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  1. I used EvapoRust in a rusty 4.0. The PO parked it with water in the block. I let sit a day or two, then drained, and rinsed it. It cleaned up the internals nicely. I then ran distilled water and vinegar for a few days while letting the engine idle. I didn't drive it with that in it, just idled.
  2. I have a few full cluster from XJs. I am just up the road in New Market!
  3. 87MJTIM


    An example of government in action or government inaction
  4. I don’t need Easter to watch it. I just need a day that ends with Y.
  5. There are no bell housings for a BA10 to go external. Your options are to keep swapping slave cylinders or swap transmissions. Ask me how I know.
  6. I think I've watched them three or four times, especially the rebuild portions.
  7. A youtube presenter has a tear-apart and rebuild of an AX15 I followed this to open up an AX15. There is also Robinsonautomotive on youtube where he breaks down and rebuilds an AX15. This one is a little slower and the lighting is not as good.
  8. A guy on youtube has several videos on tearing apart and rebuilding an AX15. I watched all these before I took apart one.
  9. I have not tried a 12 point. Previously when I removed those bolts I throw them away and get hex head bolts
  10. No offense intended. Most fuel senders advertised on the internet will not fit the MJ. Most are XJ senders. The sellers don't know that the two vehicles are different. Also, as mentioned, the Renix and HO senders operate on different ohm scales and in reverse direction.
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