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  1. Stock fans from my 1988 Jeep comanche. Electric fan (fits in the factory location but is not a factory fan) it does work -$10 Mechanical fan- $10 I'm willing to ship either on your dime
  2. Engine wiring harness from my 1988 Jeep comanche 4.0 with the aw4. This is just the engine harness without the injector harness portion. Asking $30 obo plus shipping
  3. Today I got a new upper radiator hose installed in my truck that clears the belt much better as well as the ac compressor (which currently is bypassed). I also thinned out the factory engine bay harness and removed all of the wiring that I didn’t need anymore. In doing so I found a mess of splices and junctions wrapped in duck tape which may explain some of the electrical gremlins that I had. It looks much cleaner now and it’s much easier to find and trace wires. All of the splices got soldered and heat shrink tubing so I hopefully won’t have any more issues
  4. I thinned out the wiring in my truck today and I have some of the plugs left that I don’t need. I’d hate to chuck them if someone has a melted plug that needs replaced. All of them have enough wire left to splice back in. They all came from the passengers and drivers side inner fenders in that harness. Asking $10 obo plus shipping for all of them. Feel free to make an offer though because I’d rather them go to use than be thrown away
  5. Mounting brackets to hold the coil and icm as well as the bracket for the diagnostic center with the plug covers. -$5 each plus shipping
  6. AC compressor bracket and tensioner bracket/ pulley have been sold
  7. 88mjsally

    Mirrors- SC

    The early style mirrors have been sold. I still have the 97+ ones available
  8. I got my coolant reservoir mounted today which was one of the last things I had to do to my truck. I’m back home on spring break so I hope so get it insured and registered on Monday so I can take it to get a tuneup and allignment before I have to go back to school. I need to try to find a different upper radiator hose tomorrow since the one I have is very very close to hitting the belt and I’d like to do a few things to the interior
  9. I have a few leftover engine brackets from my renix 4.0 as well as an ac compressor and power steering pump and bracket. These are being scrapped soon if nobody needs them however I don’t want to scrap a part that someone could use Prices: Ac compressor bracket SOLD tensioner pulley and bracket SOLD ac compressor $5 power steering pump with bracket $20 I'm willing to ship them on your dime
  10. 88mjsally

    Mirrors- SC

    I have two sets of Comanche/ cherokee mirrors for sale. Prices do not include shipping however I can ship them on your dime 1987-93 breakaway mirrors- one has the interior toggle control and one does not -SOLD 97+ cherokee mirrors- these were power mirrors that someone cut the plugs off of however they still work manually by moving the glass- $10 for the set
  11. No sorry, it went with the engine when I sold it last year
  12. Rear fender flares have been sold. I still have quite a few other parts. Feel free to make offers on anything left on the above list
  13. I have just the cargo light that I may be interested in selling. I got it to put on mine but I can’t decide if I want to put holes in my cab for it or not. It’s in good shape with no cracks and I have the gasket for it as well
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