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  1. Oh ok, maybe I can do it properly, I'm afraid of messing something up though.
  2. I'm not too worried about it tho, Ill just fix the leak, nobody can tell its wrong unless they are comanche experts
  3. Alright well I guess I'll be looking for a window next time I see an MJ, who knows how long that will be
  4. Damn ok, I thought there were also 4 piece windows though?
  5. I've never really seemed to notice another MJ that has the rear window stick out an inch or so like mine. I've been wondering if there are just different types or if mine has been taken off and modified. The sealant on top has mostly worn away and has left a small water leak above the window, so I think it may have been taken out at some point. Also, there is all kinds of white overspray on seals and such over the truck, so I'm sure it either got a trailer park rattle can special or was taken to Maaco at some point in its life, maybe they took the window out then.
  6. The intermittent wipers would be nice, and so would having a tilt column. I'll just wait til I find a completely or mostly complete column, I'm not in a hurry
  7. Yeah so the idiot who tried getting the column taken apart with force before giving up at the junkyard damaged too many parts. There were too many internal parts broken and I don't have any on hand already so I returned the column for in store credit at the junkyard. I kept the rest of the cruise control parts though. I just need to find a cruise control column for the 3 spoke wheel. Any year from a gm column in a cherokee should work right?
  8. Oh cool, it just occurred to me tho that mine is a manual and the cherokee was an automatic. So should everything still work? Reminder that it was the same exact year as mine.
  9. Also, this was out of a limited trim, which had power windows and power seats. The seats were in pretty rough condition but I've never seen any that looked like these, are they in any way rare or hard to come by?
  10. Ok I went and got the column, as well as the vacuum motor, the wire harness that runs to that, the bigger vacuum resevoir and its hoses, the throttle cables and the speedo cable bc it had a wire and censor going to it. The whole ecu was gone, but I found a yellow amc box just laying in the passenger floor. Sure enough it lines up with one of the connectors, and a quick search of the part number brings up an ebay listing for one calling it a cruise control box. So I'm glad I found that, hoping the rain water from the missing sunroof didnt kill it.
  11. Ok great I'll probably just get it and look for an s10 or something for the linkage. About 30 minutes Southeast of Atl
  12. That might be it, but when I bought a rotor, cap, wires and plugs they have a year warranty and it I went and got a new cap and rotor. Found out the warranty literally expires on Wednesday
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