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  1. If the vehicle didn’t come from the factory with an EGR, how can DMV require one be installed? Just asking.
  2. My wife says the same thing. I don't know what she means.
  3. The 88 electric manual is HERE. Download it and use it to trace the wires.
  4. That's a "Renegade" Comanche. No thanks.
  5. 87MJTIM

    Fly bys?

    I see similar formations over my house often. We are in the flight line of Camp #3. That’s Camp David for the rest of you.
  6. I wouldn't trust the gauge. My gauge seldom gets up to 180*. Is it running in closed loop? Look at www.nickintimedesign.com for the REM diagnostic tool. This will give a more accurate engine temp reading. (The RENIX Jeep has three separate temp sensors. One sends a signal to the gauge. It is located on the rear of the driver's side head. The second sends a signal to the ECU for engine/fuel control. It is located on the driver's side of the engine block, below the manifolds. The third controls the e-fan. It screws in to the driver's side radiator. It turns on the e-fan when it detects the coolant temp reaches a preset temp.)
  7. What "secondary sensor along the fuel line" was the issue? I've only own my MJ since 1987, so I am not aware any sensors along the fuel line, primary or secondary.
  8. My first thought. But since he said he get 4L, I eliminated CAD
  9. Also, complete your profile: Yr, engine, etc. If you want, give your location (city, state [Provence]), if another CC member is close to you, maybe they could help.
  10. With a helper, get underneath it. Look at the tcase shifter linkage. Have your helper shift the tcase from above. Look for loose or worn parts. Its seems odd that you can get 4L but not 4H. You have to shift past 4H to get to 4L. If that is true for yours, then the internal shift forks may not be properly aligned or broken. The NP231 is a very strong tcase and easily serviceable. If you are confident of your mechanical skills, you can rebuild it. If not, watch a bunch of Youtube videos on rebuilding one. Matt at BleepinJeep has at least one. Search YT for more.
  11. First: We need more info about your truck: engine, trans, does it still have the Central Axle Disconnect, what modifications were done by you or a previous owner.... Second: Why did you revive an 11 year old thread? You should have started a new one.
  12. Rec'd a sales ad from RA for close out parts for MJs. One of the parts is a grill. The picture is a 10 slot grill. https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=682815&cc=1181483&pt=1384&jsn=__GIP__7__&_nck=8LVLUxTaILBT%2BtLxkg8%2B3F88AqnCiBbuZcsuKY0by4KHNpYnxk%2B6vuscn3gvz8TpT1DIbUdPizJDcEwypy6uFEZaEeZQrfl5UhltfMOrEQLFCE4b%2FDY%2FPE9x1Kne8Q3Ush9SHk7uGpZuZH7AKt7Bgxvnv06%2FPsC9pTFoBLG0Cfo%3D
  13. I saw the additional reflection on my phone screen.
  14. If it was a full cluster, it wouldn't be there.
  15. You may have noticed the dash is missing from the XJ. It is in my garage. The interior color matches my MJ.
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