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Found 5 results

  1. This isn't really a build thread so much as a journal. I posted up as many of the old pictures I've got from over the years. Its been a great little truck and has many memories attached to it. TDi swap, frame stiffening stuff begins on page 5, three-link stuff begins on page 6. Keep in mind that I am updating this thread as I progress. Got her in October of '07 from another CC member: KYMJ A nice, rust-free, 4x4 MJ with all the right stuff for a good price. Had to jump on it!
  2. I've looked at numerous pics and vacuum drawings, but I still haven't figured out what these are. This is on an 88 Pioneer w/air, 4.0, 5sp manual. My blower blows all the air through the defrost, so I thought these might be the vacuum lines that work that. I am referring to the black and white lines that come through the firewall just below the overflow tank and above the blower motor. Its been a great week for Jeep projects. I got my parking and blinker lights going again, got an alternator, vacuumed leaves from the blower motor, mounted the rear view mirror, got a new hood, did the headlight wiring upgrade, and fixed the broken headlight adjusters,
  3. Ok, so I'm swapping a 4L into my 86 and I was wondering if it was worth the effort to cut the firewall out of my donor 1990 XJ, or if it will be easier to just BFH and cut new holes into the old firewall of the 86 Thanks in advance.
  4. Trying to take the heater box out of my '88 MJ and the studs that go through the Firewall are spinning with the nut. Thats not the problem, althought it is, but I'm looking for a fix to replace those studs once the box is out and ready to put back in. I have an idea of drilling out stud locations and using long screws or thread all with JB Weld to replace the trashed studs. Has anyone ran into this problem and if so, any words of advice someone might be able to pass along? Thanks
  5. I know, I know... this topic has been beat to death so much that a well trained mortician can't bring it back from ruins. Anyway... I'm not sure why so many people have told me that swapping in a 4.0 into my '86 MJ will require massaging the firewall with a BFH. The only problem I've seen is 4.0 radiator fitment and the hood latch is going to have to be changed. From everything else I can tell, the length front to back and side to side are near identical to that of my '88 XJ with a 4.0. So, what gives? Can someone shed some more light on this for me? Perhaps I'm missing something? My goal is to snag an HO engine and AX15 (external slave) and mate it to a Renix 4.0 wire harness and ECU. Will that work also, assuming fitment isn't an issue?
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