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  1. But poly bushings aren't OEM spring bushings, they're aftermarket. As far as I'm concerned, all bets are off with aftermarket.
  2. So have I. Unfortunately, they were on my Javelin ...
  3. Good point. The MJ spring plates had a hat-shaped reinforcement bracket underneath it to help address that issue. A lot of people leave that off when they work on the rear suspension. (And, I think I remember someone saying that Jeep stopped using that for 1991 or '92.)
  4. I am not convinced that the rear axle U-bolts are torque to yield. The head bolts are, and even those can be re-used once. The FSM for the 2000 XJ calls for a torque on the rear spring U-bolts of 52 ft-lbs. Those are 12mm U-bolts, with is pretty close to 1/2". And the torque on the 1/2" wheel studs is around 100 ft-lbs, and those aren't considered torque to yield. The MJ U-bolts were 14mm. I reused them when I removed the rear AAL from the red '88, and I'm sure the previous owner reused them when he installed the AAL. I haven't experienced any problems and I don't expect to. I also reused the factory U-bolts on the 2001 XJ when I rebuilt the rear springs when one of them broke a leaf.
  5. Promising yourself to always use common sense doesn't make an illegal setup legal, although it may reduce your chances of being caught and ticketed. I understand what you're saying about wanting more light in rural locations, but I don't think fog lights are the answer for that. Fog lights don't project very far ahead, they throw most of their light low and wide, to the sides of the road. In my younger days, when I did a fair amount of night driving when the Interstates weren't as heavily traveled as they are today, I ran driving lights on my cars, and they made a huge difference. Back then, there weren't any laws governing how/when driving lights could operate, so I just controlled them with a toggle switch to the relay. Now the law for driving lights is just the opposite of fog lights: fog lights have to go OFF when the high beams come on; driving lights can ONLY operate when the high beams are on. For maximum flexibility and visibility, I would want a pair of each, wired properly.
  6. Also opening the door with the key still in the ignition.
  7. Oiling should help. To do it right, you need to oil both ends -- the shaft behind the squirrel cage, and also the closed end. To do the closed end, drill a small hole (maybe 1/8" or so), put a couple of drops of oil in and be sure it circulates to where it's needed, then clean the housing and seal up the hole with a dab of RTV.
  8. I think that buzzer does double duty, acting as the alert for a couple or three different functions. I disable the seat belt alert by unlugging the connector under the seat and jumping the terminals on the chassis harness side. That leaves the buzzer active for whatever else it needs to do.
  9. Eagle


    Properly speaking, the Pioneer "package" was a trim level. It included a number of options, but most or all of those options could also be ordered separately and individually. If you wanted most or all of the options included in the package, it was cheaper to buy the package than to order all the options separately, and the package included exterior graphics to identify the vehicle as a Pioneer.
  10. Eagle

    wake up call

    Hey, Mate -- we're too old to be shoveling snow. Whatsamattawitcha anyways? Doncha know no better? Take it easy, and be well. I went through something similar in 2014. Not fun. (Mine was open chest surgery. I did NOT go back to work the next day!)
  11. Ignition keys don't hum. That hum you hear may be the fuel pump. If it keeps humming rather than stopping after 5 to 10 seconds, the fuel pump isn't building pressure.
  12. Cranking is turning over. What you mean is that it turns over but won't start. The rest of your description doesn't compute, however. Once it fires, if you're using starting fluid it should keep running without having to keep the starter motor engaged as long as you keep spraying the ether.
  13. Eagle

    Tinted Windows

    Connecticut has similar limits, but they only apply to the front doors. That's why factory tint is lighter on the front door glass than on rear doors and cargo area and hatch glass.
  14. Yes. All the way to the limit turns on the interior lights.
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