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  1. Kjell


    Thanks eaglescout526
  2. Kjell


    Laredo. Metric Ton 4,0. 4x4. Auto Long Bed D44. Limited slip Skid Plates. Sport bar Colorado Red. Charcoal/grey interior .Bucket seats. power windows Location SWEDEN
  3. 109 kg about 240 pounds? .....drywall.... Oak parquet It's in the Comanche spinning like a Cat
  4. OK that explains it. timing chain and sprocket was included. Shipped from US 25/8/94 by ......Caterpillar to Antwerpen Belgium ,from Antwerpen to Sweden Harry Karlsson Bilimport AB, importer of Chrysler vehicles 1973-2000 Yes Fiatslug87 in Sweden
  5. On a shelf.... 1991 someone snatched the camshaft and lifters .
  6. The heavier the better!
  7. Not registered yet , one of 278 Comanche's in Sweden according to goverment car registry . -87 14. -88 193. All -88 i seen for sale ,pictures online have the vin numbers starting whit 1JTMR65UEJT****** -89 71. Wild guess ...around 50 still on the road.
  8. A few upgrades, not strictly original but good enough. Rings for the cluster Ebay find. Color around switches and clock/warning lights panel done whit a Molotow liquid chrome marker. Letters on tailgate and speaker mount custom work by the owner.
  9. You got 81% (39 right out of 48). The average score is 73%. Guess i don't like SAAB and VOLVO ..... Do i get a green card now?
  10. Kjell

    tailgate tuesday

    Skulls or/and Tail.....s
  11. Originally sold in Europe Sweden. The number is shallow punched and difficult to see. No idea if it's done here or by the factory.
  12. yupp! I like the window sticker ,good idea!
  13. Hi Eaglescout526. Headlight sprayers totaly useless . Yes MS paint ....look nice maybe i do it IRL
  14. Summer edition whit Hella rollbar / fog lights.
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