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  1. 1990, 4.0/AX15 4x4 Short bed, Pacific Blue (Will update with recent pic soon)
  2. Engine mount brackets are "done" besides final cleanup and paint. Engine and drivetrain get pulled now to resume work on floors, frame plating, suspension mounts, etc.
  3. Can confirm; I had Herculiner on my floor for the better part of 8 years and the rust built up underneath it quite badly (plus it also suffered under the pedals, despite being "bedliner"). This go'round I'll lay down some epoxy primer on a CLEAN floor before anything else goes on top.
  4. I might give this a whirl. Do you have any more pictures of the "top-inside" of it? Mine looks like the metal is actually tearing apart; I'll upload a picture when I get home.
  5. I also want to figure out a way to hook the floormats in place like all newer cars do. The wife's JK floormats have a grommet in the mat and a hook clipped into the carpet... maybe a nut welded onto the floor and a really short bolt?
  6. I've developed the same concern... I've all but decided to use floormats to protect the "high-traffic" areas under your feet and try my luck with bare Lizard Skin for the rest of the interior (maybe a topcoat for color, but that's it). Edit: I checked their website and found they offer a topcoat: https://lizardskin.com/glossy-topcoat/
  7. 1990 short wheelbase 4x4 AX15. The mount itself is offset from the transmission case center line towards the driver's side. Was this to compensate for drivetrain "torquing"? Does anybody know? I like to know why things are the way they are before I start redesigning them...
  8. I'm about to re-gear a D60 real soon and have caught myself (once again) thinking about making a case spreader... how do you know how much to crank on it?
  9. Been taking bites out of the elephant lately. This is a Boostwerks Engineering Comp. Mount with the outer plates of a JCR steering box brace kit welded onto it. Also welded in some T&M Fab steering box stiffener plates.
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