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  1. Eagle

    Out of the loop

    I'll be scarce for awhile. We got clobbered by that little tropical storm, and I don't see any signs of repair crews so I have no idea when I can expect electricity or internet again.
  2. I sure did -- the one in the photo, in fact. The vertical bypass passage wasn't drilled all the way up to open into the horizontal bore that the brake warning light shuttle valve slides in -- right where I put the red circle that's labeled "Emergency Bypass Circuit." I doctored the photo so it shows how the thing is supposed to work.
  3. Your signature says you have a 5-speed. There's no TCU (Transmission Control Unit) for a manual transmission. Your ECU (Engine Control Unit) is on the driver's side, above the gas pedal.
  4. COVID-19 isn't anything to take lightly. I'll say my prayers for you and your wife to not have any serious complications.
  5. The most certain cause is tire balance, but if you have had it for more than a month and you're only just posting about it, I doubt it's death wobble. As 75sv1 noted, death wobble is neither spooky nor annoying -- it's downright terrifying and, when it hits, you can't drive the vehicle. The ONLY thing you can do is stop the vehicle to make the shaking stop.
  6. Piece of cake. Where are you in New England? I have a bench seat in the basement that I wouldn't mind swapping for a pair of buckets and a console. I'm in south-central Connecticut.
  7. Eagle

    Bucket list add

    What did you use for a camera?
  8. Eagle

    Bucket list add

    Is it one-way?
  9. Winters in the Portland area aren't at all "brutal." The ocean moderates things quite a bit. I spent one winter checking the climate around Portland when I was considering a relocation there. It's not significantly different from Hartford, Connecticut. Which, admittedly, isn't Florida, but you're going to find winter is more wintery just about anywhere compared to where you are now.
  10. Either should work in a non-ABS axle. The ABS shaft should have a tone ring, and I believe the ABS shafts had the larger U-joints.
  11. What's the length? It seems like an enterprising young lad with access to a lathe could churn out a bunch of these things from a length of 3/4" hexagonal bar stock. Probably doesn't even need to be hardened, although that's not all that difficult.
  12. IMHO, several of your criteria are mutually exclusive. You're going to need to prioritize. I'm considering Montana, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Wyoming, and [maybe] Idaho.
  13. Power steering pump, reservoir, and brackets. Air cleaner box. Distributor. Throttle body.
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