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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/184355969863 I know the chrome handles are uncommon but I didn’t think they were $350 uncommon
  2. Power antenna removed from a 1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo. I haven’t tested it so it’s sold as is. $40 plus shipping
  3. I found an intact factory slider a few days ago in the junkyard. I plan to go back in the next week and pull that along with some other parts
  4. It had a 4.0 in it and it looked pretty original. I may have typed the vin in wrong
  5. I can look next time I go back but I’m pretty sure they are all either gone or falling apart. No ten spoke turbines that I saw
  6. It’s in SC. I’ve grabbed a few things from the Comanche and the xjs but I’m planning to go back soon to grab more
  7. Sorry about the pictures being crooked😂 I couldn’t figure out how to get them straight
  8. I found a cool new yard the other day that had a row of about 20 xjs which is the most ive seen in one spot in quite a while. Most were ho ones but there were a few Renix and pre Renix ones mixed in. They also had a hacked up comanche and a cool full size Wagoneer. Lots of older stuff as well and the owner said he had been in that spot since the 80s
  9. 88mjsally


    Most of the older ones have the serial number stamped onto the housing near the clutch lever. I have a steel cable on mine and it’s served me well but I plan to swap over to synthetic in the future. The older warns use a 3 or 5 pin controller. You can look into the plus on your solenoid box and see how many pins it has and that will tell you which one you need. You have solenoids verses the newer contactor so you don’t need the newest 4 pin remote
  10. 88mjsally


    It looks like the x8000 or the m8000. Ive rebuilt a couple of older warns and they are pretty easy to work on. They also hold up on the trails pretty well. I have an older x8000i on my tj that I rebuilt and have used a pretty decent amount over the past few years. So if it were me I’d fix that warm before buying a new one
  11. 88mjsally

    Interior chrome

    I have a set if you still need some
  12. Seats are sold. Are you referring to the door sill plate?
  13. I honestly see them pretty often between Charleston and Clemson. I know of a few on the road in both places and a few sitting around. I’ve also pulled parts from almost 20 of them in the past two years. They are getting harder to find though and even xjs are starting to pop up In the yards less often
  14. So a few years ago one of my friends rolled his 99 4 door Cherokee. A guy who had a 2wd comanche bought it for $800 to use it for a 4wd swap. Instead of 97+ swapping the Comanche or just swapping axles he decided to make the thing pictured below. He cut the bed off the Comanche and cut the xj behind the back doors. Then he sheet metal screwed it all together but never really finished it as far as I knew. Today I was checking out a new yard and sure enough I found the remains of his project rusting away. It looks like he swapped out the damaged parts for ones from a white xj and took the axles out of it before it ended up in the yard
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