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  1. 87MJTIM

    some RV awesomeness for ya...

    I'm guessing that because of the size and the manual trans, it is a diesel.
  2. 87MJTIM

    comanche cherokee interchange

    No. The bases are shaped differently.
  3. These may make me want to take on the dreaded "C101 Elimination" for my Renix.
  4. 87MJTIM

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    That's easy for you to say.
  5. Several movies I saw as a child in the '70s that I still will watch when I see them on: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Lots of big name actors from the '50s starred in it. It is just a crazy movie. Stalag 17 with William Holden and Perter Graves. The Great Escape. Based on true events from WWII. Steve McQueen was great. He did his own motorcycle stunts (I read that on the internet, so it must be true.)
  6. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The opening scene (after the credits) set the tone for the rest of the movie. Of course, having watched all the Flying Circus shows prep'ed me for Holy Grail.
  7. 87MJTIM

    July 2019 Mid-Atlantic CC PowWow / All-Breeds Jeep Show

    I have it on my calendar for this year. I take back what I said a few years ago. I will enter my MJ on the field.
  8. 87MJTIM

    No problem keeping the beer cool today

    The phrase is now "climate change." It's gotten so bad that every six months it swings from one extreme to the other, then back again six months later.
  9. 87MJTIM

    Gauge Cluster Swap

    If you haven't done so yet, you will need to change the oil pressure switch to a sensor and the engine temp switch to a sensor. The switched just turn on an idiot light. The sensors send a signal to the gauge. The volt and fuel should work in either type of cluster. First make sure the cluster is good - not a fried circuit panel.
  10. 87MJTIM

    One of our own is down

    I'm sorry to hear of his passing. My prayers go out to your family
  11. 87MJTIM

    Interior Pieces?

    The panel on the back wall. The head liner. The B pillar panels. The seat brackets. Parking brake pedal assembly. These (and I am sure I missed some) are all unique to the MJ (vs XJ).
  12. 87MJTIM


  13. 87MJTIM

    Heater Vents

    My wife has an aunt in Smithsburg. I have client just east of there also. You should check the vacuum lines going into/coming out of the HVAC control box. The vent doors are operated by vacuum, so a leak in any of those will affect where the air blows. Also, try back flushing the heater core. If it hasn't already been done, you should remove the heater control valve.
  14. 87MJTIM

    Heater Vents

    kb, I am in New Market, MD. Good to see another MJ owner near me in MD.