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  1. SuperSwede

    Metric tonne springs?

    Thank's for the info. I got 4x4 metric ton so I'll go for the military wrap when that day comes. here in Sweden it's impossible to get anything when it's about new blades...
  2. SuperSwede

    Metric tonne springs?

    Found two versions of pack, what is military wrap front eye, and rebound style clips? https://www.generalspringkc.com/product_p/gsc-571.htm https://www.generalspringkc.com/product_p/97-571.htm
  3. SuperSwede

    Weird starting issue

    Probably the crankshaft sensor. Had the same problem myself some years ago.
  4. SuperSwede

    Random high idle kills me!

    Yes but it took a couple of years and was more or less pure luck ;-) But she's still sweet and fine seven days a week so now I'm almost sure it was the final solution.
  5. SuperSwede

    Random high idle kills me!

    Not really, maybe some of the old junk was removed, to be true the original setup/wiring is a mess from factory and looks like #&!?!& compared to European or Asian cars. I have removed the vacuum canister and hoses and some extra wiring from previous owner. The red wiring and fuse boxes you can see have I installed mainly for the extra head lights, extra back lights and the stereo but It also support some original wirings.
  6. SuperSwede

    Random high idle kills me!

    Maybe ...and just maybe ..the problem is solved once and for all but I'm not sure not at all... In lack of anything better to do I took out the power latch relay, the fuel pump relay and the O2 heater relay and run them on the bench a week ago. All three relays worked well in the means that they sounded "click" and switched mechanically when powered with 12VDC, but when checking the internal resistance the contact in the power latch relay was bad. The resistance values should be 0 and ∞ ohm but was not even close to in any direction. One week later with daily drive and lots of start and stops there's no high idle whatsoever. I also imagine that she runs smoother and more quiet than before but that could be wishful thinking from me.
  7. SuperSwede

    Best tires for off and on-road?

    On winter roads Nokian Nordman 7 SUV, amazing grip on ice and snow. All spikes remains for years even after daily highway speed (110km/h) on bare roads. For ice on lakes the same but in the mud or terrain maybe not... (Due to the laws we have to use different tires in the winter and summer over here)
  8. SuperSwede

    Aftermarket (OE replacement) gas tanks

    That spectra premium tank without any other items should cost me the amount of 602 US dollar in a Swedish store and there is no other alternative to find,,,Bought it from your side of the sea instead, including tank, gas pump, filter 156 US dollar plus shipping and custom charges 84 US dollar. Was it thinner than the original, not really,,, But the sump baffle and fastening for the pump was different from the original.
  9. SuperSwede

    Soft Brakes

    What happens if you put some heavy load in the bed? Any change to the better when the diff valve is activated?
  10. SuperSwede

    Random high idle kills me!

    I'm pretty sure there is no bad connection in this Jeep, it was some before the overhaul but not as bad as expected.
  11. SuperSwede

    Random high idle kills me!

    Yepp Cruiser, been there, all tips are tested a coulpe of years ago, we have been talking on Jeepforum earlier about the same issues. If you remember I did a total engine overhaul/repair with everything disambled and refreshed or replaced but just this partikular issue remains the same. While the engine in comon is running as new. my nick there was Bjorka
  12. My 1989 Renix 4,0 L have a strange behavior from time to time. When started up cold or warm it goes to HIGH ildle 2-3500 rpm with no logic, sometimes when turned of and restarded it's ok sometimes not. Always with the foot on the break pedal , never touch the gas pedal. I have cleand everyting you can think about and checked / fixed the grounding and wiring including conectors. Replaced the TPS and IAC the Oxygens sensor and no result New MAP sensor no change. No loose mainfold bolts No vaccul leaks found optical or with spraying starter gas I'm out of ideas, and that's a bad feeling ..but worse is the damage to the engine in cold start when the temperature is minus 15 celsius (or 5 farenheit)
  13. SuperSwede

    Fuel pump replacement

    No this one
  14. SuperSwede

    3" Lift kit w/o Add a leaf

    Ok, that was clear enough! And fore sure money is money so why go the wrong way when spending them! May I ask where to find a 3" quality kit then?
  15. SuperSwede

    Fuel pump replacement

    I bought a new one and problem solved without modifications.