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  1. Don’t the mirrors and door handles stick out further than the flairs? how will you address those?
  2. Looks like my wife's play list.
  3. I have an 87 4.0 and installed a 98 AX15. The 74 CJ5 bushing worked perfectly.
  4. Do I / we need to re-order somewhere? Did you keep a list of who would like sets?
  5. So, let me get this straight. You want to perform a lot of modifications and fabricating (which will take time and money) only to undo what you did to take it back to what you had. Do I have that correct?
  6. First of all: What year is your MJ? What engine? What size was the tank you removed? Completer your signature with that info. The tank from an XJ will not fit. There are after market MJ tanks available. I bought one about 5-6 year ago. Search RockAuto. The sending unit from an XJ will not fit. It faces the wrong direction. Search for MTS on Comanche Club. They sell aftermarket pumps/sending units. Other than those two items, the last one (pump) will swap over.
  7. It was probably in Vietnam. Where were you?
  8. I was driving N on Rt 15 heading to PA. I saw a white SB in great condition. I waved as you passed me. I was driving a Chevy suburban towing a camper. nice MJ
  9. “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” ― Mark Twain
  10. I once found a note on my windshield asking me to call the number if I ever plan to sell it. (I still have the note. I've never called the number.) I have had people casually ask if it was for sale. I tell them no. No one has ever thrown out a price.
  11. 87MJTIM


    In the late 80's, Jeep partnered with French auto maker Renault. Jeep got Renault to build its fuel injection system in the 4.2 6 Cyl. Renault worked with Bendix to build the system RENault + BendIX = RENIX
  12. 87MJTIM

    HUGE setback

    My advice before he does this: Look before you leap. If you consider this option, sit down with a CPA and discuss the accounting and tax issues first. Understand the different ways to operate a business (sole proprietor, LLC, S-Corp) and the responsibilities that each one has. If you are not comfortable with handling the accounting and tax issues, hire someone to assist you.
  13. I got that line again. I was getting gas today. A woman (possibly 30 +/-) was behind me filling up. I noticed she was looking at my truck. As we were finishing, she called out to me the above comment. I told her Jeep made pickups from the late 40s until 1992. She then commented, with a hint of disgust, about the new Wrangler pick up.
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