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    Seats -SC

    I’ll send you a message
  2. 88mjsally

    Seats -SC

    Grey mj flip forward bucket seats- in good shape but do need a good cleaning. Minor wear on the side of the drivers seat but nothing major. Just the seats, no brackets included or available. $200 for the pair Dodge Dakota bench seat- good shape with a little wear on the drivers side from use and a small tear in the console lid. Factory Dakota brackets and Sliders on the bottom. $150 for all three pieces Maroon xj Wagoneer seat set- all are in good shape with some wear on the side of the drivers front seat. Power functions all worked when tested but seats are sold as is
  3. Well the truck hasn’t really been breaking very much so I haven’t really had to do much other than drive it. It did get new headlights a few weeks ago which help a lot. The big change is to the interior. I had put a dodge Dakota split bench in it which I liked but it still sat a little high. I also wanted to go back to the factory buckets and some sort of console. I found a very nice set of black factory buckets over the summer in a 4 door xj that I decided to use. I just needed brackets for the Comanche so I bought a pair of grey mj seats with brackets to use. I took the grey ones a
  4. Updated post, ebrake release has been sold
  5. Set 1-$200 shipped in the us Drivers- lens has small cracks in two of the corners and is faded. Housing is in good shape with all mounting points intact Passengers- lens has small piece on one corner that was broken off and glued back on and lens over all is faded. Housing has pieces missing and one broken tab Set 2-$200 shipped in the us Drivers- lens has a chip out of the edge, broken corners and is faded. Housing is in good shape with all mounting points intact Passengers- lens has 2 chips out of the edge and is faded. Housing is in good shape w
  6. Yea you got lucky with that. I’ve seen a ton of xjs all over the south and never found a factory 44. Any interest in selling the rear axle or are you planning to put it in your truck?
  7. Hmm that looks like a 44 rear..... I really wish I could find one in a yard to put in my truck to replace the 35 that I somehow haven’t destroyed😂
  8. I don’t need it but I figured someone on here might want it. It says it’s nos but doesn’t have the original packaging and does have some light wear https://www.ebay.com/itm/303668628069
  9. Yea Ill check and send you a pm if I can find it
  10. Sorry I just saw this. I believe I still have it
  11. I went junkyarding again today and bought more parts which is proving that I’m buying much more than I’m selling. I mostly got more xj waggy stuff but also got some comanche stuff. I guess it’s not a problem till my bedroom is stacked to the top with parts😂
  12. I don’t have blue but I have some grey ones. I have a box of door handle screws
  13. Alright I’ll send you a message
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