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  1. Yes, you might have fixed a compression leak by opening up to appropriate valve clearance (lash). This is a Honda, right?
  2. I also have an ALH. Thanks again for the info!
  3. I definitely want that turbo up and well out of harms way.
  4. Gorgeous pics, that must have been a blast!
  5. How's it run? Interesting to see those silicone elbows balloon up like that...
  6. A-man930

    Comanche Fun-Runner

  7. A-man930

    Comanche Fun-Runner

    Stop it with the glamour shots with those fenders its gonna make me want a set!!
  8. Thanks for the background story. Cool to see a switch back to street duty!
  9. A-man930

    Comanche Fun-Runner

    Woah, what hood is this?
  10. Picked up an AR7753 from JRE (Minuit here on CC) and installed it today. It looks and sounds great! Dash looks much better now.
  11. 4.0 AX-15 to TDi adapter kit from Randy at TD Conversions. This dude is active on the boards and has supplied adapters for quite a few completed swaps out there. My actual conversion is still a ways out but this is the biggest single puzzle piece. Gotta slowly acquire the rest as finances allow.