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  1. Sweet, can't wait for the pics.
  2. Ok perfect. And just to clarify they are the old style 84-96 right?
  3. I just put a newer brake booster on my 89 and it had a smaller hole so I had to drill it out to fit the brake pedal and switch stuff thru it. Just like this one It was finicky and up or down would make brakes permanently on. You just have to find the center point, then like Big Dan said put electrical tape or something in it. I think I put electrical tape on mine.
  4. Ok. Are they manual or cable. Also I don't care too much about the condition as long as the metal case ain't cracked in half or something dumb.
  5. Like I said, I rly just can't find any at a JY, I'm about to buy aftermarket ones or get the newer style and hope it doesn't look too off. Are the aftermarket really that bad?
  6. Yeah I have considered getting newer ones before but I just like the old style so much more.
  7. And as for car-part, the cheapest one I can find is $55, for one mirror.
  8. Yeah probably. At salvage yards, if one has any at all, theres only one and the frame pivot points are busted.
  9. Ok, but with that being said, is there anywhere that makes them good still, because I just can't find any at a salvage yard.
  10. Half the reason I'm making sure that they will go on right is because it mentions needing self-tapping screws for it. I was looking at the Various MFR ones but now they only have a right one.
  11. So I'm basically making observations and asking if I'm right. It looks to me like my truck came with the big chrome tow mirrors at some point, because you can see the top set of holes lined up with the window frame. And the PO mounted random mirrors in front of them on the door skin(the broken plastic). I've looked forever and just can't find any good mirrors from a junkyard, so if I just buy some manual ones from rockauto(I don't care about having the joystick on the inside), they should just bolt on and I keep the little triangle cover pieces that are on the inside, correct?
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