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  1. The exhaust on my truck is all finished up and I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s all nice and tucked up out of the way with no real clearance issues. I’m back at school now and not near the truck so I probably won’t be updating as much however it’s almost ready for the road. I need to get it registered, aligned and tuned up before it’s ready to be driven more than just short distances BE0DAFCB-181C-44B6-AC9C-8E104DCC3E88.MP4
  2. It was no fun at all but it clears much better than when we tried to do it in fewer pieces. It’s all finish welded now and I’m waiting on more exhaust wrap so I can finish it up
  3. It’s been a little while since I’ve posted so here’s an update. The exhaust is all figured out and almost finished, just a little more welding to do. The passengers side was pretty easy and we were able to just shorten a 90° bend and weld it to the flange. The drivers side was a pain due to the upper control arm and the oil filter getting in the way so it was made in many more section. I had to wrap it with some exhaust wrap due to the clearance between the starter on the passengers side and the oil filter on the drivers side. I’ll post some more pics as soon as it’s all finished. It’s all 2.5 inch mandrel bent pipe and I have thrush welded mufflers which should sound pretty good
  4. 88mjsally

    Parting Out 1990 XJ (Antelope Valley, CA)

    How much on the grill? And would you be able to ship it?
  5. 88mjsally

    Leftover 1988 Jeep comanche parts- Summerville, SC

    Yes I can do that. I have to ship some other stuff tomorrow morning so I can ship that for you as well
  6. 88mjsally

    Leftover 1988 Jeep comanche parts- Summerville, SC

    The following items have sold: seats and sliders fog lights Auto trans shifter throttle body oxygen sensor Both coils
  7. 88mjsally

    Leftover 1988 Jeep comanche parts- Summerville, SC

    Alright I haven’t heard back from him yet so if I don’t hear anything in the next day or so then we can work out shipping
  8. 88mjsally

    Leftover 1988 Jeep comanche parts- Summerville, SC

    I have 3 of them, the brand new one and one of the used ones are this brand and the other one is an unknown brand. I’ll take some pictures of the lights in a little while
  9. 88mjsally

    Leftover 1988 Jeep comanche parts- Summerville, SC

    I currently have one other person interested in them however here are some pictures and if it falls through then I’ll let you know
  10. 88mjsally

    Leftover 1988 Jeep comanche parts- Summerville, SC

    It does have a crack right above the collector but I’m sure it could be fixed
  11. 88mjsally

    Leftover 1988 Jeep comanche parts- Summerville, SC

    Yes I can do that
  12. 88mjsally

    Leftover 1988 Jeep comanche parts- Summerville, SC

    I think one of the welds is cracked but I’ll go take some pics when it stops raining
  13. I am cleaning out all over my leftover Renix parts from my 1988 4.0. Everything is obo since I now have a 5.7 swapped Comanche and have no use for this stuff. I am willing to ship items on your dime. I can take more pictures of specific items upon request. New Coil- SOLD New Ignition control module- $30 Used Coil- SOLD Used Ignition control module -$5 ECM (for an 88 4.0 manual)- $40 TCM (for an 88 aw4)- $15 Trans cooler- $10 4.0 automatic wiring harness (does not have the injector portion)- $30 Manual trans shifter boot (dirty but no tears)- $25 Factory 5 speed shift knob- $15 4 speed shift knob- $15 4.0 exhaust and intake manifolds- FREE (getting scrapped soon) Ash tray (small chip on the side) -$5 4.0 valve cover- $30 Renix Throttle body- SOLD Automatic trans shifter- SOLD Transfer case shifter and linkage- $15 Map sensor -$5 Iac sensor-$5 Tps sensor- $5 each (I have 2 or 3) Cps sensor x2 -$5 for used and $10 for new one O2 sensor- SOLD Ignition relay- $5 Electric fan (it does work)- $10 Mechanical fan- $10 Power steering pump and bracket (no leaks) -$30 Cold air intake filter- $10 Ac compressor- $10 Other engine pulleys and brackets- make offer Stock coil springs- $25 2 door Cherokee bucket seats- SOLD Bucket seat sliders - SOLD Comanche rear fender flares and retainers (some have broken studs)- $150 Fog lights- SOLD Front 4wd aw4 driveshaft- $40 5’ firestick antenna- $20 18’ coax cable- $20 Engine diagnostic bracket and icm brackets- $5 each 4.0 dynamax muffler- $40 Shifter bezels- $5 each
  14. 88mjsally

    Need a starter

    I went with an oreilly’s one with a lifetime warranty when I replaced the one on the 4.0 in my Comanche before I replaced the engine with a v8. Any of the parts store ones with a good warranty should do the job well
  15. I knew that the codes were on the explorer doors because I’ve looked for one for my wrangler as well since it also has a dana 35 but I just haven’t pulled the trigger on one just yet. I didn’t know about the kJ liberty 8.25 so I’ll have to check that out too. I’m hoping the 35 will at least hold up for a little while so I can save up for an axle swap