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  1. Hello , I was out of MJ rebuild because job issues , now I'm coming back and I hope soon I could show you further steps. Please advise if there are available some repair kits / panels to short bed ? Maybe cherokee XJ parts after some modification could be helpful :
  2. The problem is that guys who are selling car parts are cutting the hinges and not bother to remove the pin and save them. That's why you can find door but not with hinges.
  3. Hi, It looks that second MJ is comming tommorow a black one, i bought pair of front doors but without hinges. I can't find them here, is there a chance to use from different models or to buy somewhere?
  4. I have just checked this on youtube , I see that tape for a first time and you are right it will work. Please check the shipment to Poland of driver side lamp and write me on priv with details for payment.
  5. Do you know when Key parts may release lenses ? Because if this will happen like 1-2 month than its better to buy driver side only in other case I will take a pair .
  6. If new lenses will be available soon, I could try use 3d scanner and 3d printer to make this black part "lamp body". Than try to make mirror reflection , my printer can handle 25 cm objects only , I will measure old lamp and inform you about the progress.
  7. But maybe after some body works , i will be able to use it , like some users here. I think I got no choice . Here you go :
  8. Hi finally I have managed to put those arms, tires fit perfect. Now car is driving and soon i'm starting repair the body damage and paint the car. I will need your help here again, I need to use new taillights those from doge dakota are not available here, can somebody help with buying the pair of it or know the shop with international shipments ? The same with "sport truck" decals on sides . Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks for advises those solutions above are great !!! I was thinking to do like on movie below : loosen track bar , steering, upper arms , then center all and put in again. If steering is tighten and track bar, can I do force solution ?
  10. LCA cut like advised , new coil isolators mounted , springs sides exchanged and mounted and I got the problem. Both wheels out, stabilizer disconnected, upper arms are on position and connected (I haven't touch them) , steering rod also connected (not touched) It look like front axle moved on driver side in and passenger out of body and I can't mount LCA it's too short or too long depends of side and shifted out of mounting. How to properly do install procedure in this situation. Bottle jack or something familiar not helping Maybe if i will put wheels again and lay the car on ground , things will return to normal I would be able to mount LCA, please advise - I've already did it now both sides are shifted in cabin direction same on both sides and looks like LCA are to long to mount them .
  11. You convinced me , I will cut it the same way , thanks !!!
  12. Thanks for support with shocks , you can see them already mounted on pic above. Now I got questions about rubber bushings which need to be cut , can I buy new one from cherokee , remove old one from LCA of WJ and put it there ? Are those parts are the same ? I will avoid cut which my melt the gum.
  13. 4x4 was planned but some of my friends are telling to keep it as original as possible. I bought also this black one MJ on big wheels maybe this one will be offroad and white will stay and look like old commercials :). I'm little worried about this wheel , axle could be repaired or usually in such cases whole rear differential is replaced ? Oil in tranny is new one i put 10w 30 engine oil like was advised here. Some brake cables where replaced and I need to make new rod for high valve.
  14. Hi, Little update car is done ,on the wheels and rides, I was riding mainly back an front because wheels are scratching on lower arm, is this the part number which should help - 52088217AB ? The wheel where car took a hit in my opinion is not with the line of front an body and it's directed little inside, is there a good way to check if axles are straight ? Right wheel looks ok. I also noticed that my transmission is BA 10 , Does my enginehousing accept ax-15 ?
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