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  1. I have a idea and should have some detailed pictures. I want to wrap my comanche like the old „Stroh Comanche“ Rally Truck like this one in the picture. Did someone have detail pictures from all sides? Hope someone can help me. Thanks a lot!
  2. My colour is „gun metall grey“ from Plastidip. 😉
  3. The wrap hold pretty good. Two years now without problems. I only had to fix a small pice on the roof. There was the underground not good. But it works good and it looks good again. I would do it again.
  4. It‘s made complet new from 20mm tubings. Only the brackets are from “Thule“ to fix it.
  5. I worked a little bit at the Manche the last weeks. Made a little Roof Rack. Here it is:
  6. Finished the Hardtop today and mounted on the Manche.
  7. After a few weeks I started with the hatdtop. Cleaned all, make it stiffer and start to paint the inside in a light grey.
  8. And the look of the Manche without the rollbar look‘s good, too.
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