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  1. Interesting. Long ago, I had the magnet hide-a-key. Somewhere in the world, someone has that hide-a-key box with a Jeep key, but no Jeep to go with it.
  2. Replaced the ignition cylinder. The "tabs" broke off from the cylinder a few days ago. Also, I could not turn the cylinder to "ACC" position. I pulled an "new" cylinder from an 87 XJ. I took the key buzzer from the XJ and installed it in to the MJ. Now I will be warned if I leave the keys in the ignition. I know some people don't like the buzzer and remove it. However, after locking my keys inside I don't want to go through that again.
  3. The one next to the clutch master is a second plug to the washer bottle. It's a hold over from XJs. It would power a pump to the rear window washer. The single red wire above the blower would power a under hood light, if you have/had one.
  4. 87MJTIM

    88 MJ?

    Could be an 88. Those mirrors were factory options - called Tow Mirrors. There is an internal brace to support the mirrors from wind while driving. The side Comanche emblem was COMANCHE on the 86 (and early 87s) models.
  5. Except for the hood, the slats on the roof, the missing "vent" on the B pillar, and the gas filler location, it looks something like an MJ
  6. Why? If they had too much money, they could have given some to me.
  7. A Harbor Freight scissor transmission jack. I once rented a trans jack for a weekend from a tool rental company. I kept it for three day at $50 per day. After that experience, I figured I could have purchased the HF jack, used it once, thrown it away when I was done, and I would have been ahead money-wise. Next time I needed a trans jack, I went and bought the HF version. I've used it just a few times since getting it, but I have saved a lot of $$ both in the cost and the driving back and forth to pickup/return to the rental store. Also, I purchased from Craigslist a hoist and engine stand. Both of these got good use when I did my 4.0 swap in my CJ7. The hoist was great at lifting the tub off and on the frame.
  8. So? The rest of the truck is upside down.
  9. Mine has 301k miles. It did get "refresh" rebuild at ~267k. Still the original block, head, and crank - not sure about the rods and pistons.
  10. Mine was not at a part store/junk yard, but.... Some one once asked me who did the body work to convert it to a pick up. ("It" meaning a Cherokee). I told her it came that way. She said "I didn't know Jeep made a pick up!"
  11. Does yours have a cat? If so, then it may be clogged. If you don't have a cat, then may be fuel delivery.
  12. I been to Chattanooga several times. Nice city downtown. Visited Ruby Falls, the tram ride up lookout mountain, and the rock city. You would think it’s touristy but they are really nice. Lots of Civil war history there- lookout mt and chickamoga battlefield
  13. I am looking to get a better engine scan tool. I purchased a Horror Freight scanner a few years back. All it can tell me are the engine DTC codes. I'd like to get something that can give me more info than just the P codes. Obviously, this is not for my MJ or CJ. I have a 05 Honda CRV and a 03 Chevy Sub. I've had both vehicles in for service and the tech tells me about non-critical DTC in the computer. My HF does not give me any of those codes. I'd also like it to give running and operating info to detect potential issues. One software I've seen used on the 'net is Autoenginuity. The base unit starts around $750. In order to get vehicle brand modules starts to get up to $1200. Are there other scan tools/software for less $ but can do more than give me a P code?
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