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  1. Great to meet some old and some new CC members. I can finally put faces to the signature names. Let’s plan again for next year.
  2. I'll get there around 10 AM Sat. I live about 1.5 hours south in Frederick, MD. Don't forget your Comanche Club apparel.
  3. I just receive an email from Jennifer Watson with PAJeeps.org: Yes we are pet friendly on a leash we will have water around the gates and the stage just make sure you keep the pup hydrated. Jennifer L. Watson R.T.(R)(CT)(ARRT) PA Jeeps WWW.PAJeeps.org Show Chairman 410-218-2001 Jeepshow@pajeeps.org
  4. It depends.... Is yours a 4.0? Then no. If yours is a 2.5, then it should. The AX5 does not bolt to a 4.0 block. An AX15 bolts to a 4.0.
  5. I "tried" to fix mine by rewinding the spring. I wound it backwards. I watch a youtube video and saw what I did wrong. I have not tried to fix it yet.
  6. at previous shows, they group classes together. XJs and MJs are one class. (I think MJs are in a class by themselves. But that is just me.)
  7. 87s did not come from the factory with a ballast resistor. There was a TSB to address the loud fuel pump with a dealer installed BR. My 87 doesn't have a BR. I have a parts 87 XJ that has the BR installed.
  8. Passenger side bed panel (LB) - no rust around wheel arch or the lower rear panel? (Preferably from a bed that has a trashed driver's side.)
  9. First, welcome to the obsession and madness. Next, change all fluids, coolant and oil. Get new plugs, wires, and dist. cap. New battery. Since it hasn't run in 20+ yrs, try turning the engine by hand to make sure it hasn't seized up. Spray some WD40 or PB Blaster in each cylinder to lube up the cylinder to ease the cranking. Try starting it. If it runs, then perform Cruiser's Renix tips (www.cruiser54.com). A good engine scanning tool is Nick In Time's Renix Engine Monitor (REM) (www.nickintimedesign.com). This will help you see how the sensors are performing. Once you have the engine running, focus on the brakes and tires. Good luck. Keep asking questions. Everyone is here and willing to help.
  10. A 10 lb slide hammer and a hub puller. Acetylene torch is hotter than propane, but not as hot as Oxy-acetylene.
  11. HEAT is your friend! Can you get a propane torch close to the contact surfaces?
  12. Do you have the heat shield that goes between the manifold and the fuel rail?
  13. I was have issues with my clock fading in and out of brightness. I did the dash grounding upgrade (Cruiser54) and now my clock displays bright. All dash lights are brighter now also. If you haven't done the ground upgrade, try that first.
  14. On the block, one is the coolant temperature sensor, the other is a knock sensor. Check out www.lunged.com for more useful information.
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