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  1. MJ was Jeep's designation for the Comanche. All Comanches are MJs -- and all Cherokees are XJs. MJ and XJ were not model/trim levels. And there were no "Dodge" Comanches. After about February of 1988 Jeep vehicles came from Chrysler rather than from AMC, but they were still Jeeps -- never Dodges.
  2. "Plans" might be too strong a word, but hopes and intentions -- yes. My problem is deciding which one to work on next. I have three books (at least) that I have long ago started laying the groundwork for: My "great American novel." It will be about a retired Army officer who plays a major role in defeating alien invaders who come to Earth with the intention of harvesting Earthlings as a food source. It will have religious/spiritual overtones -- the aliens think Earth is open season to them because they believe that God has given up on us ... The Jeep book (or books -- not
  3. I would call it more satin than semi-gloss.
  4. No, I haven't finished my book on XJs and MJs. (That may happen soon, but I might stick to MJs.) This one is totally foreign to Jeeps -- it's about ways for people who can't afford to spend a lot to make their lives more secure. I got some ideas after my daughter was mugged a couple of times while away at college, and I started researching things to try to teach here about situational awareness. I think the advice all fell on deaf ears, so I put it into a book. It just came out on Amazon as an e-book. Paperback version hopefully soon to follow. https://www.amazon.com/dp
  5. I disagree. Having owned (and still own) and driven XJs and MJs since 1988, despite the 2000 side view mirrors being slightly larger I don't notice any functional difference between the old mirrors and the new mirrors.
  6. Okay, by going that route, you have kept it a closed system. That means you should only fill that new tank halfway -- you have to leave air space for the coolant to expand when it gets hot. If you were to install a catch bottle, you would be converting to an open system and you could fill the new tank right to the top.
  7. Nice job. You really NEED to either install a catch bottle or cap the fitting on the filler neck. If you don't do one or the other, you're going to be spitting hot coolant onto your starter solenoid.
  8. 1986 was the first model year for the Comanche, but some '86s were built in late 1985. According to Wikipedia, the year with the highest production was 1988. Since Wikipedia lists production numbers for 1985, we can probably assume that the number for 1988 is a mix of vehicles designated as 1988 and 1989 model year.
  9. Just to clarify -- the two speedo senders might not have the same orientation, because the donor vehicle for your "new" tranny might have had different gears or different tires. You want to insert the cable speedo gear quill into your new tranny with the same orientation it is in the original transmission.
  10. It's a straight swap. You unscrew the retainer for the electronic sender, remove the sender, insert the "quill" from the other transmission, and replace the retainer. What you need to watch for is orientation. Clean both the sender and the transmission housing well. You will see some marks on the housing, and an index mark on the quill. It has to be installed with the same orientation. Part #7 is the retainer. It has two ears on the tips of the arms. Part 4 or 7 has four notches that set the orientation, and are engaged by the two ears on the retainer. Just
  11. Eagle

    I'm a Dad again!

    Congratulations. Another potential Jeeper ...
  12. Okay, so that barbed fitting on the filler neck is for the tube to an overflow catch bottle.
  13. 2000 and 2001 XJ Classic. My wife's XJ has 16" wheels. Same wheels that were used on the Libby.
  14. It might not be perfect for you. What size tires are you on? My Cherokee is on stock rubber. I think that little jack would be at its limit (height, not weight) if I were on 31" or 32" tires.
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