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  1. Hope they are watertight! It's been raining the last few days and forecast to rain til Monday. Getting the glass in was the last major thing to cross off of the big list. Still have some small things to take care of here and there but the conversion chapter of this is pretty much wrapped up.
  2. It was cracked and slowly growing into the driver's vision area was the main reason. It also had several scratches and was foggy in the corners. 97+ has the rubber trim which I liked better than the chrome trim.
  3. That would be perfect but I don't have the budget for it for a bit In truck news, I've been slowly knocking things off of my list to get this wrapped up. I drove it to work for the first time since the conversion. I finally washed all of the body work dust off of the underside and cleaned up the rest of it. Spent some quality time on Valentines day installing the zj steering, coil spacers, and amber leds in the front. I hate using coil spring compressors. Springs are too long and droopy otherwise. I got my .75 inch spacers on and
  4. The whole pump assembly from a 96xj in the stock mj tank. I had to reach in the tank and modify the slosh pan so the pick up would fit though. The gauge worked for like a day and hasn't since and I haven't pulled it back out to figure out why.
  5. This time on Roadkill: we bedline and mount up some jcr bumpers! Best day at work ever! Nice work
  6. That looks awesome. I kinda regret not going with that one now.
  7. So today I got brave and went for a longer shakedown run. I threw a bunch of tools and fluids in the bed and met my friend with his tj. I really need to get a toolbox in the bed for all of my stuff but preferably one that sits completely below the bedsides. Stopped to fill up the tank then drove at highway speeds til we hit the forest roads. I decided to undo my swaybar and try to get on a for real rock... only to realize that I forgot to mount my swaybar disconnect post things to the inner fender and I also didn't have any zipties. I jus
  8. Oh nice, I may hit you up in a few months when the time comes. I might be leaning towards picking up another parts cherokee. My yj-7 would really like the fuel injection and transmission from it while the truck would benefit from the block and a few other parts. Just kind of depends on what I can find.
  9. Thanks! I tried to work on it a little bit each morning before work (I work 2-10) since mid April. Eventually the little bits add up into major things checked off of the list. Thanks for all of the kind words. It means a lot coming from a crew that knows these trucks so well. One of my goals that I decided early on was to try and keep it semi-mild and to make it like a Trailhawk version of an MJ if they were still making them in 01. I think I ended up pretty close to a slightly upgraded version of that idea
  10. Yeah I'm pretty sure I had the infamous crack between 3 and 4. I tossed the head over the weekend and replaced it with a clearwater casting. The '01 style manifolds were such a pain to take on and off with the cats in the way. I eventually got everything back together and took it for a drive the next morning. No more coolant where it isn't supposed to be. I spent a few days debating what I should do with my engine. i thought about just throwing some new bearings and lifters in it but that didn't sit right with me
  11. i have really been slacking with keeping up on the updates in here A few weekends ago I finalized my seat mounts. I ended up cutting off the rear legs of the seat bracket completely and replaced them with some angle. I was able to place the new mounting bolt location over the floor brace under the cab so that the seatbelt anchor side had a solid place to mount to. I also spent some time trying to get my fuel gauge working again but no luck. Not sure if it's a gauge, sender, or wiring issue but it has only worked on the day I first got it runni
  12. Looking real good. I'm pretty jelly of those seats
  13. That was the same stuff I used I think. Got it from amazon a while back before the price on it went up. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00G6ILI24/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It matched ok for me but you can tell it's not the same in various lighting. It's also coming off very easy in a few places if you even so much as look at it funny. I might redo everything if it ever warms up again.
  14. I'll snap some pics of it once I finalize the brackets and they don't look so ghetto. I basically just cut off the rear 2 mounting legs then welded some square tube in their place. I tried just cutting sections out of the legs and welding them back together but I still couldn't get them short enough. I think my issues stem from mounting the seat farther rearward than usual so the rear legs are landing on the section of the cab floor that starts slanting upwards whereas the floor on the xj stayed flat. I'll have the seats out and carpet up this weekend to work on the parking brake cable and
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