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  1. I think I sold a roll bar to you many moons ago :dunno:
  2. Figured Id go ahead and put my 2cents in. I have a set of 285s on my single wheel f350. The truck has a flatbed and at times has around 2k lbs worth of welding gear on it. I also don't drive it like a grandma, in a heavy diesel, can eat a set of tires. with about 12-13k miles on them, no complaints. The truck should have E rated tires on it, But these seem to be pretty tough. I estimate Ill get 30-40k miles out of them. For the price and performance I think they are great. Even better on a smaller jeep I'm sure
  3. I did clean out the C101... Haven't looked at the grounds though.
  4. yeah, the whole carb idea didn't last long. Its been a while. But i know I pulled the TB, cleaned it, played with some other sensors too... It would just never get consistent
  5. I guess I should of done a different title for the thread... One more specific to the question
  6. Hey guys, been a while since I have posted or been active on the board.... Pretty much stopped messing with my comanche back in 2010-2011. Nothing has changed since then and It hasn't had too many miles put on it... Went and started my welding career and now opened my own shop doing that and CNC plasma cutting. seeing the jeep every day sitting there all sad. I can't take it any more! My plan is to do a mild restoration. take the bed off, paint under the cab, fix the few areas that have rust. lift the front more to match my SOA. put some non cut fenders and a paint job and have a truck to cru
  7. its been a year and a half since I updated this thread. Nothing has happened since. The truck has been parked and neglected. Everyone tell my I need to sell it but I can't even thing about that Idea. In the next few weeks I will be moving and will be able to keep it at my house.(and indoors) So I plan on hopping in and driving it randomly... Last I went and started it, it had a very High idle. I need to mess with the sensors on the TB. I also plan on finishing the winch bumper when I get situated in my shop.... Looking at the pictures of when I got it make me wish I could go back... The old pa
  8. We have one in the welding shop at school too... Never seen it used. I don't think my instructor knows how. So it sits
  9. its really simple. It just gets in your head and you want to panic. like said the easiest most practical way. Learn where your clutch starts to engage. when you see its time to move let it out to there where it starts to catch and go from the brake to the gas and drive away! I'm so used to driving one ton trucks or something with such lower gears, I can just let the clutch out without the gas and take off!
  10. yeah i hate getting texts asking for a bottom dollar. COME LOOK At THE ITEM AND MAKE AN OFFER. or a lowball offer without even asking about it or coming to see it. Most of the time I will call and ask if they are firm on a price but thats it. I deal in person...
  11. its almost not worth it to sell stuff... its a pain. I'm selling a fourwheeler for my girlfriends father. really nice shape, low hours. I check craigslist and see what similar atvs are going for and price theirs accordingly. I get a text today saying 1900 cash. I'm asking 2700. I said it was too low. He came back telling me that he "buys and resells them to pay bills and feed youngins, so he needed a fair price" I havent heard back from him again
  12. I hooked a heavy dual axle trailer up to the truck empty.... It didnt want to stop. but my brakes sucked at the time. i only ever had a 12 foot utility trailer with wood or a couple atvs... nothing more. dad had it on the bumpstops once with the bed FULL of dirt lol. tough trucks your biggest limiting factor is brakes though. IMO of course
  13. I like the way you did the bottom two compared to mine. If i make another I might do it that way. lots of stuff you can make with horse shoes!
  14. camjeep3

    Chest Hair

    You will have to shave it every day or it will go from itchy to prickly
  15. got the ferd running tonight! new accelerator pump and a carb rebuild. she winds out in 3rd around 30 to 40 mph real stump puller. should have it insured and tagged this week. a pretty comfy ride actually
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