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  1. I have a 3/4 cluster from an 86 2.8 liter. I don’t know if it will work with a 2.5. I don’t need it. My cost plus postage.
  2. What Mr. Ed said: Neigh
  3. Looks like a Metropolitan in the background.
  4. Pete, so are you recommending swapping to an XJ prop valve? I have had the dual booster upgrade on my "to do" for several years. The load sensing valve was deleted many years ago. Planning on redoing at least all the rear lines when I do this. Also, looking at disks in the back. Teraflex has a kit for D44 axles - $$$. I was wondering about the distro block vs. the prop valve.
  5. Are they repairable? My driver's belt stopped retracting, so I sent it off to www.safetyrestore.com, to get it fixed. Shipping it there and getting it back took the most time. So far so good. Another company I found on in my searching is www.seatbeltplanet.com. I have no experience with them. There website mentions fixing Jeep CJ belts, so other Jeeps were fixable also. I chose SafetyRestore because 1) they replied first, and 2) the quoted estimate was less.
  6. Follow up/conclusion: Received the seat belt late Monday. It took the USPS 6 days to deliver it. I cleaned the belt webbing before I installed it. It's amazing what 33 yrs of dirt will do. It now works as designed. It now retracts to its normal resting position. Nice work and good turn around on the part of SafetyRestore.com.
  7. Are you going to play striptease music as you open it? (Such at tease.)
  8. 86-early 87 uses one type of speedometer connector. mid 87 to 90 used a different type of connector. I believe the wire connectors are the same 86 to 90 91+ is HO and all electronic
  9. That’s just Madness 😃
  10. Isn't that a no parking zone?
  11. Similar issue for me years ago, turned out the CPS went bad. I recommend testing it before changing it.
  12. 87MJTIM

    CC cookbook

    Plain and simple, broil it. Slice them up, brush melted butter on them, and seasoning (salt, pepper, old bay, etc etc...My mom put on garlic powder and Parmesan cheese). Broil for 9 minutes each side.
  13. Search on ebay for comparable boat anchors.
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