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  1. My colour is „gun metall grey“ from Plastidip. 😉
  2. The wrap hold pretty good. Two years now without problems. I only had to fix a small pice on the roof. There was the underground not good. But it works good and it looks good again. I would do it again.
  3. It‘s made complet new from 20mm tubings. Only the brackets are from “Thule“ to fix it.
  4. I worked a little bit at the Manche the last weeks. Made a little Roof Rack. Here it is:
  5. Finished the Hardtop today and mounted on the Manche.
  6. Next step, the outside of the hardtop.
  7. After a few weeks I started with the hatdtop. Cleaned all, make it stiffer and start to paint the inside in a light grey.
  8. And the look of the Manche without the rollbar look‘s good, too.
  9. I don‘t no, sorry. I buy it only because it have the right mesurement.
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