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  1. Just found this on Youtube:
  2. Sending units are no longer available. You will have to reuse your old one.
  3. The top photo is for the windshield washer pump to a rear window sprayer. It's a hold-over from XJ wiring. Jeep had one harness for both MJ & XJ windshield washer systems. The second picture is hard to see what it is.
  4. That would only apply if you were to use a master cylinder for a 98+ XJ. Look at one on Rockauto and you will see the diff. The mounting bolts are in a diff position than earlier master cylinders. The one I showed is plug-n-play
  5. I got LUK 05065. This one is listed in the "Daily Driver" section on Rockauto. Your LUK number is listed in the Heavy Duty section.
  6. Cross referencing part numbers on Rockauto, suggests that Jeep switched to the external slaves in 94. Be sure to measure the input shaft tip. If it has 3/4" tip, get a pilot bearing/bushing for the one I reference above. If 1/2", then you could use your existing pilot bearing/bushing. As for the clutch hydro master slave kit, you could get this https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=1382128&cc=1180213&jsn=883&_nck=ZExt1ysfqhqWnq%2BEvUNdS3Txyey60IDtnjPWF5UU9J0BWQv7pvqZbkEUk86%2BAYIh8MwADrWeNyZVx6scY4p8ZP7Qz6OBF7E3DiJ%2BXUqCTbp2UDPUPAgcw0uTzDaZroiTRTGdgRNnTw7sW0VoJiMl9DtHJjd5RywoKEvIex8Iwlitv2Ppq2R6C10nrGvw%2BoWtQR7PTNvRVma0Bd7nhd3ZCJhXf5K6Y8vUem3Mne8RmvrnZ4kijFqWx4lZGtDX8hpfOp%2FxEeNEzQJbJAQmTb4H0u6oBlOL2xFNKMygr9vvwyErbrsCvAMKRfvxaW08WVuRaatHxaMubJRJTntSkcctrBJ5M2G4gvbt Since you are going to the external slave system ( good plan), get a clutch kit for a 94+ XJ. It will have the proper pressure plate and release bearing.
  7. Blaine - What year is the AX15 from? The reason is that the trans input shaft tips changed sizes. Early AX15 (89 to 94{?}) have 1/2" input shaft tips. Later models have a 3/4" tip. If yours is the later model, then order a pilot bushing for a 75 CJ5 with a 304 engine. The outer diameter and inner diameters will fit your 4.0. If your AX15 came with the external slave cyl, then it is most likely the 3/4" tip. As Phatton says, the trans out put shaft is 23 splines, so the tcase behind your BA10 won't fit. You could do what he did or just get the matching tcase that was with your AX15. Additionally, you will need the tcase shift linkage that was with the AX15, unless you go with aftermarket linkage. The vacuum controlled 4wd can be bypassed. See the CAD elimination in the help section. Get the cross member for the AX15. Your current cross member will not work on the new trans. The front and rear drive shafts will work with your swap. You should not need to change your flywheel. The FW goes to the engine computer not the trans. Get a clutch kit for the trans, especially if you have the later trans. First, I had kept the pressure plate that was with the BA10. It would shift, but it never felt right. Later, I swapped the PP and it shifts better. I purchased the All-in-One pre-bled hydro clutch master slave cylinder kits sold on Rockauto.
  8. That is Jeep's way of grounding engine compartment components in one location. One of the wires is for the blower fan FROM THE PASSENGER SIDE of the engine compartment. See Cruiser's tips to ground the blower to the passenger side.
  9. The 87 did not come from the factory with a ballast resistor. However, there was a TSB to add a ballast resistor to address the noisy fuel pump. Your resistor may not have been deleted; your truck may never have had one. I have an 87 XJ that had a ballast resistor added.
  10. 87MJTIM

    wake up call

    Snow shoveling? May want to consider one of these.. https://www.harborfreight.com/propane-torch-91033.html?cid=paid_google|*PLA+-+Top+SKUs+-+All+(Main)|Shop+Press|91033&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&mkwid=s|pcrid|387366652005|pkw||pmt||pdv|c|slid||product|91033|&pgrid=75957826701&ptaid=aud-466777368694:pla-297244757211&pcid=1398685905&intent=&gclid=Cj0KCQiAz53vBRCpARIsAPPsz8Unf0hquuKvxjGf91XKsFZ9hgHcp88yoNLhEAHsJw3lRUR11DI3Tc0aAgFzEALw_wcB
  11. I don't see OEM on Ebay. Most seem to be C.R.A.P. A parts number search (on Rockauto) seems to have 87-96 matching. Diff part #s for 84-86 and 97+.
  12. My fan blower has been squealing a lot lately. It happens mostly and the loudest on cold days. The fans still moves air and has multiple speeds. I guess it is the bearings going bad. Are new fans still available? Up to which year XJs will fit an 87? I have access to two XJs (87 and 93) to get blowers from, but they're not much younger than the one I have. Can oiling the bearing fix the noise for long-term?
  13. 87MJTIM

    wake up call

    You take care of yourself and follow Dr. instructions.
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