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  1. My eyes! My eyes! Please fix that grill!
  2. Could be e-fan relay. Could be coolant temperature switch. To test the relay, have the key on/engine off ,unplug the fan relay, drivers side fender, using a wire, jump relay connectors - 30/87. If can comes on, then move to the switch. Disconnect the switch at the harness. Jump the harness plug with the same wire. KO/EO. If fan works then switch is bad
  3. My '87 did not come with one. I believe Jeep added it with the '88 model year. So, BeaterComanche86, yours may not have come with one, either.
  4. We have an '05 CR-V. Original owners. 335,000 miles on the clock. 5 spd manual. I believe '06 was the last year for manuals in the CR-V. I would highly recommend a Honda (at least a CR-V).
  5. Well that stinks. The table of contents for the manual shows that Ignition timing starts on page 60. So, maybe page 59 was/is blank.
  6. Is that the Renix FI manual? if so, can you scan page 59 of that manual? The reason is that the pdf that is circulating around the internet has two p.58 and no p.59. I have downloaded it from different sources but it is the same document. It may be a blank page, but p.60 is a continuation from p. 59. Thanks.
  7. The '86 model year was first released in late '85. I guess it depends on what you want to call it..
  8. You will want a cluster from 87-90. If you have idiot lights, you will need to change the oil pressure switch to a sensor and the temp switch to a sensor.
  9. Although, I don't want to confuse with a real Scrambler CJ8. I consider it an open rear 4dr JK...and over priced.
  10. I've picked one up at NAPA, but it was for a cruise control equipped Jeep. BK6151604 - 63" BK6151606 - 87"
  11. Did you download the electrical wiring diagram for your 88? If not, you should do so https://comancheclub.com/topic/12083-electrical-manual/
  12. try a mechanic's stethoscope to listen along the valve cover and cylinder head to locate where the sound is coming from. That will help isolate a tap or a leak.
  13. I had 5 uncles server - 3 in the Pacific and 2 in Europe. One of them - Julian - was killed in France in Aug. He was not part of the first wave. He landed in July. His unit turned west to capture the Cherbourg peninsula. All of them are gone, including a 6th that served in Korea.
  14. A friend has a Toyota camper van. Looks similar to a Class C camper built on a Toyota pickup frame. I also saw a similar camper at a campground storage lot recently.
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