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  1. Also, should this post stay here or be moved to DIY Projects and write ups?
  2. Just swapped my bench seat for some cherokee buckets. Selling the bench seat. I don't care about making a lot of money I just don't want it sitting around forever and I don't want to throw it in the dump. Pretty much if you can come get it, meet somewhere close, or get someone else to pick it up, $40 would be fine. Seatbelts work, latches work, the floor brackets are removed(I have a post that goes in detail of what I removed. Hmu if your interested or want more details.
  3. Probably gonna post it on the for sale thing too but I forgot to mention that I need to get rid of the bench. I don't care about making a lot of money I just don't want it sitting around forever and I don't want to throw it in the dump. Seatbelts work, latches work, obv the floor brackets are gone. Hmu if your interested or want more details.
  4. I want to say this is before that then, because I swear this was the same XJ I got sun visor clips from, which means it has to be a 90 or earlier. And even if it wasn't that one, chances are that it was pre-95.
  5. Making this to show/document what I did to swap some Cherokee Buckets into my truck. Figured someone else in the future who was confused like I was might find and be able to learn something from this. (89 MJ Bench seat and a pre-97 4 door XJ was used for the buckets, no power seats)To try to sum it up before the pics and explanations, you don't need to take the rails off of either seat. All you have to do is take the floor brackets off and use the ones for your floor. For these, each bracket had at least one rivet and 1 or 2 spot welds on each rail. Obviously you could replace the rivets with more rivets or just a simple bolt and nut, we used 1/4 inch bolts. This is the rear bracket on the passenger side of the bench seat. One rivet (bottom hole) and two spot welds had to be drilled out. First pic shows the front bracket on the passenger side of the bench. Once again, 1 rivet, 2 spot welds. Second pic shows the bench with the brackets removed. On the bucket seats, the front bracket was the same procedure, however the back one has 4 rivet mounting points, one set which is under a crossmember. You could take off 4 bolts and nuts, separating the rails from the seat frame, but not only is this tedious to take off, it's extremely hard and annoying to get back on. Also, you would have to drill the rivets that the crossmember uses to keep the rails aligned. Luckily, the MJ bracket only uses the back set, so by far the easiest, and quickest way is to just simply cut off the rear portion. Once you cut it in half, its just like the previous ones, each rail has 1 rivet but one side has 1 spot weld instead of two. You can cut more of the remaining part of the original bracket than we did if you choose. Once its out of the way, the MJ brackets once again just rivet or bolt right on. ^Final picture with MJ brackets on. I feel I should clarify that I'm obviously not an expert and if you wanted to do the same you shouldn't just take your seats out and start drilling and cutting. I tried to give as many details I knew about the type of seats and stuff, because some seats may be drastically different and won't work this way(power seats, seats from a 97-01 XJ). Just make sure you confirm your seats will work for this same idea before you hack something up. As for the purists out there, I'm sorry you had to see this, just don't look at my 4wd shifter . Note that these are from a 4 door XJ. They do not fold forward so it will be hard to get big stuff behind the seat. If you want factory bucket seats and manage to find a 2 door XJ, I would assume this same process would work if you used your MJs bench brackets.
  6. Alr thanks I'll come back with the results tmr.
  7. Ok so those wires are for my missing second horn. Also I think that would be why my other horn is very weak and choppy, it might need the second one to complete the circuit, either way I'll look into that later.
  8. Just checked and only found two lines. The source one has plenty of vacuum and neither seem rotted. Nothing changes except the engine idle ofc when either are unplugged. There are two wires hanging, maybe they need to be connected I'll check that in a min, here's a pic of it all.
  9. I think I've actually seen an unconnected line somewhere around there, could you be more specific?
  10. Just as the title says, my AC is stuck on defrost. It's not charged with freon yet but don't want to try it again until I get it fixed. Blower motor works fine, the heater works too, not the best but what can you expect. No matter what setting I have it on, all of the air is directed to the defrost vents. I can't feel anything from the panel vents, if its bleeding thru them some, its so little you can't tell. Is this at all common? I have the jeep 1989 service manuals and found a diagram of confusing vacuum lines and doors/switches. Before I decided to take the dash apart I'm coming on here for opinions.
  11. Ok thanks I'll leave updates here when I do it
  12. Fuse panel doesn't seal good against the firewall. Is there a rubber gasket/seal that is missing or worn out on mine? Found out that other than the antenna hole, that is my main source of leaking in rain water. If there is a rubber thing, can I buy any new? Or just have to find one from a junkyard XJ?
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