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  1. One owner, 32 years, 4th reservoir bottle, lost count of the caps (purchased the Volvo cap - no problems). I purchased a bottle online once. C.R.A.P. Returned it and purchased one from NAPA. Mine has not overheated in years. Radiator is approx. 20 years old. While running it on hot days in stop-n-go traffic, the temp gauge does climb above the mid-point on the gauge. The REM shows engine temp getting up to ~220*F. The efan switch does not turn on until the engine gets to these higher temps. My mechanic has suggested that a radiator that old could have clogged/blocked fins. He recommends changing it. Since I will change the radiator, I want to do what Minuit suggest by cleaning up the engine bay of all the extra hoses. Open system here I come.
  2. 1.Beatles 2. Beatles 3. Beatles I love all their music. I really like the early stuff. I mean the really early music: Anthology, BBC Recordings and the Star Club Hamburg tapes.
  3. Get a plastic milk container or a 2 litre soda (pop for some people) bottle. Cut the bottom off the bottle. Put the long handle screw driver in to the pour end of the bottle. Now you have a "speaker" to listen for the sounds. Plus, you don't have to put your face close to the screw driver.
  4. Can we get more info? Is the fan not working? Is AC not working? Is the heater not working (I don't know why you need heat in August)?
  5. Safest? 2nd driver, 2nd tow vehicle, two U-haul dollies. Pay for the gas and food for the 2nd driver.
  6. ZM Jeeps out of Toledo OH sells rocker panels. I picked up both sides at the York PA Jeep show for $40 each side, but that was a show price - no tax, no shipping. I have not had them installed, yet. I cannot vouch for the fit. BTW - do not order the MJ bed side panels!!!! The wheel well openings are not stamped for the flares.
  7. A local PNP has a the above on its lot. It's internal slave, though https://www.lkqpickyourpart.com/locations/LKQ_Pick_Your_Part_-_Mount_Airy-208/recents/ PW PL Rocker front seats gone
  8. I believe it involved a vice and a BFH
  9. The BA10 was installed from 87 to 89.5. It uses the 21 spline shafts. Halfway through 89, Jeep (Chrysler) switched to the AX15 with the 23 splines. I know this was true for all manual MJs and XJs for the years. I don't know if the YJs got BA10s for those years. A 4wd AX15 will require a 23 spline tcase. (The BA10 has the distinction of have the shortest use period for any Jeep as far back as '41.)
  10. 87MJTIM

    Tool Talk

    I’m guessing it’s iDeal MSC6K single post lift
  11. One connects to the transmission, the other goes to the transfer case (if you have 4wd).
  12. In order to see what the computer sees, you should purchase a Renix Engine Monitor (REM) from www.nickintimedesign.com. This will let see how all the sensors are functioning/ or not functioning. Also, check out Cruiser’s Renix Tips at www.cruiser54.com. As for the bucking issues, does yours have a cat? How old is it? A clogged cat caused similar issues for me (although across the whole RPM range. Welcome to the addiction. Beautiful MJ. complete your signature: year, engine, transmission, any modifications made to it and your location. That way when people read your posts they can see what you have and where you are.
  13. Does it start and run if you give it gas? if so, could be the IAC.
  14. 60? Such a youngster. If you take care of it, it will last another 340k.
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