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  1. Not sure on year but it’s a blue interior long bed with a 4.0 auto on the column
  2. I can’t really even make out this vin but it appears to be an 88 Olympic edition in a junkyard
  3. I can’t really read the vin well but pretty sure it’s an 87. Seems to be a base 2.5 truck with a black interior
  4. Really rusty 86 in a junkyard with light blue interior
  5. It was nice but it would be hell to get out. They also stack and it’s all the way in the back of a row. I graduate in December and am planning another trip around then. You’re more than welcome to tag along
  6. Yard two had a really nice long bed and several xjs but they stack which kinda sucks
  7. Every year I try to do a junkyard trip the weekend of my birthday so this year I found a few new yards. These are the pics from the first and there were 3 mjs and some rare xjs too
  8. I am pretty sure its broken but I'm going to a few new junkyards this weekend so ill see if I can find a decent one for you
  9. Yea it’ll be for parts, I’ll update the post in a little while. I’m just keeping the engine, trans, wiring and some of the interior stuff
  10. It’s going to become parts. Going to use the wiring and drivetrain to obd1 swap my red Comanche
  11. @SatiricalHen I believe still has one
  12. I have one I’d consider selling. What are you looking to spend?
  13. I’m pretty sure I have one as well if thedude doesn’t have one
  14. Finally got a new windshield put in the truck. Decided to go with the 97+ rubber trim and it’s much better than the old metal trim. Other than that I haven’t had much going on aside from maintenance and driving it back and forth to school everyday. Last semester though so after I graduate it might go back to weekend fun driver status and the blue stock truck may become the daily for a while
  15. Nobody wanted it whole so it’s going to become parts and I’m going to obd1 swap my burned 89 eliminator to get it back on the road. I won’t be able to pull parts for a few weeks but I’ll take requests until I’m next home to pull stuff The following parts have been sold/ I’m keeping for my comanche obd1 swap: 2wd front axle Steering wheel and column All dash/ engine wiring and computer Dash and components Hvac box Engine and trans Header panel Full cluster Stock radio Everything else is available. Here’s the prices on the bigger things that are available: Drivetrain: Rear Driveshaft-$40 Rear 8.25 with 3:55s-$150 Interior: Interior plastics-$50 for all (Keeping as a set) Center console-$75 dome lights-$30 grab handles-$20 for all 3 Visors-$25 Door panels (set of 4)-$100 Set of Seats-$200 (only selling as a set) Body/ suspension: Manual Doors (sold complete minus door panels as a set of 4)-$250 Front fenders-$80 for pair or $45 each Rear hatch-$60 Hood-$75 Cowl-$40 rear bumper-$40 Front bumper-$50 Rear leaf springs-$75 Taillights-$25 for the pair Black manual mirrors-$75 Roof rack-$50 I have more stuff from other jeeps as well and will also be posting the Comanche as a partial part out soon since I don’t plan to keep anything Renix from it. So just ask if you need something not listed
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