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  1. "[You] were so preoccupied with whether or not [you] could, [you] didn't stop to think if [you] should." Dr. Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), Jurassic Park
  2. Thanks. I’ll drink to that.
  3. 87MJTIM

    What books to read

    Those of you old enough to remember The Wonderful World of Disney may recall a movie called The Great Locomotive Chase. That movie was based on the actual events, with Disney liberties applied. Also, Charlie Chaplin made a silent film called The General based on the same event
  4. 87MJTIM

    What books to read

    Stealing the General- good book, especially if you like Civil War history 👍
  5. If you want DRLs there’s a switch lower left of the steering wheel. Pull it out. Now you have DRL. Be sure to push it back in when you get out of the truck or else your battery will die.
  6. I am sitting at my desk in my office every day and every night preparing tax returns for my clients. The gov't extended the time for people to pay their taxes if they own. However, it did not extend the time for people to file their returns. Your returns are still due by 4/15!!!
  7. Dakota housings are smaller than MJ housing. There are no after market options. Best bet is to search classified ads, Craigslist or junkyards. someone on CC is looking to reproduce the housings with a 3D printer.
  8. 87MJTIM

    Erin go Bragh!

    My favorite saying was: Erin go bra-less But that's just me.
  9. 87MJTIM


    I like making and drinking lagers: pilsners, bocks and double bocks. My wife loves IPA. Stouts and porters are great, also. I tried many different styles through years. Some styles I don't care for: wheats, fruits, sours, gose. Some styles are so over the top, that I don't care for. Some people like them. That's OK. Two breweries that make over the top styles IMHO are Dog Fish Head and Flying Dog Flying Dog is local to me. I go there often. They make some great beers. They also make over the top beers.
  10. Follow up: One of my clients stopped in today. He told me he purchased a Gladiator and that he has seen me driving around. He stated he has waved to me. The riddle has been solved. He was waving to me as a friend, not as a Jeep owner.
  11. 87MJTIM


    I started in 92-93. Started with extract on a stove and now have a 3 tier, 10 gal system.
  12. 87MJTIM

    Went to Moab:

    I think that truck cab is repairable. you should have brought it back with you.
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