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  1. Kjell

    Hey you, Pete!

    Nice Truck MJXJeepguy ! Looks great
  2. Found a Gem Top think it's for MJ ,was mounted on another Comanche and fit's okey Nice with two versions of the same Truck, here is the bad weather version
  3. Nice truck Small things in the hands of a good mechanic can make a big difference.
  4. Interesting! MJXJjeepgy you must report the result intend to drill/bore mine too, have a friend who has machines for this and I found a TB on the junkyard. First i was going to use the HO TB and an adapter but changed when I measured the difference and made a adapter plate renix TB/ 91+ HO intake dident find any 99+ This is getting addictive Looking at Pete M 's new Mj ... now i need a 2wd stick whit a STROKER engin
  5. Nice truck Pete M where did you find the window sticker?
  6. So finaly found some Volvo/bosch injectors(0280 155 746),ended up snitching them out of a volvo that the guy at the junkyard drove to work with... still warm Installed injectors and scrapped the c101 connector at the same time I can't say what made the biggest difference connector or the injectors, Maybe I woke up some sensor that fell asleep ,can say it runs great much smoother and better gasresponse
  7. Thanks Beater glad you like it ! wouldent be so hard making a cover of a steel or aluminum plate, if you can't find a used one .
  8. Out on a lake and slipping.found another classic vehicle
  9. My visors wasent in place when i bought the MJ, had the same problem installing them untill i slide/turned the mount. Not 100 sure but looks like the same visors and center mount i have... the other type have a different shape.
  10. do not know if they can even be mounted on the wrong side ,had the mirror on pass side so i dident try that mistake
  11. Had the same problem ,Cut the distributor locating tab and turn it clockwise about 5mm (2/8 inch?). did this then it misfired a little when i had low load on the motor so i turned the distributor back a tiny bit ...runs great now .hope you can read my SWEnglish
  12. Kjell


    There are wiring to the passenger side in my Laredo -88 don't now about drivers side.
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