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  1. Thank you for the responce! I actually went in and searched for your post about the temp sender and was able to find it, acdelco 213-80, and cross reference it to another brand. So i got that taken care of. But thats having a bit of problems on its own. Either i don't have a good enough ground for the sender or my gauge/ contacts are improper. Most of the time it reads right, 220 when warm but it likes to climb to 280 at random and i know its not running hot. It will climb back down to 220, it seems to random to actually be reading hot. And I have reason to believe my tach is actually broken. A bummer. When i bought the cluster it was damaged as i found out taking it apart to swap my milage into it. My speed gauge was frozen. Wouldnt turn at all. And it looked like it had been dropped on the back end where the cable goes into it. This is it. The little needle with the cup on it goes through that hole and into that spring. But the tabs were broken where the clip retains it all. The housing had warpage on the tabs so thinking about it i wouldnt be surprised if the tach broke internally when it was theoretically dropped. Mind you i only paid $45 for it and i have 2 others including the dummy light cluster that came out of my truck so i was able to salvage the speed gauge. But what should i do about the tach? Do they make replacement parts like that? Or source? Or is it something i could fix?
  2. So tonight i got around to installing my full cluster on my 86 mj with the 2.8. Almost everything works beautifully. With the exception of the temp gauge because i havent swapped temp switches. I think i got sold the wrong one anyway.. So my issue is that my tach works but it seems oversensative. If i turn the key to the on position the needle jumps to 0. But when i started it the needle looped all the way around past 70. Pounts almost straight down. Hooked up an aftermarlet tack, pulled the needle off my tach and set it up to where the aftermarket tach was telling me it was idling. About 700rpm. Now it kind of reads better but its still oversensative. Tap the gas peddal and get it to rev to about 1000 rpm and it will jump up to the 30-35 mark and hover there for a minute before creeping back down almost to the 700 mark. More the 10 mark and would occasionally rise on its own. Why is it doing this? Where should i start looking to fix this? Thanks all!
  3. Long overdue update! Ive been doing a bit of tinkering with the truck but for the most part ive just been enjoying driving her around One of the few things i am happy to have fabbed up was a new handle for my tailgate! The other things ive done are wire in a quartz clock. Its not the correct year part but i think it looks good. And its black so it matches my interior too. Found a nice set of chrome drip rail trim that i snagged off another truck i found in a junkyard. Mine were plastic and looked horrible. And some led headlights. Best choice i have made as far as lighting goes. Aside from that its been just general maintenance mostly. Put a new starter in her I found some turbine wheels ill be picking up for her and then just the usual hunting for rare parts. And its not going well lol Looking for a headliner and a rear bumper.
  4. Thanks guys! I actually already have had a look and though it doesnt look great because its rust its still not as bad as it could be. Would like to get the bed sodablasted but that won't happen anytime soon. Anyway, did her first oil change today since i got her! I don't know who decided to put the oil filter right under the exhaust manifold but what a terrible placement.. could hardly get my hands in there. And then i met up with a guy who was parting out a few comanches and scored on some parts! Found a unicorn! Bought an extra set of tail lights that were in nice shape. New urethane motor mount bushings still in the box And these beauts. Also found a quarts clock i want to try and install in my truck too!
  5. Hello everyone, new to the forum but not new to jeeps! Have owned a few. And currently own two, my other one is a 1995 grand cherokee orvis edition. So Technically this is my second mj but since the first one i never had for very long at all and never got it running i don't feel like i can't count it. Anyway recently picked up a very well cared for 1986 jeep comanche X Its very nice and solid for an 86 truck. It was owned by 1 family since new and they loved this truck. They decided it was time to let it go. 10 hours total road time and it was mine and at its new home. Its an x model, 2.8 auto 4x4. Since they owned it the motor had been changed. Supposedly its still a 2.8 but its not an amc replacement. Theres no mechanical pump no block off plate. can't even find a serial number. Anyway the engines healthy so I'm not worried. The trans is still a 904 but its was also replaced, the original one was given to me(in pieces, some assembly required) And the d35 had been rebuilt. It was repainted once before too. Anyway! So my plan is to fix it up and freshen it up quite a bit. It needs rustwork on the bed sides under the flares both sides, a rear bumper, rocker and cab corner work and theres only one hole in the floors that needs attention on the drivers side. Everything else is either solid or just surface rust. Ive already started some of the repairs. The fan clutch was shot in a bad way i was getting concerned about my radiator being taken out so i had one sourced and swapped asap. The park brake did not work so i had to go searching for new cables, not installed yet but have them. she needs an oil change. And the radiator is at the end of its life. I found a nice aluminum one made by osc I'm having shipped in After that its onto the nightmare that is my vacuum and emissions setup.. Ive also been on the hunt for a unicorn. A non rotted tailgate handle and thats been very tough. And trying to get my hands on as many spare parts as possible. Ive been on the fence as to whether or not i want to swap out my dummy lights for gauges if i can find a set up or just put some aftermarket ones in somewhere. Mainly i just like having a tach which it doesnt have.. In the future i plan on respraying the truck, though I'm not so sure what color right now, and bed lining the bed. So far though shes running like a top so I'm going to enjoy her for the summer before she goes in for surgery in the winter. More to come! And always open to tips, pointers and suggestions.
  6. 1986 jeep comanche X model 2.8 v6, tf904 3 speed, 209 transfer case, high pinion d30 front, d35 rear i believe high pinion as well. 3.07 gear ratio. Long wheelbase Build date unknown, sticker is too faded. Resides in the U.S. states. Eastern Massachusetts. It is back on the road after having sat, but not neglected, for a few years. Was owned brand new by a single family who loved the truck. Red outside black interior, black with white plaid striped bench seat, vinyl floor, column shift, warning light cluster. No quarts clock, am/fm radio no cassette. 3 piece back glass, single slider. 4x4. Steel rims with chrome rings, 7 foot bed. Chrome bumpers with front fog lights. Was a 2.8 but the engine was swapped out. Was told it was a better 2.8 direct from gm. But i think it could be a 3.4? I can't find any block numbers so i can't figure it out.. Current owner: me, corey ward now
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