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  1. Eagle

    Out of the loop

    Heh, heh -- The phone tech said that, since the damage was outside the house, the repair wouldn't cost anything to me. He said in the past, when he found obvious damage by an outside entity, he would report it to his supervisor so the phone company could charge whoever did the damage. I guess this isn't the first encounter with the cable company, because he said he wasn't even going to bother making note of it because the cable company never pays.
  2. Eagle

    Out of the loop

    I've considered satellite Internet, but nobody who has it is really happy with it. Speeds are slow, and rain or snow blocks the signal.
  3. Been there, done that. Heater core. Short term work-around, since you're in Los Angeles and probably don't urgently need the heater, would be to disconnect the two hoses from the hearter core under the hood and just connect the two ends together, bypassing the heater.
  4. Eagle

    Out of the loop

    I may be a bit scarce for awhile. We had another [very minor, IMHO] weather event here on Wednesday. From my home office, it looked like a strong breeze with a few minutes of rain. Nonetheless, it took down trees all over town (same as a month ago -- you'd think between that and the utility companies' having trimmed trees all summer long there wouldn't be anything left to fall down) and I lost my Internet. The cable company came in Thursday and made a half-assed interim repair, so I have some connecticity -- but it's about as slow as my old DSL line, and reliability is questionable.
  5. There's a difference between "having served" (past tense) and "serving" (present tense). I would contact your county and let them know that you are currently on call for federal jury duty and request to be excused from county jury duty for that reason.
  6. He was dealing with a lot. I hope his passing wasn't too uncomfortable, and that he's now at peace.
  7. Your route will probably take you across Massachusetts on I-90 (the Massachusetts Turnpike) and then up I-495 or I-95 to Portland. That said, if you decide to come though Connecticut on I-95 or I-84 -- be sure to let me know. Hmmm ... According to Google maps, your best route will be I-84 through Connecticut. Waterbury is just a few miles north of me. Depending on when you'll be going through, we might be able to arrange a [face-to-face] mask-to-mask and a virtual fist bump on your way through.
  8. https://www.lowes.com/search?searchTerm=weatherstripping+foam
  9. I have posted before that the 4.0L engine's basic design goes back to a 232 cubic inch I-6 that AMC introduced in 1964. As a carbureted engine, that engine eventually saw iterations as a 199 c.i.d, 232 c.i.d, and 258 c.i.d. (which was the 4.2L used in the square headlight Wrangler YJ). Back in the 1960s and 1970s overdrive was an expensive option that virtually nobody bought, so top gear was almost always a 1:1 ratio. And the typical rear axle for AMC was 3.08 -- so they generally worked out to 24 MPH per 1,000 RPM. That meant 60 MPH was 2500 RPM, and 3,000 RPM was 72 MPH. So we ro
  10. Screaming? With 31" tires and 4.10 gears, you should be turning 2645 RPM at 75 MPH. That's hardly "screaming." As to the original question: 31" tires with 3.73 gearing is exactly the same final drive ration as stock tires with 3.55s. If you're thinking of swapping gears, definitely go for the 4.10s.
  11. Different strokes for different folks. I find this forum package to be extremely un-user friendly. I really and truly loathe and detest the WYSIWYG editing window. It makes it super difficult to quote a previous message that needs individual responses to individual parts or paragraphs. I was much happier with the old Simple Machines software.
  12. I work for an engineering firm with multiple offices scattered over states ranging from Connecticut to southern California. The home office is in Philadelphia, and all payroll functions are carried out at the home office. We fill out and submit time sheets on-line. The application is one that a number of engineering firms use -- and it only runs with Internet Exploder. In fact, I just tried it with Edge to see what would happen. Answer -- nothing. It wouldn't run. And I had previously tried it with Firefox, so I know that's a failure.
  13. Eagle


    FWIW, some of you may remember that Hornbrod's daughter is an Air Force Captain stationed at Tyndall AFB. Tyndall is on a barrier island on the Florida panhandle, a bit east of Pensacola. They got badly hammered when the last big hurricane went through that area -- to the point that they had buildings blown down. I checked in with her on Wednesday evening, and she reported that -- so far -- they've just seen heavy rain but nothing catastrophic.
  14. If you mean for the brakes, the MJ does not have a combination valve. The thingie in the front is a distribution block and brake failure warning switch only -- proportioning is done by the height sensing valve in the rear.
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