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  1. Cool, don't some of the 350s have electric start?
  2. Recently it's changed and gone down to being most intense at 35, and basically gone by 45. It's also gotten warmer recently, so the whole oil thing is probably it.
  3. Ok, I’ll look at it when I get a chance. I just hate taking my wheel off bc the only puller I have barely works and is finicky
  4. The right turn signal clicks back in place when the wheel is aprx 90 degrees to the right. The left turn signal doesn’t return at all. I’m honestly having a hard time remembering if it ever did, but I do know that I swapped over a different internal piece so I could fit a 3 spoke wheel. Is this a common issue where some little tab or something broke, or should I just open up the steering column
  5. I just got my truck on the road, and immediately I noticed that from 35-50 mph a quick ticking sound forms coming from the gauge cluster. It’s most intense at 45, and usually slows down and gets quieter around 30 and 55. Anyone have any idea what this is? The cable is from a YJ, the same one the trans and tc came from. I think I vaguely remember that it did the same thing when my truck had a ba10 and the original speedo cable. But I never took it past 35 since it hasn’t left my neighborhood until recently. I’m assuming it’s something with the gauge cluster. The actual speedometer needle bounce
  6. I still have the console, boot, and mounting plate from my Ba10. The console isn’t in perfect condition but still, assuming it’s a Comanche specific part, I don’t want to just throw it away. Not sure how much these are worth but I can’t imagine much and I’m not planning on getting a lot for it either.
  7. When the engine was shut off the resistor read about 1.2 ohms. But still all I did was wire bush off some light corrosion and now it’s fixed.
  8. Ok, so if I bypass the two wires, then worst case scenario is the fuel pump will run too much but the regulator will dump the fuel back into the tank. Just can't permanently bypass it because the pump will be working too much.
  9. Haha nice, does that have the same 200 as this?
  10. I kind of figured, but I wasn't sure if that could cause anything bad to happen. Literally all I know about ballast resistors was from a quick search and I know they limit the voltage to the ignition coil, idk how or why.
  11. How do I check it? Nothing seems obviously wrong with it.
  12. I just recently put a new valve cover gasket on, and a new belt. The new belt let me discover that my fan clutch is stuck on. But the main issue that randomly arose is the engine firing for a second, then immediately turning back off. I have since then found out that if it happens, and I wait 2-3 minutes, it will start and run normally but after 2 minutes of idle, or driving it will shut off and repeat the same issue. I replaced the fuel filter, that didn’t fix it. And I also fid and oil change including the oil filter (not expected to fix it but it’s something that I needed to do anyways) My
  13. Found a picture of the PW80, not much of the bike is in frame but you can still see the resemblance to the BW if you’ve never seen one before.
  14. Just recently picked up an old big wheel. Figured this would make a pretty nice pit bike, especially after a few basics mods like un-choking the motor, lifting the suspension and bars, and lowering the gearing. The last owners already deleted the oil reservoir that mixes the gas for you, so I don’t have to do that. It’s actually pretty neat to me since it’s practically just a PW80 with bigger tires, and I first started racing on a PW80 when I was about 6 or 7. Adding pictures soon if I can figure out how do to it from my phone.
  15. Sweet, can't wait for the pics.
  16. Ok perfect. And just to clarify they are the old style 84-96 right?
  17. I just put a newer brake booster on my 89 and it had a smaller hole so I had to drill it out to fit the brake pedal and switch stuff thru it. Just like this one It was finicky and up or down would make brakes permanently on. You just have to find the center point, then like Big Dan said put electrical tape or something in it. I think I put electrical tape on mine.
  18. Ok. Are they manual or cable. Also I don't care too much about the condition as long as the metal case ain't cracked in half or something dumb.
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