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  1. These have already been pulled and are ready to be picked up. Located in Summerville, SC. I have a hoist to load them. $700 (for anyone in here, posted for more on fb) for the complete drivetrain or the seperate prices are listed below. This will bolt into any 87-90 Cherokee or Comanche with no modification or can be used in other jeeps by changing accessories. Jeep was parted out due to rear end accident damage Engine- Renix 4.0 with 137k miles. Needed a CPS when removed. Sold complete with all accessories minus the power steering pump and bracket. No wiring harness-$300 Tra
  2. Sets 1 and 2 are in clemson, SC while sets 3 and 4 are in Charleston, SC set 1: stock steel Cherokee wheels painted black with roller tires-$50 set 2: steel 15x10 bullet holes with 31x10.5r15s. Wheels could use some paint and 3 tires are ok but I wouldn’t run them long. 1 tire is bad-SOLD set 3: alloy stock Jeep wheels with junk tires from a 90xj -$75 set 4: another set of stock steel wheels just like set 1 but these tires are garbage and wheels are painted silver-$40
  3. Pretty sure it was a mouse nest since the guy I got it from said the bed was full of leaves when he found it from sitting under trees. So I’m guessing mouse nest then he turned the heater on
  4. 89 long bed that I bought with fire damage from an hvac box fire. Plan to fix the damage and I will probably sell it after it’s fixed. The guy I got it from bought it from the original owner and then he drove it for about a year before the fire
  5. I sold the ac compressor with the motor so I don’t have them
  6. No sorry I don’t have them. Just got rid of the fenders yesterday when I picked up my new truck
  7. Brought home this 1989 long bed 4.0 2wd today. It had a dash fire in the hvac box. Not sure what the plan is yet with it but it’s between parting it out and fixing it
  8. Grill has a couple cracks but the header isn’t cracked. Headlight buckets are good and not rusty. Drivers marker light is chipped, passengers is busted out. $350 obo. Local pickup preferred but I can ship on buyers dime
  9. Got a few more things today. XJ rear wiper deletes, 97+ 242 bezel, under column trim and ac knobs. Thanks eaglescout!
  10. I have the fan on my parts jeep but I won’t be able to go pull it off for 2 weeks or so. I’m pretty sure I already sold the shroud from it
  11. Passengers is sold, drivers still available for $65 plus shipping
  12. Took my truck to a car show this weekend and it turned way more heads than I was expecting. My dads orange truck still wins the award for guys stopping in traffic to look at it though lol. Lots of people asked about it and I talked to a few other guys with comanches and cherokees. It made the 5 hour round trip with no issues and I drove it 4 more hours back to clemson today. Just need to fix a header leak but that likely won’t happen till this summer
  13. I got the axle swap wrapped up on Wednesday and so far it’s doing well. I got the cut up yoke installed and bled the brakes. Had a minor issue with the yoke on the axle having a broken u joint cap retainer tab but I found another yoke which I swapped in. This axle will hold up much better with my v8 so I don’t have to take it as easy anymore
  14. I have a maroon tilt one for sale. $40 plus shipping. It does have a small piece missing from the housing but it still works fine and has a key. I can get some better pictures if you’re interested
  15. I had my water pump pulley bolted on with 2 of the 4 bolts and forgot that I needed to get the other two. I was driving it to Home Depot to buy some lumber and lost power steering. Thought I killed the pump and started taking it out before I realized that the belt and water pump pulley were both missing. Found them on the road leading into the store and got it all put back together after buying bolts and locktite. I learned that if something is designed to have 4 bolts you should put all 4 in
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