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  1. Yes throttle body is installed , havent been able to drive it so much yet . Had a bad speed sensor and while waiting for a new one i refurbish rims and instument cluster using parts from a 84 Cherokee. Intalled fuel gauge and tachometer from the cherokee in my instrument cluster ,glue gun and soldering iron. Rims was in bad shape, lots of hours and f words in those Next time i take the ten holes instead of ten spokes
  2. Found lists of DTC's on different locations on the internet claiming to be for pre 91 / RENIX but not a word of what created them or how. All have 4 digits ,guess that someone copied them from a manual in the beginning. It's bad that the scanner create the DTC not the ECU ,not much use for the code list whit out the scanner Think i'll bay the REM from Nickintimedesign and find out if the knocksensor is working and for troubleshooting, instead of hunting down a MS1700. Thanks Ωhm ! Found out lot of interesting stuff so far,it will keep the MJ , Renix running
  3. Thanks Nick! Suspected you would have figured out the most of the wrinkles in this French brain! I'll swap that Power transistor next time i poke around in there... have a bad pic of it .Number on it are 827 and 114-08 Whats the right way to reset the ECU would it reset disconnecting/reconnecting + on the battery ?
  4. Thats crazy! LOL . Fantastic Ωhm AND guess what, its the EGR canister =A10 It's the curcit from RelayA/A to Egr canisterthat was overheated i put in a small cable on the back of the board instead, i made a wild guess it was the power supply to the transistor that was bad and not the thingy itself if it works when cold... Hmm the one to the right at the bottom row says +5 volt to memory if my order a beer in Spanish skills are right... Do not see anyone say +5 vdc to DTC fault codes do you have more pics Ωhm ? Ok I'm pretty sure someone got the code 1220 out of that thingy, wonder what they used to get it out .. The truck has been around my neighborhood since 1993 got to do some Sherlock Holms stuff can't bee that many that could have done it, to bad it probably was at least 20 years ago
  5. I'm pretty sure there is no special export stuff on the JEEPS for Sweden market accept what the dealer here put on it like ugly turn signals and stuff. I'll have a closer look at it! I had the same idea as you but it doesn't run strait to the connector and it's mounted almost in the middle of the board. you can see them on the pic above 16 of them mounted in pairs and they are brown on top. I will take some more pics tomorrow , the ECU is back in the Truck now. Can take some close ups on the E-proms to
  6. Red paint is the real McCoy Nice work MJXjeepguy!
  7. I have no idea if it did I have a overheated 3 legged thingy ( transistor maby?)on the ECU board ,my guess is that one of the in or output has or had a fault /short circuit. Everything runs great the only things i'm not sure works are the KNOCK SENSOR can't measure if it work and EGR valve, deleted the EGR valve i have the HO intake manifold whit no hole for it. Ok ...Facts.. i now there is an error in the ECU , it could be the EGR ,someone has written a note on the ECU saying D1220 appears when it gets warm, found this pre 91 codes on Cherokee forum Code 1220-No voltage at ECU from EGR solenoid. LINK (https://www.cherokeeforum.com/f2/diagnostic-code-list-78108/) I can't see any reason why someone will write D1220 on the ECU and registration number of a 89 xj just for the fun of it . Maybe the codes are in the upgraded version of the 89-90 ECU but Chrysler did now the the odb I was going to replace the Renix and saw no reason to get them out ?? And someone whit Volvo Renault Bendix scan tool here in Sweden did get the D1220 code out of my ECU?? Anyway interesting topic A pic of my ECU MNE321(number-plate number) D1220 när ECU:n blir varm (when ECU gets warm)
  8. My ECU came out of a XJ 89, some PO changed it . on the ECU someone have writtten the registration number of the xj and a fault code 1220 and that it appears when the ECU gets Warm. Found a pdf on Cherokee forum whit codes for Renix saying that code 1220 is no voltage from EGR solenoid to ECU .
  9. Great 87MJTIM! why didnt i look closer at that page earlier, must have stucked on the ECU connection page. Have to print out the manual to get a better overview On page 86 it says KAM Memory ,something about Average learned closed throttle value CATV and Min /Current / Max sensor values over time (used for road test/ wiggling cables) Also read that Fault codes are stored in memory as long as the problem is present .They will be deleted after a pre-programmed number of engin starts if not detected again. Thanks 87MJTIM think we safely could say the ECU definitely have a memory Now i can concentrate fixing the Truck instead of translating Swedish thoughts in to English technical words
  10. Go for it you could do a Lucas to Renix swap
  11. Ωhm nice topic . After fixing my truck and going over every inch of the electric system engin, sensors, and injectors to ECU i agree with you Ωhm, the ECU has some kind of memory Most times when working on the electric system i disconnect the battery but i forgett this from time to time and if i fix/replace test something whit battery connected for exampel changing the heat relay and fix connection to O2 sensor the Renix stays in OPEN LOOP/ runs ruff until i disconnect /reconnect the battery. Turning of on ignition with the key makes no difference. I'm 100 % sure the Renix has a memory as long as the ECU has power on B7 connection. And my guess is it have memory even when it has no power and maby replace some of it with new data at next startup/run if no error accures.
  12. Had some problem when i replaced the trottle body couldent get the TPS/idle motor to work right (high idle bad gas respons) after disconnecting reconnecting tps and turn key off and on twentyeleven times , did the vodoo magic reset and it worked fine. Maby disconnecting reconnecting the battery + resets the idle motor
  13. If you change /swap anything on the Renix system take of the +from battery and hold it against - think this resets the ECM/ECU . And check/ clean the connectors on the ECM/ECU. EDIT After looking at wiring schematic and measuring volts on the ECU and found that connector pin B7 on the ECU are "hot at all times" battery + ,so the ECU has + when key is turned off. iI have no idea if it stores anything in memory or what ever it does i rephrase my tip . If you change /swap anything on the Renix system take of the +from battery. I do belive this makes sure that the ECU has no power and restarts . And check /clean the connectors on the ECU, found some bad connected ones o my ECU
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    Nice Truck MJXJeepguy ! Looks great
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