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  1. Beautiful work! Very inspiring! Someday mine can be pretty again too!
  2. TDi update: A/C bracket and compressor from an '04 Passat 1.8T gasser fit onto my 2000 Jetta ALH. Had to open up an un-used bolt boss and clearance it a bit to fit. Couldn't manage to break the crank bolt loose in the junkyard so I can't confirm it all will line up. High hopes of leaving the Jetta's accessory drive alone and using it's A/C compressor for on-board air.
  3. Noticed the banner change to Don's rig but just now realized why RIP Don.
  4. That pretty well sums it up. Search "SOA" on here or otherwise and start reading. Look at my build thread linked in my sig and you'll see what my results look like.
  5. Gotta love having a lathe! One of the best garage investments I've ever made; right on par with a welder. More pics of that sector shaft support when you have it off please!
  6. Not priming/painting them first was indeed a mistake; they're rusty, rusty, rusty! But otherwise it was well worth the effort. They're quiet and ride nice.
  7. I stay away from analogies when it comes to electrical theory... the more I teach this stuff the more they seem to confuse a clear understanding of it. Measuring current would indeed reveal an under-performing circuit, but measuring voltage (assuming you understand what's supposed to be going on) is almost always the better/faster route to diagnosis. If he was measuring more available voltage at the headlamp connector(s) when they were on (current flowing), then that indicates the upgrade harness has offered up less resistance in the circuit and the lamp assemblies are now closer to being the only resistors in the circuit. Circuit resistance (wherever it happens to come from) and applied voltage is what determines current flow. LEDs demand far less current than conventional lighting, meaning the shortcomings of the stock harness are just about negated; which, if I understand correctly, is why the OP didn't notice much of an improvement with the Putco harness upgrade. Edit: Just re-read that conversation and realized DesertRat1991 is still running the stock headlamps... means his stock harness was healthy!
  8. Yes, you might have fixed a compression leak by opening up to appropriate valve clearance (lash). This is a Honda, right?
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