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  1. Finally caught the right combination of weather, time, and motivation to jump back on the rockers;
  2. Got a bit of work done on the Raybuck XJ pans. Welding 18ga is a trip.
  3. Just the picture I needed to see! Genius!!
  4. Thanks!! It is ridiculously loud; I took out the earplugs for a brief moment and WOW. Its almost like I'm jackhammering on a giant metal can!
  5. Got this little gem from my Matco guy: And it works wonders! That's all I was able to knock out today, but man I'm feeling better about it already!
  6. How have you liked your BWE Comp Mount?  

    1. 88whitemanche


      What’s up bud 

      ever since I’ve gotten it, I haven’t had the time to install it, life got in the way and everything is on standby unless it’s really needed to be fixed...

    2. A-man930


      Understood.  Thanks for the reply!

  7. I guess I always figured that the low pressure cutout switch handled the compressor cycling??
  8. I installed the same "different" core in my '90 and have always wondered why the A/C never has gotten cold again... not saying that you'll for sure have the same problem, but it wouldn't surprise me. I happen to have my HVAC box removed for some other repairs; I'd love to get a hold of an OE-type design.
  9. Now things are getting pretty well beyond my comfort zone, but I'm still gonna press on! The trans tunnel side moved pretty significantly when I completed the cut on that side; here's hoping my bracing is sufficient and wasn't too late. I tried to limit the number of complex curves and corners that I would have to re-create and here's what I ended up with.
  10. Not with a brush. I'll probably end up using some kind of aerosol with a diffuser wand and semi-regularly get a dose of fluid film up in there. I'll also probably try the pool noodle in the fender trick to keep water from blatantly spraying up in that area.
  11. I'm on the verge of getting somewhat discouraged; I keep finding more rust! I decided to make a few access holes for inspection/clean-out on the driver's side. The first picture is from inside the cab just below the corner of the windshield (you can also see I trimmed back where the rust had bubbled through the seam sealer) The second picture is from the outside, just below where the cowling meets the A-pillar. ( yes, I broke through into the cowl a bit ) Its not pretty in here. I can't trace where the water would travel from the windshield. Instead, I think the cause is a combination of running around with no inner fender liners and condensation. The most frustrating part is where the toe board (firewall?) sandwiches against the "support plate" for the brake booster and steering column... water has been creeping into here for a long time and has made it's mark. There are so many curves and contours... I don't know how I'm going to fix/replace this.
  12. On another note, anyone know what this bolt is for?? (circled in yellow) There's another one on the other side.
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