It also came with a brake light and license plate light but JCR doesn’t include instructions on how to hook them up, so I have no idea how to get them to work . No big deal; I just mounted the license plate to the end of a old trailer hitch and mounted it into the bumper. Got the camera set up on the bracket inside the wheel -> I like how this is going. Ran the RCA cables through the tire carrier and into the Jeep by way of the passenger side tail light -> I would have taken more pictures of how I ran the wires up through the headliner up to the front windshield, but it did not go well. My best friend the fish tape turned out to be useless 😡. It would just curl up above the headliner and never make it more than 12”. I am going to return it and get the metal one instead. I have a lot more to fish under the carpet and I can’t use oak tree branches to get the cables to where the need to be. Funny because it’s true. Here it is -> Just need to find a positive wire that is activated when the ignition is turned on so I can just have it come on when I go to start the XJ. Just need a few minor adjustments to the position of the camera itself and I am all set!
  10. I have been spending a lot of my free time working on the Cherokee. I have been focusing on all the accessory wiring - stereo, amp, lockers, winch, etc. I have been taking off all the interior plastic to get all the wire runs in. There had to be a better way . Meet my new best friend -> it is is an electricians fish tape! It allows you to “fish” a flexible fiberglass rod through tight spots, like interior panels, to pull your wires through . Under $10 at harbor freight and already paid for itself in time and frustration. TBC
  11. I hope you do win! I hope it’s a custom Comanche limousine you pull up in. When you do win you are going to need someone to maintain all those Jeeps hint hint
  12. As some of you know, I have had a son and I spend most of my time being a dad. Having a another Jeep with only two seats is not going to work with a car seat and three kids . I have sold the MJ that I had planned on turning into the dually. It is time to get rid of the projects and start downsizing my enormous jeep parts collection. In doing this, it is time to pass the torch to someone as passionate as me to complete this project and create a bad arse dually. Now, on to the details and pictures . I am going to sell the complete dually kit –fenders, adapters all required lug nuts and wheels. Except for the fenders, everything is still in the boxes. I spent a long time trying to track down the guy who made this Comanche specific kit - it took a lot of research. When I did finally find him, he wasn't sure if the mold was still in one piece. It had been a long time since he had been produced one of these kits, so I begged him to please dust it off and give me my dream! Here is what made me want this so bad -> This kit allows you to change a stock (I know the LWB) MJ into a unique dually Comanche. This kit had the MJ body lines down and it looks like it would have come from the factory like this. I never did get around to asking how many kits were made overall. I can’t say that I have ever seen any except for the two pictures he supplied me and the fenders posted by another member on here. I can only guess that there are very few that are still running around. This is going to make one really unique MJ. The 4 wheel adapters are designed to work with the stock axles with the 5 on 4.5 lug pattern. They can be used with 15” rims, but I decided to get the 16’ rims because of how easy it is to get the steel inner rims. The wheel adapters are machined from a block of aluminum. The adapters are still perfect, but not as shiny as I received them 8 years ago .Fenders -> Adapters -> Wheels -> I have at least 1,900 dollars in this kit – not including shipping. I am asking $1,300 for everything. Buyer would have to pay for shipping or a road trip to pick it up . I am not sure how I would ship the fenders , but I know it can be done. If I am missing anything you would like to know; please ask me. I will gladly answer any question! Thanks - Rich
  13. Finished two things today. First I got ice cold air in the Jeep but it cost a fortune. Everything that could be wrong was wrong Went waayy over budget, but did I say ice cold air! Never had a Jeep with air before and that is more than a few. The next thing I did was put on the Comanche Club window banner . Ta-dah I think it looks great on there even if it isn’t a Comanche
  14. I had wanted a Comanche dually since seeing my first one. I was going to make it my daily driver, but then I started my family. All my free time is invested into them now. I am glad you were looking forward to the build but hopefully somebody on CC will finish the project for all of us to over. I am investing all my project money into my XJ so I can carry the kids around. I will finally finish a project lol. This one will actually be painted. Something I never had done on my other jeeps. No matter where this is sold, I will make sure that they know they have a home here at the Comanche Club.
  15. Going to sell the complete dually kit including the rims. I just need to figure out how to save the pictures to my phone so I can post it up in the classifieds.
  16. I was wondering why I kept getting this black dirt around the fuel door. Looking back I feel stupid for not knowing . One day I smelled gas while getting out of the Jeep. I realized it was from the gas cap. It has obviously been bad for years. During My research. The consensus was to get the mopar brand. Went to the local Jeep dealership and for just under $18 I got a new one - part number 52100205 cap:Fuel Filter. It’s for the 1990 year Cherokee. The problem is fixed
  17. First I want to thank Fiatslug87 for selling me the Tuffy center console lock box . I’ve wanted one for a long time now and they have been discontinued. It is in excellent condition. I had no instructions on what was needed to put the box in. I figured that the two ribs on the bottom of the arm rest would have to be removed,so I cut them off with a dremel cutoff disc. It then looked like it would lay flat against the top of the box. Here it is in its new home -> plenty of room now for my dangerous toys 😉.
  18. 300k - nice! I can’t say that I haven’t seen one like yours. I would like to see how it looks set up like that
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