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  1. Now I see what happened, I found picture on ebay of other shaft and see the difference. During mounting the rear part of shaft to rear axle I was wondering who designed so little distance between bolts and shaft
  2. Hi, I'm messing with rear shaft which was on truck when I received it but something look to short. Please advise me know if this really should be like that of shaft is from different version of car. Can is use standard two seals simmering instead this one ?
  3. Now it's time for shocks : I found something from FORD MAVERICK 2.4-2.7 93-98r Here in Europe Monroe got different parts numbers but it seems that the same were used in Nissan Pathfinder from list above. Parts number : D8489 Ford numbers : FORD 1958333 FORD 562101F226 Nissan numbers : NISSAN 561100F026 NISSAN 561100F027 NISSAN 562100F000
  4. Ok, good to hear that without serious changes this will work. On Monday I should get restored / regenerated spring leaves , i will back with photos how those look on car. I would like to do it but shipment to Poland will be expensive
  5. Please advise if I'm wrong. What is hidden after removing that part marked on red ? Is there a chance to mount transfer case instead it ?
  6. Wheels bought, local guy was selling wrangler rims with tires , they are huge comparing to old ones. Size is 31x10,5. Will it work with stock suspension ? - I have already found a topic about it :)
  7. Great many thanks for quick answers !!! Please take a look what was done with rear window . The rear bumper looks like hit by tank , please see photo below. Can I use rear Cherokee , will it look ok ? I will think about those tail lamps maybe Cherokee conversion would be necessary. There is a nice topic about it . Witam serdecznie :)
  8. Hello, I was a little busy last days but meanwhile my Comanche arrived. Total condition is not bad, very little rust , car was regularly maintenanced engine is running like a hell. Like always there need to be some not so happy surprises: 1. Broken leaf spring - not available here but new will be done next week by some local spring master. 2. Rear shock - damaged - Please advise here if those are the same as XJ. 3. I need to buy rear lamps in US , where do you recommend to do ? International shipment will be necessary . 4. Rear window seal -
  9. I found front axle, please advise if its Dana 30 . There is nothing for front with gearing 4.10 more common are 3.73 and 3.55. According to post above I should have 4.10 on the rear , will it works ? Or something like that JEEP XJ 97-01 4.0 gearing 3.55
  10. Many thanks for you help , now is more clear for me !!! I found ax15 with numbers 53005385 so should be ok, now I need to find proper np231 for it.
  11. Thanks for help and advises. Could you write more about this :Then add a matching np231. Standard np 231 would ok ? what about this np231 J ? I found one from CHEROKEE XJ 1992-01 2.5TD but np231 with letter "J" - 23 spline, will it fit ?
  12. ERB ENGINE - 4.0L I6 MPI GAS Yes I'm trying to do conversion., ax=5 is not good choice why ? What about diesel ax-5 fitment to 4 liter engine? What do you suggest AX-15 ? how to switch speed0 ?
  13. Hi, I'm refreshing some old topic becuse is better not to make similar new one. At the moment I'm collecting parts for conversion of this one : After some research i noticed some difficulties with 4 liters engines parts here in Poland. Here is more 2,1 diesel , 2,5 diesel and 2,5 gasoline motors and rest of stuff. On some website i found info : Manual Transmissions AX-4 4 speed manual - manufactured by Aisin-Warner - used '86-'92 with 2.5L I-4 only. AX-5 5 speed manual - manufactured by Aisin-Warner - used '86-'92 with 2.5L I
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