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  1. Exactly! hang it up and if I ever need one I have one :)
  2. Bought a spare tailgate from the junkyard today
  3. I almost bought one 5-6 years ago. I still shoot myself for not buying it. didn't realize how rare they were back then. The sellers name was Mitch and I found his phone number in my emails. I should send him a message and see if he still has it.
  4. The silver Rubicon's just look so good on Comanches!
  5. Bought a different set of wheels for the Comanche today. I really like this style of wheels on Comanches and the price was good for the condition they're in. Can't wait to get my Comanche back from having the TJ gas tank mounted.
  6. a A fellow comanche owner gave me his half doors today.
  7. Looking for a JCR crusader bumper for my 1988 jeep Comanche. I'm located in Michigan if anyone has one let me know!
  8. So besides JCRs diy bumper and the dirt bound rear bumper what options do I have? I messaged JCR and asked if they planned to make it again or a revised model and got a "we do not have any current plans for the Comanche market"
  9. Looks like I started quite the s**t show by starting this post. 😅 I'm bummed they no longer make the bumper but I'll have to see if they plan on making a new one or not. Hopefully they do because I planned on buying all the JCR stuff.
  10. I messaged them today and they no longer make the crusader rear bumper 🙁 I was going to buy it last month but decided to get my gas tank done first. Guess I made the wrong choice.
  11. I planned to order a JCR rear bumper tonight but when I went to the website to order it I couldn't find it. the only one I could find was the DIY bumper. Anyone hear anything about this?
  12. TieDyeJK8


    i commented on your post awhile ago saying "why couldnt you have posted this a week ago!!! i would have bought one of the headliners. best of luck with the sale!"
  13. Bought a set of taillights tonight. I'm very good shape besides some blackening on the chrome and need to be clear coated.
  14. why couldnt you have posted this a week ago!!! i would have bought one of the headliners. best of luck with the sale!
  15. 1988 Comanche pioneer Started it's life as a short bed, 2.5L 4 cylinder, automatic 4x4 Now it has a 97+ XJ 4.0 v6, automatic 4x4 and 97+ interior swap Located in Mid Michigan (gonna be sure to put rust proofing on the frame/underbody this winter) It runs and drives I'll be using it this fall/winter as my daily.
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