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  1. I would say pretty well! The spotwelds are still holding together on the bird my dad and i are building And the rocker panel i put on my zj has not split either (again upside down...) I recommend this if you have the money. And they sell adaptors too for different spaces and shapes
  2. The hardware for the beds are actually studs with nuts. They are absolutely repairable. However the methods will be a major PITA. Drill out sheared studs or weld a nut and hope they thread out
  3. Dead jeep also ships! Great people there.
  4. That depends on what you are looking for. Some parts don't have aftermarket support(yet) or its very limited. Ebay is a good place, rock auto, junk yards or fellow members
  5. This is legitimate. This company makes correct senders for our comanches. However! They do not make HO senders for our comanches (yet) A few guys on facebook have bought them and for the most part had great success with these units. The only faults i have seen from others is they end up screwing up the wiring for the sender on accident. A lot of them had the float wires reversed, one had the pigtail wired wrong. But all easy fixes.
  6. Ive been looking for this forum because i had a tip i don't think got mentioned! Drop and inspect your spare tire and the cable/hoist assembly!! They rot out, the cables can snap and losing your spare on the highway is not fun! Ask me how i know. Maybe grease the cable every once in a while to keep it from rusting if it looks good
  7. Oh neat! I wonder how nobody has tried to replicate this? Yeah i did some research and got some answers here on the forum. I think its a good score. And for 50 greenbacks no less.
  8. No cargo light. Truck did not have it. It was an 87 though if you need anything. Not an ax15 either. Oh okay, can say its still a lucky find then if its a discontinued part. Is there anything I'm missing on this slider? I feel like somethings missing.. Ive never seen a factory one lol But i actually like the latch setup on this.
  9. What the hell did i buy? Lol Bought it today and posted my buy on facebook and someone pointed out it wasnt factory. However, i was told it came off an 88 mj. And it has the same rear glass shape of the mj too. So what did i score? Or not score? Lol
  10. 27 years old! And though my back and my neck do hurt periodically (no thanks primarily to a bad car accident 2 years ago...) i am not old! Ive been told by coworkers who have 25-30 years on me that i am an old soul in a young body i like old school stuff. Old cars, old music
  11. Its spent its whole life wrapped up in the box on a shelf lol i could barely keep it unwrapped to take a photo haha Surprisingly its still holding together quite well!
  12. I have one of these in red! About the only nos thing i have though hahah
  13. I'm so sorry i never saw this post. I didnt get any updates that you commented. Unfortunately the carrier is sold. The ring and pinion gears are all thats left.
  14. You are right but it was more so if someone wanted something off it before it goes to the crusher. Guy gave me the vin so i figured id add it to the registey at least. This one would take a lot of sheetmetal to be right again.
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