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  1. Hopefully you can find the right buyer at your price point but it might be easier in the long run to sell the parts separately.
  2. I've never been the biggest wrangler guy either. I always loved comanches/old gladiators and LJs (most unique wrangler) but when I first saw a JK8 it was something I had to have. The amount of aftermarket support, the single cab styling, the uniqueness etc. Since I liked the LJs so much I decided to make a custom top for camping that can easily be changed back to the jk8 top.
  3. When the 3.6 blows it might be time for a diesel swap 😁
  4. I wish I could treat myself to a Christmas gift this nice every year 😂
  5. don't mind all the dust in the photos Ive been sanding alot of fiberglass from the custom top I'm making for it!
  6. the guy who owns this truck definitely should have left them on it!
  7. i think those wheels look great on a comanche too.
  8. yeah the seller bought the replacement rockers for them and has a tailgate that isn't painted for it. I noticed the overspray in the bed. looks like it still needs some work done to it for sure.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/491562978910588/?ref=search&referral_code=undefined whats everyone think about the price? 1988 Comnache shortbed 4x4. Truck used to be 2wd 4cyl..now is 4.0 with auto trans, 4x4. Full 98.5 conversion, cruise,power windows,led lights,custom bumpers, RC lift with custom rear shackles, adj upper and lower control arms. 355 gears with trac lock rear diff. I do have new rockers for it and rocker armor. The wheels on the truck are NOT on it any longer. Will have diff wheels and tires when sold. Just testing the waters...if it sells fine, if it doesnt
  10. Nothing wrong with being single!
  11. 😂 It'll keep me from getting screwed over in a divorce or being miserable in a loveless marriage. Plus more money for jeep parts 😁
  12. Hey there's a few on marketplace that look pretty nice 😅
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