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  1. Bump, still for sale
  2. Bump, still have the Ho cluster and I’m willing to take offers on it
  3. The bumper caps in the above pic are also for sale for $40 obo plus shipping
  4. Two factory radios for sale that will fit 1988-96 Jeep Cherokees and Comanches. Both are untested and sold AS IS. Asking $50 obo for the one in the top of the first pic and $35 obo for the one in the bottom since it’s missing a volume knob and is a more basic radio. Willing to ship either on your dime
  5. Grey pioneer door panels from my Comanche. They are in decent shape and include grey hockey stick armrests that are also in decent shape. Asking $50 obo for the pair
  6. I went under my truck the other day to change the spark plugs and collector gaskets and discovered that the starter had cracked in half. Luckily it had a lifetime warranty so I got it changed today. I’ve still been fighting spark knock issues and an issue with the carb so now I’m strongly considering adding fitech efi. It’ll make it get better gas mileage and run better than with the carb I just need to justify the cost to myself
  7. Grey glove box door in good shape with no cracks and a key for the lock- $25obo Grey mini armrests- SOLD renix relay cover- $20 obo all prices do not include shipping but I can ship on your dime
  8. I was planning on using these for my own truck however I am wanting to put efi on it now and would rather sell them and use the money for that. I have two cargo lights and a switch panel. One of the lights is yellowed however the other is nice and clear. The switch panel looks nice however one of the switch faces is cracked but I believe I have another one that I can include. I’m asking $160 plus shipping for all three items however I’m open to reasonable offers. Feel free to make an offer if you’re interested. I put a price because I had to so feel free to pm offers
  9. I just updated and added some new stuff so I have everything in the above list currently and some more that isn’t listed that I’ll try to add and take pics of soon
  10. Thank you! I really appreciate the kind words. It’s come a long way from when I got it for sure
  11. The carpet has finally been installed in my truck and the interior is all back together for the first time since I started the motor swap. It looks really nice and the new carpet fit very well with only minor trimming needed. I also got new rugged ridge floor mats to keep the carpet looking nice
  12. I’ve been working on repairing the rust in my floors over the past week and have it all cut out and patched now. I decided to use plug welds to weld in the new metal then seam sealed the edges like factory. I have also put down insulation on the floor and the back of the cab. I’m hoping to put the carpet in today and get the interior back together. I’ve also been fighting a ping in the motor at wide open throttle. I’ve had it in and out of the shop that I had tuning on it and they haven’t gotten it figured out yet so I bought a timing light yesterday so I can try to retard the timing and make it run a little better
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