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  1. yupp! I like the window sticker ,good idea!
  2. Hi Eaglescout526. Headlight sprayers totaly useless . Yes MS paint ....look nice maybe i do it IRL
  3. Summer edition whit Hella rollbar / fog lights.
  4. Thanks Rooster92 ! Looks nice if you are not to close, needs a better paint job and the rails was are made by a PO (Boat enthusiast ?) of Wood. probably looked nice 1995. Painted the wood silver , gonna make some new in steel . don't think the wood can be restored its in bad shape.
  5. Hi Cruiser54 ! Thanks for all the info you made available !! Great job, has helped alot! Seen Renix parts in Volvos and Renaults .. Bendix parts "same s**t but different" ...are everywhere. Here are a different animal ,Vac ignition adjustment ?? Hot Rod parts!
  6. Thanks Gjeep! Curious, what does the typ 1 look like, any pic?
  7. Santa Claus delivered a Renix Engine Monitor RemII https://nickintimedesign.com/ . Great tool well wort the money! Spent the Winter hunting down electric gremlings ,turned out to be cable harness and grounding errors mostly, most sensors were ok . Ended up whit replacing the Ignition coil ,Ignition modul and CPS .CPS was probably ok but not top quality , did find a Renix OEM. Hope to use the Comanche for some longer trips now !
  8. Hard to find Renix Jeeps here in Sweden to . There should be Renix parts in older Volvos ....
  9. Hi Ωhm ! . I think i leave the thingy unconnected ... now that i got the Comanche is running The local sparepart store price for the Ignition modul is 300 dollars and probably noname made in China! Eaglescout..... Look for Renaults
  10. how lucky I am to have a lamp for that connector..... the one for crusecontrol is availabe...
  11. Hi . Bought a Renix ignition coil/modul from the junkyard. from a Renault 5 early 1990 ich. OEM Renix works great. 20$ It has a cable whit a thingy on it, could it be a radio capacitor?? Should it be connected to ground ? The connector on coil are marked whit + works great without it, but curious about what it has for function
  12. Quick fix by importer Have modified the reverse light to turn signal and use a orange bulb
  13. Headlight sprayers Did a search on the licence plate still in use Jeep model : Commanche Metric Must be one of the first imported to Sweden. 1 of 15 -87 MJ's
  14. Yes throttle body is installed , havent been able to drive it so much yet . Had a bad speed sensor and while waiting for a new one i refurbish rims and instument cluster using parts from a 84 Cherokee. Intalled fuel gauge and tachometer from the cherokee in my instrument cluster ,glue gun and soldering iron. Rims was in bad shape, lots of hours and f words in those Next time i take the ten holes instead of ten spokes
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