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  1. Toccoa, No not really, I live in Mcdonough/Stockbridge. Wounded_Fighter, It's a 2wd ba/10.
  2. I have what recently came out as a perfectly functioning ba10. You can have it for like $20 or something idc lol I just want to get rid of it.
  3. I'll probably check the copper rod thing. As of right now this isn't a big issue, I'm just waiting for time and I'm swapping in two new axles and making a rear driveshaft. Then I'll actually experiment with this.
  4. I got the stuff and changed from a two spoke wheel to the 3 spoke I got from a cherokee. When u press the horn button, it twitches from on to off constantly, rarely staying on for more than a second unless u move it around and hold it still just right. At first I realized I had the diaphram thing in backwards, but after I switched it still had the same issue. I have used a wire brush and sand paper and had no noticeable difference. Also, I think rotating the wheel has an effect on whether then horn is on or not, but I don't remember the details of that. Is this a common issue?
  5. ^Forgot to mention that included a 3 spoke steering wheel and I put it on earlier, much bigger fan of it than the other one mine came with.
  6. Also, not related, but I should be getting a AX15 trans plate/mount on Saturday, and last Tuesday I picked up a front axle, some grille stuff, the front part for a 4.5in lift, and a rear axle all for $200. I'm aware that I can't use the rear axle, but I figured it might have lower gears in it and if not, I could probably sell it for $30, which is how much it was lol.
  7. Ok, I'll just list it at $50 and say something like price not firm.
  8. Haha, I can't even get $50 out of it?
  9. I hope this is the right thread for a question like this, but how much is a working condition Peugeot BA/10 trans worth? Since I replaced mine with an AX15 I don't need it anymore, and am trying to sell it.
  10. I'm gonna borrow a tap set from a friend and do it soon.
  11. Ok thanks, but back to the crossmember. The other bolt holes that are further back so you can relocated the crossmember, they aren't threaded. The bolts that came out of the original holes are self tapping, so should I just use those to make their own threads, or are those known to be a bad idea, and I should just get a tap for them?
  12. Ok, thanks, now I actually know if a cluster is what I need or not instead of taking out 4 clusters all from 91+ XJs like I did at this one yard.
  13. Ok, so the sweet spot is anything from 88-90. Could you still make the different clip style work by holding in with tape or something?
  14. I understand, I was asking if everything before 90 was strictly cable speedometers or if there were cables and electric until 91+ came.
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