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  1. Same thing happened in my ramcharger, only it's to the right, I haven't looked into it yet but I'm really hoping it's a semi seized caliper.
  2. Considering it's only rwd it probably won't get one also I've run out of room for all of my cars. So I'm trying to sell it ( kinda hoping it doesn't sell so I can keep it) but if it sells the xr4ti is getting some go fast mods :)
  3. Wiggilez

    Took the MJ for a (real) road trip

    I was just there on the 15th so not even close haha.
  4. Wiggilez

    Took the MJ for a (real) road trip

    Depending when you were in lac louise we may have just missed each other.
  5. I'd just finished some grouting work on the heated portion of their outside play pen before setting up that pic. This pic is from before I grouted.
  6. Temporary weekend upgrade. I dropped off the metal to get cut and drilled this afternoon and the guy said it should be done by tomorrow so I'll be able to mount it properly then. It's mostly for looks. But it going to be mounted properly in case I need it.
  7. Other then a replacement sun roof frame I've pretty much ordered what I needed either through rockauto or UK Ebay listings.
  8. I'm currently feeling your lada pain, engine parts I can get locally, but it needs a new adjuster for the clutch which ford of Canada doesn't stock, but I was able to order from the UK.
  9. Mustang's svo 2.3 turbo but unlike the mustang this one doesn't have an intercooler.
  10. It is one of the big 3 Ding ding ding right anwser
  11. How bout a little guessing game of what have I bought now.
  12. Wiggilez

    Bellhousing to engine bolts

    Thank you dando for the bolt specs And also thank you to pete for the stud idea.
  13. Two questions. 1. I've heard that you can't replace the e12s because a normal socket won't fit. True or false. 2. I've miss placed all the Bellhousing bolts (even the starter ones) so now I'm just going to stop by the nut and bolt shop to get some. But I need to know what to get. Thank you
  14. Wiggilez

    My '92 XJ dilemma.

    The manuels zj you missed out on 5 years ago. Was it white and in southern Alberta?