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  1. This week I got new led bulbs for my taillights and reverse lights installed. I also put in a better set of taillights since my old ones were cracked and in bad shape. The leds are much brighter than the old bulbs so hopefully I’m more visible now. I need to figure out how to hook up the reverse lights now on my shifter which will hopefully happens this week. I also went to the junkyard to try and get a 95-96 xj dual diaphragm booster and master but both of the ones they had were junk so I’m just going to order new ones. I got a proportioning valve though so I can delete the rear valve on my truck since it doesn’t appear to be working. Hopefully that’ll make my brakes better because they have never worked all that well
  2. It only showed one when I ordered so the other must have already been sold
  3. Sorry guys, I got this one. I’ve been late to all the others and I’ve been wanting a new one for my truck. Now I need the other side.....
  4. No maroon ones currently, I only have what is shown above and one more set of black that is not pictured
  5. I still have a few of those available
  6. Alright, please send me a message and we can get it set up
  7. The 97+ bezel? The older style shift bezel on the table has been sold but I have some nicer ones for $10 each
  8. I made one of these for my truck using the Cadillac connectors and figured after seeing the connectors sell, that the harnesses may sell too. I used the Cadillac harness connectors and brand new trailer wiring harnesses from curt to make these. They are connected with solder and heat-shrink connectors then tested to ensure that they are working correctly. I currently have one finished and I am almost finished with another one. I can also custom make them with replaceable trailer ends or other trailer wiring connectors. Asking $40 shipped in the us lower 48 for each harness. The last two pics show the harness for sale
  9. I do have a clock that would fit your truck. I can do $20 shipped on it
  10. I had looked at that brake controller before so I might have to consider it some more. I was planning on doing electric over hydraulic, I already found a kit that will work with my boat trailer. Most of the ground wires on my truck have already be upgraded with 2 gauge battery cables when I did the v8 swap. I pulled a 21 foot canoe trailer over the summer with the truck and it did fine towing it even without brakes but I still want to install them for extra insurance
  11. Today I decided to make myself a trailer wiring harness using the junkyard Cadillac connectors and a dual 7 pin/ 4 pin trailer connector. I plan to tow a boat with my truck in the near future and I’m going to put brakes on the boat and a controller in the truck so I can make sure I have plenty of control. The boat only weighs about 3k pounds but I want to make sure I can panic stop it when needed. I’m also going to be swapping in a newer booster and master sometime soon. I made the trailer harness using solder and heat shrink connector which seem to work pretty well. I’m waiting on the trailer light tester to come so I can make sure it all works. I also made a couple extras that I’m planning to sell to someone for about what it cost me to make since I had the parts to make 3. The second one I made ended up even shorter than the one I have pictures of. The hardest part was swapping the pins in the connector around but I ended up using a small flat head and a pick to get them out and back in the right places
  12. Ideally I will stick with the factory color but since its a metallic my did isn't sure if he will be able to paint it. I may go with the same color without the metallic or the newer jeep jk anvil grey color but then ill paint the door jambs
  13. More than likely I will either stick with the factory color or some other shade of grey, I don't really want to do a full color change on it right now
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