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  1. I hope you make a thread on it so I can copy you without having to do all that pesky thinking myself.
  2. Found something, https://frostfighter.com/pickup-truck-rear-window-defrosters.htm?add-to-cart=1038 When it comes time to install my glass I will ask the auto glass shop what they think/know about adding rear defrost.
  3. Stunning display of deep MJ knowledge eaglescout! I wonder what circuit it ran off of? Has anyone laid eye on this snow leopard of an option?
  4. Nice! That is awesome! I see ScanGauge II is a similar product for the HO engines, but it's 4.8" wide so it won't fit it. https://www.scangauge.com/products/scangauge-ii/ I Imagine those switches close relays that carry the actual power for the winch?
  5. Has anyone ever added defrost to the rear windshield. Is after market defrost even a thing?
  6. Seem the 88 will most likely live out the rest of its days on the dunes. Not a bad retirement for a Comanche. It's still painful given its excellent condition. I got the driver's side door hung today. Probably get the passenger side on today as well.
  7. I am very torn on this! I can have two complete MJ's at the end of this but that will mean a ton more time installing all the 91 parts into the 88. Right now I'm considering bolting the axles form the 91 into the 88, gathering all the other parts and storing them in the bed, then selling it as a project to a friend of mine. I feel really bad disabling a fantastic condition MJ but I absolutely must have the OH 91 in the truck that I keep. It sounds like my friend is pretty committed to putting the 88 back together, but it won't be anything like it is now. He wants to use it as a toy in the dune
  8. Doors and fenders are going on in the next few days. I'm a bit daunted by the task of correctly locating the 97+ latch posts but I'm not exactly sure why.
  9. The sheet metal around the drivers door latch had torn and been "repaired" by a previous owner, in a most unsatisfactory manner. They had "welded" a big fender washer to the body and tapped it the receive the latch post (no pics). Here is the damaged area cut out, I melted a bit of the sound deadener on the inside of the b-pillar. No worries the is plenty where that came from. I already welded in a 16 gauge patch panel to this area but forgot to snap a pic. I'll post a pic tomorrow.
  10. Still plenty of work to do in the engine bay but it's starting to look pretty good. Color is Chrysler "radiant fire".
  11. Floor shifter hole deleted (primer was still wet). Of course it will be covered with sound deadener.
  12. Bed about to come off. Fenders, front clip and doors will be replaced with parts from a 2000 XJ. Cleaned, primed and painted the frame with rust-oleum primer and high performance enamel. It was competently rust free.
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