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  1. 88mjsally


    I found this brown one in a junkyard last year
  2. Hmmm I think I might know him lol
  3. Scored a nos ROL fog light today and got a xj cargo cover the other day
  4. Not bad overall and came with a ton of extra parts. Just need to put it back together which probably won’t happen anytime soon
  5. Eliminator that I just brought home. It had a dash fire but I have all the parts to put it back together. Factory bucket seats and cargo light
  6. Tell that to the city and my parents😂 I’m out of parking so the red truck is having to go to my friends farm for now until I decide what to sell or part out
  7. Brought home another xj. This one is a 93 and runs really good with 150k miles and a rebuilt motor. Sadly it has some floor rust but I’m still leaning towards fixing it. The guy I got the blue comanche from just offered me a red one he got when he bought the blue one. It also had a dash fire but it’s an eliminator. I’ll hopefully be getting it on Tuesday then something will have to get sold cause I have way too many jeeps
  8. Found a bumper end cap and a armrest bezel that seems to fit the early 84 only armrests
  9. They were round, I tried to grab them. I Did get the rubber bumpers for the tailgate but that was all that was left that was useable
  10. Found you another one, just needs to be buffed out
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Jeep-CJ-AMC-Wagoneer-NOS-OEM-Steering-Wheel-/164898814902?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  12. I have 3 sets of front 97-01 xj window regulators. I’ve seen a lot of people also using them in the older doors recently to convert to the larger windows. All 3 sets work great and come with the bolts. $125 per set
  13. Body was scrapped today but still have lots of parts left from this Jeep and others
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