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  1. I used my Dremel tool I bought from harbor freight and cut the old lense out. Took awhile to do it but just make sure you get all the red lense out one way or another. Used an adhesive and bonded them together. it's a pretty simple process but does take a bit of time to do.
  2. I probably should have but I was rushing to get it done!
  3. Sadly the paint job that the dealership did when the conversion was done wasn't a good one 😭 the paint behind the driver door flaked right off the metal. The spot was pretty large about 1x1.5 feet. The wrap would have lasted another 2-3 years if that didn't happen. I'll probably wrap it in tiedye again but I'll go with a different color for it.
  4. been awhile since I've shared an update. Drove it pretty often this summer and man did it get attention where ever Id go. Ended up taking the wrap off this fall but will be getting it wrapped again soon hopefully. I'll also hopefully be getting 42s on it soon and placing my 40 inch nittos up for sale!
  5. Thanks guys! It is the uphill mfg bumper and for the price I couldn't beat it. I really wanted a JCR read bumper but they stopped making them so when I was looking for other options this one was the best fit. It's fairly plain, a good price and the guy lives 20 minutes away from me!
  6. It'll definitely change the look of the rear! I'll be sure to take a few photos when I get them installed
  7. The new lenses look pretty sweet. Should have both done and on my MJ by the weekend 😁
  8. What a difference the new lenses make. Took awhile to get the old lense off without damaging the backing but ones out and the other will come out tomorrow night at work!
  9. I'll let you know when I get the 97+ doors on. I planned to throw the current doors up for cheap on marketplace.
  10. Bought a set of the black for my MJ. Can't wait to get them installed! Price wasn't ideal but buy once cry once.
  11. More photos will be uploaded when I get the long arm kit installed. Also Pulled the trigger on the key Comanche tail light lenses. I have a very nice set of oem lights I plan to use for a Comanche bed trailer but the current lenses on my MJ are pretty rough. The previous owner trimmed the tail light backing so the 97+ xj tail light plugs would fit so instead of ruining the set I bought for a trailer buying these lenses should work out great. $200 is pretty pricy but I'll be the guinea pig for the group.
  12. Big changes/upgrades coming to the MJ! Bought a Borla header for the MJ a few weeks ago since ill be getting a full exhaust for it. I also installed a set of Metalcloak dual rated XJ springs and noticed that the drivers side is a good inch taller than the passangers side because the spring isolator was shot. ordered a pair of those along with a rough country long arm kit for the front. I figured that would be a nice upgrade over the factory control arms.
  13. I'm located in Mid Michigan! So 1000 miles away 😂
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