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  1. Correct, performance enough for anyone. If you want to you can read a paper standing 500m from the truck in the pitch dark night.
  2. Why don't go for a proper light ? 4 x 55W xenon does the work
  3. I noticed the same thing, got two NTK 23553 with failure, one after a week or so, and the second now after only 16000 km Got a Bosch earlier not much better and one unbranded still same malfunction What was the original brand and type/number for a O2 sensor in a 89 Comanche? Looking for quality replacement
  4. This explain the two swapped wires in my truck...found when searching for O2 sensor problems..
  5. Another weird thing found, look at the wiring diagram below. The wires are marked yellow as they are connected in my car and does not match the diagram if this diagram is the right one? If the o2 heater relay is supposed to be a standard relay with pin 85 and 86 for supply feed and the 30 C 87 NO 87A NC the O2 heater never will have any 12 v out from the relay when energized which it is all the time as far as I can see both when measuring and reading the renix monitor (Which I now find out reads the 12 v att the feeding pin on the relay not the actually voltage going to the O2 sensor..) If I put a wire between 30 and 87A I got 2 Amps verifying the heater works, but it still runs in open loop
  6. Flukes and beers and some heavy blues from the speakers ( Hard road to travel by Bobby Radcliff..Thank you America for this guy) in the garage , what else can you want? I know... The solution to this O2 mess.
  7. After the cleaning the soldering and wires looks absolute ok can't really say that is any issue.
  8. I measured the involved relays tonight with a high end instrument and got some weird results so it ended with that I took the wire harness apart and it was full of a green mess,, Took away all the duck tape (original!?) and cleaned everything with alcohol then I did a serious check of the wirings and found this.. Now I'm confused not only because of the beer tonight, look at this schedule and say what you think? Could my O2 sensor ever have worked !?
  9. You're right,,, I've been thinking of this to do a hard wired test while driving not only the O2 heating circuit but also the ground and the output to see if it could be any deviations due to vibrations or so.
  10. Yes I did and it is 125 to 128 psi, more than good I think. I got me a another ECU from the junkyard for 100$ but the O2 value readings are the same.
  11. ECU..the "black box of renix" Full of 31 year old electronic components, how to diagnose it. Capacitors for a start I think they are probably on the end of their life span, otherwise the board looks to be in surprisingly good shape and well manufactured. In fact so good that I really don't want to start messing around with it.. A close inspection with magnifier and a sharp eye can't find a single bad solvering or any signs of a cracked or burned component
  12. Just try to figure it out, when is a vacuum leak a leak to consider or not. I have a good smoke machine with supply from a air compressor set to 15 inch hg. The first test didn't show any leaks except a tiny thing from the butterfly axle but it was really small. The second test at 20 inch hg showed some more tiny leaks after maybe 5 minutes under pressure and a LOT of smoke in the system. One at the combined vacuum harness connector, one at the EGR valve axle, one at the top of the EGR transducer. Thoughts about this?
  13. May I ask from which book this is taken? It seems to be a good one to have around.
  14. Did something new today since this low vacuum keep coming back in mind.. I made me a smoke generator and did a serious test with 0,5 bar pressure from the generator. And there was two tiny leaks, both from the butterfly axle, both hard to see but still a leak. But I don't belive it is possible to not have that leak if the axle should work. This morning when I was driving to work It was as usual no O2 output,,but when I drove home tonight it came alive twice for a minute or so after some smooth acceleration? I could feel the difference directly but it diden't last for long.
  15. I will double check this to morrow. The idle is low wich may explain the low vacuum but I will compare the REM with my vacuum gauge, I will also compare input/output in the MAP sensor once again.
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