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  1. Welcome to the addiction. In order for you to help diagnose the Renix engine you should get two things: 1) The Renix engine control manual, and 2) Nickintime's REM module. Both of these will help you.
  2. Hi, my name is Tim. Welcome to MJ Anonymous.
  3. The MR277 come in two volumes. The first 1.5 books covers the 86 model. The second half of vol. 2 covers the 87 4.0 model, technical service bulletins, and other updates.
  4. If it "cranks," then it is turning over. If it "cranks" but doesn't "start" then that is a "crank, no start" condition. Now, you can start with the fuel and spark issue. Search for Cruiser's Renix Tips to assist with diagnosing some common issues for Renix engines. Test the CPS (been there, done that). Get a fuel pressure tester to make sure there is adequate fuel pressure. These can be "rented" from most auto parts stores. Next, perform many of the Renix Tips as prescribed by Cruiser.
  5. I put a 93 XJ 4.0 in a CJ7. I pulled the engine wiring harness and the ECU to do the install. On the CJ forums, there is a rule "Five Wires to Fire." That means that just five wires from the "new" engine wiring will connect to the "old" wiring. I don't know the number of wires for the Renix system. You most likely would want just about everything from the 93 to install in your 87.
  6. Only 86,000 miles and so much rust. It must have been parked in salt water I saw one other MJ in a yard in Mt Airy several years ago.
  7. Still there. I tried to get it but I couldn’t get my hand up under the dash. the bench is still there, also. Fabric was good. Just dirty. https://locations.lkqpickyourpart.com/md/baltimore/6201-erdman-avenue
  8. Someone got there before me (Bueler?). They knew what to get. Gone were: tailgate, tail lights, fuel sender, rear interior panel, rain gutters, B pillar vents, and 10 slot grill. I got the interior panels and seat belts.
  9. It has a bench seat. Dirty but not torn
  10. I have an 87 TCU (4.0) that is only (and will only) collecting dust. It can be yours. I have no knowledge of its condition.
  11. how? I go to their website and attempt to "create account" and get...
  12. I found the company: SafetyRestore.com I sent my retractor side seat belt and they reset the retractor.
  13. I had researched this a while back. The XJ seat belts do not fit the MJ. For the 4 dr., the retractors sit lower in the body in an XJ. Plus, it is shaped differently. For the 2 dr., since the front seat tilts to allow rear seat entry, those too are positioned differently, also. I found a company that repaired mine. I will have to look up the name. (On mine, the belt stopped retracting.)
  14. Some other members have commented on "heat soak of the CPS." When the engine compartment is hot, the engine will not start until it cools off some. It has not happened to me (knock wood), but others have had this problem. Have you tested the CPS with a DVOM? Check out Cruiser's Renix tips on testing it.
  15. Someone on CC sold the J E E P lettering for our MJs in plain and reflective tape. I think it was something like "JeepStickers.com" or "JeepSticker.com" but neither of those come up in an internet search. (There is a ".biz" site, but that is not the one I remember.)
  16. Not far from WV - Frederick MD. I went to college in Frostburg, a long time ago, in a gallery far, far away... My family has land in Pendleton County.
  17. Pete, just an FYI, https://southjersey.craigslist.org/pts/d/thorofare-1989-jeep-comanche-pickup-bed/7385886266.html I-95 in DE.
  18. If the vehicle didn’t come from the factory with an EGR, how can DMV require one be installed? Just asking.
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