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  1. Cooper Tire EU messaged and asked to use my Comanche photo for their Instagram feed. Thought that was pretty cool.
  2. scguy

    CC cookbook

    Here's my contribution. Habanero cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped, hickory smoked meatloaf.
  3. scguy

    CC cookbook

    Made some the other week. They were great!
  4. It's a Pointer Arista 20ga O/U. Not mine, it's my cousin's. Sweet handling gun though.
  5. Took the Comanche dove hunting yesterday.
  6. I replaced the heater core before I installed the interior. The body harness in the truck is from a 93 XJ. It has the relays. It's full HO swapped.
  7. So far, the overheating seems to have been a faulty thermostat combined with brakes dragging. The brakes dragging were caused by the WJ booster not being spaced out enough, so that was a cheap fix. I installed a Mopar thermostat, so far so good. The alternator isn't charging up to par, so I ordered a new 117A alt off a 98+ XJ. The AC quit on me, from what I can figure, the expansion valve is completely stuck closed, bad enough that when I charged it from the low side, the high side had 0 psi. So I've ordered an all new compressor kit. I'll flush the evaporator again when I have the e
  8. I haven't replaced the rad cap yet. I'm thinking it's possibly a thermostat problem.
  9. I have a triple electric fan setup with shroud. It seems to pull plenty of air. I don't really see how my 4.0 would be making any more vacuum than a WJ 4.0.
  10. Mopar overstock has several new 2 door black bezel window switches for sale on eBay. Now as far as I know, they fit as far back as 93. Not sure about years before. I've uploaded a picture of mine that I received. Very happy for the price.
  11. New brake booster and the brakes are still hanging after about 5 miles. They let up when I take the vacuum line off of the booster. Also running really hot, despite fresh coolant, new thermostat, water pump, 3 row radiator. Getting tired of stuff keeping me from driving.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1126291777754788/ I was getting excited until I saw the front and rear damage, especially the rear. Decent interior though.
  13. Tossed some fog lights on that I had lying around. They won't stay, but may be replaced with some Hella 550s or 500s.
  14. Another thing, if you're using R134a in R12 components, use 80% of the R12 refrigerant charge spec.
  15. I've been driving the MJ for a while now and have noticed occasionally the front brakes will get tight and drag. I had replaced the calipers and brake hoses, lubed the pins and slides and still, the same thing. Well, finally, I took the brake booster vacuum line off and they freed up immediately. My WJ booster is bad. Ordered a brand new one, hopefully that'll take care of it.
  16. The interior is pretty much together. I redid the headliner. It came out decent, not perfect at all but, so much better. I need to get the passenger seat cleaned up and installed and the interior will be done other than a few minor screw caps, etc. I put the old blue visors back in for now till I can get good gray ones. You can also see the Euramtec B pillar lights, and my new footwell courtesy lights. The AC is working well, finally got the vents working, there was some blockage in the hard vacuum line on the firewall. Guys, it's actually getting close. Feels weird to see the list of th
  17. The AC works!!! It's quite the system, 94 XJ compressor, both lines to the 93 XJ expansion valve are from a 96, the filter drier, condenser, and lines from the compressor to condenser and condenser to drier are new and for a 94 XJ.
  18. Back apart comes the header panel as I go to replace the AC condenser for one that will work with my 94 XJ lines/compressor.
  19. I ended up buying a Dorman overflow tank (603-001) and mounting it more or less in front of the blower motor. It was a new small enough tank for $7, so it's a win.
  20. Plenty of dumb battery locations. A lot of the cab forward Chryslers required removal of a front wheel and fender liner. Saturn Sky requires removal of the RF fender. A lot are in the trunk now, along with coolers, subwoofers, random dirty clothes and half eaten food.
  21. I looked the address up in our shop database, it belongs to a customer of ours, it's a 89 4.0. Last time it was in the shop was 2005.
  22. Found this poor neglected guy in my town.
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