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  1. Alright just let me know
  2. Sadly they went out of business or I would. https://www.arlnow.com/2012/06/15/rosenthal-dealership-on-columbia-pike-closing-tonight/
  3. This is a long shot but I found out they my comanche was sold new at Rosenthal Chrysler Jeep in Arlington VA. So I’m looking to buy a dealer emblem from this dealership. I’d even settle for a picture since I couldn’t find one at all online. New or used is fine with me
  4. Me too! I’d really love to find out where my truck was sold and get that emblem
  5. Now I’m finished for a while (At least until I find something else cool)
  6. I got the tow hook bracket kit in today
  7. It does look like a zj in the picture but it’s a part number for an xj and someone wrote in xj on the manual
  8. Some of my finds from this past week include an front bra for an xj/mj, passengers tow mirror, mopar front tow hook bracket set and some emblems. I’ll get pics of the emblems and tow hook brackets when they come in tomorrow
  9. I’d pull one apart and sell just the black surround if you’d like it
  10. If merc doesn’t have the trans and tcase then I have a aw4 and a couple tcases (a 242 and a 231) for sale. I’m not in GA but I’m not far from there in SC
  11. I have a ton of clusters right now thanks to my most recent junkyard trip where the guy was having a sale on them. Prices are as follows: 84-86: 3/4 cluster-$30 87-90 (Renix): 3/4 cluster-$40 full cluster-$90 91-95 (HO): idiot light clusters-$20 full cluster that needs a coolant gauge-$20 working full clusters (I have 3)-$40 each parts: I have another Renix 3/4 cluster that I’ve been taking parts out of and I’ll sell parts from the idiot light clusters as well. Just ask if you need just a gauge or something
  12. Pretty nice pair of maroon visors removed from my 89 xj Wagoneer. Each one has a small burn mark but they are in nice shape other than that. $60 plus shipping
  13. 88mjsally

    power antenna

    I have one that was in an xj I parted out. I’m unsure if it was factory or not
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